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/q & a/? (2)

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I've got a concept I've thought of while visiting this site of the new board "/qa/"

I'm not sure how long this board has been around but anyway I'll spare you the boring bits and get to my concept XD

There is a person who answers questions and a person who asks questions. There are two of the, the former, "/q" and the latter, "a/"

These are not to be confused with the former "/q/," or the current and long-running "/a/" boards. I think it's easy enough, of a concept though it may be further simplified (or complicated!) by making it, say, a -tan who simply is afflicted by such phenomena as "word salad" or a crazy bum who talk to themselves. Bums for instance.

Please redirect me to another thread if it already talk aboutt his, and I'll go ahead and delete the thread. Here is a picture I drew of it: http://dis.4chanhouse.org/char/res/863.html

Thank you for reading, and have a great day. :-D

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/q comes into a bar, and a/ is the bartender. /q leaves with a/ to his studio apartment, gets laid and wakes up to 35 dollars made out to her therapist in his refrigerator.

What does the a/ portion of "/qa/" think when she (can be appropriated to the male format as-per PC predelicts) applies for college? The link to her tumbler.

What does /q think when he meets a/ at 2chan.net text board? Nothing. Neither of them know how to speak Japanese.

What does a/ portion of "/qa/" give to her pet dog for breakfast? Milk because she only likes cats and don't understand that all domesticate animals enjoy not milk digestively. Heyyyy. Please excuse my poor english.

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