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/R/'s Daily work (3)

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Midnight, /T/'s Air? Ship, /R/'s Room

* The Captain of the ship, /T/, wails his fist down on the door.

/T/: /R/! GET UP!

* Inside /R/ sat at his desk, writing in his Planner. Standing up to get the door, He writes a note to himself on his chalk board.

/R/: What is it /T/ ?

* /R/ opens the door only to get a face full of parrot. "MOAR!!!!"

/T/: Where is that Package I requested!?

* /R/ sighed and turned around to his hook stand and reached into the messenger bag there. The he pulled from it a package that was too big to fit in the bag. Checks it and passes it to /T/

/R/: Good?

* /T/ opens it and looks inside. A golden glow shown back at him.

/T/: Very. Now go. I know you have to get to delivering....

* To that statement the Parrot squawked in a way that sounded like a laugh /R/ Nodded and got dressed. Then with brutal efficiency he got on his transport. /R/ Wasted no time. He had Three different Deliveries to make. First was Old man /O/ at his garage.

/R/: /O/??

* /R/ looked in, saw nothing, and went in. as he did he pulled out a tablet Pc of sorts.

/O/: Down here. Hand me the tablet. I assumme that is why you are here.

* /O/ was beneath one of the cars.

/R/: Here. where do you want it placed?

* /O/ Takes the tablet, Looks at the contents and Makes a postive noise.

/O/: Moment... Let me show you.

* /O/ handed back the tablet and led /R/ Round back.
* /R/ opened the hinges of his bag and began to pull out what appeared to be a Lamborghini Diablo variant, possiblely a Coatl.

/R/: Is it what you wanted?

* /O/ stood there in shocked Silence.

/O/: I hate you kid. But the Request is to the perfection point. Good work... How did you find one?

/R/: Lets say I know a good man In South America who Likes his Lamborghinis but was running out of room...

* And With that /R/ was off. OFF to /i/ and /ic/ 's

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pretty good.
/r/ kinda inspired me to want to write a short fic with /r/ as the goddamn Santa Claus.
nah. i'm too lazy to write anything.

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/T/'s Air? Ship
I like that.

If I go to /r/ to /r/ more stories about /r/ will I get any?

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Oh god... you might or not....
I have been hemorrhaging under research papers,,,
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