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E/mlp/ shrinks and is at the mercy of /d/emona (0)

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My biggest story to date, I intend to write more stories so stick around I guess http://pastebin.com/u/Cruxors

Emily let out a thunderous yawn as she sat up and stretched out her arms, here she was again in Demona’s big soft bed. Emily couldn’t help but feel a bit sticky after the previous night’s fun, but more than sticky she mostly felt thirsty, she giggled to herself, she must’ve let out a lot of fluids last night. Emily carefully peeled off Demona from her cuddling session and snuck out of bed, she felt a bit greedy though when she saw the succubus’ twin cocks go flaccid; Demona just really liked cuddling. Emily exited the bedroom and stepped into the bathroom, she couldn’t help but smile at her reflection, her hair was sticking up in all kinds of directions and a lot of her body was stained an off-white. She chuckled, last night was actually pretty tame compared to what normally went on. She quickly used the toilet and started her walk to the kitchen, slipping on her dirty shirt while walking to make herself semi-decent. She would shower later, she decided, she just really wanted to get a drink first.
Sliding into the kitchen Emily made a bee line for refrigerator to sate her thirst. “Uh… let’s see there’s OJ, some purple stuff, soda, something that looks like a jug of cum… OJ should be fine,” she pulled out the pitcher of orange liquid and a glass from the cupboard, filling the cup to its brim. She quickly quaffed down the tasty liquid, letting the last gulp swish in her mouth and wash out the residual stubborn cum that still resided. “That was good stuff, but it didn’t really taste like orange juice…” While Emily quandered this mystery she noticed that her shirt started to slip off her shoulder, “What the-? This shirt always fit fine…” The world around her started to grow upwards and outwards as her shirt fit less and less, eventually slipping off her shoulders and hitting the ground. Emily started to panic, what exactly was happening to her? The world around her went dark as she eventually shrunk into her shirt.
Emily struggled and climbed atop her pony marked paraphernalia to observe her surroundings, she was still in the kitchen, just a much larger kitchen. Suddenly she started to hear a distant thumping noise start to approach her, Emily didn’t know all the things Demona kept in her house so she decided it best to hide in her shirt pile, better safe than sorry. “Hmph, what is this?” That was definitely Demona, her voice was so loud though, “Does that girl think she can just go around my house leaving fridges open and her clothes all over the place?” Emily peeked out from her hiding spot, Demona casually pushed the refrigerator closed then bent over to pick up the shirt, grumbling under her breath. Emily was suddenly thrust into the air at what felt like a million miles an hour, she gripped the cloth with all her might as the demoness stood back upright. Demona looked down at the shirt in her hand and Emily quickly ducked back down, if she could avoid getting in trouble then she would.
Emily felt more motion suddenly and braced herself, then suddenly a harsh breeze assaulted her. “Oh Emily~” Oh no Demona must’ve found her, Emily braced herself for a chewing out, but there wasn’t anything beyond that. Just what was Demona doing? Emily took a chance and looked out of her safe house, Demon was sniffing the shirt! That’s what the breeze must’ve been that she felt then, but why was she smelling it in the first place? Demona brought the shirt back up to her nose and breathed in Emily’s heady aroma, her mouth started to water and she reflexively brought her hand down to her cocks. She pressed her back against the fridge and slid down to the floor, never letting go of her precious fabric, “Emily you bad girl… leaving your clothes on my floor…” Emily looked out Demona and saw her eyes were closed, did she really not know she was there? Her body started to shake as her surroundings were jostled slightly by Demona’s rhythmic pumping. Demona couldn’t believe what she was doing, it was so vanilla to jerk off to someone’s clothing, but she couldn’t help herself! She sprouted two more arms from her torso and quickly set them to work, pleasuring her body as she still held the shirt close.
Now Demona had a hand on each cock with another diving deep into her womanhood and the last kept her head filled with Emily’s scent. Demona let out an audible moan as suddenly
Emily’s stronghold became breached by a large slimy beast, the lusty demon had thrust her tongue in the shirt, hoping to savor her lover’s unique taste. Emily did her best to dodge the attacking tongue, crawling all around her own shirt, trying to find a safe fold to hide in. The air continued to ring with Demona’s cries of ecstasy as she pleasured herself more and more. Without warning Emily felt her stomach do a backflip as she suddenly dropped through the air, still locked in her own clothing, where was she now? “Take it all you naughty girl~” Demona moaned as the shirt began absorbing something that smelled a lot like precum to Emily. Well this wasn’t going to end well. Emily braced herself as she knew what was coming and tried to make sure she wasn’t launched across the room. Demona’s orgasmic screams rang throughout the house as the shirt was assaulted by wave after wave of thick cum, Emily held her breath as she found herself covered head to toe in her lovers juices, she was practically swimming in it there was so much.
Eventually Demona wound down, panting heavily. She looked at the ruined cloth in her hand, “Uh oh, maybe if I throw it in the wash right now Emily won’t find out about it,” but all of a sudden Emily burst out of the top of the shirt, gasping for breath and coughing up cum. “What the heck..?” Demona was having trouble absorbing exactly what she was seeing here, did her girlfriend just pop out of the cum pile that used to be her shirt? “U-um Emily..?” Demona carefully reached out and plucked the nude pony lover from her shirt. “Is that you? You’re not even six inches tall!” Whelp the jig was up, Emily had been found out and now she had to explain herself, she stood up on the platform of Demona’s upturned palm and tried to explain herself. “What’s that honey?” Demona’s voice boomed, she must be too quiet to hear, Demona brought her up to her ear. “I may have drunken the orange stuff in the fridge…” Emily squeaked out. The succubus just started laughing, causing Emily’s ground to start shaking, she fell on all fours and gripped Demona’s ring finger as her laughter started to wind down, “Oh is that all? I thought you got into something much worse! Don’t worry dear that stuff will wear off in about a day or so” She gave her best smile. A day or so?! Emily was going to be stuck like this for so long, how could she do anything like this?
Demona brought Emily up to her face, “Sweetie… you’re a bit dirty…” she opened her mouth and let her tongue fall out, “Let me clean you…” Emily laid flat on her back, feet pointed toward Demona’s mouth as her long pointed tongue slowly began to drag across her body, cleaning the demoness’ own cum off her body and stimulating her at the same time. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad being this size after all. Demona’s tongue made long, rhythmic strokes along her body, she fully cleaned every inch of Emily, from front to back. Emily gasped, she was covered in saliva and her body was going numb from pleasure. Demona eventually worked her way in between her shrunken girlfriend’s legs with her tongue and began teasing her pussy. Demona wrapped her fingers around Emily as her tongue got to work working its way inside the girl. Emily couldn’t believe what was happening, fingers strong enough to crush her were holding her in place, massaging and pressuring her breasts, while her womanhood was slowly being stretched by a quickly thickening tongue. She wiggled back and forth, “I-it’s too big!” Demona retracted her tongue, “Oh come now honey; you were never such a quitter before.” She smiled, “You know you really are cute like this, you look just about good enough to eat…”
Emily became panicked as the tongue shot back out and wrapped around her, it was as flexible as a tentacle but felt much more powerful, she struggled as hard as she could but it was no use. The tongue started dragging her back into Demona’s waiting maw, she opened wide showing off her teeth, “W-wait! Don’t eat me! It’s me, Demona!” The succubus chuckled deep in her throat, somehow talking without the use of her tongue, “Oh I’m not going to eat you lover… yet.” When the majority of her body was inside Demona’s mouth she closed her lips lightly around the Emily’s neck, leaving only her head out in the open air. Suddenly Emily felt something happen on the inside of the mouth, Demona’s tongue split at the end, creating many small waving tendrils. The pony enthusiast shrieked as her limbs suddenly became bound by the smaller tendrils, immobilizing her in place, then she felt something begin to press up against her holes. Emily could feel Demona’s lips curl into a smile at what was about to happen, “I hope this one isn’t ‘too big’ for you, dear.”
Emily felt something rub against her snatch, it was absolutely massive! “W-wait Demona! That’s not gunna fit, it’ll break me in two!” Demona tapped her chin contemplatively, “Hmm… break you in two? I know! Let’s make it two of them!” Emily felt a similar object likewise begin rubbing against her asshole. “Wait that’s not wh-” Two huge tentacles suddenly thrust themselves deep into Emily’s two holes, the force and size of them knocking the air out of her and causing her to lurch forward in pain. They began to rhythmically pump in and out of her, one going in as one went out, Emily wasn’t sure if they actually could fit both inside at once. Emily felt her holes stretching to accommodate the monstrous intruders but what she mostly felt of the mingling of pain and pleasure of it all. She could barely gasp for breath as every time the tentacles thrusted it would hit her so deep it would make empty her lungs. The air she did manage to get in her was expelled as moans and groans, praising and complaining as her holes attempted to hurriedly make themselves large enough for her to fit the assailants. Even though Emily hated to admit it she was incredibly close to finishing from this abuse, Demona giggled and thrust both tentacles in at the same time, causing Emily to scream out and cum with a force. She wasn’t alone though as the offenders began to shoot cum deeply into Emily, she could feel it being deposited directly into her stomach and womb it was so deep. Her stomach rounded and grew as the tentacles refused to let up, how much did they have in them?
Finally Emily was sparred as the tentacles retraced back to Demona’s tongue and Emily was released from her bonds. Demona lazily drooled Emily out into her cupped hands and smiled at her ruined girlfriend. Her holes were gaping and absolutely leaking cum, she had a stomach that could suggest she was 6 months pregnant and all she could do was lay back and breathe heavily, resting from her ordeal. “See honey?” Demona giggled, “Nothing is truly ‘too big’ if you believe in yourself!” The only response Emily could muster was to groan and roll around slightly. Demona stroked Emily’s hair lightly, “So tell me, love, did you like it?” “That was- one of the Best fucks- of my life”

Demona sat down at her kitchen counter, trying to figure out what to do with her tiny lover. Emily had taken to sitting crisscross on top of the counter and looking up at Demona, the demoness has drained her and fixed up her holes already. It was getting around lunchtime and Demona didn’t want this little fun train to stop, how often does your girlfriend shrink to under half a foot after all? Emily saw Demona get that look in her eyes, the look that meant she had something planned, she started to slowly scoot back but didn’t exactly have anywhere to go at her size. “Nuh-uh-uh,” Demona cupped her hands behind Emily, “I think it’s time we went out for lunch, little girl…” Emily felt her back press up against Demona’s open palms, “Y-you mean o-outside? I can’t go out like this!” Demona carefully scooped up her miniscule mate and brought her close up to her face, “Don’t worry, love, I have the perfect place for you to sit,” She giggled and dropped Emily in the cleavage window of her shirt, “That should be a comfortable spot for you.” Emily struggled and flailed as she dropped through the air and landed in between Demona’s too big soft breasts, she had to admit it was pretty nice in there. She snuggled her lower half into the crevice with her upper half resting above, “Ok I see I don’t have much choice in the matter, but can I at least have some clothes or something?” Demona giggled, causing Emily to shake along with her chest, “Where would I get clothes that size? Now come on, dear, let’s go get something to eat, unless you want me to snack on you instead…”

The door made a slight ringing noise, indicating it had been opened and customers had arrived. This was one of Demona’s favorite spots to visit, the food was good and the staff wasn’t entirely fear stricken while around her. Emily was peaking outside of Demona’s bosom when they entered but quickly dived in upon seeing that /fa/ and /jp/ were there too, they mainly just tried to avoid Demona’s gaze and keep to themselves. Demona took a seat at a table a little out of the way and waited to be served. A trembling waitress timidly approached her table and stuttered out, “C-can I get a-anything for you s-sir- er m-ma’am?” See this is why Demona loved it here, most places wouldn’t even approach her. She gave a devious smile as one of her tentacles slowly encircled the poor girls waste and pulled her in closer, “I would simply love some tea… and maybe something to nibble on,” Demona pulled the waitress even closer to her, letting her tongue lull out, “Care to volunteer?” The waitress let out a quiet ‘eep’ before quickly backing up, the tentacle releasing her with little resistance, “C-coming right u-up!” She scurried off to the back room, sweat glistening on all over her body.
Emily popped out between Demona’s breasts, “You are so mean,” she smiled, “Oh shush” Demona retorted, “Let a girl have her fun.” Unsurprisingly the order came out quickly, the waitress set down the tea and what looked like coffee cake and threw on a shaky smile, Demona smiled seductively as a tentacle slowly started to snake up the girl’s leg, “Thank you dear, this looks lovely.” The server went snow white as she felt the slimy appendage slowly slip up her leg, she was frozen in fear, her eyes locked with the succubus’. Her trance broke though when the tentacle started to crawl inside her panties, she let out a timid shriek as she bolted from the table. The other patrons in the shop cast their gaze to the ruckus but were unsurprised to just see Demona waving lightly in their directions, what else had they expected after all. Emily crawled back out of her soft warm safe house and gave Demona a look, the demoness returned a smile, “You should see me when they send a boy my way, would you believe I helped one discover they were gay,” she giggled, her pants straining for emphasis.
Demona plucked Emily from her chest and lightly set her on the table, “Now come, on I didn’t come here to eat alone.” Emily shivered as she was placed on the cold table top, her nipples perking up, “I don’t have any clothes on, what if someone sees me?” she asked sheepishly, trying her best to cover herself up for decency and warmth. “Don’t worry no one ever looks over here,” She picked up and blew lightly on the tea, “Here, if you’re so cold try sitting in something warm.” Emily wasn’t sure about it but slipped into the cup anyways, it was like slipping to a warm bath and she couldn’t help but let out a sigh of approval, this actually was pretty nice. “See? Being small isn’t all bad,” Demona giggled, carefully picking up the cup and bringing it to her mouth, Emily swished back and forth in the cup, “Hey this is occupied!” Demona sipped lightly at the beverage, letting out a content sigh, “Things are so much better when they’ve been flavored by you.” Demona stuck out her tongue to lightly lick Emily more, but Emily had had enough she reached out and grabbed Demona’s tongue with her arms, practically wrapping it in a hug. Demona let out a questioning sound, what’s all this then? “I’m not just some drink flavor, ok?” Emily lightly stuck out her tongue and dragged it across the length of Demona’s causing a salvia trail to connect the two when she retracted, “I’m your girlfriend. I can take care of your needs too.”
Demona smiled, Emily must’ve been feeling guilty about all the attention she’d been getting whereas Demona was just there providing the pleasure. “Alright… Well let’s see you put your money where your mouth is then,” She offered her upward facing palm on the table and Emily climbed aboard it, “Ok missy be careful down there,” Demona pull her waistline out and dropped Emily inside. Emily took in her surroundings, the first thing she saw was the two massive flaccid dicks that Demona always had, she wasn’t sure if she could honestly do enough to stimulate though, she was so tiny after all, it was time to go hunting. She began wriggling in between the two dicks, diving deeper down Demona’s demure pelvic area, and eliciting a small squirm of enjoyment from the big lady up stairs. Aha there it was, Emily had found Demona’s pussy, now she could get down to business.
“You’re this wet already? You must’ve been waiting for this,” expressed a muffled voice from inside Demona’s pants, Emily peeled apart the folds of Demona’s womanhood; this thing was about as big as she was! Emily noticed her lover’s clitoris start to poke out of its little hood, she giggled and lightly gripped it, causing an unexpected moan and jump from Demona. The pleasure buzzer was pretty large, it took both of her hands to fully wrap around it and she didn’t think she would really be able to fit it all the way in her mouth. Well since it was too big for her mouth she might as well get to work with a titjob, she wrapped her supple breasts around the button and started to lick and slobber all over it. Demona couldn’t believe how intense it felt, she was supposed to be more resistant than this but here she was moaning openly in a tea shop. /fa/ quickly shoved his face in his magazine when the demon started moaning in earnest, he could hide his blush but his straining pants were a dead giveaway that he liked what he heard, meanwhile /jp/ had to cover up her nosebleed and look away. The atmosphere in the restaurant was quickly changing the more Emily teased Demona.
Demona couldn’t take it anymore, through her pants she started to apply pressure to Emily, forcing her partially into her hungering pussy. Emily shrieked from the sudden intrusion, her arm had been pushed inside of Demona, but the real surprise was the amount of force that was sucking her in. Emily felt the strong muscles pulling and massaging her arm, the gentle tendrils native to the succubus’ slit licking tenderly, trying to get more inside, she could resist easily enough but wondered if it was time she indulged her lover. She didn’t really get a choice though when suddenly the small tendrils wrapped around her wrist and started pulling her in, she took a deep breath as she dove headfirst into Demona’s privates. As soon as her torso was in though the tendrils released her and the massaging muscles took over, sucking in the pony enthusiast. Demona’s scent was all around Emily, it was so thick it made her head woozy. She started to struggle as she was fully engulfed inside Demona, causing the fluids inside to start flowing more freely as Demona struggled up above. “Please keep moving around! It feels so good!”
Demona was openly rubbing her thick cocks at this point causing quite a scene in the little shop. Her tentacle hair began spreading out involuntarily, grabbing ahold of objects and flipping tables. /jp/ had been watching the lewd display and knew when ogling turned dangerous, she quickly evacuated the store, but /fa/ wasn’t as observant, he was busy pretending not to hear the sounds of ecstasy and shoving his face in a magazine. “I’m almost there!” Demona panted, meanwhile Emily was trying her best to keep mobile inside her lover but the closer Demona got the tighter the walls squeezed her, it was definitely an uphill battle but one she intended to win! As the walls pushed against her harder and harder she pushed right back, she would not be defeated by the likes of a vagina! Being caressed from all sides actually felt quite good but she had a mission to accomplish here, she kicked and punched and stretched until she heard the familiar sounds of Demona’s coming ejaculation. /fa/ began panicking as he finally noticed the surrounding tentacles when they began grabbing ahold of him, but it was at that moment that Demona burst her load. The lust demon cried out as she came with a force, blasting the underside of the table with thick globs of semen while Emily was forced to endure being crushed by the pliable muscles and massaged by tendrils. Demona sprayed all of the table and much of the floor with her cum, unable to hold back, but her orgasm soon wound down and she was left in her seat a panting mess.
Her tentacles retracted, releasing /fa/, he quickly bolted out of the store, it was practically deserted at this point. Demona reached into her moist trousers and withdrew her exhausted lover, “That- was- great-” she said, breathing heavily after her climax. Emily was pleased, but a bit sore, she proved herself, no matter her size she could still get Demona’s rocks off. The demoness held the sticky slippery Emily in her hand, “I think we might want to get moving, love,” Looking around the store was a mess, there was cum on at least 40% of the floor and every piece of furniture was upturned in some way, “… I’ll just leave a big tip.”

“Aw c’mon just let me in your shirt again!” Emily whined at Demona while fighting off her hair tentacles, “I already told you that you would just get that wet too, I’m already going to have to throw these pants in the wash because of you.” “Well can you at least try to control these things?” Emily asked frantically, trying her best to unwrap herself from several attacking tentacles, “Sorry honey, they’ve always seemed to have a mind of their own,” Demona smirked to herself, she actually had full control over them, she just liked seeing Emily squirm up there. “What’s with all the tentacles today?” Emily grumbled to herself as she was finally pinned by her attackers.

“Phew, big day, big day” Demona muttered to herself, walking into her front door and stripping out of her sticky pants. “How’s it going up there, honey?” The only response she got was the gurgling sound of the tentacle jamming itself even deeper into Emily’s throat, she had been getting raped the entire way home and she was sure Demona took the long way too. “Oh quit playing around and get down here,” Demona said playfully, reaching up into her hair while the tentacles retracting from all of Emily’s various holes as the hand approached, “Come on we’ve got to get you cleaned up for dinner.” Emily was drenched in sweat and love juices, that girl just would not stay out of trouble, “Look at you, just how many times did you cum up there?” Emily’s answer was to lie back and pass out, she was down for the count.
Demona tittered, wasn’t this a familiar sight, just like this morning actually… she outstretched her tongue to the unconscious pony enthusiast, only it really would be easy to actually eat her this time though… at the very least she should clean her off right? Demona languidly dragged her tongue across the whole of Emily’s up turned body, audibly moaning as she tasted all that her lover was drenched in, her sweat, her cum, it was… scrumptious. Emily whimpered in her sleep as Demona continued her tasting, flipping her over and ‘cleaning’ her backside as well, Demona’s mouth was watering more and more as she tasted her tiny girlfriend. She was so much bigger than her, how hard would it really be to just swallow her whole? She couldn’t stop her after all, and she was so tasty, Demona could feel herself getting hard at just the thought. She placed her lips around Emily’s feet and started to slowly suck her into her mouth, her taste was so intoxicating, it fogged her mind with lust and gluttony.
Emily stirred at the continued irritation, what was going on? She looked forward to the strangely familiar sight of Demona’s enormous maw slowly sucking her in, she giggled as Demona’s slurping got up to her waste and swatted playfully at the succubus’ lips, “Cut that out!” Something was different though, Demona’s eyes didn’t have love in them this time there was only some deep hunger, “U-uh Demona?” Emily began pushing against the demon’s lips but the suction on her legs is intense, even with resisting she was being pulled in, “Demona? DEMONA!” The temptress seemed to snap out of her haze and lightly let Emily slide out onto her hand and placed her on the countertop, “Uh… h-hi honey,” “Don’t you ‘honey’ me! What were you planning on doing there!?” Demona started to fumble about trying to come up with an excuse but Emily wasn’t buying it, she finally dropped on her knees, getting eye level with the tiny girl and burst out, “It’s not my fault you’re so tasty!” Emily sighed, she couldn’t really fault her lover too hard, after all she knew what she was getting into when she got into this relationship, “Alright, but no actually eating me, only tasting,” Demona held back a sigh of relief and smiled, she knew she could’ve been in a lot of trouble there. “I-I’ll just dinner started for us ok, dear?”

One of the nice things about being small was that portion sizes became huge, Emily was absolutely stuffed, “That was good,” Emily said, patting her belly for emphasis, “Glad you liked it, I wanted to make it extra good just for you,” Demona smiled, an apology hidden in her statement. “So, what do you want to do now?” Emily asked, a sly grin on her face, “Well, the potion should wear off soon, but if you don’t mind there’s one more thing I want to try before it’s too late.” Well Emily wasn’t exactly this size every day, better get in the fun while she still could.
Demona picked up Emily and started moving her into the bedroom, “Oh the bedroom? So formal,” Emily giggled, most things they did didn’t actually require a bed. Demona set Emily on the bed and stripped out of her days clothing, giving a bit of a striptease to her girlfriend. Emily chuckled, “Ok, ok, so what do you want to do with little ol’ me?” Demona crawled onto the bed on all fours, slowly approaching Emily, “Something I’ve wanted to do for a while now…” she crawled over Emily slightly so that her duo stiff horse cocks were eye level with the girl, her urethra pulsating lightly, calling her forward. Well it wasn’t the weirdest thing she’d ever done with Demona.
Emily approached the lower of the two dicks and cautiously stuck her arm inside the succubus’ urethra eliciting a moan from the owner, it was pretty tight and it gripped her arm with a satisfying firmness. Whelp she wasn’t getting any smaller, Emily carefully stuck her legs into the hole, stretching it slightly when her bountiful bottom followed suit, she stopped just below her breasts, having her arms to either side stabilizing her, was this it? Demona started stroking the occupied dick applying light pressure on Emily and smiling lewdly, “Are you ready, love?” Emily wasn’t quite sure what she meant but noticed the usual horse dick she was accustomed to morphed slightly into something more resembling a tentacle, always with the tentacles. “Take a deep breath,” Demona grinned as Emily was flung like a rollercoaster ride straight into Demona’s pussy.
A moan escaped the lust demon’s mouth as she began roughly penetrating herself with her own dick. Emily gripped the head tightly as she was pumped back and forth inside Demona, getting forcibly pushed against the demoness’ womb over and over again, the soft wall putting up light resistance to her attempted insertion. Emily was enjoying it despite herself, she felt the precum of Demona start to pile up beneath as she acted as a kind of urethral plug and it started to ooze out around her and force its way into her, the feeling of being tensely squeezed from all around was also a feeling she had learned to enjoy from today. Suddenly Emily felt the walls around her get much tighter as below her pushed up significantly, Demona was double penetrating herself while she was inside her! The added pressure was a lot to handle as well as the increase in stimulation, more and more precum began flowing as Demona received more pleasure from experiencing both ends of the sexual spectrum and it made Emily tingly and hot; Demona’s precum had that kind of effect on people. Emily roughly started grabbing ahold of her tits, squeezing and pinching them trying to get closer to her own edge, she was so close but there just wasn’t anything real actually going inside her.
As if to answer her call Emily felt something enter into her holes, was there any place this girl couldn’t grow a dick? She decided it better not to question and just enjoy as she had both holes penetrated at once. The force of the thrusting and the lubricant of the precum caused her start to bounce in and out of her comfy hole making her hold on even tighter, but if the moans from outside were any indication Demona liked it a lot better like this, everything that could be thrust was being thrusted. Emily tried to hold out longer but with the pervasive scent of Demona all around her and all the stimulation she was receiving she couldn’t help herself. Demona came just as Emily did, thrusting her deep into her waiting womb and pumping it full of her own copious amounts of cum. Emily held her breath as she was plastered up against the walls of the demoness’ womb getting hit with the force of a fire hose repeatedly, but she began to feel strange. Suddenly Emily started to feel her confines get a little smaller as the walls closed in on her, this was not a good time for the potion to wear off.
Demona screamed out in orgasmic bliss as she felt Emily start to expand her womb and pull out her stomach, this was the perfect time for the potion to wear off! Her stomach started to swell as Emily’s presence pushed out against her home, cum started to flow from Demona as room for it became increasingly sparse. Demona gurgled in bliss, she was totally spent, the only thing left in her mind now was the incredible feeling of her body being stretched beyond imagination. Emily accepted her fate as it was dealt to her, she curled up in a ball in the oddly comforting confined space; she didn’t really mind being there too much. It was time for a nap for both of them, Demona broken and Emily sleepy from a long day, they had earned it. Both drifted off to the land of sleep, both grateful to have such a lovely partner so close to them. Demona would have to slip shrinking potions in drinks more often after this.
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