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Exiled (Based on Events) (3)

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“Holy fuck, /r9k/. We just got kicked out of 4chan.”


“That means...that means we're unwanted. Deserted. Left to die on the streets of the World Wide Web.”


The two officially-axed-out-of-4chan board tans stared forlornly at the pink house across the street, the home that had deserted them. Unable to fully comprehend what happened without expressing extreme aggravation, /r9k/ and /new/ gathered what was left of their pride and walked away before any more damage could be made.

Unfortunately, /new/ had plenty of pride to spare. Immediately he turned around, shouting “FREEDOM OF SPEECH!” as he dashed inside the house (either he found a back door or just busted through the front entrance) and wounded several boards in the process.

While /new/ went on a rampage, /r9k/ managed to find a home. At first, he wasn't planning on inviting /new/, but considering how hopelessly defeated /new/ appeared when he found /r9k/'s address (“The JIDF won,” was his reply when he was banned for the umpteenth time that day), /r9k/ might as well give the board-tan a chance.


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“I made a wiki!” /new/ exclaimed proudly, brandishing the site in front of /r9k/ like it was a personal achievement, and in the board's mind, it was. It felt almost as good as starting a radio show just for the hell of it.

For the past few days at 4chon, /r9k/ had been feeling like he was living under the presence of a dictatorship. The new home came with a lot of specific rules that would, supposedly, protect him from killing himself in the near future, aka- the reason why he was exiled from 4chan. /new/, he gathered, was content as long as they both left each other alone. The other board didn't enjoy any of /r9k/'s gentlebot antics as much as the bot didn't enjoy the slanderous reputation of the news board.

Today was one of those days where /new/ managed to surprise him.

“A wiki? Really?” /r9k/ rolled his eyes, knowing that it would be filled to the brim with the same information the racist board tan had been spouting since 4chan.

“Yes! It's a 4chon wiki, but it's still a work in process!” The news board lightly nudged the shoulder of the gentlebot, egging for him to read what he had written, and truthfully, /r9k/ was curious about its content and what /new/ had to say about him.

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Persuaded, /r9k/ took a look at the site. He scanned the front page, taking his eyes off one keyword and moving to another before he realized, with a disappointed frown-

“You didn't write me here.”

He glowered at the board, who was either feigning ignorance or was actually so narcissistic that he ended up putting tripfags in the wiki before the other board's existence.

/r9k/ sighed heavily in utter dismay before speaking to the board again. “What kind of 4chon wiki is this?”

Appalled by such daring questions, the board got upset.

“Who said I should write about you to begin with?” he snapped.

/r9k/ was surprised at the sudden mood shift.

“Do it yourself.”

With that, /new/ left the room, leaving /r9k/ alone with his inability to get any.

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