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/pol/ gets cancer (0)

1 .

"Yeah, sorry pal. I think you're fucked."

/pol/ looks up at /sci/.

"No I'm not."

/sci/ looks back, casually observing the little atenna that seemed to be sprouting at the back of /pol/'s head.

"Looks pretty bad to me. Don't argue with me on this one."

/pol/ twiddles his thumbs frantically and lashes out, "What the hell would you know? Ya don't even understand basic biology and ya even reject nigger IQ tests! How the hell do you expect me to believe you when you say I have goddamn cancer?!"


/k/ and /ck/ emerge from the backdoor of /sci/'s room holding very sharp objects.

"Sorry hon, but I gotta get that pasta recipe and /sci/ is really good at chemistry."


/pol/ screeches all manners of insults and how /k/ and /ck/ partake in so much cuckery, but their strong arms pin him down on the operating table.

"MAGA!! MAGAAA!!", the little tumor screamed. "SAGE SAGE SAGE SAGE!!"

/k/ grips the katanna /r9k/ let him borrow. He would only have one shot to save 4chan.


And with the embodiment of reactionary, impotent, betaness in sword form (the antithesis to disgusting normie Redditors), /k/ swings it like a baseball bat and horizontally slashes at the screaming /pol/.

and...he misses. He instead cuts the little string keeping the cancer trapped within the tumor and the horrors unleashed was nothing the boards of 4chan have ever encountered. MAGAtards splurt out from Reddit, covering everything and everyone in hot, sticky, smelly, MAGA goodness. /ck/ squealed as the gooey, creamy MAGAtards weigh down the upper portion of her dress and inbetween her breasts. It collapses on its weight and reveals /ck/s highly coveted /ss/ breasts.

/k/ was already prepared and had tactical gear on for the operation. He was not however prepared the surging of MAGAtards to sweep him and the rest of the tans out of the room.

All of the boards heard and saw one way or another the flood of white liquid so everyone hightailed it out of the house.

Everyone was in their jammies, tired as fuck and all of the kid boards were crying. Everyone was wet from MAGAtards and had to spent the time being sleeping outside while firefighters, construction crew and sperm bank representatives tried to clean out the house.

Nobody knows when /pol/ will be dug out as he was buried within the thick, now crusty, sludge. Everyone lit a candle and flipped off in the direction of /pol/. "It was the same salute they gave to M00t when he sold out 4chan for 50 talents." as /His/toria like to recall.

Till that day comes, the words of MAGA will continue to haunt the boards of 4chan for years to come.
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