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Continuing my story dump http://pastebin.com/u/Cruxors

“Hmmmmm,” Demona thought out loud, looking at her immense closet. She began flipping through her various fetish outfits but she couldn’t quite find what she was looking for, or rather she didn’t know what she was looking for. “What to wear… what to wear…” Demona tapped her chin contemplatively, “Maybe a bit of leathe- No! Latex! Oh… but what if she doesn’t want me to get dressed up, will she bring an outfit for me?” Demona let out a heavy sigh in frustration, “Emily is new to this stuff, maybe I could just lay some supplies out for her… but would she get offended?” The succubus dragged her fingers through her squirming tentacle hair, she was overthinking this and she knew it, but she really wanted Emily’s first time to go well! “Ugg!” she let out a cry of frustration, it’s not like she’d never been someone’s bottom before, but never for someone so inexperienced. It took some time, but in the end she took a half measure, she wouldn’t wear anything special but would lead Emily to her bondage room, it would have more than enough supplies if she needed anything.
Meanwhile, Emily was busy at work in her apartment. In her usual way she was fretting over the upcoming event with Demona, for the past couple of days she’s been hard at work researching on the internet, running her sowing machine into the ground, and practicing being dominating in the mirror. She wanted absolutely everything to go perfectly and she had been preparing for nearly a week straight, but that didn’t stop her from being more nervous than she had ever been in her life, what if she messed something up? She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Demona, she needed to prove she could be just as kinky as her! One thing she could be proud of though is her outfit she made by hand, she just knew Demona would love it. A tight, latex corset with fishnet stockings and fingerless gloves; she was looking fierce. She had been wearing it for two days straight though so it was starting to chafe a bit…

Emily mentally prepped herself, here she was in front of Demona’s door and she needed to take control from the very start. She had hid her kinky clothing under a trench coat for the walk over but she wondered if she should take it off before she knocked, it would set a stronger example of fearlessness, but… she turned her head to look over her shoulder to the empty street around her, what if someone saw her? Her face grew red as she thought about being exposed in the open in nothing but a BDSM fetish outfit that barely covered her naughty bits. Being exposed for everyone to see, the thought kind of made Emily excited, any passing person would see how tightly the latex was pressed up against her skin, every curve and crease of her body on full display, her firm bum so easily slapped and squeezed, her full breasts so easily groped and pinched by anyone that could see her… absentmindedly her hand slowly started to creep towards her crotch- *creek* Emily quickly turned around to see a concerned looking Demona standing at her front door, “Um, sweetie? Are you ok? You’ve been standing there for five minutes…”
Emily was caught red handed, she quickly threw her hands up and tried to stammer out a response, “N-not as ok as you’re about to be…?” spaghetti sauce started to leak down her leg as Demona looks at her questioningly, but she seemed to accept the response, she threw on a seductive voice, “Oh Emily, then why don’t you come on in already and let me see how ok I can be” she giggled in the back of her head but held her mask well, she didn’t want to embarrass Emily more than she was already doing to herself. Emily, picking up her bag of supplies and, regaining her confidence slightly, stepped over the threshold. Emily took in her surroundings, Demona, wearing simply a shirt and pants, started to draw the one horned dominatrix towards their destination.

“So what do you want to do to me first?” Demona asked excitedly, stripping fully and hopping around her lavish BDSM area, though she didn’t want to show it she really was giddy about the opportunity to be Emily’s first sub. She ran around the room eagerly, going from machine to device, “Do you want to tie me to this one maybe?~” she asked while standing next to what looked like a medieval stretching board, “Or maybe that?” she motioned to what looked like a vibrating saddle, “Oh! Oh! What about th-” “Enough!” Demona was cut off by Emily slamming her foot down and raising her voice, “I am the one in charge here!” she approached the succubus while letting her trench coat fall loosely to the floor, “and that means I’m the one that makes the suggestions, makes the decisions, and you’re the one that follows them!” Emily struck a very imposing figure while in her dominatrix clothing. Demona’s chatter immediately stopped and she drank in her mistress’ appearance, she had really gone all out. Demona bit her bottom lip, this was going to be fun.
Emily squealed on the inside, she was doing it! She was being an awesome badass! Now she just needed to keep this up. “Now then,” she said, reaching into her bag, “I think you’re a bit too jumpy right now,” she withdrew a length of rope, “why don’t we make you a bit more stable?” Did that sounds as cool out loud as it did in her head? Oh who cares gotta keep it rollin. Emily walked towards Demona, brandishing her newly purchased rope, and threw on a wicked smile. Demona took a much more submissive stance and awaited her just punishment with baited breath, “Whatever you say, Mistress…” she let the words flow from her mouth, accentuating them as fire danced in her eyes.
Emily was prepared, she had spent so much time learning different kinds of bondage styles she was sure she could pull them off from memory. The only problem was that she didn’t really have anything to practice bondage on besides her pony plushies… but she was sure that wouldn’t matter! “Alright missy! Stand straight and bring your arms back, we’re going to restrain you a bit.” Ok, ok, stay calm, just like you practiced. Emily quickly got to work wrapping around Demona’s various appendages, the shape shifter had to admit that she was pretty good for a first timer. After wrapping Demona’s breasts she brought the rope back to secure the hands together behind her back, the next logical step was to bring the rope between her firm cheeks. Emily slowly leaned down and slipped the rope through her demon’s legs and circled around to the front of her to bring the rope taught upwards, everything was going well up until the point she got a face full of horse cock. Normally this wouldn’t be a bad thing but she had an image to keep up, “Hey!” she shouted quickly standing to attention, “careful with those things!” she put on her best mad face and looked her pet straight in the eyes. “S-sorry, Mistress,” stammered out Demona, turning her head downward in shame, “It’s just that I can’t help myself when I’m being tied up by such a sexy partner,” a devious gleam in her eye is quickly hid by fully placing her chin to her chest, she wiggles her cocks alluringly to show off just how much of an effect Emily was having on her.
Emily does her best to hide her blush and continue the tying process, to show she means business she pulled the rope tightly up, making it dig into Demona’s pussy and eliciting a moan from the lust demon. Overcome by the pleasure Demona unintentionally thrust her hips forward into the pony enthusiast. Emily let out an ‘Eep’ of confusion as she tried to step back, accidently stepping on the rope she was using to restrain the succubus causing Demona to suddenly get pulled forward and topple over the mini mistress. Demona became unfurled in the confusion and the rope began to become twirled between them. “Just stop moving!” Emily shouted out as Demona tried her best to become still, by the time they had settled they were both in quite the mess, Emily’s leg was tied to Demona’s arm, Demona’s arm was tied to Emily’s horn, and Emily’s horn was tied to Demona’s dicks, truly a sight to behold. They both burst out in laughter at their current predicament, oh how silly things had gotten.
“Ya know Demona? I’m not sure if I’m totally cut out yet to be a dom, I think I need some more practice first,” Emily admitted a bit meekly. “Oh it’s alright Emily,” Demona cooed, lightly cupping her lover’s face, “I think you did great, but why don’t you let me show you how it’s done?” Emily nodded sheepishly, “I guess a demonstration couldn’t hurt,” a mischievous smile played across Demona’s face, “Don’t be so sure,” she giggled.

Now it was Demona’s turn to wear the latex dominatrix outfit and Emily’s turn to get tied up. Skipping the formalities Demona went straight to the good part, she tied her arms back and secured the back of her shin to her thigh, she wasn’t going anywhere. Stuck on her bum, legs to either side, arms tied behind her, Emily couldn’t help but ask “S-so what are you going to do to me?” Emily fumbled over her words, she didn’t want to admit it but being tied up really made her excited, being completely helpless in the arms of someone you trusted was exhilarating. Her heart thumped heavily in her chest, being unable to move made her a bit scared but the fear just helped the arousal, no matter what she wouldn’t be able to escape and she couldn’t help but become giddy. “Shhh no questions, my little pet,” Demona kneeled down and carefully slipped a wiffle gag in Emily’s mouth, meeting only minor resistance, “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll love it.”
With a playful smile she lowered her hand over Emily’s crotch and started to rub it in slow, steady motions. Emily reacted to the light touch of her mistress, wiggling in her bonds in anguish at the touch that wasn’t quite stimulating enough to actually get her anywhere. The more Demona rubbed the less feeling she got until she had to look down to question what was going on, she had lost her pussy! Demona giggled, “Oh don’t worry I just couldn’t let that get in the way of this,” at the word a large equine dong, complete with heavy set of balls, grew from the flesh where her previous set of genitals had rested. As much as this happened to Emily she never really got used to the feeling and let out a reactionary moan.
Demona giggled and started to gingerly slide her fingers up and down the shaft of the poor immobilized girl’s flesh pillar, lightly touching and blowing air softly as it started to leak precum. “I wonder just how sensitive you are,” she tittered as she withdrew a feather from some unknown place and started to lightly drag it up and down the length of the member, Emily suppressed a light moan as she steeled her body, she wasn’t normally this sensitive, had Demona done something to her dick?
Demona, with a glint in her eye, roughly grabbed Emily’s cock at its base and dragged her tongue up the trail of precum she had been dripping consistently. Emily arched her back as a moan escaped her ball gag, she is definitely much more sensitive down there, she was just about ready to cum already. “So soon?” asked Demona, seeming to know exactly what was going on with her body, “My dear, we’re just getting started,” with that she withdrew a strip of leather and quickly secured it around the base of Emily’s colossal cock. Emily knew where this was going and she wasn’t sure if she was scared or aroused at it, but she didn’t really get much say in the matter after all. “You tasted so good before, hope you don’t mind if I have another sample,” Demona started to lick teasingly along the length of the shaft before reaching the top, she slowly let the member invade her mouth while making sure to keep eye contact with her quivering love slave. Emily couldn’t stop panting, a sweat broke out on her and all she could do was watch as she got fellated slowly and methodically.
Emily felt the tip of her dick expand in Demona’s throat as she prepared herself to let out a load in the demoness’ stomach… but there was no release, no relief, only the feeling of getting more and more turned on as her balls strained and grew, trying to empty their contents into the waiting orifice. Emily whimpered as she tried to thrust her hips to get a little more pleasure, but the ropes kept her in place. Demona surface from her dick diving and chuckled at the poor girls taxed member, she reached out and traced a finger along its surface eliciting a powerful moan from the captive. Even the slightest touch was enough to set her over the edge, she needed to cum so badly that it hurt. She looked at her mistress as her eyes screamed mercy and submission, she would do anything at this point to be free of this prison. Demona just giggled, “Ok, I’ll make you a deal, I’ll let you cum… when you make me cum,”
Emily started to panic while Demona slowly lowered her latex panties and approached her, she wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of sensation, she would go insane! Demona just smiled playfully as she lowered herself onto the massive meat pole, the feeling of her insides slowly overtaking Emily’s cock was incredibly intense. Emily couldn’t just sit there anymore, she tried her best to wiggle or thrust or bend but try as she might she couldn’t get anywhere significant, “There’s no use struggling, dear, you’ll just have to sit there and enjoy it.” Demona started to pick up the pace as Emily struggled in futility, it was all too much for her, the pleasure was borderline unpleasant, all she could feel was the bursting pressure inside of her that needed release. It was true though, all she could do was sit there as her mind slowly melted away…
Demona wouldn’t let up, she savored seeing Emily like this, feeding on her suffering as she bounced on Emily’s pole and pinched her own breasts. She was in full control and what she said went; she couldn’t help it, she started to pant heavily. She wasn’t normally this fast but seeing her poor little pet squirming and whimpering made her reach new heights of pleasure. She was close and she knew it, but she wasn’t willing to give in just yet. Demona reached out and roughly grabbed ahold of Emily’s nipples, this caused the reaction she was looking for. For a while Emily had been slowly waning as her mind sunk into a pleasure coma, Demona just had to wake her up a little bit, she twisted the buds roughly causing Emily to arch her back and let out a long groan. Emily’s mind wasn’t even there anymore, her consciousness had abandoned her when she couldn’t take it anymore, but the harsh twisting snapped her back to reality. “Don’t- ah- go drifting- ah- off too far,” Demona smiled fiercely as she gave her one final twist. Suddenly the strip of leather around her dick finally gave out and ripped off, letting the flood gates open.
Emily moaned out as her whole body was overcome with pleasure, her vision dimmed and her hearing failed her as the feeling of cumming overcame any of her other senses. The only thing she was aware of anymore was the feeling of pumping bucket after bucket of cum into her Mistress’ womb. Demona’s midriff started to balloon out as Emily’s cock refused to stop, she reached down to Emily’s balls and gave them a hardy squeeze, giggling as she felt the flow increase. Emily's body was turned to overdrive as the lust demon continued to milk her sack, her cries of pleasure wouldn’t stop and her mind was totally blank as her cock was assaulted by Demona’s own orgasmic bliss, she wasn’t totally aware of it but she thinks she got a load in the face from Demona’s own bouncing duo cocks. The feeling faded, as did everything else, as she finally and mercifully she was overcome by unconsciousness. As Demona looked down at her stretched stomach and her unconscious girlfriend she couldn’t help but wonder if she had gone a bit overboard with this whole thing...

Emily groggily shook her head, how long had she been out? She pried open her eyes to take in her surrounding… but she couldn’t see anything, it was all darkness. Emily began to panic, what was wrong with her? She tried to move around only to find that she had been restrained, in fact, it felt like she was suspended in midair. It felt like she had been tied up again, the most immediately noticeable thing was the pressure on her pussy, and that fact that she had a pussy again. It felt like the rope that was mainly keeping her in the air was the one looped under her pressing against her womanhood, her own weight was working against her. She also felt a rope tied against her midriff along with the familiar feeling of her breasts being tied off individually. Other than that her elbows were up by her head but he hands were pulled towards her back where she felt a giant knot. It seemed a lot of ropes fed off of this knot, including the one that went down to her flower. The final observation she had was how her legs had been tied to themselves again, calf to thigh, making it so that her final resting position of her body was upright, her chest sticking out forward and her bum pressing out behind her, it was a very vulnerable position to be in. She tried to let out a shout only to feel the familiar shape of a ball gag in her mouth. The only thing she had available to her was her sense of hearing, she tried to focus on the sounds around her.
*Click, clack, click, clack* The rhythmic sound of high heels on stone echoes in the room, “Oh good, you’re awake,” That was Demona’s voice, but it sounded different… a little off, “I’m very disappointed in you, slave” she spoke the word harshly. Emily was nervous, she had never had Demona mad at her before, and what was she even mad about? The earlier encounter was a little blurry in her mind. “I gave you one command, and you failed me,” Oh no, Emily messed up somehow, she didn’t know what to do, maybe she could get an apology out of this ball gag. The muffled sound of ‘so- *SMACK* A crackling burning sensation was felt over Emily’s face, “AND JUST WHO GAVE YOU PERSISSION TO SPEAK?” Demona let out of heavy sigh, “I’m sorry pet,” Emily felt a touch gingerly on her now sore cheek, “I don’t want to have to punish you, but you leave me no choice, after all, you came without permission.” Came without permission? But she didn’t even rememb- *Click, clack, click, clack*
“You’ve been a very bad girl, and bad girls get a spanking…” As she says this she lightly traces a finger on Emily’s exposed flesh before reaching out and groping her hind corners, “Luckily for me there’s plenty to spank here,” she giggled. Emily braced herself, if she braced herself she knew she could take the punishment. She waited… and waited… and waited for the hand to strike out but it just wasn’t coming, she began to wonder, letting her guard down, what was happe- *SMACK* The sound of hand on flesh, “Don’t think you can tense up now, bad girl, I can wait all day, it’ll go faster for you if you just accept it,” Emily could hear the smile in her voice, Demona was enjoying this, and Emily had to admit she was enjoying it too. The thrill of the unknown, the tingling feeling of pain mixed with pleasure, her crotch started to moisten as she hung there.
“Hmm,” Demona mused out loud, “I don’t think my hand is really doing the trick here” *Ka-thunk* “Maybe this will do the trick…” Emily wasn’t sure what that sound was, it sounded kind of like some woode- *CRACK* Emily let out a muffled scream of pain, yep, that was a paddle. *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* Each strike making Emily cry out and lurch forward, her buns must be bright red by now, but Emily couldn’t deny the feeling in her nether regions, she must have a bit of a sadistic streak in her. “Hmm, that might be enough spanking for now…” No! Please punish me more Mistress! I’ve been such a bad girl! Emily wiggled her tushy and tried to grind her thighs together to stimulate her womanhood a bit, but to no avail, she was stuck.
*Click, clack, click, clack* “Oh, don’t worry pet, I said enough spanking, but I didn’t say we were finished here…” Emily tried hard to trace where her Mistress went in the room through sound, she didn’t want to be too surprise- *THWAK* “MMmph!” Emily let out another moan of pain and pleasure as the instrument struck on her exposed back, what was that? It was thin and felt kind of li- *THWAK* “MMMPH!” It struck her in her breast, right across the nipple, she never knew pain could be so goo- *THWAK* “MMPH” *THWAK* “MMPH” *THWAK* “MMMMMPH” Emily came hard as the last hit smacked right onto her pussy. She hung limply, a shuddering mess of red marks and sexual fluids, “There, there,” Demona softly stroked Emily’s hair, “You did well, pet, Mistress is proud of you, in fact I think you’ve earner yourself a reward…”
Emily felt herself being lowered to the ground and was gently placed on her knees. The ropes loosened and she got control over her body again. Suddenly the world was full of light again as Demona removed her blindfold, she was smiling at her, love in her eyes and kindness in her heart, Emily couldn’t help but smile back, brushing away the tears that had accumulated from her punishment. Demona unhooked her ball gag and lightly pulled in out of her mouth, before Emily could speak however, Demona was already occupying her mouth. The kiss took Emily by surprise but she quickly began to get into it, fighting the long pointed tongue wrestling for dominance in her mouth. The kiss continued until both parties were out of breath and Demona was forced to break it off, drawing her head back as a strand of salvia still connected the two.
Emily figured now would be as good a time as any to speak, “Demona, I-” “Shhhhh little pet,” Demona placed her finger over Emily’s mouth, “I still have to give you your reward don’t I?” She carefully picked up the now good girl, avoiding most of the red spots, and carried her into another room. This room, at least from Emily’s cursory glance, was one dedicated to various types of toys. “I know you must be tired, it’s been a long day after all, so I just wanted you to have a nice place to unwind after all this.” Emily was a bit confused, this place was covered in humming dildos and plugs of various sizes, how would she relax here?
Demona walked her over to what looked like some sort of saddle you would place on top of a horse, but it was cushioned. “See? All nice and soft, just for you,” Demona gingerly set down her little sub, her legs splaying out to either side of the saddle. Emily had to lean forward a bit to avoid actually sitting on her sore butt, but she had to admit this was a rather nice seat. “I’ve got more for you, don’t you worry,” Demona was starting to make Emily a bit nervous, she wondered if their two ideas of relaxing were the same thing…
“Oh look it’s you’re old friend the blindfold!” Demona giggled as she brought back an armful of supplies to Emily. Emily looked over the cache, there was indeed a blindfold as well as what looked like headphones, a couple of vibrators, and… oh joy, another ball gag. Emily smirked, “What? Ran out of rope?” she flinched a little bit, hoping that snide remark wasn’t enough to earn her some punishment, but Mistress didn’t look fazed at all, in fact she looked like she had something up her sleev- *Clunk* Emily looked down and saw her legs were locked in place in some sort of heavy metal circle, “Nope, no rope” Mistress smirked back. Whelp here we are again, but this time Emily was locked in some sort of machine. Her legs were locked to either side and her hands, which she had been resting on in front of her for support, were stuck as well. In her effort to avoid putting pressure on her sore cheeks she had inadvertently pressed her pussy into the comfy saddle beneath her, and now she was stuck there.
Demona giggled and approached, “So are you ready for some good… relaxing?” the word dripped from her mouth. Emily swallowed nervously, but shook her head yes regardless, it doesn’t pay to say no to Mistress. “Good girl,” Demona quickly taped the two small vibrators to Emily’s tender nipples and moved up to her face, first with the ball gag, Emily was used to that by now, then with the blindfold, and finally, she assumed, the big noise canceling head phones… but before she felt them a gentle breath was felt on her ear instead, “Don’t be afraid to hold back, pet, cum as much as you want.” The headphones came on and she was alone. She couldn’t see anything, she couldn’t hear anything, she truly was alone this time; all she could really do was wait.
Suddenly Emily felt the saddle start to vibrate, then the small ones on her nipples soon followed, she let out a muffled cry that she couldn’t hear, so this is what she meant by relax. The saddle was incredible, the way Emily was sitting her pleasure buzzer was pushed right up against it and she felt everything. In moments Emily was cumming freely, no one telling her when to or having to ask permission. The saddle kept vibrating, Emily wasn’t sure when this thing was going to turn off, she couldn’t see anything, she couldn’t hear anything, the only thing she knew at this moment was the vibrations of the saddle and the pleasures of orgasms. Soon the world melted away, all she needed now was this saddle and everything else didn’t matter. She came and came and came, over and over again without fail, until soon even the feeling of the saddle faded and her mind drifted away.

A ray of sunshine snuck its way through the blinds and onto Emily’s face. She grumbled, annoyed, and started to wake up. She tried to sit up and stretch, but she felt a force holding her down, Oh God! Was she still tied up? Her eyes flew open and took in her surroundings. She was in a big fluffy bed with soft covers, the thing holding her down was just her Mistress cuddling her, Demona was still asleep. Emily let out a sigh of relief and started to giggle a bit, she was sore all over but that was one of the best nights of her life, she was grateful to have it finally over though. Emily didn’t need to wake up right now anyways, she looked over to her lover still holding her and cuddled up beside her, waking up was lame anyways.
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