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1Howto122 September 2009 00:07
2/pol/ gets cancer130 March 2017 02:24
3The 4chan Diaries: Btard Files125 February 2017 20:14
4/cgl/ x /fa/ - fanfiction1 5 October 2015 23:10
5/q & a/?327 September 2015 12:08
6/co/ and /a/ discuss Araki2113 May 2015 06:23
7Drunk and emotional /v/-tan (random one-shots)14 4 May 2015 02:13
8/a/ and /co/, after school, in the 90s1829 April 2015 22:40
9Exiled (Based on Events)429 April 2015 05:45
10/co/ and /ck/ play with their food1216 March 2015 16:39
11in case you guys lack inspiration.1015 March 2015 10:25
12E/mlp/ shrinks and is at the mercy of /d/emona1 1 November 2014 17:33
13/d/emona doms E/mlp/1 1 November 2014 17:31
14E/mlp/ get /d/emona pregnant1 1 November 2014 17:29
15/tg/ - /x/ - /d/ - A Valentine's Day Story by /x/ile829 August 2014 02:41

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Howto (0)

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This is a board for posting various writefaggotry (written stories).

The main point of interest is the "list all threads" feature: http://dis.4chanhouse.org/write/list.html

When posting a story, INCLUDE A SUBJECT so that it's easier for people to find what you posted.
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/pol/ gets cancer (0)

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"Yeah, sorry pal. I think you're fucked."

/pol/ looks up at /sci/.

"No I'm not."

/sci/ looks back, casually observing the little atenna that seemed to be sprouting at the back of /pol/'s head.

"Looks pretty bad to me. Don't argue with me on this one."

/pol/ twiddles his thumbs frantically and lashes out, "What the hell would you know? Ya don't even understand basic biology and ya even reject nigger IQ tests! How the hell do you expect me to believe you when you say I have goddamn cancer?!"


/k/ and /ck/ emerge from the backdoor of /sci/'s room holding very sharp objects.
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The 4chan Diaries: Btard Files (0)

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/cgl/ x /fa/ - fanfiction (0)

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(+18 Too Lewd)
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/q & a/? (2)

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I've got a concept I've thought of while visiting this site of the new board "/qa/"

I'm not sure how long this board has been around but anyway I'll spare you the boring bits and get to my concept XD

There is a person who answers questions and a person who asks questions. There are two of the, the former, "/q" and the latter, "a/"

These are not to be confused with the former "/q/," or the current and long-running "/a/" boards. I think it's easy enough, of a concept though it may be further simplified (or complicated!) by making it, say, a -tan who simply is afflicted by such phenomena as "word salad" or a crazy bum who talk to themselves. Bums for instance.

Please redirect me to another thread if it already talk aboutt his, and I'll go ahead and delete the thread. Here is a picture I drew of it: http://dis.4chanhouse.org/char/res/863.html

Thank you for reading, and have a great day. :-D

2 .

/q comes into a bar, and a/ is the bartender. /q leaves with a/ to his studio apartment, gets laid and wakes up to 35 dollars made out to her therapist in his refrigerator.

What does the a/ portion of "/qa/" think when she (can be appropriated to the male format as-per PC predelicts) applies for college? The link to her tumbler.

What does /q think when he meets a/ at 2chan.net text board? Nothing. Neither of them know how to speak Japanese.

What does a/ portion of "/qa/" give to her pet dog for breakfast? Milk because she only likes cats and don't understand that all domesticate animals enjoy not milk digestively. Heyyyy. Please excuse my poor english.

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This post has been deleted.
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/co/ and /a/ discuss Araki (20)

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His voice was quiet and reserved for about 15 minutes into the conversation. Voicing concerns, problems, trying to think of ways to puzzle out his social interactions, or, occasionally, lack thereof.

He took a decidedly louder upswing in his volume once /a/ realized that the conversation he was having was essentially with himself.

"ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" He shouted, the whites of his eyes pocked with millions of individual cells of outright rage, while his fists balled up tight around his pleated skirt.

"Huh?" /v/ responded, not even so much as looking backwards as he opened his mouth to deliver his monosyllabic answer.

"I'VE GOT REAL FUCKING PROBLEMS HERE!" /a/ continued, unabated.

"Jesus." /v/ rolled his eyes, and immediately regretted it, as it tore his attention from the screen long enough that he got shot right in the dome, and now had to wait for a respawn. "GAGH! Fucking casual fags, I swear..."

Indignant, and feeling more than a little impotent with the situation, /a/ chewed hard on his lip, spun a tight 180 on the tips of his toes, and marched right out the door.

He was going to deal with this pent up frustration somehow.
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19 .


20 .

I hope everyone knows we are not all blithering yelling rage endured idiots. Just the console faggs.
-PC master race

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This post has been deleted.
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Drunk and emotional /v/-tan (random one-shots) (13)

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Not mine, found in a thread on 4chan. Various one-shots involving a drunk and emotional /v/
Man, I don' even know how you an' /ck/ keep it together I dunno how either. Sometimes I look at her an' say "You could get any man you want, you know?" But she jus' smiles and says "Maybe, but you're the one I want." That's... great, /co/. What about you /v/? Got yourself a special someone? Who, me? You kiddin'? Come off it dude, everyone knows about you an' /a/. Come on man, tell all. ...Well, me and /a/, we're... stormy. In what sense? Like, one day we would kill each other with a look, then the next we're... kinda liking the company. So... tsundere as fuck? Tsundere as fuck. You plannin' on tellin' her? Maybe if I see hi- her on the way back. Alcohol is boostin' mah courage somethin' fierce What's stoppin' you from doing it sober? I... don't know. I want to tell her, but we're just so... complicated. At least Layton gives you hint coins, but love? That's one game you don't wanna play. I did fine, why shouldn't you? But you're you /co/. You're confident and theatrical, with the morals of a Boy Scout. Me? I'm an argumentative misanthrope with social anxiety and- And you think she'll reject you? ...Remember the first time you saw /ck/? Like it was yesterday. Her dirty blonde hair, her motherly voice and nature... She made my heart skip a beat, that woman. And that's kind of how I feel about /a/. She's one of the few people I would honestly say I enjoy hanging with, even if she is an idiot at times. So you're like /fit/ and /fa/; on and off again, always denying it? I'm certain I'm denying it. I just wonder if she feels the same. It'd be a miracle if she did. Know what I think? Enlighten me. Just go there and tell her. Knock on her door. If she doesn't answer, grab that boombox and play something. Tell her you want to go exclusive, she's the only one for you, warts and all. Because you may be an argumentative misanthrope, but by God you're going to be HER argumentative misanthrope, and fuck anyone who says different.
/a/! /v/!? What the fuck are you doing?! I'm getting your attention! With a boombox?! Yes! I want to talk to you! Just turn off the thing and we can talk! /a/ shuts the window and joins /v/ outside Now, what was it you wanted? I think I love you. What. I know, it's crazy, but I just know it. It took a few drinks sure, but still. You're drunk /v/. Figures that alcohol made you dumber No, seriously /a/, you're the one for me, even with our flaws. Flaws? I'm a fucked up mess /a/. Social anxiety, misanthropy and a short temper. "Short"? But even with those, I swear to God I'll be your fucked up mess or die trying. /v/... you b-baka... D-did I say something wrong? No... it's just... it took you this long to say it.

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This post has been deleted.

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This post has been deleted.

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This post has been deleted.
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/a/ and /co/, after school, in the 90s (17)

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Their time, like all media, would come - and really, it would be for the best. Clunky black bricks, so hard to record material to, doubly hard if you were trying to get not-shit quality video onto the tape, doubly hard if you were trying to go back and edit something out or add something in. Having to hold down a button to go anywhere forwards or backwards, no chapter breaks so you could easily navigate yourself to where you wanted. And expensive as shit when they only held 2 episodes of a show, most of the time.

God only knew how much equipment you'd need just to run a mediocre fansubbing job. And how much more work you'd have to do to distribute some bootleg tapes to people who may or may not become fans of the show at all.

But there were fond memories attached to VHS tapes. That anxious feeling that came with popping one inside the slot and slamming the index finger on play.

One of those memories were made on a humid April afternoon, after school, at /a/'s house.

16 .

'Heh. The Joker!'

and i demand more.

17 .

I think I might be Bi now. Between this and the trap threads on /d/, probably so.

Well written. Good amount of detail in the collection /a/ has, which provides good insight to the kind of person /a/ is even if you've never visited the board before.

18 .

This post has been deleted.
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Exiled (Based on Events) (3)

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“Holy fuck, /r9k/. We just got kicked out of 4chan.”


“That means...that means we're unwanted. Deserted. Left to die on the streets of the World Wide Web.”


The two officially-axed-out-of-4chan board tans stared forlornly at the pink house across the street, the home that had deserted them. Unable to fully comprehend what happened without expressing extreme aggravation, /r9k/ and /new/ gathered what was left of their pride and walked away before any more damage could be made.

Unfortunately, /new/ had plenty of pride to spare. Immediately he turned around, shouting “FREEDOM OF SPEECH!” as he dashed inside the house (either he found a back door or just busted through the front entrance) and wounded several boards in the process.

While /new/ went on a rampage, /r9k/ managed to find a home. At first, he wasn't planning on inviting /new/, but considering how hopelessly defeated /new/ appeared when he found /r9k/'s address (“The JIDF won,” was his reply when he was banned for the umpteenth time that day), /r9k/ might as well give the board-tan a chance.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 .

“I made a wiki!” /new/ exclaimed proudly, brandishing the site in front of /r9k/ like it was a personal achievement, and in the board's mind, it was. It felt almost as good as starting a radio show just for the hell of it.

For the past few days at 4chon, /r9k/ had been feeling like he was living under the presence of a dictatorship. The new home came with a lot of specific rules that would, supposedly, protect him from killing himself in the near future, aka- the reason why he was exiled from 4chan. /new/, he gathered, was content as long as they both left each other alone. The other board didn't enjoy any of /r9k/'s gentlebot antics as much as the bot didn't enjoy the slanderous reputation of the news board.

Today was one of those days where /new/ managed to surprise him.

“A wiki? Really?” /r9k/ rolled his eyes, knowing that it would be filled to the brim with the same information the racist board tan had been spouting since 4chan.

“Yes! It's a 4chon wiki, but it's still a work in process!” The news board lightly nudged the shoulder of the gentlebot, egging for him to read what he had written, and truthfully, /r9k/ was curious about its content and what /new/ had to say about him.

3 .

Persuaded, /r9k/ took a look at the site. He scanned the front page, taking his eyes off one keyword and moving to another before he realized, with a disappointed frown-

“You didn't write me here.”

He glowered at the board, who was either feigning ignorance or was actually so narcissistic that he ended up putting tripfags in the wiki before the other board's existence.

/r9k/ sighed heavily in utter dismay before speaking to the board again. “What kind of 4chon wiki is this?”

Appalled by such daring questions, the board got upset.

“Who said I should write about you to begin with?” he snapped.

/r9k/ was surprised at the sudden mood shift.

“Do it yourself.”
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/co/ and /ck/ play with their food (11)

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Another fine dinner. Not just comfort food tonight, either - /ck/ had really gone all out, even setting the mood. Candles, wine, chocolate, moments with just the two of them with their food, closing off their meal with a long kiss across the table.

"I love you." /co/ said, sweet and dreamy tones hanging on his tongue, his heart fluttering. She was so good. Too good.

"Love you too." /ck/ said, a little darker, whispered out as she licked her lips and let them rise up into a smirk. Her hand reaching up, touching his cheek, getting that delighted, boyish smile out of /co/ - and then a heavier breath and a more intrigued look as it trailed down to his neck.

"Mmm, sweetie?" /ck/ said, coming in closer, speaking into his ear in low, heavy murmurs, and punctuating them with licks of his ear.

"Hnh...nnh..." /co/ groaned, his fingers grabbing hold of the table. "Yes?" He said, as he got ahold of himself.

"I think you owe me for this dinner." She continued, then chewed lightly on the lobe of his left ear.

/co/ chuckled, utterly amused. "Oh, I get it. I should do the dishes. Of course I wi-"

"Shut up about the dishes." /ck/ cut in, her hand coming down to his stomach and grabbing at his shirt. "Clear off the table. And the cloth. And then take your shirt off."
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10 .

A primal, unsophisticated groan of delight escaping both their lips once they hit their respective releases.

"MNNH!" /co/ grunted, pumping ropes of hot, sticky cum inside of /ck/, closing his eyes tightly, pushing his head up to kiss at her neck wildly until their lips matched together again, moaning into her mouth. Needed her. Lusted for her. Loved her.

And /ck/ did much the same, though her mouth hung a little open, exhaling in hot, wondrous satisfaction, tongue licking around her lips. Going back to biting his ear. His nipples. Really, just all over his skin. It was a thing of hers.

As they began to settle down from their climaxes, /ck/ wriggled and shivered, getting off /co/'s body. Hand running through her hair, readjusting her clothes to push them back to how they were meant to be.

"That was AMAZING." /co/ said, sputtering just a little as he stood back up, taking her into her arms, and giving her another kiss.

/ck/ laughed and kissed back, hands running up his back, sighing, feeling quite happy. "I'm glad you liked. And after you shower up..."

"Yes?" /co/ said, eyes widening, quite eager for the idea of more kinky sex that /ck/ might have imagined for tonight. With or without foodplay, he didn't mind.

"...You can do the dishes."
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11 .


Apparently not /co/. LOL. Oh that was wonderful.

12 .

This post has been deleted.
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in case you guys lack inspiration. (9)

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The Norwegian Terror Of The Snow

It snowed a foot overnight. When they woke up, /tg/ and /x/tan went out to play. First, they made snow angels. Then they had a snowball fight and /tg/ hit /x/tan in her schlong with a big african american iceball. It hurt a lot, but /tg/ kissed it swiftly and then it was all better.

Then they decided to make a snow man.

"We'll make a really retarded snow man!" /tg/ said.

"Why don't we make a snow woman instead?" /x/tan said. "That would be more lovecraftian and politically correct."

"I know," /tg/ said. "We can make a snow blue whale. That way, we don't have to worry about gender politics."

So they rolled the snow up hardly and made an erect snow blue whale. /tg/ put on an elder god for the testicle. The blue whale was almost as big as /x/tan.

"It looks perverted," /tg/ said adorably. "But it seems like it's missing something."
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8 .

I'm Dreaming Of A Retarded Christmas

It was Christmas Eve. /co/ sat pleasurably in another dimension -- a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind, sipping prepubescent eggnog.

He looked at the vampiric spoon hanging on the Christmas Tree and sighed. Last year, /ck/ had hung it there, just before they looked at each other verbally and then fell into each other's arms and punted each other's pussy.

If only I hadn't been so guro, /co/ thought, pouring a communist amount of rum into his eggnog. Then /ck/ might not have got so underaged and left me all alone at Christmas time. He wiped away a LOL RANDUMB tear and held his penis in his hand.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and then a derpy voice lifted stupidly up in song.

I'm dreaming of a retarded Christmas

Just like a humongus shit that caused thousands of people to die by its mere smell

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9 .

and they punted each other's pussy until they knocked the Christmas tree over.
perfection, mate.

10 .

This post has been deleted.
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E/mlp/ shrinks and is at the mercy of /d/emona (0)

1 .

My biggest story to date, I intend to write more stories so stick around I guess http://pastebin.com/u/Cruxors

Emily let out a thunderous yawn as she sat up and stretched out her arms, here she was again in Demona’s big soft bed. Emily couldn’t help but feel a bit sticky after the previous night’s fun, but more than sticky she mostly felt thirsty, she giggled to herself, she must’ve let out a lot of fluids last night. Emily carefully peeled off Demona from her cuddling session and snuck out of bed, she felt a bit greedy though when she saw the succubus’ twin cocks go flaccid; Demona just really liked cuddling. Emily exited the bedroom and stepped into the bathroom, she couldn’t help but smile at her reflection, her hair was sticking up in all kinds of directions and a lot of her body was stained an off-white. She chuckled, last night was actually pretty tame compared to what normally went on. She quickly used the toilet and started her walk to the kitchen, slipping on her dirty shirt while walking to make herself semi-decent. She would shower later, she decided, she just really wanted to get a drink first.
Sliding into the kitchen Emily made a bee line for refrigerator to sate her thirst. “Uh… let’s see there’s OJ, some purple stuff, soda, something that looks like a jug of cum… OJ should be fine,” she pulled out the pitcher of orange liquid and a glass from the cupboard, filling the cup to its brim. She quickly quaffed down the tasty liquid, letting the last gulp swish in her mouth and wash out the residual stubborn cum that still resided. “That was good stuff, but it didn’t really taste like orange juice…” While Emily quandered this mystery she noticed that her shirt started to slip off her shoulder, “What the-? This shirt always fit fine…” The world around her started to grow upwards and outwards as her shirt fit less and less, eventually slipping off her shoulders and hitting the ground. Emily started to panic, what exactly was happening to her? The world around her went dark as she eventually shrunk into her shirt.
Emily struggled and climbed atop her pony marked paraphernalia to observe her surroundings, she was still in the kitchen, just a much larger kitchen. Suddenly she started to hear a distant thumping noise start to approach her, Emily didn’t know all the things Demona kept in her house so she decided it best to hide in her shirt pile, better safe than sorry. “Hmph, what is this?” That was definitely Demona, her voice was so loud though, “Does that girl think she can just go around my house leaving fridges open and her clothes all over the place?” Emily peeked out from her hiding spot, Demona casually pushed the refrigerator closed then bent over to pick up the shirt, grumbling under her breath. Emily was suddenly thrust into the air at what felt like a million miles an hour, she gripped the cloth with all her might as the demoness stood back upright. Demona looked down at the shirt in her hand and Emily quickly ducked back down, if she could avoid getting in trouble then she would.
Emily felt more motion suddenly and braced herself, then suddenly a harsh breeze assaulted her. “Oh Emily~” Oh no Demona must’ve found her, Emily braced herself for a chewing out, but there wasn’t anything beyond that. Just what was Demona doing? Emily took a chance and looked out of her safe house, Demon was sniffing the shirt! That’s what the breeze must’ve been that she felt then, but why was she smelling it in the first place? Demona brought the shirt back up to her nose and breathed in Emily’s heady aroma, her mouth started to water and she reflexively brought her hand down to her cocks. She pressed her back against the fridge and slid down to the floor, never letting go of her precious fabric, “Emily you bad girl… leaving your clothes on my floor…” Emily looked out Demona and saw her eyes were closed, did she really not know she was there? Her body started to shake as her surroundings were jostled slightly by Demona’s rhythmic pumping. Demona couldn’t believe what she was doing, it was so vanilla to jerk off to someone’s clothing, but she couldn’t h
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/d/emona doms E/mlp/ (0)

1 .

Continuing my story dump http://pastebin.com/u/Cruxors

“Hmmmmm,” Demona thought out loud, looking at her immense closet. She began flipping through her various fetish outfits but she couldn’t quite find what she was looking for, or rather she didn’t know what she was looking for. “What to wear… what to wear…” Demona tapped her chin contemplatively, “Maybe a bit of leathe- No! Latex! Oh… but what if she doesn’t want me to get dressed up, will she bring an outfit for me?” Demona let out a heavy sigh in frustration, “Emily is new to this stuff, maybe I could just lay some supplies out for her… but would she get offended?” The succubus dragged her fingers through her squirming tentacle hair, she was overthinking this and she knew it, but she really wanted Emily’s first time to go well! “Ugg!” she let out a cry of frustration, it’s not like she’d never been someone’s bottom before, but never for someone so inexperienced. It took some time, but in the end she took a half measure, she wouldn’t wear anything special but would lead Emily to her bondage room, it would have more than enough supplies if she needed anything.
Meanwhile, Emily was busy at work in her apartment. In her usual way she was fretting over the upcoming event with Demona, for the past couple of days she’s been hard at work researching on the internet, running her sowing machine into the ground, and practicing being dominating in the mirror. She wanted absolutely everything to go perfectly and she had been preparing for nearly a week straight, but that didn’t stop her from being more nervous than she had ever been in her life, what if she messed something up? She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Demona, she needed to prove she could be just as kinky as her! One thing she could be proud of though is her outfit she made by hand, she just knew Demona would love it. A tight, latex corset with fishnet stockings and fingerless gloves; she was looking fierce. She had been wearing it for two days straight though so it was starting to chafe a bit…

Emily mentally prepped herself, here she was in front of Demona’s door and she needed to take control from the very start. She had hid her kinky clothing under a trench coat for the walk over but she wondered if she should take it off before she knocked, it would set a stronger example of fearlessness, but… she turned her head to look over her shoulder to the empty street around her, what if someone saw her? Her face grew red as she thought about being exposed in the open in nothing but a BDSM fetish outfit that barely covered her naughty bits. Being exposed for everyone to see, the thought kind of made Emily excited, any passing person would see how tightly the latex was pressed up against her skin, every curve and crease of her body on full display, her firm bum so easily slapped and squeezed, her full breasts so easily groped and pinched by anyone that could see her… absentmindedly her hand slowly started to creep towards her crotch- *creek* Emily quickly turned around to see a concerned looking Demona standing at her front door, “Um, sweetie? Are you ok? You’ve been standing there for five minutes…”
Emily was caught red handed, she quickly threw her hands up and tried to stammer out a response, “N-not as ok as you’re about to be…?” spaghetti sauce started to leak down her leg as Demona looks at her questioningly, but she seemed to accept the response, she threw on a seductive voice, “Oh Emily, then why don’t you come on in already and let me see how ok I can be” she giggled in the back of her head but held her mask well, she didn’t want to embarrass Emily more than she was already doing to herself. Emily, picking up her bag of supplies and, regaining her confidence slightly, stepped over the threshold. Emily took in her surroundings, Demona, wearing simply a shirt and pants, started to draw the one horned dominatrix towards their destination.
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E/mlp/ get /d/emona pregnant (0)

1 .

Um I was told I should put my stories on here, but here's my pastebin if you want it http://pastebin.com/u/Cruxors

Emily's l-lewd plan

It was late into the night but Emily was still fuming, just how could she be kinky with Demona but still satisfy her own sexual urges? She knew of some of Demona’s fetishes, but those all involve really vanilla non-lewd things! Last time she tried to get Demona hot and heavy it led to six hours of hand holding ending in one satisfied Demona and one horny Emily. She was happy she could fulfill Demona, but it’s not a one way street and Emily was hankering for some hanky panky. That’s when it hit her, “Of course!” she thought to herself, she knew just what to do, but it would take some planning… and a little help from Demona as well.
It had been three days and Emily thought she was ready. She had been practicing being suave and confident in anticipation of their date tonight. She wanted the plan to go off without a hitch, by the end of the night she was sure she would be able to make both of them happy. *Knock knock knock* Emily contained a squeal of excitement as she quickly donned her best fedora and approached her door. She gave herself one good look over before opening the door, newly washed clothes and no pasta in the pockets, she was ready.
Opening the door she’s greeted by the immaculate form of Demona on the other side of the threshold. Demona had on a tasteful dress, showing just enough to excite but not enough to give the whole idea. Emily tried her best to not become flustered over the sight of her lover, “Come on,” she thought, “this is what you prepared for!” Demona clears her throat, trying to gain the attention of her date. Emily goes red in the face, how long had she been psyching herself up, she was ignoring Demona! She tries to shove the spaghetti back into her pocket as she quickly recovers, “Oh, uh, please come in Demona. I have some big plans for tonight” she says seductively, extending her hand. Nailed it.
Demona takes the outstretched hand as she steps into Emily’s home, smiling with a touch of playfulness in her eyes, “My my, aren’t you the proper one tonight?” Demona surveys the domicile, much to her surprise, it was actually clean. “Oh honey, you didn’t have to go to so much trouble on behalf of me,” she said, flattered. Emily tried to maintain her smile without blushing, “A lovely woman like you deserves the best,” now it was Demona’s turn to blush, what had gotten into Emily, she was so on top of it all, it made her feel… diffident.
Emily lead Demona by the hand to her laid out meal, spaghetti naturally, but it was went with the spaghetti that set the night. Emily led the conversation with her carefully prepared dialogue, Demona couldn’t believe the confidence radiating off of the young pony fanatic. Dinner went by quickly, Demona was putty in Emily’s hands, just as planned.
It was time. Emily moved over to the succubus’ side of the table, standing over the sitting lust demon. “I don’t think we can end the night this young, do you?” Emily asked with a smirk, all Demona could do was cast her gaze downwards, hiding the color burning her face, and shook her head. “I didn’t think so,” Emily was bursting on the inside but she had to keep it all in, the night was going just as planned and this was the make or break point, “so what do you say we make our way to the bed?” Emily noticed Demona seemed to have been subtly shifting her form throughout the dinner, she has a more meek form, she’s shorter and skinnier; she looks almost virginal.
Laying Demona on the bed Emily leaned down to her ear, whispering, “Why don’t you let me do all the work tonight?” Demona nodded shyly and Emily began stripping her, Demona’s lithe form was adorable, her skin was smooth as silk, she had petite breasts and a barren small slit. While being stripped Demona laid a timid hand on Emily’s crotch and Emily smiled in triumph, almost to the plans finale. Emily relished
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/tg/ - /x/ - /d/ - A Valentine's Day Story by /x/ile (7)

1 .

"Hey... I brought you some chocolates." said /tg/ as he walked into /x/'s room. He wrinkled his nose. This place was much more... odorous than when he had... well, when things had been different.

"Oh. Thank you." said /x/, blinking in surprise.

"No problem." said /tg/, a little awkwardly, unable to stare a little. He had used to love how /x/ wore no pants but now it was just distracting. He glanced at the table, noticing a CD and a card.

"So... how's your... how's dating /mu/ going?" he asked, unable to restrain the venom in his voice.

"We're not dating." said /x/ softly. "If you must know, he left because he couldn't.... perform."

"Couldn't... oh.. oh, wow." said /tg/, running a hand through his hair. "Well uh... I just want to make sure you're okay is all."

"/tg/, we're not dating anymore." said /x/, looking at him sadly. "You don't need to protect me anymore."

"But I care about you!" said /tg/. "I don't care about 'dating' or whatever!"
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6 .

The madness of paranormal lust did not end until the sun rose the next day, the spirits slinking back to their graves, the other boards creeping to bed, their heads reeling as they tried to understand what had happened.

But in /x/'s room, they all know what had happened. In the darkness, on the bed, /tg/ and /x/ slept. She pressed her body against his, resting her head on his chest. /d/ was mysteriously gone, but not for lack of affection - /d/ simply never stays after it's done.

"I'm sorry..." whispered /tg/ into the darkness.

"Sorry about what?" asked /x/.

"About all the mean things I said. About how much of an ass I made myself look. I just... I care. I care so much. You don't know how much what we did together meant to me, and how much it hurt me when you changed... when it seemed like I'd lose that forever.

/x/ nuzzled deeper against him. "No... no, /tg/, it was my fault. You can do all you want, but you can't help someone who can't figure out how to help themselves. I'm the problem."

"No." said /tg/ firmly. "You are not. You are still the wonderful, weird, creative girl I fell in love with. /b/ is the problem. /pol/ is the problem. All the autists, faggots, psychopaths.... but not you."

/x/ felt herself tearing up. "/tg/... can it ever be like it was before?"
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7 .

He kissed her. "/x/... can we start over? Can we make things like they were."

She yawned. "I... I don't know... but I can try."

"It will be different. With /d/." he said.

"I don't mind." she said. "Remember the fun we had at the ball, you, me and /d/? Uh, and that other lady."

He smiled. "I guess together we're just irresistible".

She closed her eyes. After last night, they would probably sleep through until the next day.

"/tg/." she said softly, into the darkness, as outside her shadowed room the sun rose. "Tell me a story. Make it a scary one."

And she drifted off, with /tg/ whispering a weaved tale into her ear, before he too fell asleep.
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