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/co/ and /a/ discuss Araki (20)

1 .

His voice was quiet and reserved for about 15 minutes into the conversation. Voicing concerns, problems, trying to think of ways to puzzle out his social interactions, or, occasionally, lack thereof.

He took a decidedly louder upswing in his volume once /a/ realized that the conversation he was having was essentially with himself.

"ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" He shouted, the whites of his eyes pocked with millions of individual cells of outright rage, while his fists balled up tight around his pleated skirt.

"Huh?" /v/ responded, not even so much as looking backwards as he opened his mouth to deliver his monosyllabic answer.

"I'VE GOT REAL FUCKING PROBLEMS HERE!" /a/ continued, unabated.

"Jesus." /v/ rolled his eyes, and immediately regretted it, as it tore his attention from the screen long enough that he got shot right in the dome, and now had to wait for a respawn. "GAGH! Fucking casual fags, I swear..."

Indignant, and feeling more than a little impotent with the situation, /a/ chewed hard on his lip, spun a tight 180 on the tips of his toes, and marched right out the door.

He was going to deal with this pent up frustration somehow.

2 .

It was something of a trek, to get all the way from /v/ to /co/'s house - a bit too long for anything practical. But /a/ was beyond practicality at this point, his mind set purely on redirecting the fury boiling inside of him, that, if unleashed at /v/, would result in nothing but a shrug, and a muttered 'Bitches, man'.

So /a/ wore on his feet, marching straight forward for somewhere close to an hour, all to arrive at /co/'s door.

/a/ paused, took a deep breath, and knocked twice.

20 seconds later, /co/ peeked his head out of the window from the floor above.

"Yo," He said, casual and at ease. "What's up?"

/a/ took another deep breath, and then, with an unshakable firm stance and vocal chords rippling with simmering pissiness, unleashed the following:


/co/ blinked, let his eyes half-lid, and simply leaned forward, listening.

3 .

/a/ didn't seem to mind the lack of a retort - it only pushed him on farther, actually.


/co/ stayed silent, simply watching, listening, and resting his head on his arms.

/a/ then proceeded to yell about the depiction of women in comics, about how all comics readers were just closeted gay men because of the abundancy of buff dudes in skintight spandex, shouted some more about the superiority of anime and manga to cartoons and comics, and generally flitted hither and thither on topics, but it was all with the intent of making /co/ feeling like shit. To take the bait, essentially.

/a/ didn't want to deal with this 'Vinegar and Pissiness' attitude welling up inside of him right now, so the best solution, to him, was just to force it into someone else. Then he could go home, slightly satisfied, and watch old Ranma 1/2 OAVs.

The yelling didn't stop for 10 uninterrupted minutes.

Finally, /co/ spoke.

"Do you want to come in or something, man?"

/a/ stuttered, gawked, gave a furious look at /co/ - then hung his head low and muttered "Yes."

4 .

/co/'s home was neither clean nor exceedingly messy - floppies and TPBs were left scattered on desks, but all his food and drink had been already shoved into the trash awhile ago. A vaccuuming might not have hurt, but there wasn't much to /co/'s home beyond that.

Nothing stunning, nothing disappointing. Just practical living.

/a/ sat on the couch, smoothly shaved legs crossed, as he pouted at no one at himself, feeling rather in disbelief that he let his anger subside that quickly, or, more significantly, that /co/ had invited him in at all, instead of just yelling back or dismissing him out of hand.

"Make yourself at home, I guess." /co/ said, scratching the back of his head. "I've got, uh, OJ, purple stuff, some soda, and, oh yeah, Sunny D."

/a/ glared.

/co/ just smiled. "Little joke. Sorry."

While /co/ went back to the kitchen to fix himself and his guest a drink, /a/ let his eyes wander - specifically, to the stairs.

Further specifically, to /co/'s bedroom upstairs.

He picked himself up from the couch, leaned across the hallway to make sure /co/ wasn't paying attention, and slowly, quietly made his way up.

5 .

/a/ twisted gently on the doorknob - unlocked, thank god. He wasn't sure what he was doing in this house to begin with, other than wanting to get away from /v/, but now he at least had his sense of curiosity to satisfy.

/co/'s bedroom. Sheets unfolded, closed laptop on a desk, a bureau... again, nothing stunning. Same as anyone's bedroom.

Except for the book shelf.

It was neat, clean, even alphabetically arranged - and it was huge, to boot. Tons upon tons of comic TPBs - Batman, Sandman, Doom Patrol, Deadpool, Tintin, Spider-Man, old dog eared Calvin and Hobbes collections, and so on, and so forth.

/a/ let his eyes lazily scan from the top of the shelf and on downwards, passing by almost every title with total disinterest, or even hidden mocking, until he reached about the last quarter of the shelf.

Then, he quirked, eyebrows arching and twisting.

"What the fuck," he mumbled, going to his hands and knees and leaning downwards.


6 .

Oh, was there ever manga - Naoki Urasawa's titles were prominent. One Piece was also there. Fist of the North Star. And more, still.

One collection that looked like it had received quite a lot of attention from /co/, with bent and frequently thumbed through pages?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Hesitantly, /a/ reached out, and snatched the first volume of Stardust Crusaders, peeking into it like it was the first time all over again of reading Araki's work.

"Heh." /a/ allowed himself to eke out some enjoyment, watching Jotaro shoot himself - then stop the bullet. Then watching Avdol kick his ass just to force him to get out of the jail cell.

/a/ absentmindedly chewed on his lip yet again, slowly flipping through pages as he flopped into sitting Indian style. Unbeknownst to him, a smile was crawling across his lips, watching the Joestars banter back and forth, getting up to about where Jotaro went all SURGERY OF THE NORTH STAR on Kakyoin, pulling the infection from his skull, until -

"Personally, I think Part 2 is better. But that's just me." /co/ said, leaning on the door frame, watching and sipping a vodka collins.

"GUAHH!" /a/ shouted, startled, JoJo going spiraling out of his hands and landing in the back of the room, while his heart beat like a hammer, and his pupils became nothing but impossibly small black dots.

7 .

"Yo." /co/ replied, seemingly perfectly okay with finding /a/ in his room, snooping around and reading from his collection.

"What the FUCK, don't DO that!" /a/ hissed out, instinctively shoving his hands down to keep his skirt pressed to the floor, as he rocked onto his knees and gave /co/ the same old glare, even as his chest kept thumping inside and redness swelled in his cheeks - nervousness creeping around in his skin and mind.

"Sorry. Couldn't resist." /co/ stepped forward into his room, taking another swig off his drink, and then looking at his own sets of comics and manga. "Not a bad collection, am I right?" He said, looking down at the still indignant /a/.

"...What's that you're drinking?"

"Vodka collins."

"...Isn't that kind of a gay drink?"

/co/ chuckled and grinned ear to ear, like he knew something /a/ didn't. "Yeah. Yeah, it is."

8 .

Silence entered the room, and stayed there for awhile, making the air thick. /a/ felt more aimless, confused, given this free spot of time to think to himself, wondering still why he bothered coming over him, or why he accepted /co/'s invitation in, and maybe he should just go home and put on the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack and take a very long nap until he didn't feel like a churning piece of shit.

"So, really," /co/ began, giving a more serious look in /a/'s direction. "What's happened, man? You don't come over here unless something's bothering you."

/a/ considered telling /co/ to just shut up and fuck off, but, after intense internal personal debate, settled for the truth.

"/v/'s ignoring me. Again."

"Well, being blunt, the dude is kind of a dick." /co/ shot back, but with no malice. /a/ shook his head.

"It's not just that. It's just... god, I'm feeling so lonely lately."


/a/ nodded.

9 .

/a/ then proceeded to tell the same story as he ever did, though more subdued this time - a 'bitch' and a 'whore' were let out once or twice, but far less than usual. The same old feelings that nobody will understand him. That he's too awkward to really get to know anyone, or for anyone to like him for who he is. So on, and so forth.

/a/ mostly told these things to himself, when his self-esteem was running on empty, and the tone generally was one of anger, stirred in with sadness.

Now? Mostly just sadness. The restrained kind. Didn't feel right showing /co/ his full spectrum of emotions.

/co/ listened, patiently, never interrupting, never dismissing. He had to keep himself from saying something harsh every now and then, but he decided it was for the better if he just let /a/ hash it all out for a moment.

Once he rolled /a/'s troubles around in his mind for a bit, /co/ set his drink to the side, sat right next to /a/, and asked:

"Who's your favorite Joestar?"

"What." /a/ said, flat.

10 .

"I'm serious." /co/ continued, no mocking in his voice - and it didn't seem like he was baiting /a/ into embarrassing himself. "Who's your favorite Joestar?"

/a/ just looked at /co/, with still that look of 'Are you shitting me.' This held up for roughly thirty seconds, until /a/ admitted "Normally, I'd say Jotaro, in a heartbeat, but I've been rereading some of the stuff lately, and I think I'm liking GioGio a lot, lately."

/co/ smirked some. "Golden Wind, right? About when Araki started drawing differently. Me, I like Joseph the best." /co/ said, pulling out another volume of Stardust Crusaders - Viz had never published Battle Tendency stateside, so /co/ was just left with the scanlations on his computer.

"Don't get me wrong, I love the stands as much as anyone, I think Joseph just has the most... energy, I guess. He just keeps on going, with no stops or breaks. Plus, he's hot."

/a/ gave /co/ another look.

"What? He is."

"Seriously, are you gay?"

"PFFT," /co/ let out, still pleasant. "No. Just bisexual."

/a/ gave /co/ the look again.

11 .

Another pause held in the room, until /a/'s nervousness squirmed around in his body, like a worm, until it made its way to his mouth and forced him to say

"Like you read manga anyway." /a/ said, disbelief and cynicism thickening in his vocal chords.

"Yeah, my complete collection of Monster, and my waiting for Billy Bat to get real volumes published over here - that's all fake." /co/ said, letting a bit of his pleasant attitude slip, feeling it necessary to get the point across. "Like you don't read comics."

"I don't." /a/ fired back, firm, crossing his arms, his eyebrows becoming sharp angles.

/co/ gave him the look back.

"I really don't."

/co/ didn't stop.

"...Okay, I thought JLI was funny. Happy?" /a/ sputtered, red in the face, turning to look away from /co/ immediately.

12 .

/co/'s response wasn't verbal - he simply handed over volume 2 of Stardust Crusaders, pushing it gently into /a/'s hands.

"You looked like you were enjoying yourself there before I came in. And you've had what sounds like a pretty shittacular day. So."

/a/ let his face turn back the other way, eying /co/ once more, then letting his attention slide to the manga. Fingers creaking it open, letting his breath and heart slow back down to a normal level, his anger, frustration, and loneliness subsiding as he let himself submerge into the world of people beating the shit out of each other in the most fabulous possible ways.

Thirty pages in, and he let himself lean back - head falling against /co/'s chest.

/co/ didn't move away. He read along with /a/.

13 .

They started to talk some more, going back and forth about JoJo, with /a/ filling him on what had come out in Steel Ball Run lately, and where /co/ could get the latest chapters.

/a/, though he might not have wanted to admit it - was enjoying himself.

At the end of volume 4, as he reached into the shelf to get the next one, /a/ let his voice ring with more honesty and openness.


"For what?" /co/ asked.

"For not just telling me to get the fuck out."

"Heh. No worries."

/a/ leaned back again - but, after a moment of doubt, scooched his butt up and back, getting into /co/'s lap.

/co/ still didn't move away.

14 .

In fact, /co/ responded in kind - he wrapped his arms around /a/, from the stomach, gently holding him, pulling him up and closer to /co/'s warm chest. /a/ shuddered a bit, his spine getting a tingling sensation rippling up and down it, but he didn't say anything of it.

They stayed that way for another volume or so, until /a/ tilted his head back, so he could look up and talk to /co/ eye to eye.

"Hey." /a/ said, his voice finally relaxed.


"Thoughts on Dio?"

"Evil as shit, ridiculously awesome, awesomely ridiculous, and also hot."

"..Heh." /a/ smiled a bit again. "'Bout the same thoughts here."

Reluctantly, /a/ set the volume to his side, and pushed his head up, having his lips meet /co/'s. An awkward kiss, to be sure. Not the kind of kiss epics and fantastical poems were written about, but it was an honest kiss, and that gave it even greater value.

/co/ let his eyes close, and kissed back.

Meanwhile, as all this was happening - back at /v/'s home:


15 .

The sex, like the kiss, was just as awkward.

That was okay, for them, really.

It was not a series of nonstop orgasms, for hours and hours, as they pounded away until night fell, and then continued on until morning.

Instead, it was more a series of rapid fire sessions, with them switching positions each time - /co/ topping initially, then /a/, then back to /co/, working from one sexual position to the next. After each time they came, with the feeling of initial exhaustion and tiredness that washed over them, they'd flip on /co/'s TV until they had their energy back. Watching episodes of things like Samurai Champloo, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Normally, they'd continue on fucking without pausing or turning off the TV - though this proved to be problematic at a few points.

"PfFFFFT - hahaha, oh, fuck, sorry, sorry sorry!" /a/ said, still laughing, even as he was on all fours, with /co/ right behind him.

It was just as well. /co/ was laughing too.

"No, fuck, I'm sorry - I just gotta - hold on one second..."

"Maybe we shouldn't do this while we're watching the Venture Bros..."

As /a/ said that, The Monarch finished up his tirade on prison rape to Dean Venture.

/co/ and /a/ still couldn't stop laughing.

16 .

Still, they went on, till they just had no more energy for it. Falling asleep in /co/'s bed, /a/ resting on top, with all that resentment and anger flushed from his body. /co/ held him with one sleepy arm, as he breathed slowly, easily, the two of them gently pressed together, just as MST3K's Space Mutiny hit yet another railing kill.

They slept, free of worries, free of animosity for each other.

As for /v/?

He yelled to the internet about cheaters and casualfags and anything else that could cross his rage fueled mind as he slammed his fingers over and over again into the keyboard.

17 .

someone update the 1d4chan page.

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19 .


20 .

I hope everyone knows we are not all blithering yelling rage endured idiots. Just the console faggs.
-PC master race

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