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/co/ and /ck/ play with their food (11)

1 .

Another fine dinner. Not just comfort food tonight, either - /ck/ had really gone all out, even setting the mood. Candles, wine, chocolate, moments with just the two of them with their food, closing off their meal with a long kiss across the table.

"I love you." /co/ said, sweet and dreamy tones hanging on his tongue, his heart fluttering. She was so good. Too good.

"Love you too." /ck/ said, a little darker, whispered out as she licked her lips and let them rise up into a smirk. Her hand reaching up, touching his cheek, getting that delighted, boyish smile out of /co/ - and then a heavier breath and a more intrigued look as it trailed down to his neck.

"Mmm, sweetie?" /ck/ said, coming in closer, speaking into his ear in low, heavy murmurs, and punctuating them with licks of his ear.

"Hnh...nnh..." /co/ groaned, his fingers grabbing hold of the table. "Yes?" He said, as he got ahold of himself.

"I think you owe me for this dinner." She continued, then chewed lightly on the lobe of his left ear.

/co/ chuckled, utterly amused. "Oh, I get it. I should do the dishes. Of course I wi-"

"Shut up about the dishes." /ck/ cut in, her hand coming down to his stomach and grabbing at his shirt. "Clear off the table. And the cloth. And then take your shirt off."

/co/ blinked. Then shivered again.


2 .

It wasn't long before everything had been removed from the table. The candles, the dishes, the silverware, and the cloth itself, all put away quickly, not so much neatly. /ck/ didn't care, so long as it all got gone in a hurry.

Then /co/ stripped off his shirt, revealing his frame, smooth, a little bit of lean muscle to it. Though not so hard that /ck/ couldn't get a grip of it. He had to work extra though, to keep off the calories from the food /ck/ made. Not that she minded if he gained a little weight, most of the time. Said it looked cute on him - he said it made him look like Ted Kord that one time.

Which was, admittedly, pretty cute.

/co/ leaned on his hands on the edge of the dining table, smiling, anticipation beginning to brew in his mind, wondering exactly where things would go tonight.

"So, up to the bedroom?" He asked.

"I didn't ask you to clear the table for nothing." /ck/ answered, and then pushed her hand to his chest, a little firmer now, encouraging him to follow its direction.

"Lay back." She said. Not so much a request, so much as a politely formed order.

And /co/ gave another sharp breath, his heart jumping up in speed again.

"Yes'm." He repeated, doing as he was told.

3 .

/co/'s body tensed, pressed against the cold, hard feel of the wood underneath him, trying to get comfortable with it. Though he figured that might have been part of the point. Keep him tensed up, keep his body good and worked up. His stomach rose and fell with his breathing, in through his nose and out his mouth, watching /ck/ just grin and walk back into the kitchen.

She had gotten something prepared for just tonight.

"I made a little dessert. But I hope you don't mind that it's mostly for me." She spoke, confident and precise with her voice, carrying bowl in one arm and a ladle in the other. That smile of hers getting all the wider, her breath becoming just as hot as /co/'s as she looked at him in full once more, admiring his form - and the way it laid back, just a little submissive, just for her.

"I really don't think you'll mind."

She set the bowl down to his side, and /co/ got the wafting smell of her cooking seeping into his nostrils and over his tongue from it.

Chocolate. Warm, but not too hot. And something... else. Something fruity and fresh.

Still, he said nothing.

At least, he said nothing until that ladle dipped into it, filling up with a thick melted chocolate, and dripped it onto his chest and down to his stomach, in agonizingly slow fashion. /ck/ took her sweet time with it, using all those extra seconds spent waiting between the drops of chocolate to savor /co/'s reactions.

A "Hnnh." grunt. A "AHNH!" high pitched whine. "Mnnh-mnnh-nnh." moans as his body twisted and squirmed from the heated sensation.

And a hiss through his teeth as she placed a chocolate covered strawberry on each of his nipples.

4 .

For now, /ck/ put the ladle away, opting instead to hang over him, her fingers running over his skin and dipping themselves into her own chocolate drip - though stopping for a moment when she saw that they shook the strawberries, nearly dropping them off his body.

"...Dammit, guess I'll have to eat those early." She muttered, and dipped down onto his chest with her mouth. Swallowing up one strawberry, but holding her mouth there to run her tongue over the nipple below. Teasing it, working the chocolate all over it, only to swallow it back up, finishing off with a light bite, leaving /co/ with another delightful shudder up his spine and arching his body in response.

She did it again to the other strawberry, making /co/'s nipples almost comically hard, and giving herself a fruit snack in the meantime.

/ck/ reached back up, fingers pushing past her lips, licking up and sucking down chocolate left there. She didn't really need to eat it. But she just wanted to watch /co/. See how he panted from just seeing her taste herself. Feel how his cock bulged in his pants, throbbing against her.

It felt good to be wanted. It felt very, very good to be wanted.

5 .

"Gimme some sugar, baby." /ck/ spoke once more - and not without a little giggle at her own joke - before pushing her tongue into /co/'s hot, eager mouth, locking tongues with him, letting him taste that dark, sweet delight draped all over lips and inside her mouth. Hearing his muffled whimpers was such a turn-on. Feeling him grow more eager, kissing deeper, with that undercurrent of desperate need?

Even more so.

/ck/ broke the kiss, fingers pushing /co/ back down, keeping him pressed firmly back against the table while she let her own hips give him a little grind in return for all the attention and lust he wanted to give back to her.

"Be patient." Was all she said at first. Her eyes drifted from his own wincing, anxious pupils, and down to his pants.

Then back to his eyes and gave him a quirk.

/co/ got the silent order, and began to wrangle his pants off.

6 .

/co/'s cock was let out, throbbing, even stained with a little precum, so hard it nearly went straight back against his stomach.

/ck/ giggled again, laying her head on her hand, just alternating between looking at /co/'s manhood and back at /co/'s face. Wanting more. Wanting release. Wanting something, anything, other than to just lay here and ache for /ck/'s touch.

"Brace yourself." /ck/ said, her words cutting through the air. One hand getting a firm grip of his cock, holding it down and in place so she could do with it as she liked.

The other hand reached across and grabbed ahold of the ladle, dipping it back into the bowl.

With an almost sinister level of patience, she drizzled the warm dessert all over his shaft, watching his pride get enveloped in the sweet chocolate. And watching his hips buck upwards, his stomach's rising and falling growing more erratic, his heartbeat pumping wildly.

Moaning. Just a little like a bitch.

"HANNH! HNNH! NNH, NNH, NNH - suh-see-/ck/..." He whined, fingers digging against the wood of the table. "Puh-please..."

Now /ck/ shivered.

Good LORD, this was great to watch. And hear.

7 .

"Hold still." Was her response, as her hand held his cock even a little firmer. Not enough to hurt, but to show that she wasn't kidding - he really ought to hold still.

The ladle was dropped back into the bowl, and a deft hand reached in, stirring through the mix until she found another strawberry. Plucking it with glee, she dangled it above him... before putting expert balance to work to place it on the head of his cock.

And she let it sit there like that, for ten seconds. Just enjoying the view. And to work /co/ up into a needy frenzy. That was a fun bonus.

At the eleventh second, she dipped her mouth down, swallowing up the strawberry - as well as a few inches of /co/'s cock. Spit and chocolate mixing together, dribbling down the sides, as /co/ tried to stay still just for her. And keep his releases just to precum. It was an awful lot of sensations to take in all at once after all, especially while kept on a constantly aroused edge.

She pulled back, only long enough to chew and swallow the strawberry, and to admire her handiwork. Watching /co/ grind his teeth to keep control. Watch her saliva and the chocolate mix together and spread over the rest of his body, making a wonderfully dirty little image to take in. One she had thought of many nights before, but hadn't gotten to put into action until tonight.

She dipped down again, taking in more of his cock, letting it press further and further into her mouth until it started to press to the back of her throat.

From there, it was slow movements, back and forth, dragging her tongue in long, patient swirls across it all. Fast could be fun, certainly. But to draw it out could be a work of human art.

Up and down...

8 .

/co/ could only take so much of this.

"I need to cum." He spat out, rushed, inelegant, feeling like a hot mess the way /ck/ was working him over. Looking at her, eyes wincing, teeth digging into his bottom lip, hot air being exhaled from his nostrils. Wanting her. Needing her.

"And I'll need to clean up first." She said, still holding that control. Not mean or punishing. Really sweet, actually. But there could be no mistaking who was in charge at the moment. "So hold on."

/ck/'s tongue rolled around his cock again, eating up her own dessert, leaving his cock much cleaner than the rest of his body, which was still dripping in that warm treat. It was a mess she'd have to clean off the dining table too, later. But right now? Didn't care.

Once his shaft was completely wiped clean of the chocolate, she got back on top of him, still clothed, and feeling no need to strip. Kind of liked it this way, actually. Felt kinkier.

So instead, /ck/ simply reached down, grabbing hold of the fabric to her panties, sliding them to the side -

And finally pushing /co/'s cock inside of her.

Which gave /co/ such an incredible rush after all that waiting, it was all he could do to not cum right then and there.

"AHNH!" He howled out some, hands reaching up, wanting to grab her hips, to get hold of her. But they were grabbed with /ck/'s own dainty but firm fingers, pushing them back into the table. Wrapping her hands around his, gripping hard, digging in.

Riding him. Both of them moaning, sweating.

Licking more chocolate off his body the whole while.

9 .

/ck/'s ass and hips rose together, not only up and down, but back and forwards, back arching, hands giving his another good firm squeeze when she did this. Keeping with the whole pace of the night at first. A slow, teasing, agonizingly eked out rate of her riding his shaft, though she was starting to find she was losing patience and needing more just as much as /co/ was.

The speed picked up. At first in little increments, just creating a sweet little rhythm that they could mach each other in. Her body bumping around, sweat dribbling down from her stomach and legs, around the neatly trimmed hair of her pussy, back onto /co/'s own body, mingling them. An intimate union of bodies, enhanced by the sweetness of the cooking she draped all over his body.

Then it became shameless, eager cowgirl pumping, thrusting, and grinding. Chocolate shaking off of them, or their hands dragging it onto the table, smearing it as they had trouble holding their bodies still for even a moment.

Her hips smacked against his body, and /co/ couldn't hold out any more.

He came first, but to be fair, she had spent most of the evening working him into a tizzy.

And quite thankfully, he still had enough energy to keep up with her until her own climax.

10 .

A primal, unsophisticated groan of delight escaping both their lips once they hit their respective releases.

"MNNH!" /co/ grunted, pumping ropes of hot, sticky cum inside of /ck/, closing his eyes tightly, pushing his head up to kiss at her neck wildly until their lips matched together again, moaning into her mouth. Needed her. Lusted for her. Loved her.

And /ck/ did much the same, though her mouth hung a little open, exhaling in hot, wondrous satisfaction, tongue licking around her lips. Going back to biting his ear. His nipples. Really, just all over his skin. It was a thing of hers.

As they began to settle down from their climaxes, /ck/ wriggled and shivered, getting off /co/'s body. Hand running through her hair, readjusting her clothes to push them back to how they were meant to be.

"That was AMAZING." /co/ said, sputtering just a little as he stood back up, taking her into her arms, and giving her another kiss.

/ck/ laughed and kissed back, hands running up his back, sighing, feeling quite happy. "I'm glad you liked. And after you shower up..."

"Yes?" /co/ said, eyes widening, quite eager for the idea of more kinky sex that /ck/ might have imagined for tonight. With or without foodplay, he didn't mind.

"...You can do the dishes."

/co/ blinked.

Then frowned.

"Then we'll have sex." /ck/ couldn't help herself. Kissed him on the head, slapped his ass, and sashayed out of the kitchen. "Better get started now, and hurry!"

/co/ chewed on his lip, harder, foot tapping.

Then he rushed up to the shower.

11 .


Apparently not /co/. LOL. Oh that was wonderful.

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