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File 148548830513.png - (22.59KB , 404x231 , requests.png )
842 No. 842
>tfw no gf

anyone have any requests? can be board tan related. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lul
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>> No. 847
/out/ and /cm/ sitting at one table while Viol (male /vp/) looks at them holding a Pokeball and thinks "are they really not pokemon?"
>> No. 869
File 148618859236.png - (151.11KB , 757x400 , out and cm and vp.png )


btw i don't update till the weekends, though i will be busy this month due to packing up and moving.
>> No. 872
Wow you actually drew it. Thanks!
>> No. 873
my time might be limited but i get shit done eventually.
>> No. 904
[s4s], /jp/, /i/, /c/ and /wsr/ post getting-their-minds-swapped-suddenly

Mind --> New body
[s4s] --> /c/
/c/ --> /wsr/
/wsr/ --> /i/
/i/ --> /jp/
/jp/ --> [s4s]

All of them have a speech bubble filled with the head of the mind that occupies that body.

[s4s] is interested in her new clothes, /c/ is tugging at the brim of her new hat, /wsr/ is patting her head and wondering where her hat is, /i/ is holding one of her new pigtails and /jp/ is on her tippy-toes and tugging her new dress down because it's shorter than her normal one.
>> No. 912
sorry, been busy packing up. also, zecro why havent my other threads been deleted?ಥ_ಥ
>> No. 913
pls come back
>> No. 914
tfw unfulfilled
>> No. 950
File 149085397963.png - (17.52KB , 488x534 , s4sc.png )
1 of 5. i only have paint atm. im using an old laptop.
>> No. 1013
Super cute, I like the Paint sketching
Will the regular style be used when everything's set?
>> No. 1015
Yea, but not for a while. Hope you don't mind pencils.
>> No. 1016
I like pencils too
>> No. 1017
File 14915433316.png - (1.09MB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_20170406-223255.png )

Pencils redo.
>> No. 1018
Oh wow that ultrarealism
I like it
>> No. 1019
File 149179653665.png - (1.78MB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_20170409-204904.png )
I'm changing the speech bubble to mirrors reflecting who's in the body. Hope you don't mind. (´・ω・`)
>> No. 1020
That idea is so much better
>> No. 1021
File 149214195024.jpg - (188.81KB , 911x1454 , Screenshot_20170413-204845-01.jpg )
the difficult part will be getting the mirror down accurately. but here is /c/ without the reflection.
>> No. 1022
That looks great :^)
>> No. 1026
Sorry, I was unmotivated for a bit. Gonna be gone for two months to draw other things before returning to board tans.
>> No. 1027
wow it's already been one month
>> No. 1028
woohoo two months
>> No. 1029
Yep, I'm back. I was working on muh gains lul~ I don't draw much these days due to work but Imma get back to the last request soon. Please be patient. (´・ω・`)
>> No. 1030
don't worry I am still around to see my request :^)
>> No. 1039
>> No. 1040
still waiting :^)
>> No. 1041
File 150631437365.png - (194.44KB , 568x600 , c s4s request.png )
lol i'm lazy.

also i lost the other drawing. imma stick with sketches aight? much faster.
>> No. 1042
File 150631532344.png - (610.47KB , 1132x1156 , c s4s request 2.png )
>[s4s] is interested in her new clothes, /c/ is tugging at the brim of her new hat



also by doing sketches i can keep up with this thread and the wordpress that I draw on.
>> No. 1043
Uh, yea I just switched /s4s/ and /c/ because i haven't had any sleep and the wording of your request flew over my head. lul

that leaves figuring out /wsr/, /i/ and /jp/
>> No. 1044
File 150631866732.png - (295.33KB , 635x652 , wsr i request.png )
>> No. 1045
File 150632118864.png - (169.40KB , 726x745 , jp wsr request.png )
medication kicking in. gotta go

also jp and...uh, wsr? i made alot of switching mistakes.....

oh hey but the next one will be /i/
>> No. 1046
I see all these dress-up pictures on your Wordpress and I'd like to request some with the women
/mlp/ as Sunset Shimmer from Equestria Girls
/d/ as Selene from Underworld: Awakening
/ck/ as Miki Okudera from Kimi No Na Wa, in her waitress clothes
/c/ as Diana Cavendish from Little Witch Academia
[s4s] as Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, in her little witch costume
>> No. 1047
File 150691798275.png - (296.07KB , 667x593 , jp wsr maybe.png )
body swapping is confusing
>> No. 1048
File 150692178217.png - (194.91KB , 514x611 , i jp request last.png )

workin on next one
>> No. 1049
Cute! It was worth waiting for even if the request confused you. Thank you for the art!
>> No. 1050
File 150692782995.png - (372.38KB , 894x603 , group request wip.png )
>> No. 1051
File 150745335858.png - (633.08KB , 981x687 , group request.png )
>> No. 1052

i'll be back next week. visiting my family~
>> No. 1053
Fucken love it
tyb drawfag
>> No. 1054

also back.
>> No. 1055
do you take porn requests
if yes: /pol/ assfucking adult keksandra over a desk in his nazi bunker
if no: smug adult keksandra sitting on /pol/'s face. "get off me, you reddit shit"
>> No. 1056
File 150812147012.png - (165.75KB , 618x581 , pol s4s happening.png )

i can't draw porn tbh
>> No. 1057
>> No. 1058
>> No. 1059
/cgl/ has cosplays of some board-tan girls laid out on her bed and she can't decide which one she wants to dress up as today. There's /ck/'s long-sleeved shirt and apron, Vanille's Pokemon outfit, [s4s]'s dress and hat, /c/'s pastel dress, socks and shoes, /int/'s white toga and Iron Cross, and /mlp/'s fedora and hoodie.
She decides that's they're all equally good and decides to use them all, wearing: /ck/'s long-sleeved shirt, Vanille's scarf, [s4s]'s dress, /c/'s socks and shoes, /int/'s Iron Cross and /mlp/'s fedora.
/fa/ looks at /cgl/ and promptly says "You make me want to drink bleach."
>> No. 1060
File 150920897125.png - (582.57KB , 890x749 , cgl fa request.png )
>> No. 1061
/cgl/'s cosplay is actually pretty good
>> No. 1062
nah, it's shit
>> No. 1063
nah it's pretty cute, it should be her board-tan moetron
>> No. 1064
One of those pictures where the grown up females are lined up in order of cup size (left-to-right in ascending order)
There isn't really a defined order but my best guess is:
Flat-chested---/po/, /an/, /cgl/, both /u/ twins---Small (A-cup)
Small (A-cup)---/ck/, /int/, /aco/---Medium (C-cup)
Medium (C-cup)---/e/, /mlp/, [s4s]---Big (DD-cup)
and after [s4s] is /d/ with /d/-sized tits of course
They should all keep wearing their normal clothes.
>> No. 1066
rip drawfag
>> No. 1067
i don't understand the relevance of breast sizes
>> No. 1068
because tits
>> No. 1069
right..haha, i too remember tits.

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