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Halloween (3)

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Just a little something I wrote up. Given a bit of tweaking it could probably be made into a comic; at least, that was my intention. Lemme know what you think.

Midnight. The so-called "witching hour," when the barrier between this world and the next was at its thinnest, when spirits whispered in the ears of those who were willing to listen, when chilly breezes blew in through open windows and caused shivers to run down the spines of insomniacs like /x/. /x/ knew that she should have been asleep hours ago; it had been days since she's had a decent night's rest, and she could feel fatigue pulling at her eyelids, but still, she sat at her desk, the nearby lamp pointed directly at the book open in front of her. She bent down closer to it, her eyes squinting to make out the complex formulae printed on the paper, then picked up a pencil, scribbling something on the piece of paper set below the book, already covered with various numbers and incomprehensible words. After several more minutes of this, she closed the book with a satisfied smile, then snatched up the paper and a velvet drawstring bag from the desk, taking both of them and running out of her room with barely a backward glance. /x/ hurried up the stairs, not wanting to be late for the night's activities. Hurrying up the stairs to her destination, she could scarcely see where she was going; late as it was, the hallways of the apartment building were lit only by moonlight and the occasional shaft of light shining from behind a closed door. As she rounded the corner of the third floor, she could hear voices quietly speaking behind a closed door. She approached the door and knocked once on it, before a voice from the other side answered.

"Come in, /x/. We've been expecting you."

Pushing the door open with a slight creaking sound, she stepped into the room, which was lit by a plethora of candles set atop various shelves. She could see three other shadowy figures sitting at a table topped with several pieces of paper and books very similar to the one she had been reading from earlier. She took a seat at the table, setting her piece of paper in front of her and opening the drawstring bag to draw out several small, polyhedral objects.

"The game tonight, ladies and gentlemen, is Vampire: the Masquerade."

/x/ smiled. It had been /tg/'s idea to hold a midnight Vampire game on Halloween night; what better time, he had reasoned, to play a game about bloodsucking fiends lurking in the darkness? Beside her, /co/ leaned back in his chair, sipping from a can of Mountain Dew, while across from her /k/ crouched over an open rulebook, a puzzled look on his face. /tg/ sat to her right, absentmindedly twirling a pencil between his fingers while observing the goings-on. /x/ turned to /tg/, brushing the hair out of her eyes.

"Hand me a Mountain Dew, will you? I need caffeine."

Catching the can /tg/ drew from the box next to him, she popped the top open and took a sip, letting the carbonated beverage do its work and keep her awake for a little bit longer. There would be time to sleep later; for now, she had a game to play.

"Everybody ready to begin?"

There was a general murmur of assent, before /tg/ leaned forward and picked up a rulebook. He opened it and started reading from it in a dramatic manner, everyone's attention focused on him. Around them, the candles burned softly, bathing the room in a soft light. It was the perfect atmosphere for a night like this, and what's more, she was around friends.

/x/ felt a smile creep onto her face. She loved Halloween.

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Good to see you writing again Darc.
Hopefully I'll have something to add here soon enough.

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damn awesome.
do you have a website or something?

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No website, nope. Never really needed one before.
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