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/a/ and /co/, after school, in the 90s (17)

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Their time, like all media, would come - and really, it would be for the best. Clunky black bricks, so hard to record material to, doubly hard if you were trying to get not-shit quality video onto the tape, doubly hard if you were trying to go back and edit something out or add something in. Having to hold down a button to go anywhere forwards or backwards, no chapter breaks so you could easily navigate yourself to where you wanted. And expensive as shit when they only held 2 episodes of a show, most of the time.

God only knew how much equipment you'd need just to run a mediocre fansubbing job. And how much more work you'd have to do to distribute some bootleg tapes to people who may or may not become fans of the show at all.

But there were fond memories attached to VHS tapes. That anxious feeling that came with popping one inside the slot and slamming the index finger on play.

One of those memories were made on a humid April afternoon, after school, at /a/'s house.

2 .

School that day was a blur, aside from a shared class between /co/ and /a/. They sat at the back of a science classroom, sharing a table, with a thick spiral bound notebook between them. They had used it all year to talk to each other without the risk of being heard by the teacher. Topics ranged wildly with mood. Some days /a/ would playfully tease /co/, some days they'd just shoot the breeze, and some days /a/ would just outright insult him, his hobbies, and everything about him.

/co/ generally took it in stride. They'd been friends for years, he wasn't about to let a mood swing or two send him packing.

Today's conversation in the notebook was quite brief, however.

From /a/, to /co/

"hey, wanna come over after school?"

"i got a new series that i'd think you like"

From /co/, to /a/

"Yeah, alright."

"Sounds cool."

And that was all.

So the rest of the school day was mostly just wasting time away, waiting for the final bell to ring, so they could walk on back to /a/'s house together. Stepping and swinging hands in synchronization.

/a/'s skirt ruffling in the breeze, as did /co/'s hat.

/a/ bit his lip, privately, thinking of what was waiting for them.

It was a bit... different than watching Dragon Ball Z together, where they'd simultaneously gawk and get all flustered about whoever was getting killed this time, or alternately, wonder when the fuck they'd stop talking and get back to fighting.

"So, uh." /a/ asked, voice a little shy and shaky. "Have you ever heard of Ranma 1/2?"

"Nope." /co/ responded, cocking his head downwards to meet /a/'s eyes. "What's it about?"

"Kung fu. And."


/a/ didn't say much for the rest of the walk after that.

3 .

In the doors, up the stairs, and immediately into /a/'s room, who generally insisted on having privacy when watching his shows. There was absolutely nothing worse than one's parents coming home and finding you watching Sailor Moon.

Actually, far worse than that was your parents coming home and finding you singing and dancing along to the Sailor Moon theme.

In a handmade costume.

/co/ hunkered down onto /a/'s couch while /a/ scrabbled towards his personal tv, with all his tapes lined up in a nice neat row to the side, half of them lacking formal cases. Oh, there was Ninja Scroll and Akira and even Angel Cop, all in worn cardboard cases, but there were just as many tapes that could only be identified by a strip of white tape across the side, with /a/'s scratched out handwriting denoting every series, which episodes they had, and occasional little notes of 'so CUTE' and 'what in the SHIT' scrawled into where he could fit them.

Down and to the right of 'Kodocha, episodes 1-3, why the hell is a little girl calling a dude her pimp' was a brand new set of tapes.

That anxiety thickened in /a/'s throat, made his heart thump into his ribs, and his fingers tense on all ends, toes curling in hard inside of his beat up Chucks.

He looked back to /co/.

/co/ just smiled.

Tape out of cardboard. Into VCR. The play button hit slowly, drawing the moment out, thinking endlessly of the feelings that had welled up in his stomach earlier in the week when he watched them for the first time.

Wondering what /co/ would think.

And then crawling back to the couch and sitting right next to him.

4 .

Minutes passed. /a/ dug his fingers into his wrist and breathed hotly. In through his nose, out through his mouth, chest and stomach rising and falling together, his bra feeling far more apparent than usual, pressing back against his nipples and sensitive skin.

It was the anticipation that was killing him. He already knew what was going to happen. Every single frame, every little bit of dialog, and what happens when somebody falls into a pool in Jusenkyo. He knew it all, and had already beaten off to it twice.

/co/, on the other hand just watched it like he did any show.

Then, the inevitable.


"Did that guy just turn into a girl?"

"Yeah." /a/ responded without hesitation, knees coming together, eyes wide open, fists balling up the hem of his skirt.

5 .

And it kept going. Three whole episodes of this. /co/ making comments, /a/ going "Yeah," while readjusting his legs and fingers and sucking in another long breath.

For a whole minute, /co/ stopped paying attetnion to it. Just turned his eyes towards /a/, watching him.

60 seconds of that.

Teeth digging in painfully hard into his bottom lip, the bottom of his skirt becoming more and more of a bunched up mess, his legs trembling - as was most of his body. Letting out just the occasional, barely audible noise.

"Hhh." And "Hannh."

Breathing so deeply now, /a/ blinked, and /co/ watched a bead of sweat roll down from his cheek to his neck, before stopping dead at the collar of his shirt.

In the last 10 seconds of the minute, his eyes slided downwards once more, spotting a shifting lump underneath rumpled red fabric being held so taut.

/co/ then casually went right back to watching along with /a/.

6 .

The final episode came to a close.

"Pretty confident, ain'tcha?" Ranma let out, mocking, as he so tended to do, personality remaining the same with breasts or without.

And Kuno simply turned his head to the side and spoke, soft with his words.

"Confident enough... to give you THIS."

A flash of light, something thrown, Ranma's hands darting up to catch it, stop it from hitting him -

And flower petals began to spread all around him. It was just a bouquet.

Kuno turned and began to walk off into the sunset, before speaking the final words of the episode, as music sprang up around the two of them.

"Pig tailed girl... I love you."

A few more steps as he faded away, then it was repeated again.

"I love you."

Ranma so dumbstruck by all this that his only response is to just slump to his knees, confused as all hell.

And then, that was it. Episode was over. Credits roll. Blackness enveloped the screen. /a/ looked at it, as if he could see something nobody else could.

/co/ casually watched /a/.

"So, uh." /a/ spoke up, trying to let his voice relax and his body untense, finally letting go of his skirt.

"Whadja think?" He said, with a smile forced from one ear to the other, trying to hide his embarrassment or any other thoughts that were playing around in his head other than 'ANIME'.

7 .

"Well," /co/ started, before stopping himself, eyes rolling up towards the ceiling, bouncing a wide array of responses in his head. 'Yeah, it's a fun anime', or 'I'm surprised how much action there is' or 'Jesus christ do they get to show his tits in every episode or what', so on, and so forth.

But as he bounced his head from side to side, coming to one thought after another, discarding each one as he went, he came to the only one he felt was right.

"So the real meat of the story isn't really about Ranma being a girl, right? It's about him and Akane. And how Akane maybe actually likes him, but acts like she doesn't, because Ranma can be a huge jackass, and Akane doesn't want to seem like a 'girl' either. And Ranma likes her, but doesn't want to show it either, because she's 'macho', or it'd make him look weak, or whatever."

"And buying into the pre-arranged marriage your dads setup anyway sucks ass. But, point is, it's not about the curse of Jusenkyo or even the fighting, it's about Akane and Ranma not being able to say what they feel."

/a/ kept his hands busy by running them up and down his legs, occasionally slapping his knees, trying to find some way to distract himself. A bit jealous of /co/ being able to be so calm and natural. But he didn't get the same inner twists and turns of the stomach and heart from watching that /a/ did, he figured - of course /co/ would be able to keep himself at ease.

"Yeah." /a/ said, balling up one hand, then just as quickly releasing it. "I guess.

/co/ laughed.

/a/ couldn't decide if he should cry or scowl at him, so he settled at staring blankly.

"Dummy," /co/ said, slapping /a/'s back.

"If you like somebody, you should just tell them."

"What." /a/ sputtered.

8 .

"I mean... this is all elaborate and stuff, and I appreciate it, but, if you want results, you should be more direct." /co/ said, beaming broadly, still chuckling. /a/ just stared, eyes wide, pupils sinking, becoming so small in an utter sea of white. His mind was a warzone of conflicting feelings and ideas, all battling to control of what came next out of his mouth. One chunk of his frontal lobe suggested he stand up and yell 'FUCK YOU I'M NO FAGGOT' and kick /co/ out of his house before curling up underneath a blanket while watching Sailor Moon again. And crying and masturbating at the same time.

Another one suggested that he pounce on top of /co/ and dig his hands into his shirt, ripping it if he had to, saying nothing, just giving out animalistic pants and hisses through his teeth.

Within 5 seconds of unbearable inner mental war, /a/ settled on just saying "What." again.

/co/ let his eyes lid and that broad smile turn into a cocky smirk, a bit amused with all of this.

"Here, like this. Let me show you."

In the next moment, /co/ had closed the distance between them, lips pressed together. /co/ closed his eyes. /a/'s remained frozen wide in complete shock.

A beat. An exchanged breath, the wetness of their lips melding together.

Then /co/ pressed farther, tongue moving in, and locking with /a/'s, tasting him.

/a/ gave out a muffled "HMNNNNHHHHGGGHH."

And those fingers went right back to almost ripping up his skirt in anxiousness.

9 .

It took time to work /a/ down from his chaotic blend of panic, arousal, delight, denial and just about everything else raging through his skull and pulsing in his veins, heat lighting up in his skin. Particularly his cheeks.

But /co/ stayed as the stability /a/ needed, bring his arms around /a/'s slim body, bringing their bodies together. /a/'s t-shirt rubbing up against /co/'s button up, while hands rubbed at his back, feeling his skin through the fabric. /a/ kept his body so soft, almost milky to the touch.

Then /co/ finally broke the kiss. He was smiling. And laughing again.

"I - what - fuck - fucking I the, I mean, fuck, what the FUCK?" /a/ spat out, barely coherent, red flushing his cheeks, teeth clenching together, wondering if /co/ had gone this far only to mock him now.

"I, uh. Sorry. I don't mean to laugh, I just..." He snickered a bit, and then looked down at their chests, pressed up against one another.

"I can feel your nipples, dude."

/a/ blinked.

"DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE!" he shot back, and slapped /co/ in the face.

Before /co/ could apologize, he went right back to kissing, even deeper than /co/ had done, tongues dancing with each other, sharing hot saliva on the tips of their taste buds.

/a/'s hand ran under /co/'s shirt.

10 .

It was a mess of movement and stripping from there. Buttons being undone, zippers being pulled at with varying levels of effectiveness, shirts tugged at hard.

/co/ stopped /a/ as he reached for the back of his bra strap.

"What?" /a/ said, a little impatient. He wasn't going to be pulled into showing how he really felt if /co/ was just going to call it all off at the last minute. He wanted to get at it before he had enough time to think this all over, maybe put it off, maybe enough time to say no and later regret it.

"I'd like it better if you kept it on." /co/ said, with an awkward little glance.

/a/ blinked.

Opened his mouth.

Closed it.

Opened it again. Held it there.

Thought for a moment.

"So." He started, and then took yet another moment.

"Who's doing what first."

"Don't worry 'bout it. Just follow my lead." /co/ said, calm, soothing, scooching up close to /a/, flipping up his skirt, and in what seemed like no time at all, had his mouth wrapped around /a/'s cock, throbbing and aching inside of a purple thong with green stripes.

/a/ moaned, loudly, trying to restrain himself after the fact, not wanting anyone to hear, despite no one else being in the house. His train of thought was just 'ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod' on endless repeat.

/co/ ran his tongue from the base to the head, before swirling around the top.

His train of thought was twofold.

First: 'Mmmmnnh.'

Second, on taking a second glance at the color scheme of /a/'s panties: 'Heh. The Joker!'

11 .

It was mostly routine from there. /co/ licking and sucking at /a/'s cock, top to bottom, using his hand to gently fondle at his balls while he was at it. Made sure to take a light touch - a little attention and it enhanced the whole experience that much more intense, bringing /a/ to the edge over and over, barely keeping himself from cumming right in /co/'s mouth on the spot. Having to restrain himself with thoughts like 'MR. POPO MR. POPO MR. POPO'. Too much pressure, and, well, /a/ would have been understandably nervous.

"Nnnh! Hnnnh! Stop! Stop! Stopstopstopstop!" /a/ begged, writhing and squirming from all the attention /co/ was giving his shaft, mouth swallowing about half of his cock at that moment, his saliva trickling down to touch at /a/'s cleanshaven crotch. A little precum dripped onto /co/'s tongue, letting out a bitter taste. /a/ couldn't wait much longer.

Without another word, /co/ pulled back. Though it was too late to stop all unwanted consequences from happening. Though /a/ didn't cum inside /co/'s mouth, /co/ couldn't pull back quick enough to keep /a/ from cumming onto /co/'s face. Just some onto his cheek, but, all the same - not exactly what either of them wanted.

"J-Jesus!" /a/ whimpered, trying to get his breathing and heartrate back down to something mildly acceptable. Just feeling like the biggest jackass in the world with his cum on /co/'s skin, though /co/ only seemed to regard it with mild amusement or detachment.

"Lemme clean it up..."

Then it was /a/'s turn to surprise /co/ and leave him wide eyed, as he began to lick up the results of his own climax from /co/'s cheek.

12 .

And /co/ just watched in total silence as /a/ licked up his own cum - even swallowed it - heavy, hot breaths against his neck as he finished up. Both of them wanting to say something, but not sure what.

/a/ came up with some filler for the dead air.

"Hey... could you... turn on the tv again? To anything, really?"

"Why?" /co/ asked, eyebrows quirked, hands pressing up to knock off his hat so he could run him threw his hair and get out the sweat.

"Well... I wanna have some noise covering anything... just in case my folks come home."

A nod in response, a fumble for the remote control, the on button being hammered like no one's business...

And then, Cartoon Network, running old Bugs Bunny cartoons.

The one with the valkyrie outfit.

Go figure.

"So... should I go down, or... what's the deal here?" /a/ asked, lacking the confidence /co/ had to just go with the first thought in his brain, as he had too many conflicting ones to decide on any.

"Well, if you're up for it, I was kind of wondering."

"Do you have any lube?"

'There's no way he's going to want to go that far', /co/ thought, privately.

/a/, however, just got up, went to his dresser, pulled out the top drawer, and right next to a small vibrator, copies of Secret Plot, and frilly black panties, was a tube of astroglide.

Once that was produced, it wasn't long before /a/ was in /co/'s lap, thong pulled to the side, /co/'s pants off, and a gentle finger working the lube into /a/'s hole.

13 .

It wasn't anything like the porn /a/ had watched or read.

That was for the best.

Because, really, he wasn't sure how he'd feel about one of his best friends fucking him raw and wild with no restraint, eventually falling into a doggy style on his carpet, /co/'s hand gripping painfully hard into his hips.

While the thought of it undoubtedly got /a/ hard all over again, it was tempered by the fact that being fucked like that would hurt like hell.

Instead, /co/ took a patient pace, slowly pumping /a/, taking his time with pushing each inch of his cock into him. Always restraining himself if /a/ looked uncomfortable or unready for him to go any farther. Would fill that dead time by fondling his slim body, one hand toying with his stomach, teasing him by touching below the belly button, but just above his cock, working that sensitive area for all it was worth. The other hand up high, gentler, rubbing /a/'s nipples underneath his bra. /co/'s tongue working to make all the sensations flood /a/'s body, to even overwhelm him a little. Tongue sleekly licking from his neck to his ear, biting at the bottom of it - enough to make /a/ wince and whine in shock and pleasure, but not enough to make him cry in pain. It was all about knowing each other's limits, working in synchronization with each other's needs and desires.

And all this touching and licking and rubbing and fucking was getting /a/ hard again without having to so much as brush his cock in passing.

Deeper into /a/. Pulling back. Then inside again.

"Nmnh... hnnh... kuh-/co/?" /a/ whimpered, trying to speak stably.

"Uh-huh?" /co/ said inbetween two licks at the underside of his chin, where it connected to the neck.

"I'll... mn-MNNGH! Try... try to be more... ooonnh..." /a/ interrupted himself, tension melting throughout his body as /co/ finally, slowly, hilted all of his cock inside of /a/'s tight hole, sweat running down his hairless body. "More... direct."

/co/ grinned.

14 .

/co/ didn't take much longer until his own climax. Pulled out, releasing on /a/'s carpet. Finding a towel in a hurry to clean up the mess.

The cooldown was a lot of long, heavy breaths, fooling around some more with hands and tongues, and rolling around in /a/'s bed until a CGI Moltar came onto the screen, just in the middle of /a/ sucking at /co/'s nipple. Then, him asking:

"Hey, /co/ - would you maybe... wanna try out wearing girl's clothing sometime?"

Before /co/ could answer, the TV rumbled with sound.

"This one's for all the ladies." He spoke with a pleasing, almost sultry baritone, shifting a lever, and a montage of the Sailor Scouts came onscreen. Screaming about monsters, and punishing things in the name of the moon.

/co/ and /a/ looked at the TV, then at each other.

This time, both of them laughed. Then they went right back into fondling each other.

"Depends." /co/ replied, shuddering as /a/ grabbed his ass - and then making him cry out as he suddenly spanked it, taking a more dominant role for a change.

A hiss through his teeth, a wily, delighted smile across his lips, and /co/ finished his sentence.

"Got anything that fits me?"

15 .

wat is this i d0n't even

16 .

'Heh. The Joker!'

and i demand more.

17 .

I think I might be Bi now. Between this and the trap threads on /d/, probably so.

Well written. Good amount of detail in the collection /a/ has, which provides good insight to the kind of person /a/ is even if you've never visited the board before.

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