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Um I was told I should put my stories on here, but here's my pastebin if you want it http://pastebin.com/u/Cruxors

Emily's l-lewd plan

It was late into the night but Emily was still fuming, just how could she be kinky with Demona but still satisfy her own sexual urges? She knew of some of Demona’s fetishes, but those all involve really vanilla non-lewd things! Last time she tried to get Demona hot and heavy it led to six hours of hand holding ending in one satisfied Demona and one horny Emily. She was happy she could fulfill Demona, but it’s not a one way street and Emily was hankering for some hanky panky. That’s when it hit her, “Of course!” she thought to herself, she knew just what to do, but it would take some planning… and a little help from Demona as well.
It had been three days and Emily thought she was ready. She had been practicing being suave and confident in anticipation of their date tonight. She wanted the plan to go off without a hitch, by the end of the night she was sure she would be able to make both of them happy. *Knock knock knock* Emily contained a squeal of excitement as she quickly donned her best fedora and approached her door. She gave herself one good look over before opening the door, newly washed clothes and no pasta in the pockets, she was ready.
Opening the door she’s greeted by the immaculate form of Demona on the other side of the threshold. Demona had on a tasteful dress, showing just enough to excite but not enough to give the whole idea. Emily tried her best to not become flustered over the sight of her lover, “Come on,” she thought, “this is what you prepared for!” Demona clears her throat, trying to gain the attention of her date. Emily goes red in the face, how long had she been psyching herself up, she was ignoring Demona! She tries to shove the spaghetti back into her pocket as she quickly recovers, “Oh, uh, please come in Demona. I have some big plans for tonight” she says seductively, extending her hand. Nailed it.
Demona takes the outstretched hand as she steps into Emily’s home, smiling with a touch of playfulness in her eyes, “My my, aren’t you the proper one tonight?” Demona surveys the domicile, much to her surprise, it was actually clean. “Oh honey, you didn’t have to go to so much trouble on behalf of me,” she said, flattered. Emily tried to maintain her smile without blushing, “A lovely woman like you deserves the best,” now it was Demona’s turn to blush, what had gotten into Emily, she was so on top of it all, it made her feel… diffident.
Emily lead Demona by the hand to her laid out meal, spaghetti naturally, but it was went with the spaghetti that set the night. Emily led the conversation with her carefully prepared dialogue, Demona couldn’t believe the confidence radiating off of the young pony fanatic. Dinner went by quickly, Demona was putty in Emily’s hands, just as planned.
It was time. Emily moved over to the succubus’ side of the table, standing over the sitting lust demon. “I don’t think we can end the night this young, do you?” Emily asked with a smirk, all Demona could do was cast her gaze downwards, hiding the color burning her face, and shook her head. “I didn’t think so,” Emily was bursting on the inside but she had to keep it all in, the night was going just as planned and this was the make or break point, “so what do you say we make our way to the bed?” Emily noticed Demona seemed to have been subtly shifting her form throughout the dinner, she has a more meek form, she’s shorter and skinnier; she looks almost virginal.
Laying Demona on the bed Emily leaned down to her ear, whispering, “Why don’t you let me do all the work tonight?” Demona nodded shyly and Emily began stripping her, Demona’s lithe form was adorable, her skin was smooth as silk, she had petite breasts and a barren small slit. While being stripped Demona laid a timid hand on Emily’s crotch and Emily smiled in triumph, almost to the plans finale. Emily relished the oddly familiar feeling of growing a dick, now was when she would blow her date’s socks off. “You know, you being on your back really leaves me only one option for a position,” she says giving of a predatory smile, slipping off her clothing. The realization dons on the little devil, “Y-you m-mean the m-missionary p-p-position?” she stammers out, her face hotter than a cherufe. “For the sole purpose of procreation,” Emily says seductively as she teases her new found cock against Demona’s opening.
Demona was absolutely losing it, it was so vanilla! “You’re gunna g-get me p-p-pregnant?!” the shape shifter asked frantically, “heh that’s right my dear, it doesn’t look you mind it too much though” said Emily as she continued to rub her unnatural growth against Demona’s snatch. It was true, Demona was absolutely dripping wet, the thought of getting pregnant and into a stable relationship with someone she loved was incredibly vanilla and l-lewd; she could cum just from the thought.
“Alright,” thought Emily, “here we go!” She pushes forward into Demona savoring the feeling of the slow penetration, the morphed tunnel sending out little tendrils to wrap around her phallus as well as the natural muscle movements one would expect, it was times like this she was glad she was dating a demon. Emily stammered a bit in her tracks as she felt her break through some sort of resistance and saw Demona cringe and let out a cute little moan, “D-did I just break through your hymen?” asked Emily, her carefully crafted demeanor breaking for a bit, she did not expect that. Demona gave a shy nod, “I-it’s my first t-time, p-please be gentle,” Demona was taking this role play to a whole other level and Emily was all for it.
Emily gripped onto the once-virgin’s thighs and started to get to work, thrusting in and out of the first timer. Demona tried to hold back her sounds of pleasure but every thrust she let out a moan or hum of pleasure, “You’re really into this huh?” teased Emily, Demona grabbed her tentacle hair and pulled in front of her red face, shaking it in denial. “Oh you don’t like? Maybe I should stop then,” Emily said, slowing down as if to confirm her threat. “NO!” shouted out Demona, a bit louder than intended, letting her hair fly free and her lewd face out into the light. “Oh so you do like,” Emily started to pick up pace again as moans started to escape Demona’s mouth. “So how much do you like it?” asked Emily as she reached a hand down and started to play with one of Demona’s breasts. “Ah- it’s- so- good-“ each word being accented by a thrust from her lover, “p-please- I’m- so- close-!” Emily smiled wickedly, she wasn’t even close to her climax; this was going to be a fun night.
The closer Demona got to climax the more the tendrils inside her pussy started to wrap around Emily’s dick, “unf, if she keeps that up I won’t last as long as I thought,” grunted the futa to herself. Luckily the telltale sign that Demona was cumming was shown, she let out small moans as she tightened up and her pussy milked Emily’s cock. Emily grabbed the back of Demona’s head and pulled her into a deep kiss, their tongues fighting for dominance between the two, Emily won the fight and broke off the kiss, a trail of saliva connecting the two, “I’ll have you screaming by the end of this,” said Emily, she wondered how many orgasmic screams she could hold back before she finally broke.
Emily started to pick up the pace, smiling and meeting the gaze of Demona, “w-wait,” stammered Demona, “I’m s-still s-sensitive down t-there!” Emily smiled deviously, now the real teasing could begin. “You’re going to look so good with a big round tummy,” Emily spoke over the sound of slapping flesh and muffled moans, she could see it was having an effect on Demona, she started to moan in earnest and her pussy started to go into overdrive, “so soon?” mumbled Emily, “she must really get off on this.” Her slit started to tighten up again, but Demona was still holding back the screams, that wouldn’t do, “I can’t wait to see what our babies looks like!” teased Emily, Demona started screaming out in ecstasy upon hearing that, “Ahhhhhnnn, p-please m-make me a m-mommy!”
Emily couldn’t keep this up for much longer but she had one more ace up her sleeve. Leaning over Demona when she came down from her second orgasm she looked straight into her eyes, moving her hands closer to the squeamish demon. “You know,” she says her fingers stroking the skin on the palm of her hand, “I really do Love you,” as soon as love came out of her mouth she interlocked fingers with Demona. Palm on palm, hand in hand, fingers wiggling in ecstasy, Emily just grabbed both of Demona’s hands. “H-h-h-holding h-h-hands?!?!” Demona couldn’t help it, she came right away; holding hands while having sex in the missionary position for the soul purpose of pro-creation was too much. This was it, Emily couldn’t hold back anymore, “Call me daddy!” she giggled as she shot her load deep into Demona’s shuddering snatch. Demona screamed out so loud Emily swore her glasses would crack, “AHHHHHHHNNNNN I FEEL IT INSIDE ME!!!” Demona wrapped her legs around Emily, ensuring she would get every last drop of her baby making juices.
Emily grunted and thrusted with each burst of cum she deposited right into the womb of Demona. She collapses on top of the exhilarated demon woman, breathing heavily and resting her head on Demona’s bosom. “So- how- was- it?” each word follow by a deep breath, she looked up into Demona’s face and was answered by a smile and a deep kiss to follow it up.
A few hours later they’re both lying on the bed cuddling with each other. Demona returned to her normal form and Emily was one cock less as they basked in the post-sex glow. Demona laid both her hands on the womb as she felt Emily’s arms wrap around her. They shared a kiss and both drifted off to a well-deserved sleep.
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