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/tg/ - /x/ - /d/ - A Valentine's Day Story by /x/ile (7)

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"Hey... I brought you some chocolates." said /tg/ as he walked into /x/'s room. He wrinkled his nose. This place was much more... odorous than when he had... well, when things had been different.

"Oh. Thank you." said /x/, blinking in surprise.

"No problem." said /tg/, a little awkwardly, unable to stare a little. He had used to love how /x/ wore no pants but now it was just distracting. He glanced at the table, noticing a CD and a card.

"So... how's your... how's dating /mu/ going?" he asked, unable to restrain the venom in his voice.

"We're not dating." said /x/ softly. "If you must know, he left because he couldn't.... perform."

"Couldn't... oh.. oh, wow." said /tg/, running a hand through his hair. "Well uh... I just want to make sure you're okay is all."

"/tg/, we're not dating anymore." said /x/, looking at him sadly. "You don't need to protect me anymore."

"But I care about you!" said /tg/. "I don't care about 'dating' or whatever!"

"You and I know that's a lie." said /x/ sadly. /tg/ couldn't deny it - even with how far this place had gone, he couldn't help but remember - nights with her pale, naked flesh pressed against him, the darkness perfect and comforting.

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"You don't need to keep protecting me." she continued. "I'm not your responsibility anymore. And why do you keep protecting me if you hate me?"

"I don't hate you!" said /tg/. "I... I don't agree with some choices you've made. But don't you remember how it used to be?" Once, when they had been together... /tg/ had almost believed in magic. She had shown him her collection of pictures, talked to him about her deepest fears, about philosophy, about anything at all. He had used her inspirations to write stories, to build worlds - she had been his muse.

"Why do you even care?" said /x/, starting to tear up. "You can always go have sex with /d/, can't you!"

"It's not about that!" said /tg/. "I still love you! I still believe in you! I don't care how depressed or defeatist you get, I'll always believe in you."

"Go believe in /d/." she said softly.

"But..." said /tg/. "I... I have to talk to you about /d/. You see... /d/ isn't real."


"Well... not really. I made /d/. Back when I was younger... before I had a job and a place... /d/ is a tulpa."

Her eyes lit up at that. "Why didn't you ever tell me!"

"Because I didn't want to be seen as a pervert, only in it for the sex." admitted /tg/. "/d/ is my... less restrained side."

"This is... how can I believe you?" she asked, staring at him wide-eyed.

"What's to believe? I'm always there when needed." said /d/, materializing out of the shadows.

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/x/ gasped. "I can't... you made this... with your mind?" she asked. She shook her head and smiled. "No, no I believe that. Wasn't that why we used to date anyways? Because of our imaginations?"

She approached /d/, crawling over the bed. She had never really considered /d/ closely before, always finding /d/ far too... human, perhaps? /tg/ was more interested in considering /x/ - her forms, and curves. God, how she attracted him.

"Are you real?" /x/ asked /d/ in amazement. "Did you really come from the mind of /tg/?" The thought of a real tulpa - a true supernatural phenomenon standing before her, was making her wet.

/d/ simply smiled its mysterious smile and pulled down its pants. Despite having the form of a voluptuous woman, it pulled out a large, rock hard member. /x/ laid her pale hands upon it. "Oh!" she gasped in excitement. "You are real." She leaned forwards, licking the large cock, before placing it into her mouth, sucking on it, enamored completely with the idea of loving this mind creation.

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/d/ ran a hand through her dark hair, smiling as it pushed its hips against her. /x/ suddenly felt something behind her - felt her now damp panties pulled off of her hips, down to her knees.

She didn't look back - she didn't need to. His hand upon her flesh felt so familiar. As did the feeling of him inside her as he thrust into her. She gave a low moan, then gasped as /tg/ began to thrust with rhythmic, steady movements - each thrust forcing her forwards and pushing /d/'s cock deeper into her throat.

For what seemed like an eternity, her pleasure built. She had wanted this for so long - she had missed it so desperately. She came with a loud whimper, muffled by the huge member in her mouth. Soon after, /tg/ and /d/ came - at the same time. "They are the same!" she thought in her dazed state as she swallowed.

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"Oh, why does it end?" she whispered into the darkness as she lay on the bed. "Why does everything good have to end."

"Nothing ever really ends." whispered /tg/ into her ear as he slid off her stockings. "And even things that fade can come again."

/x/ shivered as she felt the tentacles of /d/ emerge to pull off her shirt. Looking, she saw that both /d/ and /tg/ were naked now. She felt the tentacles of /d/ slide down her body... and saw that they were sliding over /tg/ as well.

"Don't let it ever end." she moaned, then gasped as she felt /tg/ enter her again - and /d/ at the same time.

Out of the pockets of /tg/'s pants, strewn on the floor, rolled out a die. A Natural 20.

For the rest of the night they made love, mercilessly, ceaselessly, forcefully. /x/ had thought that she and /tg/ were imaginative, but /d/ proved that she still had so much to learn.

Each time only seemed to be more intense, more erotic, more unreal. The screams and moans emanating from the room intensified. Soon the shadows started to twist and bend, forming into alluring dancing shapes. Reality itself could not help but bend before the furious onslaught of fucking that was occurring here tonight. The border between reality and unreality weakened, then broken and the night devolved into the madness of lust, spirits stalking the land in their debauchery.

Somewhere, /co/ and /ck/ were having a lovely Valentine's dinner, before they suddenly found themselves making passionate love on the kitchen table. /a/ and /v/ were screaming at each other - then suddenly they were locked in a passionate embrace. /pol/ dragged /mlp/ to his basement, to restrain her and perform the most horrible debaucheries on her. Even /r9k/... well, /r9k/ was still alone.

6 .

The madness of paranormal lust did not end until the sun rose the next day, the spirits slinking back to their graves, the other boards creeping to bed, their heads reeling as they tried to understand what had happened.

But in /x/'s room, they all know what had happened. In the darkness, on the bed, /tg/ and /x/ slept. She pressed her body against his, resting her head on his chest. /d/ was mysteriously gone, but not for lack of affection - /d/ simply never stays after it's done.

"I'm sorry..." whispered /tg/ into the darkness.

"Sorry about what?" asked /x/.

"About all the mean things I said. About how much of an ass I made myself look. I just... I care. I care so much. You don't know how much what we did together meant to me, and how much it hurt me when you changed... when it seemed like I'd lose that forever.

/x/ nuzzled deeper against him. "No... no, /tg/, it was my fault. You can do all you want, but you can't help someone who can't figure out how to help themselves. I'm the problem."

"No." said /tg/ firmly. "You are not. You are still the wonderful, weird, creative girl I fell in love with. /b/ is the problem. /pol/ is the problem. All the autists, faggots, psychopaths.... but not you."

/x/ felt herself tearing up. "/tg/... can it ever be like it was before?"

He shook his head. "Well... technically, no. Not with /d/ in the picture."

She smiled. "That I don't mind at all. I understand now, what /d/ really is."

/tg/ shrugged. "Then... I don't know. Some say that you're doomed. Some say that I'm doomed. That we'll never amount to anything. That our quality is gone, that we'll never achieve what we used to achieve."

"Anything we did before we can do again." she said in a soft voice. "Don't you remember what you always told me?"

He smiled. "Yeah... I get shit done."

7 .

He kissed her. "/x/... can we start over? Can we make things like they were."

She yawned. "I... I don't know... but I can try."

"It will be different. With /d/." he said.

"I don't mind." she said. "Remember the fun we had at the ball, you, me and /d/? Uh, and that other lady."

He smiled. "I guess together we're just irresistible".

She closed her eyes. After last night, they would probably sleep through until the next day.

"/tg/." she said softly, into the darkness, as outside her shadowed room the sun rose. "Tell me a story. Make it a scary one."

And she drifted off, with /tg/ whispering a weaved tale into her ear, before he too fell asleep.

From the shadows of the room, /d/ watched, smiling. They really were adorable. And it was amazing how many issues could be worked out with just a good fucking. That had always been /d/'s philosophy. Suppressing desires like that just made you nuts.

"And with that... my work here is done. For today." /d/ thought proudly. It went to the bed and leaned over, gently kissing /tg/ and then /x/, before slowly exiting the room.

"Happy Valentine's Day" said /d/, to no one in particular, before vanishing into the new day.


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