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543 No. 543
So I found this document that tells the history of 4chan from his POV and other sources. It's tl;dr but quite frankly it makes board tan storytelling an interesting endeavor. Document in next post.
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>> No. 564
The State of /b/

(Approx. Oct 2012)

With the issue of bronies quelled, and new coder desuwa working constantly on the inline extension, among other ideas such as an inline catalog, the last part of 2012 proved to be one of change for /b/. Up to 2011, most of the site still though of /b/ as an OC factory gone awry, and most 4channers still expected them to put themselves together and go back to that routine. However by 2012, /b/'s (perceived) position as the Internet's prime content creator was swept away by Reddit, Imgur and 9gag. The end of the year saw a rise on the numbers of "casual" users on the board, to the point that posting old memes and catchphrases would shock /b/ as if it was the first time they were ever posted. Since one of the tenets of /b/ was that their aggressiveness would often create content or at least humorous threads, the amount of normal users conflicted with /b/'s notion of themselves as a factory of OC, as they were more or less an anonymous Facebook divided between porn threads and "X decides what I do". While it could not be described as an identity crisis, as /b/ already saw itself as a shithole for a while now, it did rob them of the last expectation they had of themselves.

By late 2012 /b/ accepted it's more idle culture, the influx of what could be deemed as "Facebook users", bored teenagers with a knack for dark comedy and an age median of 16 to 24, put the board in a routine of passive activities. While quality wise its nothing new, as even during the days of the dark age with /b/ at its worst there was at least some degree of activity in any form - Be it raids, OC, discussion or even cancer — /b/ shifted towards a culture of passive encouragement: It will take any opportunities that present themselves, and play along with anything it considered humouristic, but it will not go out to generate any new content (or problems) like it used to do, merely limiting itself to laugh at stuff and make porn threads.

/pol/'s War Against the Internet

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

(Approx. Jan 2013)

The advent of 2013 also saw a sharp rise with issues regarding the board /pol/ - Politically Incorrect, /pol/ was created to re-contain a small band of white supremacists and trolls taking residence on boards like /int/ and /k/. They were originally from /new/ - News, a board meant for the discussion of world news and inevitably political events, /new/'s culture however degraded into right-minded politics (as their predecessor, /n/, did before failing its probation period). Given the cultural changes of the Internet and the rise of Reddit's "fempire", nobody expected what would happen next.

The general perception of /pol/ was as a quarantine board disguised as a politics board. In due aspect most users of the site regarded /pol/ as a shithole filled of racists. This board came to be notorious in various Internet communities prompting various sites with a tendency towards Social Justice 29 to go on a crusade against the board's white supremacism. Since /pol/ is constantly being showered with spam the residents, most of them trolls, didn't particularly care, after all to them it was just more entertainment. All this managed was to increase the popularity of the JIDF 20 meme. However the repercussions of having both groups chimping out on each other like Hatfields and McCoys would be felt site-wide, with various boards having a team of /pol/lacks appearing whenever race or politics were mentioned, and many threads being constantly derailed by complaining feminists and liberals, /co/ would be the place the issue was felt the most, with both groups clashing and completely derailing threads.

moot and the moderation team, and most of 4chan's userbase originally though the JIDF/SRS raids were nothing but trolls and a minority of actual stormfags being idiots reacting to everyone hating hem 22 . Eventually, after a series of threads on /q/ 22 people began to suspect that there were actual people attempting to get /pol/ deleted. Investigation followed, more info came out, with users from /pol/ compiling and links and evidence towards the possibility of organized raids against the thread. Finally, a mod took note of all the information and vowed to direct it to moot 23 . Ultimately /q/ would suffer a constant onslaught of Social Justice Warriors (or a very dedicated troll) trying to get /pol/ deleted to the point where even the mods stepped in to tell them to shut up. The SJWs didn't stop and some even began to threaten to doxx team 4chan and start legal action. This eventually got moot fed up enough to delete /q/ on mid-2013. To this day moot still calls /q/ a mistake that went from 4chan discussion to /deletepol/.

20 The Jewish Internet Defense Force. It was already notorious before this happened for being the Jewish equivalent of Stormfront.

21 Given its status as a quarantine board, most users believe /pol/ to be completely inhabited by white supremacists. In fact, /pol/ actually (as of 2012) tends to discuss politics, but with a tongue-in-cheek or dark humour manner. In many ways this reminds of the /b/ of old, with trolls trolling trolls, catchphrases and memes flying around constantly and people acting silly for the sake of it.

22 http://archive.foolz.us/q/th read/348577/

23 Ironically, the JIDF/SRS (Or whoever it was) also contributed to solving the issue: Their constant complaining about /pol/ on /q/ (With their threads being derailed by stormfags all the time) eventually led other users to compile their own multiple-posts-long "evidence" vouching for /pol/'s deletion 23 detailing all the links and information regarding the possibility of a Stormfront awareness group, who dedicated themselves to spread their agenda via victimization of the white people, visiting 4chan to spam their ideals there. This wouldn't be really possible, arising from the fact that Stormfront's pseudo-ideology is one of the most closed-minded of all and still believes 4chan is out to get them like years ago, but there's still the fact that whenever you mention race on the site a small band of people will start to drop pseudo studies about why black people is inferior.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

The onslaught by not one but two different groups made serious discussion on /pol/ nearby impossible, however all that would be rendered moot (no pun intended) as population of the board ended accepting it as a meme in and on itself and the discussions eventually drowned in a sea of IT'S HAPPENING and troll threads. It can no longer be distinguished whenever a /pol/itician is joking or not. /pol/ also saw a rise in conspiracy and tin-foil-hat-type threads spurn from an exodus of neo- /x/philes, a very crazy breed of anon, to the board. Many modern /x/ phrases such as "disinfo" have been exported to /pol/ and the quality of board plummeted due to their influence. Their insanity was made fun of and led /pol/lacks to create much content mocking the more paranoid side of the community

Ultimately, the consequences of all the strife ended up with /pol/ becoming a buzzword for any dissenting, right-leaning opinion and SRs and later Tumblr becoming the equivalent buzzword for any left-leaning post. The whole debacle ended up becoming just another way for posters to maintain and rationalize their idealized idea of their favourite board. To this day it's still a mystery whether the spammers were feminists or some of the most persistent trolls 4chan has ever seen.

>> No. 565
The /sp / Uprising

(Apr 16, 2013 - May 8, 2013)

/sp/ was a rather rebellious board until 2012. The Olympics led to a spike in its userbase, which, already rebellious, was starting to become incontrollable. The (then) temporal addition of /int/'s country flags to the board further encouraged chaos amongst the /sp/astics and for the duration of the event, the board devolved into pure shitposting. Surprisingly, the mods decided to keep the country flags. The even resulted in permanent changes to the board's attitude, cementing a deliberately dumb form of irony meant to rile up people. While their posting methods became shunned by the rest of the site, the board became steadily influential. They first coined the iconic Constanza meme, and later several others such as WHY and Absolutely Disgusting.

By mid-2011 the state of the board deteriorated greatly, and moot decided it was time to crack down on them. The purge, whose aim was to curb shitposting, had a major flaw: No staff member was familiar with even the most basic aspects of /sp/'s culture and as a result they unwittingly forbid cherished board traditions. This led to outrage from the users who aggressively resisted the changes, mocking the staff and protesting. This was to no avail, and the board was thrown in disarray as posters refused to mellow out and got most of their non-serious threads deleted.

The situation escalated and by June 2013, /sp/ users backed by /int/ and channers from other like /ref/ and GETchan, who lend a helping hand in the /int/ uprising, sites began to spam /sp/ non-stop mocking the staff and the janitor in particular. The off-site channers provided and organized front and created tons of OC, including writing songs to the janitor. The catalog got filled with pictures of a janitor dog from the Arthur cartoon followed by the copypasta >he does it for free, /sp/astics and off site channers began to call themselves #outlaws and spammed boards around 4chan, posting edited lei face images and calls for rebellion.

On April 21 /sp/ users began to spam a list of demands, demanding the return of pre-2012 traditions like power level, event bowl threads and screencap/meta threads, among more blatant shitposting like feels, sportfus and porn discussion. Later stages of the uprising included the spamming of "bro culture" threads which the outlaws ironically parodied. On April 28, an alleged 4chan moderator appeared on /ref/ and requested a peace talk. The uprising later died down but unlike /int/, who

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

managed to get rid of their insane janitor, /sp/ didn't manage to change a thing. The situation stabilized and /sp/ returned to its usual football-futbol arguments. What did change was the site wide popularization of the >he does it for free meme, which came to be celebrated even among staff members.


(Apr 1st 2013)

For April's fool 2013 moot embedded an Adult Cat Finder joke on /b/ and grand surprise: The creation of a board called "Shit 4chan Says". Obviously a take on all the SRS and Reddit hate the rule-less board was immediately filled with /b/tards of old and people looking for old jokes and traditions from all ages. Threads from Thrust Vectoring to copypasta spam and she EPIN, /b/ where posted and the whole place looked like a time vortex suddenly appeared began to spam dead memes and dubs threads. All was good and the general opinion of the board was positive. Flowever the board depopulated quickly as nobody expected it last long and 4chan's interested have long gone away from old memes. Since it was an April's fool's board, nobody knew how much it would last. A general mood of "post-irony" where all 4chan customs where inverted and shitposting was renamed funposting set in. Knowing the lifespan of the board was potentially short its new userbase quickly decided to create as much OC as possible.

/s4s/'s immediate exports became extremely popular, the mod-created Into the Trash You Go, discovering the kek muffin and using it to replace lei and top lei, the return of That Fucking Cat and breaking the 10000 replies mark where all memorable moments in the history of the site. Many of 2006 and 2008's users stayed and tried to bring back raids, and while this worked for some time, people were not interested and the mods quickly brought the threads down. Flowever /s4s/, now [s4s], decided to bring back interboard raiding, this time in the form of GET stealing. Many important gets were hijacked by /s4s/, and unlike normal raids these took much longer to be deleted. /s4s/ also gave a warm welcome to the new boards, spamming the entire catalog of /gd/ with a gigantic Bateman combo, which was probably the most epic raid of the year.

By far, [s4s]'s greatest contribution was the popularization of Doge 24 . A reaction face of a Shiba dog with a concerned look and silly, broken dog speak in comic sans that quickly spread over all 4chan and the entire of the Internet. It got so popular it managed to get its own cryptocurrency by 2014.

10 Years

(October 2013)

By the end of August, with 4chan's tenth birthday only a month away, moot announced that he will host a final 4chan panel together with Shut, on AnimeWeekend. This was followed by a couple newsposts, the 500000000 GET on /b/, and second wave of updates and upgrades to the site. Meta
threads would be allowed again since /q/ was removed, and in a day that will live in infamy, moot decided to make the sage invisible, since it has long since lost its original meaning. The panel went smoothly and moot did a meet and greet with many fans, even signing a /k/ommando's Mossin Nagant. On the very same day, the American government would shut down most of it non-essential

24 Originally a small, dead meme called Shibe from Tumblr, which before discovery got 24 reblogs at best. The meme also appeared on Reddit before surfacing from 4chan, but it was also a very small subreddits. While it's creating it not [s4s]'s doing, its popularization definitely was.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

services, /v/ discovers hints that Half-Life 3 may be on the making, the Silk Road is closed by the feds and many games are released or updated. October 1 st , 2013 would be a quite iconic day on the short-term memory of 4chan. /b/'s presence is long gone from the face of the Internet and its successors being one of the most hated Internet forums on history and the other an isolationist circlejerk.

Time of Troubles

(Feb 2014 -Jan 21 2015)

>> No. 566
2014 was marked with problems for the site. 4chan has long ago cemented a reputation of being the shithole of the Internet, and the majority of the netizens dismiss the site as such. This has led to a problematic case: Whenever someone wants to spread dirty information on someone or has data that could cause a major problem, they drop them on /b/. /b/'s culture tailored itself to encourage anything that would cause chaos (and make porn threads), while the rest of the site kept on with the general "with us or against us" mentality with rather dire consequences and strong reactions

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

whenever moderation crackdowns happened. Several boards would end up hating moot out of misconceived ideas about the site's purpose, and wild mass guessing and rumor spreading ran amok. A general feeling of betrayal set up on many boards, and moot gets labeled as an SJW due to his connections to the tech world and the games industry, which has mixed greatly with Internet Culture. This in turn led moot to abuse the rebelling boards. The beginning of 2015 marks the most tumultuous period in 4chan history, when 4chan's owner and admin for 11.5 years, mood, steps down from adminhood.

Hacked Into

(Apr 21 2014)

During mid-2014, 4chan was hacked into by a /int/ user. The hacker, who was upset over a female French tripfag FWG cutting contact with him, hacked into 4chan to obtain her information. He logged in as moot's account and began to shitpost and insult her, then proceeded to post all her dox, including ban history, posts per IP (it turned out she samefagged and replied to her own posts constantly) address and social media accounts. Eventually he moved on to posting screenshots of
l\l , the report system, the ban list from the inside, a screenshot from the ffjaniteam IRC and a partial list of staff members. The hacker then outed cadfael as being the /sp/ janitor, and vowed to make a second hack to dig info on him. /int/'s reaction was a complete shitstorm, and the site followed suit when news of the janitor leaks spread. Moderator reaction was to freeze the site, for 6 hours, wait for moot to get rid of the hacker and delete every screen and mention of the leaks. This of course led to a bigger Streisand effect, but the mods didn't give deleted the leaks on sight. The drama didn't end then, as /jp/ became aware of its resident janitor Saegrimir and /a/ doxed their janitors T raid and BigN. It is unknown if those janitors where fired, resigned or are still on the staff. It is known that Troid became a mod. However, efforts to discredit him never stopped, and a particular user has been harassing the staff demanding to demod him as later as September 2015.

The Fappening

(Aug 31 2014 - Sept 2014)

On August 31, a /b/tard makes a thread declaring that he has the nudes of celebrity Jennifer Lawrence and several others, and he will proceed to post them if they gave him a certain amount of bitcoins to his account. The situation explodes to incommensurable levels as the whole event immediately gains attention from the old media, and on top of that, the hacking scene that was behind obtaining those nudes, realizing that the cops will be on their ass very soon, declare the scene dead and proceed to dump all their content. For shits and giggles, they decide to post it on /b/. The Internet pretty much explodes when it finds out, and 4chan is swarmed with millions of people from the outside trying to get the pics, overloading the site. This also leads to no end of trouble to moot, as Jennifer Lawrence took the whole thing awfully and began to threaten everyone with lawsuits, including 4chan. The result is months of behind the scenes negotiation with the lawyers (which moots suggests in a "Fappening related stress" sentence in a Q/A regarding his lack of activity). Nobody knows why the original buyer dumped his personal batch. Some suggest it was because his buy was filled with fakes. Over the following months there would be several other leaks, adding to 5 in total. The most hacking was made through Apple's Cloud system, which Apple fervently denied claiming it was impossible. Moot's only public activity regarding the site was saving the hashes of several Jennifer Lawrence pics and making it so users are unable to post them, and banning everyone who evaded the prohibition.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

The Fappening had quite an impact in the 4chan staff, as Jennifer Lawrence's legal pressure made them realize how easy everything could come down. The moderation team ended up stressed and tired from over-management, still surprised how everything could tumble down so fast in so little time.


(Aug 20 2014 -Oct 2014)
>> No. 567
On August 20, a Tumblr called the Zoe Quinn Post is made, by the aforementioned person's ex- boyfriend, exposing game developer Zoe Quinn as a liar and manipulator, having slept with at least 5 men in the games industry in order to promote her content. The situation escalates when Quinn pulls some favors and gets all mention of the event deleted in several forums, including the astounding axing of over 10000 comments on a single subreddit. Surprisingly, no one of the gaming press speaks about it, and many, including Kotaku, IGN and others jump on her defense. This escalates extremely quickly as dozens of people being to tell accounts regarding their experience with her and hergroup of friends' abuse -Sparking a massive Twitter war between e-celebrities and Zoe's clique, among them Phil Fish and many important members of the indie games' community and SJWs that believe Zoe's claims of harassment, /v/, the games board, revels in the chaos like it always does: By pointing at it and laughing. Moderators take a semi-passive stance by letting the gossip die out naturally without letting it crash the board. The jokes were dying down when things took a strange turn: Quinn decides to blame /v/ as one of the main instigators of her Twitter harassment, going as far as pretending to be hacked by the board. This sparks /v/ to act and start an enormous crusade with the objective to expose Quinn as a cheating whore. Their objective soon grows to a movement to clean the indie games industry of its blatant corruption.

The movement, being extremely reminiscent of /b/'s Chanology, is shunned by an important part of the board's population. The tension escalates continuously, especially when /pol/ users convince the movement to back a pro-feminism studio, The Fine Young Capitalists' campaign to make games conceived by women after it was discovered that their project was sabotaged because Quinn wanted a project of her own to shine. This leads, as a bonus, to the creation of Vivian James as a reward for backing the Fine Young Capitalist's kickstarter. Moderators seem indecisive regarding the issue, banning it but then allowing it again. It was later found out that the mods wanted to contain the whole subject to a single thread, but due to miscommunication with the janitors, all threads ended up deleted. The ongoing tension between both parties in /v/ reaches a boiling point when, due to 4chan's design, the limited tactics the movement can employ (the zerg rush) interferes directly with 4chan's moderation as they mass report posts. This leads to the final ban on GamerGate on September 16. Under the notion that it would give the users cause to rally against the staff, RapeApe, senior mod and Janitor manager (and now owner!) decides against informing the site, in spite of a majority of staff members predicting that users would be even more upset, especially since the staff already gave a modposted ok for the threads. As predicted, this is felt as a betrayal by the pro-movement /v/irgins, which leads them to spam the entire site for weeks, moot later backs RapeApe's standing, under the notion that given that the users are unreasonable, nothing they say can appease them and will probably be used against them 25 , moot makes a sticky on /v/ declaring GamerGate against the "no raids" rule. This leads to the movement's exodus to 8chan, a "make your own board" site led by Hotwheels, a heavily crippled 20 years old. From there

25 While it’s sound logic, moot didn’t realize that said users would still be outraged either way, and the best they could do was explain the situation to the normal users that could string more than 3 coherent sentences together, which would ameliorate the situation a little by reducing the amount of people complaining.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

on the movement would get increasingly weaker as imageboards, by design, don't allow much in terms of organization, given that the complete lack of centralization and power enforcement leads to users pretty much doing what they want, leading to crass doxxing and harassment, fact that the opponents of GG used as a tactic to try and shun the entire movement through the media.

One of GamerGate's consequences was that moot disabled all the mods from posting, officially ending all communication between the staff and 4chan. Another consequence would be that many Team 4chan members would go rogue and leak information on 8chan due to dissatisfaction with the ban. Leaks included 2 years' worth of janitor #janiteam logs. Behind the curtains, being on #janiteam during major shitstorms is now required for all janitors in order to properly coordinate containment.

The End of an Era: moot Resigns 4chan

(Jan 21 2015)

On 4chan, a massive announcement is made titled "NEWS POST: The Next Chapter, aka moot's retirement" is made, where moot announces he will permanently retire from 4chan's main administrator position. He declared that his last two years of activity in the site where made with the idea of 4chan surviving him in mind. He gives some data and info regarding the site and declares that it's economically sound enough to give power over the site to someone else, moot's successors

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

are 3 of his most trusted senior mods, the main coder and server administrator (Mr. VacBob), the moderator manager (RapeApe) and an unknown third staff member would take the reins of the site from then on. He also indicates that he will probably return to the site as an Admin Emeritus. His favourite boards /b/ and /a/ get music embedded on them and /a/ in particular is renamed to "It /a/ll comes to nothing." Finally, he announces that he plans a final livestreamed Q/A session on Friday afternoon. On Friday 23 a special board, /qa/ - Questions & Answers is made for people to ask questions for moot's livestream. The stream lasts 8 hours all the way into Saturday. When the Q/A session finished and moot saying his final farewells, the mods put the board on archive. For weeks, entire site mourns the loss of their leader.

The reasons for moot's departure are several. Since August he has been on a non-stop onslaught of stress, having to massive events like the Fappening and GamerGate happening at the same time, dealing with Jlaw's lawyers in real life and with GG trolls on the site. On top of that, he has been having, as per the #janiteam leaks, serious disagreements with the staff. Chief among them was forbidding the staff from modposting, which was unanimously disapproved of. His constant disagreements with the staff must him to realize he became far too impersonal and behind the doors when giving orders. The final straw probably came with the wave of resignations of January 16, when moot informed the staff they now had to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement. It should be noted that plan was not just to quit as an administrator but also quit as a CEO, leaving the site
entirely. The site would pass to be on the hands of the aforementioned senior mods who banded in the form of a society, giving ownership of 4chan to it. It yet remains to be seen whether or not moot's departure will lead to changes in the way the moderation works. Judging by the leaks, it's a possibility.


>> No. 568
(Jan 21 2015 - Sep 21 2015)

Not much of note happens in the period after moot announces his departure. Modposts are immediately allowed back and mods generally try and contain threads that may spiral out of control with stickies, plus deleting generals that have degraded into circlejerks. Everyone still complains about things they don't like and boards keep producing OC. Several boards see themselves positioned amongst some of 4chan's most influential.

The Pepe Explosion

(Late 2014 - Early 2015)

/r9k/ was created as an experiment to see if it was possible to enforce the creation of original content by making all posts be original (effectively getting rid of copypasta) However the board generated a community of socially awkward people who spent all day complaining over the lack of friends or girlfriend. The board was axed in 2010 and given a second change in 2011.

Pepe the Frog was a meme born form the comic strip known as Boys Club. It started out in 2006 on /b/ in the form of a cut panel of pepe saying "Feels Good Man" (the full strip has him being questioned as to why he is peeing with his pants down). The meme enjoyed activity for a while and then it evolved into its most iconic form - By shooping the smile and the text you had the opposite reaction, "Feels Bad Man". Feels Bad Man and Feels Good Man remained extant in 4chan culture for many years without any relative changes, until they were adopted by /r9k/, together with a meme from Krautchan, Feels Guy.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

/r9k/ was a strange phenomenon that made most 4channers uncomfortable. To some's disbelief, the board's userbase kept getting worse with each passing year. Depression was a common problem amongst their members and culture would form a violent hugbox dedicated to painting themselves as victims of uncaring girls and asshole "Chad Thundercocks" They would violently run away anything that challenged their perception of reality, even if they were trying to help then, and lashed out at each other constantly. Among this, the remix culture in /r9k/ and other boards fond of Wojak were making quite a pair by putting Feels Guy and Feels Bad Man together. The frog and the pole became preferred mascots of / r9k/, for obvious reasons. Years later, the popularization of Smug Pepe in 2014 led to a major rise in interest in the frog, the particular instance of Pepe caught the attention of /r9k/, who, in an attempt to transgress and pick on the whole ironic mentality 4chan had, began to make unsettling edits of Pepe and Wojak in various situations, often involving surreal imagery and obscure fetishes. /r9k/ further transgressed by making greentext stories of the worst possible /r9k/ situations imaginable, such as manchildren in their 20s who tortured their parents in order to get "tendies". This astonishing merge of Pepe, Wojak and /r9k/ continued to evolve and invoke freakier and freakier imagery, eventually culminating in the Pretty Princess Points, a female version of the tendies guy. The sheer bizarreness of these comics attained cult status on the Internet and got many people looking for the source, which led to an influx of new users to /r9k/. /r9k/, angered at the newbies, began to do ironic smug pepe shitposts, and ultimately coined rare Pepes. Unwittingly, /r9k/ influenced a major part of 4chan and Internet culture.

Nerd Emporium


For most of its existence, /co/ was a den for the worst Internet nerds had to offer. Furries, pedophiles, fetishists and capefags among others populated the board. If it was weird and it was nerd, it was /co/. However, the place was slowly becoming the most populated comics and cartoons community on the Internet, and by 2013 it was regarded as the best place and most fast-moving to discuss comics and cartoons on.

The new tens saw the specular rise in popularity of the nerd fandom in all its forms, this led users from all places to flock on /co/. The board can be described as having a little of everything - far left, far right, expats from /v/, /a/ and /tv/, furries and many other kinds of personalities. At the same time, it's also the hobby board most visited by the hobby's professionals and content creators, which creates a unique atmosphere were /co/ is basically the Internet's news hub of the nerd fandom. Its rising popularity saw it fit comfily in the top ten of the most populated 4chan boards.

The /int/ternational


Unwittingly, when moot created /int/ on 4chan, he created a colony for a collective of boards that shared the same culture, /int/ began as an English speaking board for foreigners on the German site Krautchan, and it quickly became one of the biggest non-4chan boards. Many sites imitated them, which in a strange turn of events, made them share the same userbase. Eventually 4chan's /int/ was opened and the full might of Krautchan culture came down onto it. The board kept to itself, operating as its own thing.

Modern /int/ is among the top ten most active boards and its influence and particular brand of humour has begun to show up on the rest of 4chan. Of all the joke exports, the popularization of British slang (tbh, amongst fam and smh) is probably the most important one, which has come to

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

dominate 4chan on all corners. Among others are older and newer jokes like Remove Kebab and Mehmet, My Son.

A New Era: moot handles 4chan to Hiroyuki Nishimura

(Sep 21 2015 - Present)

In a completely unexpected event, moot, who was though as having left the site, announces that he sold 4chan to Hiroyuki Nishimura, owner of NicoNico Douga and former owner of 2channel. A news post, announcement and a blotter post are made, and the entirely of the site basically shitstorms. All the news and rumours the west had on Nishimura was that he expelled from 2ch in 2014 when

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

he was outed as illegally selling information of its users and having censorship deals with a Japanese political party. Moot however met him in 2011 and considered him a good friend. Given the latest news on Nishimura everyone is skeptical of what would happen. The announcement stated that a Q&A session would be led on /qa/ on the next day.

>> No. 569
Hiro, who is currently being decided as to whether be called mootwo or an An Hiro made a Q/A thread on the next day. From the first post it became clear Hiro was completely new to the image board system and had a loose handle of English. Through semi-cryptic answers he told that he wanted to encourage users to decide their own board policies and said that he will add boards if people really wanted it - which led /co/ and /tg/ to discuss splits, and /pol/ to become paranoid of being deleted. He added that he was interested in partnerships with American anime/manga publishers, which worried /a/, where some /a/nons suggested that he should deal directly with Japanese publishers. In general Hiro demonstrated to be open to new ideas and changes to all aspects of the site, including moderation itself. Many are worried about this as someone so new to the western internet could be misled by trolls and vocals minorities.

In addition, it turned out moot just took a step aside form administration, and he still owned 4chan LLC until Nishimura bought. Nishimura also claimed that his expulsion from 2channel was a fraud - Although he offered no response to refute the claims - He said that if Jim and his company were not lying, they would have pulled a fraud lawsuit on him, which never happened. He will instead start a lawsuit with them on November. Hiro also stated that he borrowed money to compensate moot but refused to state the amount. Speculation goes around the million dollars.

Ethnographic Essays

The Generations of 4chan

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

Anyone who has browsed 4chan for a decent amount of time will notice that it's a common thing around the site to claim that things used to be better. Accusations of having ruined one's board, the entire site or of having negatively influenced the staff are commonplace. However, something many people ignore, is that such things have been said constantly since day one.

Except for the goons and Otakus that populated 4chan on its genesis, all generations of 4channers have had their forerunners telling them they are the cancer that killed their favourite boards. However, if one looks at all the changes 4chan has gone through, be it in demographics, posting etiquette, humor or even the self-perception of the populace, one can't help but reach a small conclusion: 4chan sports a liquid, perpetually evolving culture. By design, it cannot hold any real solid traditions. The ephemerality, the anonymity and the lack of registration give no real form of preservation when it comes to the community's culture. In such way it's pointless to claim a board should behave in any form since (Admin orders excluded) there no real specific way for them to behave. A board's traditions are always defined by its current population, and given that 4chan exists mostly as a time killer, people with certain traditions eventually leave when they find something more interesting or get bored. While not all of them leave, the remaining users are too small in number to properly educate or assimilate the incoming, ever increasing userbase. The opposite happens, and the old userbase is assimilated by the limited understanding of the new userbase.

Here's a summary of what generations are perceived by most 4channers 26 :

2003 - 2004 - The Weeabos / The originfags

4chan's original population, mostly composed by a bunch of expats from SA's ADTRW, FYAD boards and #RaspberryHeaven. They used 4chan as an image dump, and usually for silly jokes. A tendency for transgression and stupidity, two things heavily shunned by the ban happy SA community, were always present on the board.

Often, a 4channer would just dump images on a thread, and the coding was so flunky that sometimes images were managed to be uploaded after another image was posted and uploaded. There wasn't much for discussion on the boards, people would post a joke or a funny pic and it usually got around 5 posts, there wasn't much for discussion, as harsh and dissenting opinions were often banned, after all 4chan's userbase did come from Something Awful. In some boards, discussion was banned in its entirety.

2005 - 2006 - The Legion / The oldfags

The most easily recognizable 4channer stereotype, the new breed of 4channer came in looking for thrill. One of their most characteristic traits was a never ending curiosity for the morbid. The newly named /b/tards would travel the corners of the Internet looking for strange, bizarre things such as the now infamous BAAAWWWW diaper furry comic to show to their peers. Many weird crews settled on the site, including the very creator of that comic and a handful of stalkers that discovered Cracky-Chan and still stalk her to this day.

26 This list applies mostly to 4channers that browsed /b/, the least moderated boards and a general rundown of
the 4chan userbase. It does not go into board details, which can be radically different.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

>> No. 570
Oldfags usually posted and briefly discussed a topic, and whenever the discussion was finished and someone wanted to change a topic, they would say "this is now an X thread" and began to dump images. There were big fans of mega threads and roleplaying, such as playing along in Epic Fail Guy threads or setting huge things like the pickle surprise post. They usually came with a single OP post - "Let's shoop this guy's face into pictures of X", such threads, fed by sheer force of boredom, usually bore tons of new content. Their knack for shooping would be noticeable on every big meme or event that happened. For every original image there would be three or four slightly retouched variants.

They also had a prominent troll mentality. Whenever they found anyone that could easily fall for troll bait, they would milk them to no end. The first recorded raid was the Bibliocality raid, which ended up with the forums permanently closed. 4channers had a characteristic appreciation of camwhores, or anything with a vagina and a pretty face.

They were also heavy on traditions, being the first give the suffix -chan to any camwhore, and giving each day of the week having a particular theme, including things like Caturday, Warhammer Wednesday (Which would one of the motivations for the creation of /tg/), Soviet Sunday, etc.

2007 - 2009 - The Cancer / The newfags

Borne of Chanology and the newfag summer, this generation was characterized by talking much and achieving little. Users spent most of the time arguing between each other, trolling, spamming copypasta and whenever the topic turned towards /b/'s diminishing
quality, passing the blame to each other. Discussion about all topics abounded, usually filled with lies and trolling. They spent a lot of time arguing, fighting and at the same time idolizing the oldfags, and while they tried to do the same things they did, their sheer laziness and tendency to take raids and OC for granted made them accomplish little.

They were mostly known for cheap trolling attempts, copypasta spamming (Which was probably the most produced OC of the era), raids and considering the mods a force that could not get in their way. One of the things people of 2007 created the most was creepypasta, which got a big following like Warhammer Wednesday before had, and eventually ended up with the creation of /x/ - Paranormal.

These users were usually very strange IRL - Just look at any videos on Youtube like the /b/oston fail party or the Otakon meets up (Sadly, what was probably the best example of the average /b/tard during these days, a meet up from Otakon 2008, was deleted). One of the biggest problems with them was their affinity for illegality and child pornography - It wasn't uncommon to find such threads at least once per day, with people casually discussing as it was just another shitting dicknipples. One of the bad things is that they completely assimilated the concept of interboard raiding, which they usually did whenever /b/ was down.

In contrast, with the rise of Chanology, many users though of 4chan and imageboard in general as a bastion of good, a place where they could fight things like Scientology. This

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

people was commonly referred to as raidfags, and later moralfags. They disappeared as soon as Chanology ended, since image boards were too hostile for them.

2010 - 2011 - The Pranksters / The noprefixfags

An underdog generation if there was any, usually considered part of the newfag wave (hence the lack of any particular prefix). It was a generation with no real strong opinions on anything.

They mostly tagged along to whatever crazy shenanigans others were up to. People from then usually found a site or got an idea and immediately posted it on /b/. /b/tards would try and see what they could do. Mostly hit or miss, unlike their hated antecessors they didn't particularly care or complain about failure. In cue with their habit of tagging along, /b/tards were fond of rolling threads, where they would decide what to do or how to call a new meme with whatever was posted on a determinate number. Threads like fap roulette threads, You laugh You Lose, EFG and rage threads where found in abundance. Eventually such threads would begin to saturate the board and came to be shunned by the userbase, but there seemed to be no way to stop it.

This people's greatest achievements was the Youtube Porn Day, making moot Time's Person of the Year and the Jessi Slaughter Saga. They also got a handful of memorable CSS hacks, such as the PUDDI PUDDI invasion and Souljaquest.mp3.

2012 - Present - The Normies / The normalfags

The mainstreamisation of the Internet allowed for people not in touch with Internet to access sites like 4chan and Reddit. What is essentially the lowest common denominator of the food chain now shares a house with all the outcasts and nerds. Casuals look and act like what you would expect of the average American teenager and young adult.

The most identifying trait of the modern 4channer is how fast they are to bring American politics into discussions. Those invariably become flamewars and anyone who disagrees with them instantly becomes member of a boogeyman group, /pol/ and Tumblr being the most common names. They also like to talk and share personal experiences, such as bizarre events in their life and sexual conquests and exploits, and /b/'s green text stories are probably their biggest contribution as of yet. What they have in personal experience they lack in humour, as many of them actively reject the older generation's affinity for black comedy, fake racism and transgression. They have a big tendency to jump in and give strong opinions about something without actually bothering to check their facts. Most of them have little to no skills, depending of the mercy of the few photoshoopers, artists and coders
the site may be at the time. Though the sheer size of the userbase obfuscates the fact, there's always talent available just by rule of probability.

Unlike the other generations, which were mostly confined to the less moderated boards and /b/ while the other boards had their own userbase, the casuals have spread over the entirety of 4chan, leaving very few boards untouched. It has also, by far, created the most content of all generations. It's most notable deeds would include GamerGate.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015


4chan Timeline 27

Events are noted by a coloured •

â–  - Pertains

• - Pertains

â–  - Pertains

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• - Pertains

• - Pertains

to 4chan administration related events and side-wide events
to major board specific events and shitstorms
to temporal CCS hacks and board title changes
to raids made by 4chan
to raids done on 4chan

to chanverse and Internet events not directly related to 4chan
>> No. 571

1995 - A man named Masayuki Shiba creates a home party (Dedicated host website from Internet Service providers) on provider Nifty-Serve, called Ayashii World ( fcA L V' U — /b R - Ayashii Warudo Strange World), dedicated to a popular Japanese underground game called Kasumigaseki, a game based on the Tokyo Subway Sarin gas attack. He closes it soon after.

Aug 21, 1996 - Masayuki Shiba recreates Ayashii World in the form of a BBS, inspired by a previous BBS called Japan Lolita Complex Graphics, run by Pedo Koushaku (Duke Pedo) It did not run on Nifty- Serve's Posoko-Tsushin service but instead was hosted on the Internet through a variety of free web services. With the intention of sharing CP and discussing technology and warez, Ayashii World was entirely dedicated to Japanese Geek culture.

Nov 30, 1996 - The first underground web portal called A Door to an Underground (ffeTiHAP, Chikadou Iriguchi), dedicated exclusively to cracking, hacking and technology, died. Its user flocked to Ayashii World, and the discussion topics shifted from CP to less morally upsetting things 28 . With the culture and the ability to post anonymously and without registration, this can be marked as the beginning of modern Japanese Internet Culture and mark Ayashii as the direct forerunner of 2ch and 2chan. Ayashii would operate as a Something Awful equivalent to the sites.

Dec 23, 1996 - Digital Eden, Ayashii World's anonymous BBS provider closes and Shiba adopts Kenjinkai.

Dec 26, 1996 - Eventually, the shift in the populace led Shiba to divide Ayashii into two BBS, one called 97 for popular topics and another called 2000, for hacking and technology. 2000 would later

27 It’s a mix of different timelines, originally made by some dude on wikichan I believe, other sites added it and wrote down other details. I mixed all timelines into a single one, put it up to date, and added some information 1 discovered via Google-fu and other sources. Consider this the most complete (But far from exhaustive) timeline currently online.

28 Mainly because by 96’, Japanese politics where starting the process that would get rid of CP trading on the nation.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

become the Gesu (scum) board, where the Japanese Internet would see the birth of its raid culture. Gesus carried on invasions, mass trolling and hacking.

March 1997 - Strife between Ayashii and 2000 about BBS host changes would lead the users of 2000 to create the Guess BBS, which signaled the birth of the legendary Japanese cracking/hacking group Guess. There a group of the same name discussed and conducted website hackings and invasions. By this time, many similar anonymous BBSes are formed, collectively called Nanashii Warudo (Nameless World), they develop a culture based on memes, JSIS art and geek culture. Ayashii World functions as the hubsite of the Nanashii World in a similar way to how 4chan would later function as the hubsite of Anonymous. AW's popularity increases exponentially.

March 26, 1997 - Kenjinkai shuts down, some claim Ayashii had something to be with it. Ayashii proceeds to use its own servers. By this point, Ayashii World becomes a household name and many other sites are created under its name.

Aug 5, 1997 - Mr. Amezou starts Amezou BBS, at the time, a normal anonymous BSS.

Aug 1997 - The first imageboard, Licentious Notice Board, is created by Mr. Fujinami. Its userbase exceeds at image collages and the site becomes a fad on the Japanese Internet. However LNB is short lived and no new imageboards are created due to a split between its userbase.

Mar 1998 - Ayashii World enters a war with Guess BBS, due to Guess sysop Mr. Alice creating an auto-posting script and using it to spam Ayashii.

Apr 1998 - Despite Shiba's attempts at stopping his enraged users, Ayashii Worlders overdo it and dox Guess's administrator, manipulating a RL picture of him. This shocks the Japanese Internet, who held their identities in high secrecy. Mr. Alice does not take it kindly, and the threat of lawsuit gets Shiba to shut the site down.

Apr 24, 1998 - Shiba recreates Ayashii as Ayashii World Main BBS. The Ayashii World sites would grow exponentially, as the Japanese become more accepting of the Internet, and things become more chaotic.

Sept 3, 1998 - Shiba abruptly brings Ayashii World to an end, citing in his final posts that the site has grown too hostile to contain.

Sept 6, 1998 - The Ayashii World is left core-less and in disarray. They need a replacement. They get their replacement with Amezo, the First Channel, ran by Amezou-shi. It starts off as a small BBS and a bunch of links to alternative BBSes for wayward Ayashii Worlders, but it changes it's posting system from a pile-up BSS form to the floating thread BBS, dependent on bumping and saging. Its popularity increases exponentially and it soon one of the main BBSs. The floating thread feature would be an important step in the development of text and imageboards.

Sept 20, 1998 - Shiba announces he will be quitting the Ayashii World for good and leaves, with many sister sites to Ayashii closing their doors soon after.

Sept 29, 1998 - Shiba founds Magmania, one of the first Japanese personal review sites, a new start from scratch after Ayashii. However Mr. Alice, still angered at being doxed and ridiculed, pressures him declaring an official apology on the BBS and via phone. This would lead to Shiba to quit the Internet for good. Mr. Alice would continue to raid anyone defending Shiba.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

Dec 7, 1998 - Continued pressure from Alice made Shiba request to all Ayashii Worlders to stop using the Ayashii World suffix. Reluctantly, most Ayashii BBSs complied. Those who didn't would be constantly harassed by spammers and hackers. Alice has never admitted to committing any kind of pressure towards Shiba, though the evidence was blatant. Mr. Alice becomes the equivalent of the devil to Ayashii Worlders

Jan 24, 1998 - The Ayashii World sites are reduced to one: Honten. Honten removes the tag after announcing that Alice had gotten hold of their password and access codes. Soon after that Hoten users created AyashiiWorld#REBIRTH. REBIRTH endures several DDOSs and raids, but eventually manages to surpass Honten in size, mainly thanks to an ads campaign and the introduction of anime logo which attracted several Otakus, previously shunned by Shiba and the userbase.

Apr 14, 1999 - REBIRTH'S admin turns out to be a tyrant, so many Ayashii Worlders flock to AyashiiWorld@familie. Its administrator, Mr. Kuhuza, allegedly a well-spoken female, was deemed "moe" by the userbase.

Apr 29, 1999 - REBIRTH closes. While it was a very important BBS to the Ayashii World, it came to a miserable end. This would be the last BBS whose influence would have any impact on the culture 2ch and 2chan would come to have. Rifts between Shiba fundamentalists and the other, otaku- friendly Ayashii Worlders would continue for a while. Later in the year, the Ayashii World would recover and new sites would spring up, including Ayashii World II, The First Experience of Ayashii (a sort of Ayashii time vault), and REMIX (cont.)
>> No. 572
May 30, 1999 - Mr. Hiroyuki ( i/0 B - Hiroyuki Nishimura) creates 2 channel (2 & hj fa -5 - Ni

Channeru - The Second Channel). It used code based on the first (Amezo), with enough servers this time to handle the exponential growth. Due to Hiroyuki's desire to create a more general discussion oriented userbase, 2ch attracts a sizeable population of Otakus and begins to separate culturally from the Nanashii World. Even though Hiroyuki had FOX ★ and an army of janitors, threads were pretty much unmoderated and trolling ran rampant. Due to the differences between userbases, Ayashii Worlders, which remain mainly geeks, regard 2channelers with animosity. Meanwhile, on the western hemisphere, Lowtax creates Something Awful.

Oct 10, 1999 - Amezo BBS shuts down due to vandalism. It being one of the very few floating thread BBS, many users try to keep the system alive by creating other sites, but they eventually flock to 2ch. Later, Hiroyuki admits having raided Amezo persistently. Amezo-shi, angry and jealous at 2ch, allies with Mr. Kazuhiko Nishi, founder of ASCII Corporation, on an attempt to attack 2ch, creating lch.tv. However it was not successful, as posting standards where strict and they would later charge a fee to post. There were also rumours that the Yakuza threatened Amezo RL. There's a general rift between Ayashii Worlders and 2ch users.

Oct 2000 - Conflicts between 2ch and the Ayashii World reach their boiling point when both sites plan for mass raid campaigns. It is revealed at an AyashiiWorld@REMIX thread, 2ch Wipe Out (2ch W§k), that 2ch users used Ayashii World uploaders without permission, stole Ayashii Memes and claimed them as their own and made threads about trolling Ayashii sites (Does this remind you of anything?), including "The First Experience of Ayashii World", an untouchable sanctuary amongst Ayashii Worlders. In retaliation they used a Phaser Script based on the Perlduke Script, in order to bring down 2ch. Hiroyuki, realizing how much he fucked up, appeared that the same thread and apologized. The raids and trolling slowly went down, but the animosity between Ayashii World and

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

2ch already turned into hate, and it was now taboo to speak about 2ch on Ayashii World sites. Currently, Ayashii Worlders and 2ch don't hate each other anymore, but a friendly rivalry still exists.

Oct 16 2000 - Hiroyuki appears at Ayashii World II, panic ensues, and Mr. AGSstar comes to speak to him. Betraying most Ayashii Worlders' expectations, AGS treats Hiroyuki with respect, disassociated himself from the incident and even told him how to restrict IP addresses, regarded as a coward's move by most of the userbase, since AGS badmouthed 2ch constantly.

April/May 2001 - Lowtax creates the ADTRW (Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse) board on Something Awful.

Aug, 30, 2001 - By this point, 2ch became exponentially popular in Japan, to the point where it began to achieve mainstream mention. Due to an unknown reason, 2ch is in danger of dying, so a backup forum is created, called Futaba or 2chan (two-leaves). Futaba creates a board called /b/, for random content. The site supports images and develops a unique culture all its own, growing out of the seed culture brought by the 2channelers.

2002 - ADTRW creates Raspberry Heaven, a DC++ file sharing hub dedicated to anime, named after the ending song of Azumanga Daioh. Raspberry Heaven is itself a spin-off of SADCHUB (The Something Awful Direct Connect Hub), the former was created to separate anime from the rest of SA's topics. The hub had an IRC, #rapsberryheaven, originally hosted at MircX and later Pyoko IRC. There, a 14 years old moot and several ADTRW members were regulars. Users of the IRC would discover Futaba, and for a while interact with the site. Interaction is cut short when a massive Korean raid makes Futaba block all non-Japanese users, and historical event that would never be lifted.


3 March 2003 - The first English language channel is created: world2ch, made by RIR6, a 16 years old Japanese. At first, it supported text only. Its userbase consisted of a mix of Japanese and English users, the only time that this happens for any considerable amount of time. The English speakers there are members of ADTRW who are also familiar with Futaba and visit it for its quirks. Later, English users would convince the owner to make an imageboard. He makes two, officially becoming the first western imageboards.

• 2003 - The 2chan appreciation thread is created on ADTWR, becoming the gateway between the eastern Internet culture and western. World2ch is discovered and posted on said thread, gaining a steady influx of English speaking users.

September 29 - moot registers 4chan.net, just because it looked like 2chan.net (Futaba Channel). Originally, his only intention was to own an e-mail address with @4chan.net, but he quickly gets to thinking.

<moot> regging 4CHAN.net
<moot> FOUR CHAN
<moot> brace for faggotry

<Negi-Sensei> What is the difference between 4chan and 2chan?

<n0> 2

<Lost_Technology> 4chan is twice as good.


Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

<Lost_Technology> Did someone seriously register 4chan?

<n0> Time for 8chan.

September 30: Moot announces 4chan.net in Something Awful's ADTRW forum. Thread is titled
"4chan.net- English 2chan.net!"
>> No. 573
October 1 - 4chan.net is founded by moot, intended to be used as an English version of 2chan, a Japanese imageboard created in 2001 out of an extremely popular Japanese BBS called 2channel. moot creates /b/ (Anime/Random) and makes a topic at Something Awful and world2ch about the website, which is received extremely well, moot holds a contest to decide what 4chan's logo should be. In three hours of creating the contest, around 50 banners are submitted, after which moot decides to simply make it so that it would cycle through the best banners randomly every time a page was loaded.

October 2 - 4chan's hosting company receives an e-mail complaining about "lolikon and guro posted in /b/, to which moot writes back that neither of the two is illegal. Later in the day, moot creates a second board, /h/ (Hentai). The email was sent by Shii/Menchi because the people of world2ch felt 4chan ripped them off and tried to raid the place. After some drama moot ended up befriending them. The rules page describes /b/ as a test board which will later become an anime board, moot describes /b/ in a news post as "a retard bin" that will eventually be deleted. Guess some things never change.

October 6 - moot creates four new imageboards: /c/ (Anime/Cute), /d/ (Hentai/Alternative), /w/(Wallpapers/Anime), and /y/ (Yaoi), along with an oekaki BBS board, moot also fixes a retention bug that cause posts to be deleted too quickly and raised the maximum number of log entries for each board from 500 to 5000 (2000 for /b/).

October 9 - Two new imageboards are created: /g/ (Guro), to clean the nastiest imagery on /h/, and /s/ (Sexy Beautiful Women), moot announces that 4chan received over one million hits in the past six days and may be looking for sponsors to help pay the bills, /s/ is managed by Boco_T and PotatoSan. Boco_T also drew two of 4chan's title images: one of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh, and one of Cardcaptor Sakura drawn in the style of Fist of the North Star.

October 16 - 4chan is announced to 2chan, resulting in a massive amount of Japanese users coming to the site, at least doubling the traffic of all boards and decoupling the traffic of /c/. The onslaught of unexpected traffic causes /b/ to crash for two days. Killing it for the first time.

October 21 - 4chan.net is moved to United Colo, a collocation and webhosting company, following a discussion on the Something Awful forums.

October 29 - The site is back online, moot makes various changes to the imageboards, including Japanese character display and adding the day of the week to posts. He also announces that the boards will now use a MySQL database (a modified form of 2chan's futabaSQL called yotsubaSQL) and added a robots.txt file to the site to keep out some auto-downloaders, along with an .htaccess file to prevent hotlinking. /g/ temporarily suffered a problem with tripcodes, and all boards had a problem where users said their posts were not appearing and they were getting a Japanese error message. Both of these were fixed within the day by modifying the anti-spam script and fixing the imageboards' .php files, respectively.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

November 1 - moot begs for donations in the first of a long history of times, complaining that the site is running extremely slowly and that he would have to block Japanese domains unless something was done, and that the cost of moot's server bill was now $400/month. moot warns that 4chan will die slowly unless enough donations are received.

November 2- moot resets img.4chan.net and deletes all posts, drops all MySQL tables, and reduces the maximum post limit for each board from 3000 to 750. MySQLd and PHP were optimized and moot laments that he cannot implement auto-pruning after ten pages like 2chan.

November 8 - Two more imageboards are added: /a/ (Anime) and /I/ (Lolikon), because /c/ was flooded with NSFW images, moot announces the future release of a database of archived 4chan threads that requires a paid subscription, which had been suggested by Spork, a mod, a week before. By this time /b/ lost the anime/random subtitle and became just the random board.

November 10 - moot and his friend thatdog begin testing on the beta-archive and set up a new board, /r/ (Trains) to test it with. The same day, thatdog registers lchan.net and sets up a similar train board on his site, /r/ quickly fills with /b/tards in order to help moot out.

November 20 - At some point, hosting switched from Colo to Apex, however Apex tells moot that 4chan has to go. 4chan dies for the second time. Hosting then passes to GoDaddy.

November 22 - The site returns following two days of downtime after the server is reformatted to RH9, making the site considerably faster, moot deletes /r/ (Trains) and announces that the thread archive will be up shortly. The next day, the RH9 apt-get repository was cleared out, causing GIFs not to be thumbnailed correctly for a few hours.

November 28 - moot announces downtime to fix some problems.

November 29 - Downtime cancelled. Staff member DJ Lucid managed to fix every single problem without needing to reformat the servers.

December 16 - A new board is created, /t/ (Torrents), along with a torrent tracker, moot tightens the rules regarding /h/ and /I/ and cracks down on rule breakers, moot also considers blocking Japanese domains due to the fact that they make up half of 4chan's traffic and post only extremely rarely.

December 17 - moot blocks all Japanese domains from accessing the site, significantly reducing 4chan's server bill while maintaining the same level of contribution. Apparently, moot says that in the two weeks before the announcement, Japanese domains had accounted for 650 GB but only made about fifty posts or so.

December 20 - 4chan changes its board software from modified GazouBBS (modified 2chan code) to Futallaby, created by lchan's thatdog.

December 29 - Following a massive flood of real-life child pornography, /I/ (Lolikon) is temporarily deleted, moot announces that although he has blocked Japanese domains, his traffic from the rest of the world has now passed the rate from before December 17, meaning that moot's server bill is still $400/month.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015
>> No. 574

January 8 - /I/ (Lolikon) returns along with a new imageboard, /r/ (Request), which was created after many posts on /t/ were requests instead of links to torrents. Although at the beginning it was created for torrent requests, it quickly morphed into the /r/ we know and love today.

January 25 - Censored Vagina announces that the torrent tracker has been taken down due to it being a major strain on the server, along with the /t/ board. He also announces that the torrent tracker will return shortly, albeit it in a considerably smaller form, with a maximum of 40 torrents.

February 11 - Something Awful user "nubdestroyer" attempts to get 4chan shut down, this time by e-mailing GoDaddy, the owner of 4chan.net. He succeeds. 4chan moves to 4chan.org where it is today.

February 14 - After GoDaddy suspends the 4chan.net domain three days before without moot realizes, he registers 4chan.org as a temporary domain until everything is sorted out. Thus, 4chan died for the third time.

February 19 - /t/ (Torrents) returns, albeit without the tracker, along with a new board, /f/ (Flash), moot adds a new server, cgi.4chan.org, on which /f/ is hosted.

February 21 - Two discussion boards are added, hosted on Och: /amh/ (Anime-Manga-Hentai) and /bbs/ (4chan Discussion). The next day, Censored Vagina makes a newspost announcing that the cost of running 4chan for the rest of 2004 added up to $2,200 and that the money would be needed in donations. The links on 4chan are reflected to link to 4chan.org instead of4chan.net so that users will not need to write 4chan.org's IP into their hosts file.

March 1 - moot announces that the site will not be able to continue because the March server bill is too large to pay and that more donations will be required to pay it or 4chan will die. He makes one final request for donations and hopes for the best. According to a news post image about the original /q/, /q/ - Questions was added this day.

March 8 - After a week-long swarm of donations, moot announces that not only does he have enough money to pay the March bill, but that enough money was donated to keep the site running into 2005. moot thanks all donators and posters and announces that he is currently in "Cancun, Mexico".

March 28 - The 4chan.org domain becomes permanent, with 4chan.net now occupied by domain squatters (people who buy domains that will get a lot of traffic, such as porn.com, and put ads on the page), moot tells users to inform all people linking to 4chan about this change so that the domain squatters receive as little traffic as possible and therefore not profit from the incident. He also deletes /g/ (Guro) around this time, possibly due to issues with PayPal.

April 1 - As an April Fools' Day prank, moot posts pictures of a man in a graduation uniform shortly after getting his diploma from Stanford University, and posts another picture of the man on April 4, this time showing him next to a statue in Mexico, moot claimed that the man in the photographs was him, and that his name was Robert Bopkins, and this was believed by most of 4chan for a long while until moot appeared in the flesh at the 2005 Otakon Panel, revealing himself to have a teenage-like un-nerdy appearance, which surprised many /b/tards.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

April 4 - Spork (4chan mod) creates an official IRC channel for 4chan, hosted on irc.pyoko.org. The channel was later moved, hosted on irc.rizon.net, where it remains today.

April 19 - 100K GET on /b/ is reached. Many were creating new topics rapidly in hopes of getting the GET for themselves, but 100K GET turned out to be an unrelated text reply in a thread that attempted to have 100K GET. The reply was completely unrelated to the thread that it was in, only saying "lol internet" with no image. To this day, it is considered to be the most win that a GET has ever been.

April 30 - moot announces that the text boards are back up, running on board software created by Shii (4chan mod and friend of moot from SA). Two of these text boards were added that day as well: /dis/ (Discussion) and /sug/ (Suggestion) (now both deleted).

June 15 - TheRowan, owner of HentaiKey and host of 5chan, disappointed that his site was getting no traffic, attempts to get 4chan shut down. This time by e-mailing PayPal who controlled 4chan's donations at the time. He succeeds and cuts moot of all the donation money he had.

June 20 - A day that will live forever in short-term memory. 4chan dies for the fourth and longest time, for nearly six weeks. Moot, completely cut from donation money, can't afford to pay the +500$ dollars bill, so he shuts down the site. He blames it on lack of contribution and donations, asshole posters, and GNAA flooding, among other things, as the reasons for 4chan's death. Many 4channers flocked to the handful alternative chans that were funded, such as iichan and 5chan.

• July 7-iichan, idlechan, is founded. One of the first 4chan sister sites of the many to come, founded by Thock.

• August 6 - Due to disagreements with the host, Zadabab shuts 5chan down.

August 7 - 4chan returns in its fifth incarnation following six weeks of downtime after gathering up enough money and support. Many new moderators and administrators are added as well, post by staff member are made under the name of "The Team"

August 15 - 4chan changes its board software to a "super-hacked" version of Futallaby coded mostly by W.T. Snacks. It contains many new features such as replying with an image, hiding posts, the Name and E-mail fields, displaying image names and sizes, and linking to other posts by adding a » next to the post number. T ripcodes were also added to /f/.

August 16 - Saved thread reveals that the following boards existed already: "/m/", "/n/" (Trains), and "/cm/" (Cute Male) /cm/ was created to keep male content out of /c/. The discussion boards "/anime"/, "/ascii/" and "/game/" already existed, /r/ was named "/r/ - Request". Top of page boards list: a/b/c/d/f/g/h/l/m/n/p/r/s/t/u/w cm/y anime/ascii/dis/game/sug.

September 8 - Three new boards are added: /k/ (Weapons), /o/ (Auto), and /sm/ (Shota/Male). Jibaku (4chan mod) announces that /b/ is severely lacking in quality and asks users to contribute better.

• September 17 - 5chan comes back from the dead.

October 1 - 4chan turns one year old. (cont.)
>> No. 575
Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

October 9 - Four boards are added: /ib/ (Oekaki Random), /ip / (Oekaki Pro), /v/ (Video Games), and /tech/ (Technology, discussion board); one board, /n/ (Trains) is deleted. Around this time, /z/ (ZOMG NONE! II), a user-moderated board which utilizes the "Idiot King" model from SA's FYAD, where the userbase has to vote for its mods, is created. With flashing backgrounds, annoying embedded music, and legendary posts. Their first moderator was Soviet Russia !IM51PoudCg) .

• October 23 - 5chan closes down permanently due a misunderstanding between TheRowen and Zadabab. moot celebrates.

â–  October 24 - iichan, one of 4chan's first clone sites (Or rather, sister site, as it did not run on Futallaby but rather Kareha), dies due to lack of founding. Iichan grew big enough to sport its own memes and culture. Months later it's revived in the form of WAKAchan and adopted by Russians years later in iichan.ru. WAKAchan still exists to this day, and operates in a manner that there's no central hosting but rather various persons hosting different parts of the site.

October 30 - 4chan hosts a panel at the AnimeUSA 2004 Con in Vienna, Virginia. The same day, 4chan experiences DNS problems, and asks that people edit their host files once again.

October 31 - /I/ (Lolikon) and /ss/ (Shotakon) are deleted due to threats of legal action. On November 5, moot registers not4chan.org and moves /I/ and /ss/ there instead. On November 15, /g/ (Guro) is deleted as well due to threats from YowCow to seize 4chan's donations account due to guro being against YowCow's ToS.

■ • November 1 - squeeks registers 4-ch.net, a site not related to 4chan's text boards, moot complains that squeeks is stealing his thunder. The site is based on 2channel rather than Futaba and is run on a heavily modified version of Kareha coded by IWAFIa. 06x36. Man of Wax (4chan mod) begs for donations and advertising on the front page of 4chan. /z/ was deleted shortly after this time.

December 24 - moot adds the world4ch BBS, named in honour to the by then defunct world2ch, modeled after 2ch and based on Shii's board code.


January 6 - Cracky-chan saga - The first picture of a strangely artistic teenager appears on /b/. Anonymous becomes infatuated with the girl and scours the Internet for her pictures. A tripfag under the name of cracky-chanlNltoQkxgzc starts posting.

January 13 - 4chan's IRC channel moves from irc.pyoko.org to irc.rizon.net. This is announced on the front page, along with one of the first lines ever spoken in 4chan's Rizon channel: <moot> i wish to be the little girl.

January 19 - Four new boards are added: /e/ (Ecchi), /3/ (3DCG, stands for 3-D Computer Graphics), /g/ (Technology), and /n/ (Nature & Wildlife), /g/ and /n/ are worksafe.

January 27 - Three more boards are added: /ic/ (Artwork/Critique), /p/ (Photography), and /x/ (General Photo). Although there was already a /p/ board for photography before, it is the replacement, with new features (such as EXIF data), /x/ takes a general photography board, where all photography goes, and /p/ becomes specifically about pictures taken by users or artists.

â–  February 3 - moot and shut register ikuzo.org, a side project they had formulated during 4chan's downtime in summer 2004. The site was basically meant to be a weeaboo site with news and

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

reviews of things like anime, hentai, and general Japanese imports. However, the project is quickly abandoned and the site now redirects to img.4chan.org.

February 5 - The Cracky-chan obsession becomes so big W. T. Snacks wordfiltered her name with similarly sounding names (Creaky-chan, fappy-chan, etc). Many stalkers created fansites.

February 13 - 700K GET is fixed by the mods, with the word "ZERO HOUR" written in extremely large letters and the post count reset to 1, and the message, "ONLY 699999 TO GO GUYS!!". However, the post count is restored within the day.

February 14 - On view of the 700K GET, moot changes /b/'s layout to a dark pink and renames the board to "fbf - Dick GET", "Dick" being the .gif of a rotating penis, moot stickies a thread claiming its Valentine 's Day and also stickies the 700001 post.

February 25 - moot organizes an IRC townhall and stickied a thread of a naked dude posted by a tripfag. The IRC is flooded by thousands and fails horribly.

February 26 - Following the townhall, moot creates three more boards: /gif/ (Animated GIF), /hr/ (High Resolution), /wg/ (Wallpapers/General), and removes /x/.

March 29 - A Livejournal from Cracky, freakygirl, is found. The owner of a Cracky-chan website, Creacky-chan.com claims it's fake, though it may have been a move to protect her identity. Another Livejournal, kittykat soon gets found, whether fake or real.

March 31 - moot purchases a new server (tmp.4chan.org, backup of orz.4chan.org) and announces that it will be up in April. He also announces that 4chan will have a panel at Otakon 2005 and announces that he would soon recruit a new administrator following DJ Lucid's (4chan admin) departure. (cont.)
>> No. 576
April 1 - Aprils Fur's Day - For April Fools' Day, moot makes a front-page newspost containing a picture of Robert Bopkins (thought to be moot at the time) in graduation gear shortly after graduating from Stanford University, along with the message "GREETINGS FROM MIDDLE SCHOOL!", moot also creates a new board, /fur/ (Furry), despite his promise never to do so. Although many think it the board is simply an April Fools' Day joke, the board remained the next day and began to be taken seriously. However, on the morning of April 3rd, everyone who had posted in /fur/ was banned for three months (including / b/tards who posted on /fur/ to denounce furries), following which 4chan was almost rid of furfags. This event has remained embedded in the mind of every furry in hopes of moot ever making a new, permanent version of /fur/.

April 3 - Shii cracks Cracky-chan's tripcode. Since the password was "sweet", the theory of a fake tripfag gains solidity.

April 6 - Another of Cracky-chan's Livejournal get known under the name of "scarecrownmaiden". It contained many more artsy pictures, even nudes. The journal gets deleted quickly by the owner.

April 7 - 1M GET is reached on /b/. It was considered an "alright" GET, neither fail nor win. 1M GET was posted by a namefag under the handle Senator Rodden Clitoris, who posted picture of Sae Sawanoguchi from Magic Users Club having an orgasm with the Female Orgasm copypasta, which was deleted within a few seconds. The mods instead chose another thread with a picture of a budgie in a jar and changed its posted number to 1000000 and stickied it, fooling many into believing that it was the true 1M GET.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

June 5 - /b/ gets renamed to /b/ - Marked For Deletion (/b/). An enormous thread with screencaps of epic threads gets stickied.

June 6 - Cracky-chan pics become a bannable offense, according to W. T. Snacks, per alleged request of Cracky-chan herself, (possibly because many of them where artistic nudes, her being underage would have made them CP)

July - /b/tard Warchief Rend Niggerhand opens Crackypedia, a place with all storts of stalkerish information about Cracky

July 1 - Many of 4chan's boards were closed unexpectedly and announcement was supposedly made by "moot's secretary", later known to be staff member Majnem was posted on the front page, announcing that moot had abandoned 4chan and that 4chan would cease operations in a few days due to lack of funding. The next day, moot made a newspost announcing that that this had all happened behind his back, and that the post was neither true nor official.

July 29 - /b/ reaches 2M GET, a picture of someone holding up a notepad with "2000000 GET?" written on it, and the text "HAY GUYS! 2MIL GET! -Delcious Ironing" [sic]. This was (badly) photoshopped with a smiling ugly man and the text, "HAY GUYEZ WOULD YOU BE UP FOR SOME ADULT FUN AT MY COUNTRY CLUB SOMETIME -Delcious ron", which spawned a whole series of shopped GETs.

August 12 - Saturgay, /b/ gets spammed with images of Seizure 5, Hard Gay and Sageman

August 13 - Shortly after celebrating one year of uptime, 4chan starts its panel at Otakon 2005, the first time ever that /b/tards actually met the real moot, after which he revealed that "Robert Bopkins" was not only not him, but that Bopkins' name was actually Eric J. Ross and moot picked the photos at random. Everyone has a really good time and moot hangs out with /b/tards who flip out over the fact that they are experiencing mootfaggotry IRL.

August 28 - DONATE OR DIE 2005 - moot announces that he requires $20,000 in donations to purchase three new servers (bin.4chan.org, nov.4chan.org, and a second img.4chan.org). Frenzy started, with camwhores showing their tits and vagoo if users donated to 4chan. Within a week, $14,000 was raised, which was actually enough to purchase the three servers, although they fell short of their goal. Later, on September 15th, moot announces that donations will cease September 30th, and even then can only be delivered by snail mail.

October 1 - 4chan turns two years old. Dan makes a commemorative picture.

October 16 - 3M GET on /b/, with a picture of Waha and Pedobear and how they would be seen in America. The post linked to itself, prefixed by ">>3000000" and "TIME PARADOX/what a lame GET/Surely you jest!". It was, unfortunately, a tripfag get, posted by 4chan mod Pixel Hotness !OI2RiO/ORo. The GET was considered "meh" for being a modGET.

October 25 - moot announces that "things are looking up" and announces that many new features will be added to 4chan, including the DevBlog. He also begs for people to advertise because he needs money to construct additional pylons.

October 30 - moot and Snacks have a long fight over IRC as moot takes the site down for a few hours to fix some problems, moot rages against Snacks for being a lazy coder and threatens to take away his server access, and generally being very arrogant towards Snacks. They both go to sleep,

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

and continue in the afternoon the next day for about three hours, until moot tells Snacks that he will remove his server access (along with his moderator powers), which he does shortly afterwards, making him unable to moderate or code. Snacks then "leaves" 4chan for good.

November 2 - moot challenges Xenon, a popular flash artist camwhore whose artwork is often spammed on /f/, to a camwhore battle, which moot loses, moot then tells Xenon that since he beat him, Xenon received temporary admin status and moot declared November 2 to be "the Day of Xenon". Xenon used his new privileges to change /b/'s CSS layout, resulting in /b/'s background becoming pink and the Powerpuff Girls theme song being embedded into every page, /b/'s title was also changed to "All Hail Xenon".

November 3 - moot, liking the idea of fucking around with /b/'s layout, changes /b/'s background to a seizure-inducing GIF flashing yellow and white, with the techno-country song "Cotton-Eye Joe" by Rednex embedded into the pages, /b/'s title was then changed to "ON A STEEL HORSE I RIDE", and a sticky was created in which the new layout could be discussed.

November 4 - Shortly after midnight, /b/'s layout was changed again to a pink McDonald's-themed background, with "moving JavaScript Golden Arches" as Lurkmore put it, along with a 1980s McDonald's jingle added as background music. This hack lasted for three days and was hated by almost everybody. During this time, Xenon released the chatlogs from moot and Snacks' fight, causing massive outrage on /b/.

December 19 - moot posts a thread in /v/ asking for applications to be a janitor (person who can delete posts but not ban), which was up to that point unheard of. News of this spread to /b/, and many applications were received, and the janitors were implemented within the month.


January 30 - moot implements forced anonymous on /b/, with users unable to post with a name, tripcode, or subject, remaining until March 26, 2007, which, by then, it had definitely worn out its welcome.

February 6 - orz.4chan.org and cgi.4chan.org crash and are not fixed until three days later. During this time, the secret board, /5/, hosted on the orz server, was deleted.

• February 12 -Cracky-chan discovers her cult and decides it's enough. She makes a public statement on 420chan telling everyone to stop. Later, Kirtaner closes the board.

February 17 - The three new servers purchased during the Donate or Die 2005 campaign are successfully brought online. Each served as a backup for three of 4chan's content servers, with nov.4chan.org backing up cgi, bin.4chan.org backing up zip, and tmp.4chan.org backing up orz (img was already backed up by dat.4chan.org). In addition, the new servers took care of all post submissions, speeding up the boards significantly.
>> No. 577
February 18 - The day after the new servers are installed, 5M GET is achieved, during which the posting rate increased twenty fold. The servers were put to the test, with jumbo.4chan.org maxing out its line at 99.31 Mbit/s (~12.41 megabytes per second). The 5M GET was a picture of cat taken at an angle that made the cat look large, with the text "Needs more towercat". Users were divided between whether it was win or fail, although moot himself called it "more garbage" in the DevBlog.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

March 23 - 6M GET was achieved on /b/, with a picture of Senator Bill Frist holding up a card and the text "In after 6M GET". It was mostly considered a winGET due to the potential for epic shoops.

April 1 - /b/'s CSS is fucked with yet again, with the page layout being changed to tanasinn.org's layout, with a looping voice saying "Don't think. Feel and you'll be Tanasinn." Letters were randomly changed to the three-dot triangle symbol.

April 4 - moot makes a joke - BAD END. moot was eaten by a shark. ~fin ~

April 6 - Three new trial boards are added: /co/ (Comics & Cartoons), /po/ (Papercraft & Origami), and /sp / (Sports). Two days later, five more boards are added: /cgl/ (Cosplay & EGL), /ck/ (Food & Cooking), /mu/ (Music), /n/ (News) (Changing /n/ - Animals & Nature to /an/), and /tv/ (Television).

April 10 - When a user shows his ban reason as being DSFARGEG, he is banned and his thread stickied. Later seven threads are stickied, are stickied along with another DSFARGEG post, which consisted on a puppet from a Japanese show riding a motorcycle.

April 11 - /b/tards start to spam /b/ with the same puppet. Every post gets stickied and banned. This concluded with entire pages consisting only of stickied bans. DSFARGEG would be banned on sight from them on.

April 14 - moot announces that the three servers purchased during Donate or Die 2005 have been collocated and are up and running and also announces that he will rarely use the front page for small updates from now on, instead choosing to announce them on the DevBlog and blotter, moot also announces that 4chan will have a panel at which he will appear at AnimeCentral 2006, which took place on May 4. The next day, moot removes most of the wordfilters on /b/ and implements new ones.

April - Many of the original wordfilters are removed and new ones are implemented.

April 20 - 7M GET is reached, but due to the high strain on the server, the file was deleted, and the post had no text. However, mods retrieved the MD5 data from the picture from their database and found that it was the popular image macro of Chopper Dave from Sealab 2021 shouting "UH OHHHHHHH". In the same day, /b/ discovers that 13-year-old Mitchell Henderson kills himself over an iPod, after which /b/ raids his memorial MySpace and the "an hero" meme is born after a classmate of his posted a poem she written on his memorial account in which she constantly referred to him as "an hero".

May 11 - Eight threads are stickied, all consisting of modified versions of a picture from some Japanese show with a puppet riding on a motorcycle and the text "DSFARGEG". All posts were followed by (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) From them on posting DSFARGEG almost always resulted in a ban or a sticky.

May 18 - /b/ reaches 8M GET, one of the first GETs to be auto-stickied. It was considered a WinGET, due to the fact that it was a picture of George Zimmer and the text "HI, I'M GEORGE ZIMMER, FOUNDER AND CEO OF MEN'S WAREHOUSE. THIS IS 8000000 GET. I GUARANTEE IT".

• June 15 - The Tom Green Raids - Comedian Tom Green starts his own late-night call-in talk show hosted from his own living room, hosted every night at 11 PM EST. Over the next three months, /b/ trolls his show, with around 10% of all calls on the show being prank calls from 4chan. /b/ also focused on a section of his show, "Girl Talk", which featured five stereotypical "dumb chicks" giving

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

advice on relationships. The trolling of Girl Talk was so intense that it was canceled on August 19th because of it, combined with bad response from viewers. It would eventually become a tradition to raid Tom Green whenever he went.

â–  June 17 - A group of anons crapflood the Zelda Guide Forums for fun, after which a member threatens to "hack" 4chan. This prompts their leader, known as "Captain Cornflake" (the name of his raid account on Zelda Guide Forums, he was anonymous on /b/) to post this information to /b/. Many Anonymous joined the raid following this post and crapflooded the forums nearly into oblivion during the night while the moderating team was asleep. As the moderators were surveying the carnage the next morning, one mod actually pleaded for /b/ to stop and said he would give them their own board to spam, which just increased the raid. The forums now require manual admin verification, which keeps out many legit users, resulting in an anon victory.

â–  June 19 - Yet another epic raid occurs, with /b/ destroying naruto-kun.com after a user there posted about their dislike of 4chan. Following a major porn flood after which the site admin threatened to sic the FCC on 4chan, one anon discovered a source code document hidden on the site containing the site's SQL database password (which Anon posted on /b/) as well as loads of unchecked MySQL injection vulnerabilities. Anonymous also discovered that the fucking dumbass's FTP had the same password as his MySQL database, following which tons of anons logged in to the FTP account and deleted everything, destroying the entire site, including premium accounts and the database, and bringing the site down for two days.

July 4 - The first of many in a series of /b/ CSS hacks in July as the background was turned red and the text yellow. July 10th saw the theme song from "Bill Nye the Science Guy" embedded into the background (no layout changes however), while July 15th harbored a sticky in which "Also Sprach Zarathustra" by composer Richard Strauss (2001: A Space Odyssey theme song) was embedded. Toward the end of July, ten threads were stickied, taking up the entire first page of /b/, and the theme song from Inspector Gadget was embedded into /b/.

• July 6 - Crackypedia closes per (alleged again) Cracky-chan's request. The owner posts a macro with the date of closure, viewcount (17464) and the message "Flope you enjoyed it folks, I told you it wouldn't last forever."

July 7 - 10M GET is reached, considered the most failed GET of all time, simply a picture of Hazuki from the anime Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase- on a merry-go-round, with the text "hazukiget". Ironically, it was much later revealed to be a modGET, but with no trickery involved; Shii (4chan admin; coder of discussion boards) got the GET out of pure luck, proving that all modGETs, staged or not, will always be fail.

July 8 - 4chan returns after nearly a day of downtime. There has not been any honest answer in regards to the cause, some claim it was due to 4chan's bandwidth provider, Cogent, and the image flood to reach the 10000000 GET; to reports of the FBI seizing the hardware in search of CP.

• July 12 - The great Habbo raid of July 2006 - 4chan (along with Encyclopedia Dramatica, YTMND, GNAA, Bantown, and mygOt) storm Flabbo Hotel . A virtual online role playing game where, among other things, people pay real-life money for online money. Thousands of "nigras" (black characters with afros wearing business suits, the official raid costume) filled nearly every room on the site, especially the Pool Deck, during which the pool was blocked for hours because the pool had AIDS. The sheer number of Anonymous was so great that the Habbo mods could not ban the nigras faster than the accounts were being created, resulting in the mods having no choice but to reset their

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015
>> No. 578
server, after which the raid continued for a few more hours on Habbo servers in other countries, particularly the German Habbo Hotel (where the nigras would form in swastika patterns). The Habbo raid is often considered /b/'s best and spawned the "Nigra" meme and the "Pool's closed" meme. The word "AIDS" was later wordfiltered on Habbo as a result of the raid.

July 16 - Moderators make a sticky of a girl known as Ban-Chan, knowing full well that it is CP. Later that day, in a hypocritical statement, moderators inform 4chan that there will be less tolerance for posting illegal things.

July 20 - moot announces that they will have a panel at Otakon 2006 from August 4-6 in Baltimore, Maryland, with enough seating capacity to allow 680 people compared to the 230 from Otakon 2005.

July 22 - /v/ reaches 1M GET, considered to be one of the greatest non-/b/ gets of all time. The GET was a picture of PONG, the first-ever video game, thus a very fitting get for /v/. A small group of users believe that the GET was staged, citing an overload of Final Fantasy VII pics as the reason.

August 4 - Otakon 2006 starts and so does 4chan's panel. Many important 4channers are there, including moot, shut, Shii, and the apparent return of W.T. Snacks. An epic sermon was delivered by "Reverend" Lemmy Caution to spread the gospel of Raptor Jesus, and moot even created a new board, /con/ (Conventions), for people at the con to use, which was deleted a few hours after the con ended.

August 12 - The 4chan :codes: (words put between colons that are turned into smilies, like how posting :happy: would display a happy emoticon, for example) are released to the site. They are soon spammed all over the place, and threads are pruned extremely quickly. Images and .gifs of "englOl", "wOOt", "SAGE" (the classic blue Sega image edited to spell sage), "owned", "iceburn", the classic flashing "5", the green 4chan "cone", "sweatdrop", and "Hard Gay" were posted in large amount, often causing threads to be derailed in seconds.

• August 16 - Tom Green, an Canadian host in an Internet call in show, Tom Green's House Tonight, gets massively prank called by /b/tards, who made him hold a paper with the work b written on, wear a wig, suffered an hour long of DESU spam and meme spouting such as "Do a barrel roll". All these calls ended up clogging the lines and keeping actual fans from calling in. Green gets pissed enough that he announces on live TV: "thanks to you assholes this will no longer be a call in show". The next show in line was GirlTalk, which also got raided by /b/. This raid is possible because neither shows screened their calls.

• August 22 - A group of Anonymous go on a midnight raiding spree, eventually attracting tons (~100) of Anonymous to their posse in raid threads. They charged, destroying Proana.us (a pro-anorexia community), deleting all accounts on the site. Afterthis (by now around 1:00 AM of August 23), they attempted to raid the mygOt forum, but the raid failed due to mygOt’s massive size. Instead, they raided teenbabynet.org (not only furries, but teenage furries with diaper fetishes), locking the forum and rendering it totally unviewable by 10:00 AM. At around this time, they turned their attention to WikiFur, leaving it in complete disarray. With mods extremely worried, moot does something drastic around noon of August 23...

August 23 - The /b/-day - moot (in a somewhat justifiable fit of anger) posts a sticky announcing that anyone who posts illegal content will get you permabanned and possibly arrested, and that even people who REPLY to illegal threads will receive a two-week global ban, with the definition of

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

"illegal threads" referring to CP, jailbait, personal info, and raids (some of /b/'s most cherished traditions). This led to a massive outcry due to the fact that this policy was technically introducing rules to /b/, whose main goal was to be a rule-free board. CP/Jailbait is posted in defiance, mass "WTF IS THIS SHIT" spamming and Hitler references. There was a sudden universal reset, /b/ had no posts, and the sticky was gone. It was soon replaced with a new sticky restating the policy in a softer manner, only to be re-stickied and a new thread with the original text with added information stickied, which was then de-stickied and re-stickied over and over by moot and other mods that disagreed with him. This along spamming from angry / b/tards, caused img.4chan.org to crash, leaving 14 boards, including /b/, /an/, /b/, /c/, /cm/, /g/, /k/, /m/, /o/, /p/, /r/, /s/, /t/, /v/, and /w/ inaccessible. A civil war broke out, with many /b/tards permanently leaving 4chan and taking up new homes at 7chan, AnonIB, IlChan, 2ch.ru (Which would go on to fund the entirety of the Russian chanverse), and 420chan. moot got rid of the policy very shortly afterwards due to the enormous backlash. However, img.4chan.org didn't return until August 25, two days later. Eventually, it would be considered that the events of the /b/-day where a failure, because a week later /b/ was doing the same routine as if it never happened. On the rest of the Internet, however, this resulted in a massive increase of alternative image boards, like WTFux, 7chan, 2ch.ru and others where many banned users took an exodus to. This marked the rise of the /i/nsurgence, given that 7chan and AnonIB housed an /i/ board, long forbidden by moot, for the first time the /b/tard would orchestrate raids on an organized fashion.

• August 25 - /b/ is restored with img.4chan.org, inciting floods by opponents of the mod's new policies. Later this day www.anonib.com/invasions/ is flooded (presumably) by 4channers with desu and images of Suiseiseki, leading to the board crashing and all of the content being deleted. Debates and flamewars sparked across /b/ between both opposing sides. In addition, /b/ in general had been divided into two factions of /b/tards with the original /b/ claiming the majority. Many /b/tards trolled both sides and managed to spark a few debates over which board was better. One side saying the other had gotten boring while the other side claiming the others weren't real /b/tards. Eventually the threads burned themselves out and the people went to bed.

August 26 - Despite all the internet drama; 4chan /b/ is online and back to running as normal. Floods by those angry with the more vigilant enforcement of long-standing rules against illegal content have mostly subsided. The only remaining conflicts have led to meme wars and a competitive "Who's better than who?" flood war. However, the rage slowly calmed and the major populace of both 7chan and 4chan grew tired of it. What was left were threads developed with the hopes of cultivating peace, harmony, and friendship, but ultimately things ended in bitter separation.

September 4 - World-famous Australian "croc hunter" Steve Irwin is killed by a stingray barb to the
heart while filming a documentary, /b/ is immediately flooded with this information and one of the first threads to announce it was stickied for a week, becoming the most replied-to thread in /b/ history with slightly over 5,200 replies (later beaten by the "#fortune" sticky on April 27, 2007). Many Rule 34s and general parodies are posted in /b/ during that time.

• September 11 - Habbo, Revisited - In response to Steve Irwin's death, the fifth anniversary of 9/11, and hatred for Habbo Hotel, /b/, led by AFRODUCK, starts another massive raid on Habbo, with around 5,000 Anonymous partaking in the raid (~600 nigras on the Pool Deck alone). They blocked every single room, announcing that not only did the pool have AIDS, but also had stingrays as well. The raid continued for entire days until September 14. (cont.)
>> No. 579
Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

October (May have happened as early as January) - After a new wave of janitors is recruited, moot adds /j/, the secret staff board, back then known as /j/ - Janitor (Nowadays named Janitor & Moderator Discussion). The first thread is moot ordering all janitors to report there, failure to comply after a week resulting in loss of privileges/ban.

October 1 - 4chan celebrates its third anniversary, and places blue-and-pink striped party hats on the top of each thread, /b/tards made pictures interacting with the hats, causing many threads that are epic win (a good chunk of epic thread screencaps are from this day). Dan makes a second commemoration.

October 20 - Jake Brahm turns himself in to authorities following a now-infamous copypasta that he had written, reposting it around 40 times within the previous 30 days, in which he warned of simultaneous terrorist attacks against seven football stadiums across the United States on October 22nd. Two days before this, on October 18, the Department of Homeland Security was notified about the copypasta and attempted to track down and arrest the creator of it; when the Wauwatosa, Wisconsin police department (Brahm's town of residence) received a tip on October 20, he turned himself in and faces up to 20 years imprisonment, thus making him the only person to have been party v& for his actions as of 2007. The news and medio attraction send the site on a panic, who believes they will be closes. There was no consequence for4chan, and the phrase "DON'T MESS WITH FOOTBALL", uttered by FBI agent Les Wiser during a news report on Brahm's arrest, has since become a meme.

â–  October 30 - Habbo, Revisited 2 or the Habbo fail raid - Somewhere around 100 nigras gather around Habbo Hotel, but are banned quickly.

November 7 - After moot doesn't pay the bills, the site goes down for two days, during which a page was put up explaining that the servers were gone because moot didn't pay and that the problem would be fixed within "24-48 hours" (crossed out with "FIFTY-BILLION YEARS" written next to it). Many /b/tards, looking for a temporary *chan to go to until 4chan returns, cause a major spike in traffic for other *chans as /b/tards go there temporarily. 7chan and 12chan were destroyed by the flood of traffic and suffered severe downtime.

• November 21 - /b/space day - A /b/tard loads a keyloggers on a public PC and gives /b/ over 40000 MySpace accounts and passwords. Of course, they proceed to have a field day over it.

November 30 - moot announces that more banner ads from AdBrite will be added to 4chan in December due to the fact that donations are no longer possible. As a result of the extra money, 4chan becomes faster after moot uses the money for extra bandwidth capacity.

December 8 - Only 19 days after /b/'s 16 millionth post, /b/ reached the 17 million mark late December 8th. This marks the shortest time it has ever taken to get another 1 million posts in all of /b/ and 4chan's history. Of course, in the following years, getting 1 million posts in a day would become something trivial.

• December 20 - The Hal Turner Raids - Hal Turner, a white supremacist talk show host from New Jersey, plans his final radio show due to lack of funding, in which he takes calls for three hours straight. However, a combined surprise raid from 4chan, 7chan, YTMND, Something Awful, and Bantown destroyed Hal's show, with 150 prank calls being made in three hours, with almost none of his real listeners being able to call in due to clogged lines. Hal then posts the phone numbers of the callers on his website (some of which were minors), sparking a huge outrage among /b/.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

Bantown then uncovered his personal information, including his real phone number, after which ~160 calls were made to his house. Hal gave in and removed the phone numbers from his site, but as we all know, Anonymous does not forgive.

December 24 - Taking /b/ by surprise on the eve of Christmas, Anonymous posts a story no truer than that of the wildest fantasies of /b/tards and surprisingly, admits it's wrong. What's even more amazing is that Anonymous sympathizes with Anonymous. This day is the birth and story of /b/man: A Christmas in the life of Anonymous.

• December 25 - Hal Turner spends Christmas with his family over at his father's house; news of this spread, and Bantown quickly found his father's number, leading to a massive amount of calls and Hal supposedly being kicked out of the house. After this, Hal claimed that the FBI was investigating 4chan (an Anonymous later called in to Hal's show claiming that he had contacted the FBI and that they had said that no such investigation was taking place) and redirected his website to the FBI page.

â–  December 31 - A happy ending for 2006 after Hal Turner surrenders to 4chan after much raiding and lulz, and announces that he is almost off of the internet completely. He announces, "I am not certain where to go from here. My entire existence - short of my physical presence on this planet - has been utterly wrecked, by people I never met from places I've never been." Anonymous knocks back a cold one and lols heartily.


â–  January 3 - Hal Turner's third radio show gets dropped midsession allegedly because a hacker called Slogh held a grudge against him, and launched a botnet to DDOS the site.

• January 5 - Hal Turner redirects his website to the FBI for a while in an effort to deter trolls.

January 9 - moot posts on the front page, announcing that 4chan would soon have interstitial ads due to dwindling revenue, moot also allows all of the trial boards created on April 6, 2006 to become full boards, except for /sp/ (Sports), which is deleted.

January 10 - All text disappears on /b/, with users only being able to talk through pictures or the E- mail field. Needless to say, this was win, and caused /b/ to be fag-free for a few hours.

• January 22 - Hal Turners has enough and deletes his site.

• January 24 - Ian, owner of 7chan, gets a notice from his host saying that the board /i/ violates the TOS. He deletes it. Meanwhile, Hal Turner gets kicked from his datacenter, and on the way to get a new way crashes his car.

• January 27 - The great chan death of January 2007 - 4chan has a power failure and dies in the usual manner, however, so do all the other mayor imageboards of the Internet. 420chan was kicked out of from hosting, 12 was suspended by the FBI, 2ch.ru died for unknown reasons, and 7chan couldn't handle the influx of all the users bases put together and crashed. Even wikichan went down, to never return.

• February 1 - Hal surrenders and claims to quit the internet. However that statement got the New York Times and a couple of watchers interested so he had more money for funding-.

February 3 - 20milGET is achieved, 16 days after 19milGET.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015 (cont.)
>> No. 580
â–  February 10 - Hal Turner redirects his own site to 420chan.org and claims the "Canadian Communist" Kirtaner hacked him. However a WHOIS search showed the truth.

• February 12 - He gets his page back

February 15 - Two new boards are added: /tg/ (Traditional Games) and /x/ (Paranormal), the latter being created due to the popularity of 7chan's /x/ board and a rising creepypasta culture on /b/. moot also announces the winners in a contest for new banners. The next day, janitor applications are opened and then closed four days later, with the new janitors being implemented around early March.

â–  March 7 - Hal makes another radio show, anonymous raids him again. He dedicated the show about the 21/4 raid.

• March 21 - Anonymous discovers photos of 16-year-old Kelly Isenhower of Georgia sucking off her dog, as well as her phone number and address. Needless to say, Anon went batshit, raiding her DeviantArt and MySpace, calling her parents and telling them about the incident, and even e-mailing the photographs to her school principal, although she was adamant that the photos were shopped (which they obviously weren't). She was suspended from school indefinitely, her dog was taken away, and everyone now hates her, including all her former friends and her parents. Anonymous rejoices.

March 26 - The Great re/b/oot - moot announces a re/b/oot and aims to restore /b/ to its former glory. Two stickies are created, one being a letter moot received that inspired him to start the re/b/oot, and another sticky being his formal apology for "letting /b/ turn to shit", /b/'s background changed to a seizure-inducing flashing yellow and white background and a swf. file with the song "Cotton-Eyed Joe" embedded in the background. The Name and Subject fields return to /b/, effectively ending forced anonymous and allowing tripcodes. Many people were banned by moot in both stickies for comments such as "/b/ sucks", and in many other threads as well. Later, a third sticky was made which was a locked thread with only two posts, with the OP announcing that he was "afraid of being banned by the crazy bitch-ass mods" and also said, "You might as well make rules for /b/ now faggots", followed by which the poster was banned. Later in the day, 23M GET was achieved, which was a picture of a Pokemon with text InfernalRape and the past consisted of INFERNALGET. Considering this to be an extreme failGET (as did all of /b/), moot banned the poster, instantly transforming it into a winGET. The post timer is increased to a whopping 10 minutes and the post count reset several times.

March 27 -Transmission - The next day, /b/'s title changes to "Transmission" with Trans italicized and the background turned /b/lack, and techno music was played, specifically "You could easily have me" by Motronomy. A sticky was posted containing a picture of Diglet and said, "/b/ is /b/ again". Many users were banned in the thread for suggesting otherwise.

March 28 - Revolution - /b/'s title changed to "Revolution" and the background was changed yet again to gray with red tripcodes (allowing users to impersonate moot every easily), techno music was added with the prominent line, "I am the creator". A sticky was posted in which a user was banned for posting DSFARGEG.

March 29 - Showdown - The day after that, the title was Showdown and the background was changed to a rapidly flashing rainbow background, as well as the posts. A techno version of the song "Eye of the Tiger" with elements from "Let Your Backbone Slide", called "Tiger Said Knock You Out"

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

by Neon Kobra, was added as background music. Four stickies were created, each with a GIF of a rainbow-flashing number 5 and the four stickies contained one line each of the song's opening verse (This is a showdown/A throwdown/Flell no, I can't slow down/lt's gonna go).

March 30 - Intermission - The next day, /b/ returned to normal, with a normal layout and no background music, during which /b/'s title was changed to "Intermission".

April 1 - Following two days of normal /b/, techno music was again added as background music, but the CSS remained unchanged, signaling the end of the re/b/oot.

• April 20 - 4chan administrators are forced to temporarily shut down img.4chan.org after a thread containing four uncensored images of child pornography became stuck on the front page for over an hour (during which nobody could post) and could not be deleted due to MySQL problems. Rather than getting v&, the plug was pulled on img.4chan.org and was restored around 12-15 hours later. During the downtime, since 7chan was down as well, a massive amount of /b/tards flocked to 420chan, thus ruining 420chan's most special day, 4/20.

• April 21 - Hal Turner fail IRL raid - Hal Turned hyped the shit out of a supposed IRL raid, called two cop units, and ambulance and various friends. Only four channers, two anons and two girls (Or traps?) came in.

April 27 - "Fortunes" are introduced to /b/, a feature that moot had implemented from the very beginning but had never told anyone about. Basically, if you put your name as "#fortune", you will get a random fortune at the top of your post, chosen at random, moot announced it to the public after another mod told him to reveal it, causing mass spamming of fortunes. A thread in which someone guessed their own fortune was stickied and became the most replied-to thread in /b/ history, beating the Steve Irwin thread in just 19 hours with 5,336 posts.

>> No. 581
• April 28 - Subeta raids - 4chan, 7chan, and especially 420chan combine forces to attack Subeta, a faggot role-playing website similar to Gaia who stole Longcat and turned him into an item for their faggoty site. When the chans complained, Subeta DDoSed 420chan, leaving it in ruins and sticking Kirtaner (420chan's owner) with a $6,000 server bill. The *chans then DDoS Subeta, which they find hard to do due to lack of effort, as well as Subeta's 2000 GB monthly bandwidth and lack of large images. Nevertheless, two major Subeta fansites were shut down permanently and Subeta was down for two days. Keith (Subeta's owner) eventually apologized and removed Longcat from his site after a long and bloody battle, at which many Anonymous rejoiced. On this same day, Encyclopedia Dramatica, one of /b/'s most famous recruiting posts, encountered a severe hard disk failure and does not return until June 8.

May - first known instance of a Rickroll in 4chan's /v/. Related to Grand Theft Auto.

May 13 - moot changes /b/'s layout so that everything is the same color (excluding checkboxes and fortunes), meaning that users will have to press Ctrl+A (Select All) or disable CSS in order to view text. A sticky is posted in which moot explains that the color change is to keep stupid people out, which moot closed a few hours later at around 1,900 posts, moot also announced that threads would go back to the limit of 250 posts and 100 images instead of 1000 posts and 500 images, so that topics can be pruned easier and that the directory dumper would be harder to abuse. The color change lasted a week (during which posting rates decreased by 10%) after which it was disabled, triggering some anger from some /b/tards who wished that the cancer could have been kept out longer.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

June 5 - /co/ reaches 1M GET; the thread disappears within five seconds or so, and due to the strain on the server, the file was deleted as soon as it was uploaded. The post also had the text, "reducto get", referring to Reducto from Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, meaning that the picture was most likely one of him. The next day, /b/ reaches 29M GET, which the original poster deletes after three hours after being persuaded to do so in another thread.

• July 12 - The Great Habbo Raid of July 2007 - Commemorating one year of the most epic raid ever done, /b/ sets out to raid Habbo hotel once again. This time, the mods decide that "If you can't beat them, join then" via declaring international Afro day. However this resulted in racist implications. There were many complains about the raid, mainly coming from lack of organization, but everyone agrees it was just as funny as the last year. At the same time, Tom Green makes a midnight show, completely drunk, and gets one single prank call from the anons. He spends the rest of the show shouting BARREL ROLL and MUDLIFFS at every caller, ended up closing the show half an hour earlier.

June 16 - 30M GET is achieved one hour after midnight, when many /b/tards are asleep. It was an extreme failGET, as was 10M GET and 20M GET. Consisting of the text "Shit. Getting closer" and a picture from some anime, it received around 2400 replies before being deleted 15 hours later.

• July 17 - Anonymous raids potterforums.com via spam bots with the spoilers for Harry Potter's seventh book. They manage to close the site down

June 18 - moot brings back forced Anonymous on /b/ after someone insults him. Many think it is merely a temporary change, and they were right. The forced Anonymous remains in place for just over a month.

July 20 - Sometime around 5:40 P.M. EDT, forced anonymous is turned off again. No reason is given at the time, nor is a sticky posted. It is later revealed that moot turned it off at the urging of the other 4chan staffers, all of whom were going to Otakon.

• July 21 - The Great Deathly Hallows IRL Raid of 2007 - /b/ gets a leak of Harry Potter's seventh book, obtained from Gaia (Ha!) and proceed to spoiler it for everyone else.

July 23? - /b/'s background music is changed to a remix of "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday.

July 26 - The Fox News Report - HACKERS ON STEROIDS - Fox news makes what is probably most hilariously retarded act of journalism in history. Covering anonymous and internet hackers in ways completely irrelevant, such as showing the footage of an exploding van and that a mother whose son MySpace account got hacked and took to defensive measures such as buying a dog. They coined many memes such as HACKERS ON STEROIDS, INTERNET HATE MACHINE, buy a dog, exploding van and lulz, a corruption of lol.

• July 27 - /b/ raids the shit out of Fox News, spamming MyFoxLA and MyFoxDC forums until the admins deleted them, getting into a completely unprotected FoxNews.com and stealing the personal info 1.5 million users from ZiffDavis.com via a UNIX script, all blaming whilst eBaumsWorld. Other Anonymous IRL raided the Fox News LA Studio by ordering pizzas, male hookers and fast food and many others things. This raid would have happened the same day but, for a weird reason, no new threads could be created on /b/ during that day.

July 31? - Forced Anon returns on /b/.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

• July 31 - G4's Attack of the Show's plan to talk about Anon at 4chan created forced names/tripcodes of ATOS's guests and anchors for the day on /b/.

September - By this time /rs/ - Rapidshare was created.

September 11 - /b/tard Trey Burba upload the photograph of a pipe bomb on /b/ claiming that he will bomb his school, however he forgot to remove the EXIF data from the camera and he was Doxed. He later claimed everything was a social experiment but the damage was done, the FBI arrested him the next day. He was charged with felony and received three months of house arrest.

September 21 - Forced Anon is removed from /b/ for some reason, resulting in moot and W.T. Snacks impersonations (among other things).

October 1 - 4chan celebrates its 4th birthday with the return of the purple and blue party hats to
/b/. A good time is had by all. The yearly commemoration is made by Mac. (cont.)
>> No. 582
â–  â–  October 19 - 25 - The Caturday Nap - A number of users from Lulznet, previously known as Helldrive IRC, an IRC server that managed to link with many major raid chans of the era (7chan, WTFux, Raidchan, Partyvan.org, 420chan and the Patriotic Nigras) enter the 4chan IRC channel. One of its members, Locutus_of_Lulz, demands that it be moved from its current location on irc.rizon.net to irc.partyvan.org/irc.lulz.net. Their request is not taken seriously and they are banned from the channel in short order. During the exchange, moot apathetically replies "ire is stupid" and "i am gonna go make soup". Angered, Lulznet beings a DDoS attack against 4chan. The attack is relatively successful, with all of the 4chan servers' timing out relatively quickly, in response moot simply plugs them out. Simultaneously, Encyclopedia Dramatica attacks Wikichan for the sake of it.

â–  October 20 - With 4chan off the map, /b/tards flock to 7chan and other sites, as usual. 7chan's server cannot take this much traffic and wavers in and out of service. 420chan enters partyhard mode to keep the site out of /b/tards.

• October 21 - A 7chan mod decides it's enough and attaches an upgraded version of partyhard. css to /b/, sending everything to hell. Later they decide to DDOS Lulznet, they fail and Lulznet brings their IRC down, and eventually the whole site, though they almost manage to contain it before their host fixes the problem by nulling them for a while. The p4ch3c0 redirects 7chan to Habbo hotel, /b/tards schedule raids while they wait.

• October 22 - /b/tards and /i/nsurgents gather at Freechan and begin to plan a counter attack. The surge of users puts the site down for fifteen minutes and the OP of the invasion threads gets banned due to fear of Lulznet retaliation. The Lulznet DDOSs are pulled down, 7chan returns but moot is still hanging on to his soup.

• • October 24 - They find the Lulznet IRC and DDOS the shit out of them, moot finally runs out of soups and 4chan and /b/ are back with tons of OC, copypasta and a new meme called brb, soup.

â–  â–  October 26 - No Cussing Club raid - /b/ decided to raid a kids club that, as the name suggests, was against swearing and somehow managed to get the praise of a governor. Simultaneously, new measures are planted on /b/ to stem the tide of newfaggotry. As a result, the possibility of combos was eliminated, the #fortune ability was disabled, and the cancer's hold on the board was reduced somewhat.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

• November 5 -The EFG Day Raid - Commemorating the anniversary of V for Vendetta, anon change the classical nigras for a new model resembling the V for Vendetta character. Though extremely unorganized and failing most of its activities, the raid of notorious for managing huge swastigets and other forms of /b/lockade.

December - moot changes the front page

December 14 - BRB, compromised - IDIDITFORTHELULZ.net obtains moot's domain password, hereby taking control of 4chan by having CeLe, owner of Glexia.com, 4chan's hosting, hand them over. CeLe was a good friend of DIDITFORTHELULZ's admin, XyriX. Together with his team [Lulz] and his girlfriend Angyl they tried to make a "4chan for the people". There is a recorded phone conversation where Angyl tries to get a fansign picture of a very angry moot in exchange for giving them the site back. Glexia suspended 4chan's and teamdouche's (Angyl's former team) accounts after they Dox'd Angyl together with Anonymous Borg (Locutus_of_loli, actor in the Caturday Nap). Why they helped, its unknown, moot got the site back after he gave the ransom. I wonder where the pictures are.

• December 21 - The FBI makes reports the arrest of Trey Burba in their website, showing that they really don't have any idea of how /b/ works.

â–  December 30 - Hal Turner announces that he is closing his site. In a last moment, 7channers and anons from #insurgency tell the gOOns, who used their actual hacker skills to steal all the data regarding donations and subscribers. It turns out Hal made more money from the former than the latter. Plus that bandwidth totaled way less than he told.


• January 1 - His server is hacked once again - This time the hackers finds something interesting, an email exchange with an FBI agent, showing that Hal Turner was in fact Psy-Ops infiltrating the neo nazi movement. Of course, they spread the news like wildfire.

• January 10 -The exchange is discussed on a neo nazi site (Stormfront?), Hal Turner officially breaks off the neo nazi movement and vowed to end his show immediately. On his site, after a long streak of messages, he officially ends the Hal Turner show.

• January 29 - Hal Turner makes an official announcement on his dead site that he has no relation whatsoever with the FBI.

February 12 - Moot posted on the news page basically talking about imminent changes on 4chan (new trial boards, more janitors, etc). But most of those things never happened.

February 19 - The following boards were added: "/fa/ - Fashion", "/fit/ - Health & Fitness", "/he/ - Hardcore", "/n/ - Transportation" (Replacing / n/ - News), "/sp/ - Sports", "/toy/ - Toys", "/trv/ - Travel", "/jp/ - Japan/General", and "/r9k/ - ROBOT9000".

• March 6 - Tom Green gets raided again. This time anons called, asking him to do stuff like a successful gentlemen re-enactment, time-stamping his hand and finally gets an anon who decides to shout FAT NIGGER six times until he's cut. Around here was when the infamous raid channel #tomgreen was born.

• March 17 -AnotherTom Green raid, he befriends a caller on Skype and decides to let him on and call another caller. The first one was cut short because he began to shout FAT NIGGER, now a Tom

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

>> No. 583
Green classic. The second one asked him to do a Barrel Roll and the third one put on a Guy Fawkes mask and began to masturbate vigorously. Another called brought up his issue with Drew Baltimore.

April 11 - /n/ - Transportation was invaded by news posts in seeking to turn the board back to /n/ - News, but in a few hours the threads were removed and the posters banned.

• ■ May 2 - /b/-day 2 - Out of curiosity, moot decides to turn /b/ off for one day. The ensuing wave of adrift /b/tards, with no place to go since 7chan was pretending to be bought by 4chan, redirecting to the site, they flocked at /r9k/. There, they discovered that they could impersonate moot, and decided to flood the shit out of everything. As the day progressed more and more /b/tards drifted towards the other boards, mainly /r9k/, /k/, /s/ and /x/.

• May 22 - Operation Jewtube - In response to protests from My Chemical Romance fans regarding criticism of the band, /i/nsurgentsfrom Britchan troll the media by making videos about the protest, adding a final note telling that they were going to kill themselves at the end.

June 13 - 4chan's /b/ got spammed with obfuscated JavaScript code with the simple instructions. In reality, it effectively turns your computer into a botnet.

June 18 - The old /b/ day and the Boston fail meet up - /b/'s title was changed as well to old /b/, the love Theme from Metal Gear Solid 4 is embedded with the subtitle

“/b/ has changed.

it's no longer about original content, epic GETs, and win
it's an endless series of reposts, perpetuated by newfags and trolls
fail - and its consumption of/b/, has become an unstoppable cancer.

/b/ has changed."

"This is our final mission" was written on the announcements. Before, the title/ has already been renamed /vaporeon/," "/tom/" and "/b/oston." The board was later locked, and unlocked with two stickies. Confused /b/tards though this was it, /b/ was going to be deleted and vowed to at least try to kill the cancer, the cancerous threads became "One last X" threads and other vowed to delete their /b/ folder. However, on other boards, a small text appeared: "today, 6/18. Boston common, park street. 7pm.". By 7PM, a link to an USTREAM video was posted on all the boards, moot successfully tricked all the newfags for 4chan to see.

•June 25 -The SOHH raids -In response of taunts from the JGO (Just Buggin' Out) forum, /b/ decides to raid the rap site SOHH. They infiltrate the forums, pish accounts and exploit vBulletin until they get admin passwords. They deface the site and eventually DDoS the forums and later the site. The rest of SOHH's userbase flocked to other site like AIIHipHop and /b/ also destroyed them.

July 6 - By this time, /ib/ and /ip/ were merged back into Oekaki

â–  July 10 - a /b/tard spamming "Google &#21328" "See results" manages to make /b/ get the swastika appear on Google trends.

• July 11 - The Great Habbo Raid of July 2008 -Following the tradition, plans were already in motion to raid Habbo Hotel once again. This time the action was located in Canada. However many /b/tards raided one day earlier with the excuse of reconnaissance. Though they managed many swastigets the mods eventually retaliated.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

• July 12 - /b/tards all over the *chans joined in Habbo Canada to raid. The zerg rush was absolute and very unorganized, even though the veteran nigras made tools for the newfags. The Canadian moderation was more reactionary than the American and banned nigras back and forth. At the same time, in an effort against

• July 13 - In an effort against Scientology, /b/tard search bomb Google to make "scientology is a cult" top Google Trends. Later they change it to an Upside-down "fuck you Google"

â–  July 21 - The Chanopocalypse - Three users from Raidchan, Pacifico, ViraL and f have the idea to start an imageboard civil war; their attempts fail as they were discovered, so they decide to go nuts and DDOS every major imageboard on the net.

August 7 - 4chan's DNS servers were down and it was not restored until August 11 2008.

• August 22 -One of the most notorious Tom Green Raids. Tom Green decided to challenge his users to play "the game" - As long as his view count never dropped he would keep taking calls. #tomgreen began to call for /b/lackup on 4chan, 7chan, 420chan and many other sites, and soon the view counts tripled. Botnets were assembled to create fake views and cries of FAT NIGGERS flowed from the phone. Tom Green lost it, shouted "Fuck you, man" at the last caller, torn the phone cable, shouted "PFIONES ARE BULLSHIT" whilst leaving and closed the show with a final "See ya, pricks". Anonymous gave the coup de grace by DDOSing the server.

August 29 - Another spam scripts gets hold of b taunting people to come to their house for some reason.

September 10 - Positron Uprising - The Giant Fladron Collider was starting today, and moot changed /b/ title to Positron Uprising, with a subtitle of "I, for one, salute our new proton spiral overlords - ROW ROW FIGHT TH E POWAH" And embedded Tekken Toppa Gurren Lagan's theme on /b/. Every single post is wordfiltered to "ROW ROW FIGTH THE POWAH". A small, clickable fyi link appears under the comment field, which leads to a giant, /b/ proceeds to evacuate the board and raids the fuck out of /trv/ and various other boards. The next stop was /v/, but the raid was met with strong retaliation. Eventually this inspired /v/ tripfag 3 Angled Blue to make the Rage Vs. Cancer comic depicting the civil war, and it got such a rise in popularity that /v/irgins got together and made the popular V-rage flash. 3AB then made a sequel comic and an unfinished conclusion in flash.

September 16 - /b/tard David Kernel hacks into Sarah Palin's email by guessing the secret questions, looking to derail his campaign. However he's scared of being discovered and posts the password on /b/ under the name of Rubico. Subsequently, another user changes the password and posts a screencap, but forgets to censor it. Besides getting labeled a white knight, the account gets the password changed a third time, but due to Yahoo policy it gets locked. Rubico essentially showed /b/ all the information necessary to get v&, including his email, his American Proxy, moot gets called into court to testify against David.

September 17 - Rubico posts his story of how he did it, it immediately becomes a copypasta. The news get on the old media and an Internet poll held by Fox News's host Greta Van Susteren over the issue, asking what the users though about the incident, if it was a harmless prank or a political move. Anonymous was aware of this and immediately clicked the prank option. However when the polls turned to 67% in favour of the prank the host claimed they got hacked. After the show was over they rigged the poll so you could no longer select the prank option. 4chan then proceeded to spam the comments section. A thread erupts laughing at how moot will get v& because of it, and

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

moot responds by changing the title to "/b/ - DESPICABLE, SLIMMY, SCUMMY" with the subtitle "Remix". He then embedded a remix of Row Row Fight the Powah.

â–  September 20 - Rubico gets arrested and his house is investigated. It ends up he's the son of Democratic Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell. /b/ attempts to DDOS and Raid Bill O'Reily, who was dissing the site at the time but they fail to incite any reaction.

October 1 -4chan turns five years old. moot celebrates again adding party hats to everything. Mac makes a second commemoration.

• • ■ October 7 - The second grand jury of Kernel's case. Moot had to go and testify about 4chan. - /b/ goes down due to script kiddies, /b/tards flood /x/, /d/, /v/ and /n/. /k/ strikes a counter- offensive.

November 4 - /b/'s title changed to RON PAUL 2008 and then to O/b/ama - Your new supreme overlord for the elections. (cont.)
>> No. 584
November 30 - /b/ hits 100M GET, featured a furry image by artist Strype. This iconic action on this day would shortly thereafter be labeled as the day of "Epic Fail".

• December 12 - Anontalk.org spams /b/. /b/ begins to plan a retaliation. Hal Turner meanwhile tried to convince anonymous to hack into the Federal Reserve and get him some dox.

■ • December 13 -The day /b/ died - /b/ and a coalition of *chans and related raids AnonTalk during Operation AntFuck, fed off with his endless spam. At the same time /b/ gets spammed to death by Raidchan with KORAX > YOU and KAYLA > YOU. Somehow, this actually makes most people leave and those who stayed claimed that the boards quality got better.

December 27 - Prelude to Boxxy - 4chan was due for unknown reasons, and on 7chan's /b/, now roaring with 4chan's /b/tards, a video of a strangely tantalizing teenager was embedded under the name of FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY.


• January 1 - The great No Cussing Club Raid - /b/tards chan-wide IRL raid McKay, creator of the No Cussing Club by sending him porn magazines, pizza and death threats. On 4chan, /b/ was back, and the boxxy video was the subject of many "You rage, you lose" and "You fall in love, you lose" threads. Opinions on boxxy where divided, and conflicted, submerging the board in a flame war. Enraged newfags and oldfags spammed her comments section and days later boxy closed her Youtube channel, boxybabe.

January 7 - Boxxy discovers her fans and decides to lurk /b/. There, she posted two pics of herself, but was called out as a fake, to prove her pictures; she made a second account, boxybabee, and uploaded a third video acknowledging /b/. At that point, everything went to hell.

â–  January 10 - Operation: Clampdown - Everything was going to hell. About 50% of the threads on /b/ where about boxxy. Pissed off, the "faction", those who did not care, planned to DDOS the site the next day.

January 11 - The Boxxy civil war - The boxxy situation escalated to the point where anonymous planned to DDOS /b/ at 00:00 GMT. Shortly after the mods blocked all posting claiming the img server was down for maintenance. Following this, saying Boxxy becomes insta-ban.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

• January 15 - Martin Luther King Day raid - /b/tards storm Habbo once again using the MLK Day against the racist mods. Nigras gathered at the Theater dome and a special nigra called Dr. King stood at the stage preaching /b/lack propaganda.

• January 17 - 2ch.ru, the first Russian imageboard, dies.

January 18 - A group of name fags called the CBRC (Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction) hacked into Boxxy's channel by guessing the password change question after hacking her email. They privatized all her videos and uploaded one claiming that Boxxy will never upload a video again, holding her dOx hostage. This would be considered a win, however they proceeded to brag about their deeds on the comment section and nobody liked that.

January 19 - Realizing this, they spread her dOx and uploaded a second video attempting, and failing, to claim that they did not do it for fame.

January 20 - Seeing that their infamy wouldn't do anything else than rise, they decided to shut down the organization and revert the account due to troll's remorse.

â–  January 21 - McKay's father, Brent Hatch's email gets hacked. It's discovered that in fact, No Cussing Club was the parent's idea and profits from it. Leaking this info effectively ruined the club.

January 28 - "After four months of being ad-free, we're running some ad tests. We ask that you bear with us as we filter out the shitty ads and see what works. Also, please don't block them, and be sure to click those that interest you. Thanks!"

â–  March 2 - Yet another Tom Green Raid. Tom is having a party with some friends, David Faustino and Corin Nemec. #tomgreen called pizzaland and ordered 79$ worth of pizza. Tom actually likes the prank and closes the show whilst eating pizza.

March 13 - A Dutch /b/tard announces his intention to go and kill people on the Brenda high school but is reported to the FBI. Europe, who had a high school massacre in Germany two days before, responds immediately. He gets arrested and his house is searched. He claimed that everything was a joke.

March 15 - Another Dutchfag decided to do the same in Rotterdam too, however he was under seven proxies so the city of Rotterdam closes all their schools the next day.

March 20 - The Dutch police reveal a third Dutchfag did a thread on March 13 but they didn't not made the news public for fear of hyping the issue.

March 16 - The Dutch police decides to give him a two weeks detainment.

• March 21 - Again, /b/ retaliates towards the endless AnonTalk spam with Operation AntFuck II

March 24 - A Legendary thread full of copypasta based on a Batman Begins quote of the Joker called "My Father.. .was a baker.. .and a friend"


â–  March 30 - Tom Green finally snaps, he played an atonal saxophone during the whole show, keeping the audience watching with the expectation that he would eventually stop and take calls.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015
>> No. 585
• April 1 - He continues the act the next day and closes the show shouting obscenities followed by "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK".

• April 11 - Once again, /b/ decides to raid AnonTalk for a third tame, continuing the operation.

• April 16 - Tom Green gets Sushi. He has a bunch of friends come to the house to party, with no Skype on the plans. Meanwhile, a tripfag under the name of BBQ orders 450 dollars' worth of Sushi and every anon waits expectantly. Nothing happens until the end of the show, his door rings and we see a small cart with enough Sushi to feed a small family for a week comes in. However it seems he did not pay for the Sushi, because he's seen eating a Hamburger at the end of the show.

â–  April 17 - Kimmo makes a news post declaring that he won't spam any longer. Anonymous declares victory. Two days later he goes full circle and the spam starts again.

• April 21 - Tom Greens gets a camwhore on StickCam who immediately runs a loop of meatspin. Tom took a while to turn it off.

â–  April 27 - 4chan related groups successfully hacked Time 2009's Person of the Year contest by rigging the candidates' names with mARBLECAKEALSOTHEGAME. Time refuses to shallow pride and declare the poll valid, inviting moot to a Time magazine event, sparking a meme in the process.

May 5 - /b/ DDOS's itself - /b/ and /r9k/ grinded to a halt by DDOS, everyone suspects 711chan is to blame. However it was later discovered that users downloaded an image that contained a DDOS script without realizing. The attack continued an entire week.

May 10 - 4chan's /b/ and /r9k/ was under a DDoS - The DDoS attack was caused by a trojan some /b/tards downloaded.

• May 19 - YouTube Porn Day - /b/ - "...what would happen if ALL of us upload porn on YouTube non- stop?". /b/-tards planned the raid by uploading the porn in private videos with the tags marblecake, and released them all in the same day with the tag Marblecake. Even though the operation started too early due to timelines, Youtube was still clogged with porn, creating the memes "I'm 12 years old and what is this" and Marblecake.

May 29 - moot posts a sticky called "Re:spam" with an image titled crockofshit.png

June 1 - /b/ title changed to "Twilight Appreciation Station - The darkest place on the internet -- for vampire compatriots"

• June 12 - Second Youtube Porn Day - Though a failure, the idea was to set them all to private without the original tag and make them public.

June 18 - A year after the events of the old /b/ day, /b/'s title changed to "you forgot - it was your final mission nothing will save you now." On the other boards, the meet up was scheduled at Washington Square, and this time, moot was there.

June 19 - /b/ title changed to "tur/b/idity"

June 25 - /b/ title changed to "Goodnight Sweet Prince - RIP" in memoriam of Michel Jackson's Death.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

July 5 — /b/ DDOS's itself 2: Electric Bogaloo - /b/ starts to be spammed as if there is no tomorrow. At first the suspected culprit was Blackhatworld.com, but eventually they concluded that the /b/tards where downloading infected images again. The script uploads a rainbow of coloured images of the main character of A Clockwork Orange. The attack spread to every damn board and lasted until July 8.

• July 12 - moot makes a global announcement stating that he might use Twitter "(ugh)" for site updates in addition to other stuff. (Despite the initial feelings about twitter, he eventually learns to enjoy it.) . On the same day, /b/tards find a messageboard, "iheartboxxy", a small group of users found two videos of Boxxy filmed by her friends attending the 2009 Spring California Thespin Festival. Regarding themselves as a council, one of the members got dOx and /b/ threatened to raid him if they did not show the videos. Eventually the admin of the website obliged and uploaded them.

• July 25 - BoxxPeace - Sequel to BoxxMeet. A group of anonymous stalkers use her dOx to meet up at her neighborhood and bring her gifts. Given that this is the second time it happens, they found a chair on her front gates. They rang the bell but no one answered. They left some flowers in front of the gates with the word "Anon". They later found her ex-boyfriend, Dan Birlen, though Boxxy never appeared. Over the months a new wave of pictures would appear, obtained by "Calif4nia", an user of Killwebs.com, who got them by flirting with a friend of Boxxy, Niki, for months. He watermarked them with his site's logo and blurred them. However, anonymous managed to fix the pictures and doxed callif4nia, whose team later shut down Killwebs.com.

July 27- AT&T blocks 4chan - moot attempts to reduce damage from having AnonTalk DDOS them with dire consequences: AT&T blocks 4chan's /r9k/ and /b/ more specifically the img.4chan.org sub domain was blocked. The entire site rises in arm in retaliation, but the matter is soon cleared and the block lifted. Moot used the opportunity to talk about Internet censorship

â–  September - Gamespot.com hosted a tournament, where its users voted to decide who the greatest video game character of all time is. 4chan decided to trash this party. Anonymous decided to have Duke Nukem, Little mac and /b/ubble & /b/bobble come out at the top. Especially /b/u/b/ & /b/o/b/. At the first round of the tournament, bub & bob were against the mighty master chief. Master Chief was no match for bub & bob, since the Gamespot community wasn't prepared for a raid such as this. Much lulz was had, as bub & bob, a game that most people haven't heard of defeated master chief, bub & bob defeated sonic easily in the next round, and faced Samus in round 3. It was an incredibly tight match. Hackers from both sides pulled all-nighters. As a result, bub & bob won with 53% of the votes. Sadly, the Gamespot admins disqualified bub & bob because they caught 5 specific people who submitted 16K votes, bub & bob won the battle, but Samus had won the war. Due to the raid, the word 4chan was banned from the Gamespot forums. The Gamespot community now refers to 4chan as mordor.

• August 20 - Tom Green runs another Skype show, with an anon offering to sings the FAT NIGGER song, the second anon puts on a charade for five minutes until finally fapping on camera, and the third anon gurgles cum on the air.

October 1 - 4chan turned 6 years old. The party hats return once again, /b/ crashes due to delicious cake. As usual, /b/ flees to /x/. The server crashes twice more until all of 4chan.img is down. Mac makes his third commemoration.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015 (cont.)
>> No. 586
â–  December 10 - The Boxxy videos get taken down by somebody named Lia Dawson, claiming that Boxxy is a registered trademark of the Lia Dawson & Frank Dawson Network. It was later discovered that Boxxy was an actual registered trademark of Oudipo, Inc. and that they renewed the trademark on December 2009. However, user ChrissyRin ousted the scammers for what they were, hoping to attain money from the Youtube videos of Boxxy and other 20 Youtube accounts.

December 14 - The account gets reactivated but without any videos, which were restored days later. The Lia account was abandoned and later hacked into and suspended in January.

December 26 - BoxxMass - Boxxy fans meet up at Robert Doyle Park, Roseville, and bring gifts for her. However there's no known footage.


January 25 - Six new image boards were added: "/ad v/ - Advice", "/lit/ - Literature", "/new/ - News", "/int/ - International", "/sci/ - Science & Math", and "/3/ - 3DCG" is brought back.

January 26 - The start of the longest ever collab thread in the history of 4chan on /3/. The last time I checked as of 3/17/2012 it was incomplete.

February - A sticky was created on /b/, where moot asked what he should mention for his presentation for TED Talks. The thread received over 12K posts, moot described anonymous to a bunch of confiscates in 70 different countries (wait until all those people go on 4chan, realizing that 4chan is dead and full of porn) on TED Talks. He claimed 4chan was dying due to the movement towards internet privacy, moot also reviled that he moved out of his mom's house and back to college.

February - Massive Q and A threads on /a/, /jp/, and /r9k/. Moot created a formspring page for Q and A things but it was flooded with 20,000 messages. Around 2012 he quietly replaced the formspring page with the 4chan FAQ.

February 4 - Verizon users started experiencing problems loading 4chan. Soon moot confirmed with Verizon customer support that 4chan was blocked on purpose. Verizon took a week to "resolve" the situation

February 21 - 200M GET on /b/ featured an image of Ninetails, a Pokemon. On that same date, moot implemented post number truncation in response to the Bateman/Doubles Guy posts on /b, but they simply moved to /a/ and /v/ to spread this cancer.

February 23 - a clue was featured on Jeopardy in a category entitled 'Internet' containing a reference to 4chan.org. moot posted an image about the broadcast.

February 26 - HARMONY - A /v/irgin delves into the depths of Adult Swim's flash section and finds a single game - Robot Unicorn Attack. The /v/irgin, felt something weird... something new. For the first time he actually liked a game. So he went to /v/ to tell the news.

February 27 -Robot Unicorn Attack invades the entirety of /v/ and leaks into /a/, /jp/, /co/, /m/. /tg/, /k/, /x/ and /mu/. Many tripfags contributed, MFGrethl added it on wiki recommended games list, Gay Purple Man, began streaming the game, BaconShota made #robotunicornattack, lordofhet started a group on Steam. Hundreds of /v/irgins emailed moot asking him to embed the RUA theme - Always by Erasure - on /v/. And he complied. Surprisingly, the game wasn't even mentioned on /b/, something the /b/tards didn't like. This event, in its own small way, change the way /v/ reacted

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

towards games, from the hate bandwagon to actually admitting what games they liked. This would be a perfect reflection of the cultural changes 4chan went through during 2010.

February 28 - "Over the past 48 hours 4chan's formspring page has gotten over 12,000 questions, and I've received over 3,000 e-mails. Many thanks to everyone who submitted a question, and sent me a message! I was able to respond to a few hundred e-mails and had hoped to start answering questions on formspring, but it seems that the number of questions broke the page. Once that's sorted out, I'll sift through them and answer as time allows. Thanks again for all of the support!" - However this fix never happened due to various reasons.

â–  March 11 - The Boxxy videos are taken down once again, a tripfag from Unichan under the name of Anon77 (An original member of CBRC), posed as Boxxy and convinced Youtube to delete the videos.

April 1 - 4chan 2.0 - An April Fools prank which was actually useful when dealing with the onslaught of .hta spam the site was suffering from.

April 20 - After testimonies by Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin and moot himself, Rubico, the author of the Sarah Palin email hacks, get convicted to one year and a day of prison. He appeals but is later rejected in 2012.

May - Law & Order aired an episode where a guy with the internet nickname "moot" tried to beat Cho's high score. This created much outrage. Due to the episode, the Law & Order commercial transition (full black screen with the sound effect DUN DUN) appeared after every time someone posts on 4chan's /b/ with the only text being the date of the post submission.

â–  May 4 - /r9k/ discovers Quiptext's vulnerability, /b/ founds out about it and Quiptext day was begun.

June 15 - /b/ gets renamed to /b/ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and the piercing sound of the Vuvuzela comes to life.

June 17 - On January, an image with the word "June 17. She will return" was spammed since, /b/tards across all the chan baaaw as Boxxy didn't return. Simultaneously /b/ manages to get "nigger" on Google Trends.

July 4 - Youtube Independence Day - /v/irgins discover and exploit in the comments sections and proceed to insert HTML codes into every damn videos of Youtube, redirecting many to the Last Measure, Goatse and many other things.

â–  July 14 - The Jessi Slaughter Saga - A video of Jessica Leonhardt, known as Jessi Slaughter, complaining about being harassed was posted on /b/. Shortly after, Leonhardt was inundated with attacks on the micro blogging site Tumblr. Later that night, Leonhardt uploaded a response video in which her father warned attackers that they would found proclaiming "YOU DUN GOOFED".

• July 15 - Anonymous soon uncovered her personal information including phone number, address and her Twitter account. People soon began flooding the Leonhardt' household with prank calls and hate e-mails. In a Stickam video uploaded on July 15th, Jessi is seen answering the phone during one of the prank calls. Following the relentless waves of harassment carried out by the trolls, Jessi posted

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

a tearful response video on YouTube, in which her father Gene Leonhardt suddenly comes into the shot and delivers an angry rant.

• July 18 - Gawker reports that Jessi slaughter has been put under police protection. Anon rejoices.

â–  July 19 - Adrian Chen, covering the Jessi Slaughter events made an article called "The Art of Trolling: Inside a 4chan Smear Campaign." After outlining 4chan's plan of attack against Dahvie Vanity with screenshots and links, Chen linked to a chatroom, daring readers to troll it. Enraged, /b/ set out to take down Gawker's main servers around noon on July 19th. When the site did not go down, an attack against Adrian Chen was launched. Gawker posted an article detailing the entire plot, stating that they were not afraid.

• July 21 - /b/ is told that Jessi Slaughter will appear on Good Morning America! the following day. /b/ panics, factions rise, one wanting to spam /b/ to keep off potential newfags and one wanting to make /b/ the complete opposite of what will be reported on the TV. The later faction won. Operation /b/ipolar begins. (cont.)
>> No. 587
July22 - Operation /b/ipolar - /b/'s rules change, along with embedded music and a new sticky thread in "honor" of, ABC's Good Morning Coverage of Jessi Slaughter, /b/ was ready to for the income of new users thanks to Operation /b/ipolar, but in the end it never happened, Jessi wizens up and doesn't mention 4chan.

July 23 - In the end, Good Morning America! did mention 4chan in the night shift airing, causing /b/ to panic again. But before it could re-start Operation /b/ipolar, a massive wave of spam crashes /b/. /b/tards flee to /a/ and later /x/, who welcomes them with open, ghostly arms.

July 24 - In response to the spam, moot awakes from his soup-induced hibernation and establishes reCAPTCHA for some minutes, but later removes it.

July 27 - CAPTCHA wars - moot adds reCAPTCHA to quell the enormous waves of spam they have been suffering for years. Everyone shitstorms, but eventually they conclude that CAPTCHA is for the better.

• August 7 - The Boxxy videos are back up.

S- eptember 17 - AnonTalk dies, after being spammed endlessly by Minichan, their clone site, since April 13.

â–  September 22 -AnonTalk returns. To everyone's dismay.

September 25 - moot fills /b/ with falling dongs.

October 1 - 4chan turns 7 years old today. He chatted as MOOTCHAT on Meebo and AIM via airplane internet. But that didn't work out, so he created #4chanbirthday @ irc.rizon.net. Also he mentioned that The Social Network premiered in cinemas in the US. Mac makes yet another commemoration.

• October 14 -A single anonymous began hammering AnonTalk with all his might, killing the board a second time.

October 31 - moot posts a picture of him and Boxxy, to everyone's surprise. However it was confirmed by Boxxy herself that they never meet up.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

• November 4 - Kimmo brings the site back a third time under an American host and DDOS protection. He must really like the site. This time, however, both Tinychan and Minichan had their spambots at the ready.

November 11 - It's discovered that Boxxy is selling her stuff at eBay, she confirms it as Unichan and the news spread like wildfire. The items actually sell at high prices (1000$ for a childhood backpack!)

â–  November 14 - Operation Overlord. A butthurt Tumblr user makes a request of invasion on /b/, but is shunned off by most as it was a personal army request. Still it garnered enough users to catch the attention of the Tumblr user's that browsed 4chan. It prompted them to start Operation Overkitten, flooding /b/ with actual pictures of kittens and the phrase "What is air" 29 . In response, /b/ attempts to DDOS Tumblr but fails, only taking the front page down. Tumblr declares victory and eventually, in the victory flood of /b/, a somewhat clear-headed user of /b/ proposes that, since 4chan is predominantly male, and Tumblr is predominantly female, should have sex with each other. Thus, 4chumblr is born, and a surprising amount of Tumblr girls began to post pics of themselves in you love you lose and tits threads.

• November 17 - Operation: Black Rage - In an urge to stop meme culture from going mainstream, /b/ starts making "race guy" comic, racist variants of rage guy, in hopes of getting Hot Topic to stop selling t-shirts. Though initially successful, Hot Topic research the issue and calls out the raid, putting the shirts on sale again.

â–  November 18 - Kimmo Aim, who has been showing a surprising amount of patience towards the wave of spam, finally snaps and raises his entry requirements to impossible limits.

• November 19 - Itamake, an enemy of AnonTalk, makes a domain under the same host as them. He puts ALTBBS on the work, which is an exact copy of AnonTalk. Kimmo loses his shit and kills his own site a third time.

• November 25 - Boxxy returns with a new video and posts it on Unichan.

â–  November 27 - Kimmo brings the site back again for a third time, this time even more restricted as before. Same old, same old.

December 1 - PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI - CSS hack featuring the song PUDDI PUDDI. Many /b/tards flee to /x/ again, in a sort of tradition. After so many times having /x/ handle /b/ refugees, /b/ enacts rule 43 - Due to their always helpful, although sometimes reluctant, attitude /x/ has had toward /b/ all these years and specially due the events of the PUDDI invasion, /x/ will not be raided anymore. This didn't do much however, by the time this happened /x/ was already through the last stages of terminal cancer due to local tripfags.

December 27 - moot goes nuts again, /b/'s title changed to "MOOT IS OLEV OLEV IS MOOT" with the subtext "Where is your god now -or- write moolev on your body!!!" and party mode .html was active.

29 It was in reference to AAAAAIIR, an ancient meme. Pretty much means oldfags raided Pol by proxy, really. In fact, the whole event led to a short revival of many memes, it could be said that it was a good day for oldfags in general.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

December 29 - /b/ title changed to "RIP Cotton Eye Joe" at the same time it was hit with a DDoS assault that kept the site offline for nearly 24 hours.


January 3 - 4chan suffered another distributed denial of service attack "Right on the eve of /b/'s 300 millionth posts"

January 4 - /b/ finally gets the 300M GET. It was a image of France.

January 17 - Around 8pm EST moot deletes /r9k/ and /new/ - The current board list is: [a / b / c / d / e / f / g / gif / h / hr / k / m / o / p / r / s / 1 / u / v / w / wg] [i / ic] [cm / y] [3 / adv / an / cgl / ck / co / fa / fit / int / jp / lit / mu / n / po / sci / soc / sp / tg / toy / trv / tv / vp / x] [rs] [status / ? / @] He also removes the XXX filter from /b/.

• January 22 - /mu/ tricks CNN into reporting a false Radiohead song called "Putting Keptchup in the Fridge"


I WILL AN HERO MYSELF IN 30 MINUTES..." regarding a meme about a NYC camera that points to a cardstand

February 13 - Andrew W.K. posts on 4chan's /mu/ with two threads. This is the beginning of the end for /mu/, as a flood of off-topic threads began to take over the board, with a special mention to /r9k/ feels. (cont.)
>> No. 588
February 16 - Anonymous finally delivers and knocks down the NYC cardstand.

March 14 - moot had his SXSW 2011 regarding canv.as. 4channers mocked him in countless threads and it was considered to be the worst of all the talks he had about 4chan in history.

April 11 - A copypasta spread around the chans claiming that a new queen, neither Chloe nor Boxxy, will rise on 2012. Many people raged.

• April 25 - AnonTalk dies its fourth and final death, Ki m mo finally fed off with the board.

May 1 - Osama Bin Laden is confirmed dead and moot changes the tittle to "AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!". He embeds the main theme of the Team America movie. Attempting to reach AnonTalk shows a tl;dr post by Kimmo explaining how the host told him to censor the site or leave, so site will never return unless he has tons of money to run it himself

May 9 - moot changes /b/ name to "The Most Electrifying Imageboard in Forum Entertainment!" Thewordfiltersare back: Known wordfilters: Mods-The People's Champions, Fag -Candy-ass, pony - Newt Gingrich, 4chan - Newt Gingrich, ponies - Steve Jobs, nigger - Roody-poo, vagina - VAGINA, brony and bronies - Jabronis, penis - PENIS (With a coloured background), moot - missingno.

â–  May 13 - It's announced that Boxxy will act in the upcoming movie "The Chronicles of Rick Roll", all her videos were transferred to her new channel "ANewHopeee"

• June 17 - A new Boxxy video is uploaded.

June 18-

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

"/£>/ has changed.

it's no longer about original content, epic GETs, and win
it's an endless series of reposts, perpetuated by newfags and trolls
fail - and its consumption of/b/, has become an unstoppable cancer.

/b/ has changed."

The irony of the "Endless series of reposts" line will not be lost on seasoned /b/tards. Moot embeds the Metal Gear Solid 4 theme again.

July 2- For some reason /b/ resets to the standard Yotsuba Image Board title, it was later reverted.

â–  August 18 - A final post by Kimmo realizing that there's no possible way he could ever get any money of sorts.

• August 21 - Boxxy upload yet another video, she commercialized her own image so hard that by this time nobody on /b/ really cares about her.

October 1 - 4chan turns eight years old. Mac makes another commemoration.

October 25 - Brodyquest is stickied on /b/, a mirror thread is made by a troll mod. A lot of blinking text is involved and people that post timestamped sink pics are given false bans

October 26 - "I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts" is stickied on /b/.

November 4 - moot responds to the "Occupy Wall Street" movement by hacking the shit out of /b/'s CSS.

November 8 - /new/ is (accidentally?) revived. No news posts are made, rules given, or mods on it. Title is "Yotsuba Image Board," the default title given to new boards; seems to be a mix of /co/ and /sp/ users with a healthy blend of racism thrown in. Posts from January still made up over half the board. Deadmau5 appears on /mu/ in two sticky threads. The off-topic posts in /mu/ intensify.

November 10 - Moot adds /r9k/ - ROBOT9001, /pol/ - Politically Incorrect, and /he/ - Hardcore. All three previous board (/ r9k/, /new/ and /he/). Creates /diy/ - Do It Yourself.

November 12 - Official Chrome extension released and Firefox extension updated.

November 13 - 4chan suffered a sustained DDoS onslaught by an unknown person or entity. After the onslaught moot installed Cloudflare. Tumblr suspected.

November 16 - DDOS dies down

November 17 - Moot has a sticky in /g/. /r9k/ gets spoiler tags thanks to Tage Heyn and people (s)talk about Shii. /v/ becomes El Vidyo and gets Hispanic background music.

November 20 - Moot tries to make pages load more quickly by changing how captchas load. Naturally, this makes captchas stop working altogether. Quick reply/Noko/AII non-official 4chan applications stop working and the submit button grays out for a lot of people. I link moot to the thread and after he posts, the thread explodes with people bitching and moot undoes the changes after the thread hits 200 replies about an hour and a half later, (/g/21167645).

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

November 26 - /sp/ - Ship Posting day - moot completely loses it and changes the name of /sp/ to WE NBA NOW!!!!!!!!!, with the subtitle of "our body is ready". He proceeds to sticky random off- topic threads and ban users with random tags such as [USER WAS RITHMYCALLY SLAPPED FOR THIS POST] or [USER WAS HORSEPLAYED FOR THIS POST] and changing his name to mootdusky. This is due to the state of /sp/ reaching critical mass; moot pretty much gave up on the board.


February 4 - /v/ beats Reddit at Tribes Ascend, becomes /v/ - Well-coordinated and heavily practiced Reddit team beaten by a rag-tag group of /v/irgins run by a furry and a BR with 140 ping and gets GAL (Galo Sengen) embedded as background music, /v/ is split into /v/ and /vg/. It

is now impossible to get dubs on /v/. The /int/ board is occupied by Russian channers from 2ch.so due to a DDoS attack by pro-government groups. (cont.)
>> No. 589
February 14 - During Valentine's Day, moot announces that he is planning to add up to 15 boards, including one to contain the rising brony phenomenon. Later, he reestablished forced anon on /b/ using a 24 hours ID system, essentially making one anonymous without being anonymous. From this day on, the quality of /b/ seems to ameliorate, albeit slowly.

February 17 - Since the cartoon series My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic becomes massively popular, surpassing its /co/ boundaries and adopting a pseudo culture under the name of bronies. moot creates /mlp/ - My Little Pony in order to stop the massive flood of My Little Pony threads on 4chan. Many people though /mlp/ would go the way of Aprils Fur's Day, but it never happened. Some bronies would rather create /b/reads: Threads outside / mlp/ that are essentially a circlejerk between trolls and tripfags, to the point of sharing contacts, /mlp/ has a single stickied thread, posted by moot.

February 22 - /hm/ is added

March 7 - /b/'s header is changed to the words "NO SCRUBS ALLOWED" and below that "SEE ABOVE". The song "No Scrubs" by TLC is played in the background. :stopmusic: faggotry ensues. The layout is returned to normal on the next day.

July 6 - moot writes a note talking about bandwidth usage, extensions and asks both add-on developers and users to be reasonable with update intervals.

August - With 4chan's one billionth post looming in, moot replies to two threads on /b/ with his admin tag on. The threads quickly turn into a Questions and answers session between the long forsaken /b/tards and their admin years after the last news post and contact with the staff. Many tears were shed.

August 8 - After 4chan's billionth post, moot posts the first news post in four years. He reopens /q/ as /q/-4chan Discussion and states that he plans to start a series of Prime ministers Q/A threads, because he feels he lost touch with the community. Following some suggestions on /q/, avatarfagging becomes a banned offense. There was also a failed attempt at allowing minors to browse 4chan, but was quickly replaced with MINERS because of the huge negative backslash from the community.

With time /q/ is flooded by users from /a/ and /v/, the two boards with the most traffic after /b/, known to be notoriously reactionary. Not long after that, most mods are taken to /v/ to deal with the recent wave of shitposting and the deprecation of /v/ culture, /a/ users keep complaining about

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

undesirable anime threads like Naruto, and how they shouldn't be on /a/. The staff seems to have divided opinions and shift between deleting threads and leaving them be. The following debates backslash when trolls begin to crapflood /a/ with Naruto threads, whilst the rest of /a/ bandwagoned against them. Eventually moot stepped in and clarified that Naruto is /a/ content.

August 10 - moot hacks /a/'s CSS and wordfi Iters every post to J I BUN WOOOOOOO. He embedded the first opening of Code Geass on the first page.

August 13 - Dub the Dew -4chan gets hold of Mountain Dew's new naming contest, and together with Reddit hijacks it, making names like "Fapple", "Diabeetus" and "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong" appear on the top. Bronies also join the game, attempting to get Applejack to the top, but they only manage to appear on second place. Later, the site was hacker and the banner "Mtn Dew salutes the Israeli Mossad for demolishing 3 towers on 9/11!" appeared, together with a rickroll and a pop up of "le 9gag are legion". Mountain Dew later admits defeat and suspends the contest.

• August 30 - 4chan attempts to get Taylor Swift to play on a deaf school my hijacking the Taylor Swift on Campus promotion, where the winner gets 10000$ in prizes and Taylor Swift playing a gig at their place. 4chan votes the Horace Mann School for the deaf for first place, with an overwhelming 10000. Many anons joined the cause because they knew it's actually possible to play music for the deaf. Taylor Swift, however had other plans. She convinces the sponsors to disqualify the school and donates the 10000$ herself. And it doesn't stop there, he also get the sponsors to donate themselves, along with three other non-profit companies, and gives ticket for her next gig to all the members of the school. Ending with a whopping 60000$ in donations.

September 3 - moot announces on a news post that he will start working where he left off on the last news post of 2008. He announces that on 09/09 Janitor applications will open again.

September 5 - On a news post, moot announces that KING JAFFE JOFFER, along with the coder of the Yotsuba Catalog, Desuwa, made a major overhaul of the HMTL5 code, created the inline extensions and added a 4chan JSON API. All threads are now rendered in JSON too. Joffer also ports the Firefox extension to Google Chrome. The inline extensions are published on Github, in hopes that the coding community will give suggestions to make it better.

September 9 - After a long time, janitor applications open for a period of 24 hours, moot reports receiving 7500 applications and will oversee them within the following months.

vSeptember 12 - moot opens the first official Q/A on /q/ a la prime minister questions. (cont.)
>> No. 590
September 18 - moot announces the start of the 4chan pass, thanks to suggestions of /q/ users. It allows users to bypass reCAPTCHA for a year, paying 20 dollars. This is simply because moot doesn't support the concept of ongoing donations nor donations rallies, partly because he dislikes receiving without giving.

September 28 - moot makes a news post clarifying some doubts and questions about the 4chan pass

October 1 -4chan turns nine years, with the sixth consecutive commemoration from Mac.

October 16 - After a load of consecutive epic thread happening lately, a mod stickies a loop from the anime Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! With the song Pull Over from Trina embedded on it. /b/ rages on weaboos and raids /a/ for it.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

October 19 - ^ Jl / 7 © xs — 7 i 7 h £ 7 W-M. - Cirno's Perfect Math Class ENGLISH SUB is

stickied on /b/. Guess the mods are back at sticking shit again. Just like the old times.

â–  October 24 - #baldforbieber - Anonymous decides to troll Justin Bieber fans by spreading fake news of cancer, shooping a picture of Bieber asking people to bald their heads. It's surprisingly successful and in result many lulz were had, a lot of media coverage.

November 08 - On a /q/ thread about /mlp/, http://thereisnosanity.com/posters/statistics.php is posted by a pony shitposter, leading 4chan to question if organized shitposting is actually real.

November 09 - /g/ begins to investigate. They eventually come to the conclusion that the website's owner, Seff, is in some form a leading figure within the shitposters. The plot thickens; users panic and the mods start get involved. On a second thread, Seff himself comes in to clarify the situation: He is building a system to track the shitposters, their threads and their posts to later email them to moot. Still investigation shed some light on him and proved he shitposter on /a/, There is no sanity is nothing more than Seff's personal nick on the Internet, whit sites like his Youtube channel and myanimelist page (Though thereisnosanity is a common phrase, there's a chance, albeit low, that the users are unrelated). The situation got many boards in a panic and Seff was doxed and raided IRL. Later on the same thread moot posted screenshots from Seff's emails, confirming that Seff was a shitposter that ratted everyone out by emailing moot when he realized there was a leak. Still, He wasn't forgiven.

Whether this was a clever act of damage control for when the site was discovered, or Seff was genuinely scared of being discovered, is yet to be seen.

• November 10 - Operation Kinder - /b/ attempts to get the unshooped picture of the Osama Beard kid on a new Ukrainian Kinder chocolate. They manage to get it to the second place. On the pony organized shitposting issue, According to a shitposter, the dox aren't from Seff, pushing the theory of damage control one step further.

â–  November 11 - The get "Victor" on the first place, with help from Funnyjunk and a lot of Organization, reaching over 10000 votes and over 15000 the next day - Regarding the pony issue This image proves that Seff was indeed in a ruse.

November 12 - An uncut version of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apPYRUxSJ2c get's stickied on /b/, ponies rage site-wide, /b/ rejoices, for it's the first time the mods do something right.

November 13 - http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=0DW31upNEEg get's stickied on /b/. Nigga that's kawaii. Kinder Ukraine resets the votecount and takes Victor out of the contest, /b/ gets it on the top again, only for the votecount to be reset again.

November 18 - The (ZJ*) meme becomes widespread in record time. It was born out of the Finnish imageboard Yilauta and overran 4chan, Reddit, Tumblr and Facebook in a single day.

November 19 - The second townhall starts

November 27 - moot talks about 4chan pass and the economic state of 4chan

December 13 - moot adds bitcoin support to the 4chan pass

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

December 21 - /m/'s title is changed to FINAL HOURS and has the Final Hours music from the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask playing in response to the predicted apocalypse. Two other stickies related to the so-called end of the world are posted on /b/ and /x/; the former was comedic and featured an autoplaying video of R.E.M.'s song "It's the End of the World As We Know It," while the latter was opened for more serious discussion.

December 25 - Christmas faggot hat day

December 29 - This post throws some light on the matter of /pol/. Days later a mod took notice and vowed to take the matter to moot.


January - moot, together with desuwa, add an inline catalog

• January 7 - #cutforbieber - Anonymous decides to do another joke on believers, in response and uses the opportunity brought by a leaked picture of Justin holding a joint to spread #cutforbieber, urging people to cut themselves. However /b/ did nothing besides the original idea so the GNAA took over. An user made a fake news story of a girl dying from the act.

• January 30 - #boobs4bieber - /b/ decides to attempt a new Bieber scam by editing tits out of jailbait pictures and posting them on Twitter. But this time the attack is reported by the media and rejected by /b/tards. They complain that Bieber is an overused target and the attack simply fails to take off.

Meanwhile, /mlp/ is renamed to WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW? Due to the reaction of the board towards the main character becoming an alicorn, for the sake of new toys.

February - A sticky gets posted on /q/ discussing the possible improvements to the catalog

February 20 - The nokosage function is changed, and now using it shows the user's sage.

February 21 - For a while, all posts quoting another bug out and are hidden from the thread

March - With the sticky finished, the improved catalog gets released.

March 18 - moot adds /asp/ - Alternative Sports, /gd/ - Graphic Design, /out/ - Outdoors, /Igbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender - Oh God - and /vr/ - Retro Games. However there seem to be no /his/ - History nor /quest/ - Quest Games on sight, which were the two most requested boards. (cont.)
>> No. 591
April 1 - On April 1 12:00 PM moot adds s4s - Shit 4chan Says under the header of "Unlike the other new boards, this is being added on a permanent basis. If it doesn't pan out or goes unused, you should probably check your privilege." The board gets two stickies - a 5555 Dubs GET and another saying "Post in this thread to have your privilege checked" Later the full joke kick's in and moot changes the format and CSS to make it look like Reddit. On both /s4s/ and /b/ a popup about AdultCatFinder appears. A mod checks everyone's privilege on the second sticky and an empty thread is stickied on /b/. On another notice, Hiroyuki, owner of 2ch, announces that he is no longer the admin of the site, getting usurped by Jim Watkins. This if after 2ch is hacked in 2012 and its discovered that Hiroyuki has been selling information of 2ch posters, and committed several administrative disasters which led to 2ch being irreparably damaged. He goes on to fun 2ch.cs.

April 3 - /s4s/ becomes an official 4chan board, becoming a rules-less yellow board under the title of "Shitposting 4n Steroids". But it's not listed on the main page and many people complain about the name change.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

April 7 - /vp/ gets renamed to /vp/ - RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD after a certain new pokemon gets released. /s4s/ is renamed again, this time, to Shitp4sterS

April 10 - /s4s/ gets renamed to Shit 4chan Says

• April 16 - April /sp/ Uprising - Tensions with the board /sp/ reach a boiling point and /sp/astics, together with /ref/ and GETchan of /int/ uprising fame, stage a two weeks long spam wars on /sp/, mocking the mods and janitors and spamming pictures of the janitor dog from the Arthur cartoon. The copypasta >he does it for free became extremely popular, /sp/ users done the monikor #outlaws and spam ironic shitposts through /sp/ and all the boards Even music mocking the janitors is made by a /ref/ regular.

April 15 - moot makes a public announcement telling he'll log in AIM as moot chat and try to answer emails

April 20 - /mlp/ reached its 10 million GET

• April 21 - /mlp/ breaks the record for most replied post on 4chan with 2,046 replies to the 10M GET. The #outlaws begin to spam a list of demands. The requested the return of pre-2012 traditions like power level, event bowl threads and screencap/meta threads, among more blatant shitposting like feels, sportfus and porn discussion. Later stages of the uprising included the spamming of "bro culture" threads which the outlaws ironically parodied.

• April 28 - On April 28, an alleged 4chan moderator appeared on /ref/ and requested a peace talk. The uprising later died down and nothing changed, sans a new meme for all to enjoy.

April 31 - moot confirms /s4s/ is here to stay.

May - Recent crack downs on the shitposting of /sp/ and /tv/ (Two long-forgotten, but still alive, boards) lead to many users outright rebelling against the moderation team. On one side, users form /tv/ have long been complaining about constantly celebrity waifu threads, which could take as much as half the board, /sp/'s off-topic posting has been increasing exponentially since 2010. The upset and banned users started spreading images and signing their posts with a hashtag #freesp or #freetv. Though it's agreed that /tv/ has no holding ground to claim celebrity threads to be allowed, moot has agree that he would consider allowing certain classic /sp/ threads such as power level and current even threads.

May 12 - moot opens the third Q/A, fucks with the CSS by forgetting a " and jokes with /s4s/ by giving it comic sans.

May 13 - Anamanaguchi - Whose members are friends of moot - make a Q/A session on /mu/. Luke becomes a fan favorite.

May 23 - Dragongate - 4chan cup /n/ team manager Dragonfag is revealed to be /cm/'s manager Kageyama. And former /sp/ manager Torres Mcllroy...and other 15 different personalities.

May 27 - Lauren Faust makes an AMA on /mlp/ and the entire board collectively loses their shit. Moot renames /mlp/ to ITS HAPPENING

June 18 - June /int/ Uprising - /int/ was wiped clean of all its thread and some countries, like UK, Canada and France where banned form the board without explanation. Immediately, users went to

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

/q/ to complain and ask for help. Users from banned countries where even restricted from posting on / q/. /int/erns, already heavily dissatisfied with the staff because they let a completely power tripping janitor ran amok in the board, completely rebelled against the board, /ref/, a board for/int/ "refugees", became the base of operations for the spammers. Determined to make enough ruckus to reverse the changes, /int/erns and /ref/ugees got hold of every communist pic they had and began spamming /int/ with claims of revolution, determined to make the entire board red. The spam proved too much for the /int/ janitor to handle and he stopped deleted threads, /int/ continued spamming the board for the rest of the day. By the next day, everything was back to normal, except the janitor was nowhere to be seen. For the first time in months, /int/ rejoiced. Meanwhile, moot celebrates the anniversary of the Boston fail meet up by re-enacting the old /b/-day. This time, however, instead of a meet up on the other board, he starts two contests on /q/, one about rotating banners (Those things you see on the top page that always have the 4chan tittle) and House Ads (Replacements for the adspace when there are no current adds running)

July 14 - /v/ achieves its 200M GET - after lots of tension, the GET goes to a completely unrelated post in a Pikmin thread, asking, "Also why does everyone crash land trying to get to Earth? Seriously."

• July 15 - A thread is posted on /b/ with a link to a contest where you can have a chance to meet Taylor Swift by writing an essay about why you should be considered her biggest fan. The OP urges everyone to vote for a "Charles Z". "Charles" quickly reached 1st place, and on the 19th, the radio station shut down the content for "being compromised". This was followed by other attempts to make "Charles" meet a pop star - rigging a contest by New York City's Z100 to meet Selena Gomez on the 21st, and being followed the next day by another raid on a contest by the same station to meet the Jonas Brothers.

• July 19 - /b/ twitter-bombs UFC fighter "War Machine." Raiders insult his family, send him pizzas, post him in the gay section of Craigslist, and almost fool him into deleting system 32. As a result War Machine became enraged and repeatedly punched himself in the head.

July 27 - A harsh critic from Gamelnformer journalist Martin Beer makes Indie games developer Phil Fish ragequit Twitter and cancel his newest game, Fez 2. /v/ celebrates by making tons of OC, including a new /v/ Sings and countless Youtube videos.

July 31 - A tripfag under the code IDwgeSpOOKY claiming to be an ex-janitor disgruntled with the state of the staff leaks /j/ - janitor info on /sp/, including the janitor application acceptance mail, list of the #janiteam IRC members, many logs and screens of /j/. The moderation teams goes into lockdown mode in record time and deletes all mentions of it on /q/, /b/ and /sp/. His leaks and accounts on the team show that the janitors operate on a hit or miss basis and aren't allowed to express opinions or discuss site culture. He hypothesized such things led to outburst of mass deletion on /jp/ and /tv/ in order to express their frustration. Many users assumed that /q/ poster MQrB8x2X was a janitor based on these leaks.

August 11 - moot finally renames /soc/ to Cam & Meetups, /q/ to 4chan Feedback and /fit/ to just Fitness

August 13 - Naruto Day - /a/'s elitism finally goes to far when they dox a 4chan mod who posted on /q/ telling them to stop complaining about moderation. Moot retaliates turning /a/ into N/a/RUTO CONFIRMED BEST AN I ME CHINESE CARTOON OF ALL TIME, with the subtitle BELIEVE IT

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015
>> No. 592
(also dubs are better than subs) and stickying a bunch of Naruto thread, /a/ goes berzek and begins spamming CP on some threads, forcing the mods to take it down..

August 15 - /b/ 500m GET: "poland has best prostitutes, i fucked plenty in london. i hope one is ur wife someday fag 500 mil get” moot makes a headliners called “I for one salute our new polish prostitute overlords”. Considered a failGET by some.

August 26 - Thanks Australia - Congratulating Kojima on his 50st birthday, /v/ sends him over a hundred postcards. However, Kojima thanks Australia instead of 4chan, because the sender was Australian, moot considered this funny and renamed the board to "/v/ - Australia" with the subtitle "T-Thanks Kojima-Sama!"

August 27 - moot announces that he will host a 4chan Panel on AnimeWeekend on September 26 and 27 to celebrate the site's tenth birthday.

September 1 - moot removes IDs from /b/.

September 2 - He adds them again.

September 3 - After some days of the announcement, he makes a news post detailing why a Panel and who will be there. It comes with a new image from Jim Ken. Moot removes IDs again but leaves /b/ as forced anonymous.

September 4 - moot removes IDs from /b/, leave the board with forced anonymous. At the same times, he decided to have an impromptu Q/A session where he'd livestream the answers.

â–  September 5 - moot hosts his 4th PMQ/Q&A, but live-streamed from Google Hangouts to YouTube in audio. He states "If it goes well, well probably switch over to this format for the future." He then goes on to confirm this, and will now be hosting all Q&A's in audio format for the future. He later makes a sticky on /s4s/ where he discusses porn threads on the board, both him and the community decide they should be banned. Meanwhile, Harach, the most popular Russian imageboard, dies and the entirety of its userbase returns to /int/

September 9 - moot renames /s4s/ to its rightful name [s4s]

September 10 - moot in a glorious soup-induced delirium, adds fortune: to [s4s] . Many rolls where had.

September 15 - [s4s], notorious for stealing GETs, has their lm get stolen by /g/

September 18 - moot posts a tl;dr newspost where he define the sites official stance on shitposting and on-topic content. He announces that all future Q/A sessions will be livestreamed and removes /q/ and replaces it with a suggestion box (The affectivity of which remains to be seen). He adds a much needed ban log 4chan ban log. Finally, in an act that will live in infamy, he makes sage invisible after almost 10 years of the feature. R.I.P in pieces, Sageman.

September 27 -AWA 2013 starts

September 28 - The aforementioned 10th Anniversary 4chan panel takes place at AWA. As with previous cons, /jp/ changes its title to "/jp/ - Weaponized /a/" with the subtitle "Home of "Misunderstood Geniuses", /jp/ watches the 4chan panel on Youtube, and this is ground zero for the shitstorm as the board got hijacked by /b/tards when moot mentioned it as "Weaponized /a/"

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

September 29 - moot adds /con/ to discuss the convention. Does a meetup on Atlanta before the Panel starts and signs a /k/ommando's Mossin Nagant

September 30 - Newspost on the Panel, moot livestreams the panel for an hour, and later uploads the video to Youtube. Shut and Snacks were present alongside many original mods and friends of moot. He also jokes saying that /jp/ is the new /b/ which turns the board to shit for a while.

October 1 -TEN YEARS, MOTHERFUCKERS. Also fgt hats are back, the American government shuts down, the Silk Road is closed, Terraria has a huge update and /v/ discovers Half-Life 3 is already trademarked and on the making.

• October 2 - /b/ pulls a prank to convince Miley Cyrus fans that the singer had contracted AIDS.

October 6 - /sp/ flips the fuck out as a /trb/ general poster who has been stalking tripfag UTV since June reveals he has been discovered and has to leave the general. He subsequently releases a 97 pages pdf called "The Philmarillion" detailing everything he ever thought or written about UTV. It includes notes, poems, artwork, and all posts by namefag UTV since July 1. UTV Archiver was later referenced as "The most autistic user in the history of 4chan"

October 8 - /con/ is removed

November 20 - All images, flashes and static files are now hosted on they own server, 4cdn.org, which will make loading speeds a little faster.

November 25 - 4chan passes goes on sale

November 29 - moot announces a blog post explaining the rationale behind his MO

November 30 - An anon livestreams his suicide attempt, posting a link on /b/. He sets his room on fire, but firefighters are seen pulling him out of safety.

December 2 - moot implements a new domain for images and .sfws, 4. cdn.org, a new strategy that has been implemented by other sites, saving data by reducing cookie and packet size. The new measure totals up to 43 terabytes of saved data per month, moot announces the update in his Tumblr via the news.

December 15 - With an ad blocker activated, ads are replaced with "Please support 4chan by disabling your ad blocker on *.â–  4chan.org/*, purchasing a self-serve ad, or buying a 4chan Pass."

• • December 22 - 4chan passes go on sale. At the same time, /b/ has a successful raid for the first time in ages. An anon finds a network of school sites have the default username and passwords. He proceeds to post them on /b/ to which a group of anons deface the site with the usual: porn, and the words "nigger" and "faggot" as well as a link to a narcotic honey-pot. CP had also been reported to have been posted. Anons who didn't use a proxy should be expecting a visit from the partyvan.

December 25 -faget hats, Christmas edition.


January 5 - Site goes on an outage from 01:32 - 13:10 (EST) due to MySQL error. Boards are semi- functional, as in the board pages are froze, but you can open threads and post, and also make new threads. People begin to make CP threads during this time

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015 (cont.)
>> No. 593
January 18 - It is announced that "You can now add a search term to the end of a board URL to default to a catalogsearch for that term. Example: 4chan.org/a/waifu"

January 21 - moot's startup, the one in charge of Canv.as and DrawQuest, finally closes after the venture is confirmed to be unprofitable, moot makes the news public on 4chan.

January 23 - A stickied thread on /s4s/ becomes the first thread in 4chan history to reach ten thousand replies. The thread, which was posted by a namefag called 'Getter Robo' with the text 'LETS BREAK THE REPLY RECORD' and a picture of said robot exclaiming 'UOOH!', is nearly impossible to view without crashing the computer. The OP of the post received ten thousand replies, doubling the previous record set by a namefag called 'eternal samefig' on the same board, who vowed to reply to his post until 4chan died. The sticky is still up as of January 30 and has 10892 replies.

January - moot implements code upgrades that greatly fasten the site's browsing speed.

February 9 - moot modifies captchas in a way they only appear when you type something, because it's been proved google raises the difficulty of captchas as a punishment for sending too many unanswered requests. He also adds ID back to /b/

February 12 - moot makes a new blogpost, The Anonymity I know, and publicizes it on the news.

February 13 - moot adds /biz/ - Business and Economy in order to move the crescent cryptocurrency generals from /g/, and the free market and neo-classical posters from / pol/. He also makes a sticky on /g/, "take your shitty bitcoin threads here"

February 14 - Moot makes a Valentine's Day sticky on /soc/ like last year

February 1 8 - [s4s] goes completely out of control after the aforementioned "Reply record" thread is un-stickied, resulting in a glitch in the system. This includes up to 26 pages being added one by one, resulting in threads linking to 404’s, or 504 gateway errors, and multiple threads being made to "keep" the pages once the bug is fixed... only to be reverted later. The ongoing kek thread gets deleted as well, to the dismay of all.

â–  February 19 - Due to problems in management and running costs, 2ch closes down all its boards. Panic ensues while people think 2ch is down for good, but it later recovers.

February 23 - moot opens janitor applications. States that he will open them once every 1/1.5 years and that's he's feeling like doing a new Q&A. At the same he adds IDs to /biz/, to curb the tripfag population

February 26 - An exploit is discovered where pasting a large amount of text into the captcha field allows the poster to bypass it.

March 13 - 4chan goes on yet another outage where if one attempts to post, he will be redirected to a page saying "Posting temporarily disabled. Come back later!" moot makes a sticky on /biz/ stating you can now target /biz/ with self serve ads. The page numbers bar is also added to the top of the page. "Settings" is organized into several categories which can be hidden; Quotes & Replying, Monitoring, Filters & Post Hiding, Navigation, Images & Media, and Miscellaneous. Brief descriptions of the options are added underneath. A new option, "Snippets in page title" is added, which allows you to show/hide post subjects or comment snippets in the page (tab) title.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

March 25 - All hell breaks lose when it is announced that Facebook has purchased the gaming device Oculus Rift for 2 billion dollars. M and other boards outrage, with /v/ getting the title changed to "Where were you when gaming died?", embedded music with the song "Komm, susser Tod", and a sticky.

April 1 - For April Fool's Day, captchas are substituted with fake Japanese character captchas. To get the actual captcha, you must scroll over the fake captcha.

April 2 - A new file type named "WebM" is introduced to /g/ with a sticky. A few days later, it is now available on all boards.

April 6 - 4chan gets .webm support, .webms are video encodes with extremely small file size and sound. Smaller than .gifs, this new encode is meant to replace them, however moot decided to limits .webm upload to files with not audio streams, 2048*2048 resolution, 120 seconds duration and 3MB file size. Many people complained that the non-size limitations were unnecessary. Moot also re introduced the blotter, for small updated, and created a new Devblog (4chan Blog) on Tumblr.

April 7 - moot decides to delete /rs/ and world4ch (The discussion boards) due to them being abandoned projects that fell into disuse, /dis/ is not going to be deleted, but locked and left read only, while /rs/ will be gone for good.

• April 8 - 4chan raids omegle, setting interests to T umblr and telling all users that their name is "dan".

April 1 0 - moot tells some janitor applicants to look at their spam folders in case they didn’t see their mail response.

April 18 - The /htmlnew/ board is created, with the title "/test/ - Testing" to preview upcoming CSS/html changes. Posting is only available for mods/admins.

April 19 - /htmlnew/ is removed and the CSS/html changes are implemented. In thread URLs, "res/" is renamed to "thread/", and subject/comment snippets are appended after the thread ID as a slug. The "src/" and "thumb/" directories are removed from images/thumbs.4chan.org and i/t. 4cdn.org. Files now live at the board root on those subdomains. The board index now starts from "Page 1" instead of "Page 0". There is now an option on all pages to search for OPs. A drop-down menu is added beside every post, with the options "Report post", "Hide thread", "Image search »", "Download file", and "Filter selected text". There are also several minor cosmetic changes.

April 20 - Pages 11-15 are removed on /b/. (cont.)
>> No. 594
April 23 - Aussie Hack 2014 - An Australian user obsessed with camwhore FWG hacks moot's host account and begins posting FWG's dox on /int/. Posts on /g/ and gets many mods to post on other boards. He later leaks information about the mods, posts many screenshots about /]/ and opens it to the public. Soon after that 4chan goes down for some hours until moots takes control back. In the aftermath, /jp/ outs janitor SaegrimiriSHIELD as one and /a/ antagonizes the mods until they come to post and doxes janitor BigN.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

April - Somewhere around this month, /fk/ and /z/'s beedick macro were removed.

May 5 - moot makes an impromptu Q/A on /g/, mainly about the Aussie hack and 4chan's source

May 6 - moot makes a blog post regarding the hack and another hack on his app DrawQuest. He recounted the mistakes they made in coding and announced that DrawQuest was finally shut down due to the hack. He also started 4chan's Vulnerability Disclosure Program, which aims to have user contribution help improve the security of the site.

May 11 - A sticky is posted on /v/ regarding a moderator who ousted himself for an forum of an EA game, moot demands that everyone stops doxing him or else they will receive a ban.

May 12 - Site is down due to hardware failure

June 1 - The "Download File" option is removed and subject field is removed. This affects /f/'s crucial download of swfs. And /tg/'s Quest thread dice rolls.

June 6 - moot released ipv6 support for 4chan's domains thanks to Claudfare's pseudo ipv4 feature

June 8 -4chan crashes, unknown reason. Homestuck generals are banned from /co/. "At this point, we are no longer allowing Homestuck General threads. They've long since become echo chambers for off-topic discussion and are a detriment to the board as a whole. Please do not create any more homestuck generals. Thank you." A Homestuck general is stickied on [s4s],

June 9 -shutdown4chan - Tumblr begins to post pictures detailing a planned raid on the site on 4 th of July, denouncing it as "Racist, misogynist and pure evil". For days the picture is posted on several 4chan boards, with many people mocking the idea and others theorizing is this made by 4channers in an attempt to baitTumblrites.

• • July 4 - The Great Tumblr Raid of July 2014 - moot stickies a thread commemorating 4 th of July and embeds "United States of Whatever" on /b/, along with a thread on /s4s/. SJWs actually try to raid 4chan. Of course, nobody cared. Eventually /b/ and /pol/ retaliated by counter-raiding Tumblr and flooding popular SJW hashtags with gore and abuse pictures. While SJWs tried to counter flood the tags with cute pictures, the effects were devastating and Tumblr's defeat was absolute. Several users flipped out, some deleted their Tumblrs and allegedly, one users killed herself. This resulted in several Tumblr users making petitions on Change.org to shutdown 4chan. Again, 4channers retaliated by making a petition to label all Tumblr SJWs as "mentally handicapped landwhales”.

July 5 - Internet Aristocrat uploads a video mocking the whole raid, many laughs ensue.

July 12 - The oldest non-sticky thread in 4chan history, a thread about a drawfag on III, finally dies after 978 days, almost two and a half years.

July 30 - The robot on /r9k/ is disabled, the reason being that "/r9k/ ceased to be "original content" years ago".

August 1 - moot posts on the blotter that he has removed the email field and added delayed thread pruning - A form of temporal archiving - on trial period for /a/ and /v/. if all goes well, delayed pruning will be extended to all the bleu boards with minor modifications. The news of the death of

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

the email field are received with lukewarm response and bitterness as another feature disappears
for no reason.

August 17 - /lit/ starts writing a book collectively that later came to be known as "The Legacy of Totalitarianism in a Tundra" - the first book by 4chan and probably also the first written in anonymous collaboration online.

August 20 - The Zoe Quinn Scandal - Game developer Zoe Quinn is exposed by her boyfriend to have slept with at least 5 men in the games industry in order to promote her game. Surprisingly, no one of the gaming press speaks about it, and many, including Kotaku, IGN and others jump on her defense. This escalates extremely quickly as dozens of people being to tell accounts regarding her and her group of friends' abuse - Sparking a massive Twitter war between e-celebrities and Zoe's clique, among them Phil Fish, many important members of the indie games' community and SJWs that believe Zoe's claims of harassment. As a method of damage control, Zoe pretends to be hacked by /v/ and gets many Twitter accounts deleted, but the incredibly half-assed move is immediately called out. Outraged, the /v/ community begins to gather all information it can from various accounts.

August 21 - GamerGate - The Twitter war escalates further. The greatest blow is dealt when Phil Fish - The gaming industry's greatest dick, is doxed to the last document by an alleged “Head Mod of /V/". Later Fish decides to sell his company, Polytron, and quit the Internet for good. Many suspect the hack to be another false flag but no conclusive information is gathered. Eventually it is revealed Zoe Quinn used her influences to crash two different Game Jams, the second, The Young Fine Capitalists' Jam, a Kickstarter project about helping women participate in the gaming industry, was in direct competence of her own Game Jam, Rebel Jam. She began a Twitter storm, accusing them of misogyny, got their twitters deleted and their site crashed. Her whole group of friends begins to be seen as one of the causes of the pathetic state the game press and indie game scene is in. /pol/, aware of the entire situation, sees opportunity.

August 22 - /pol/ gets shit done for the first time and convinces /v/ to support TFYC's Game Jam in order to rile up Zoe and the SJWs who claim that 4chan is a hive of misogyny, and actually support egalitarianism and the good aspects of feminism, /v/ not only participates, but convinces the devs of TFYC to count their donations as a single entity and becomes the single biggest backer. On top of that, /v/ achieves a $10000 goal that lets them add their own character to the game. Thus Vivian James is created. In the process of creating the character, many /v/irgins were not happy with the fact that they were actually helping the enemy, but the developers of TYFC were surprisingly supportive of /v/ and 4chan, despite being feminist themselves and /v/'s definitely earned reputation. Eventually those that genuinely wanted to help TYFC and try and improve the state of the Game's Industry, and those that just wanted to rile up the SJWs prevailed.

August 31 - The Fappening - A hacker posts on 4chan's /b/ a set of nudes of celebrity Jennifer Lawrence, and composes a list of over a 100 celebrity nudes he claims to have. A thread on /b/ made by him has bump and image limits disabled until it reaches over 9,000 replies (Reached 10,111 replies) in a non-stickied thread, causing the entire site to lag. Reddit and 4chan explode over the ordeal and go on a massive witch hunt against an engineer called Hamade. Rumours are being told about a deepweb hacker group dedicated to trading celebrity nudes. Lawrence threatens to sue anyone who uploads the pictures. This led to moot having the Lawrence pics be hash tagged and whenever they were uploaded the message: "Error: This image cannot be uploaded because it is the subject of a copyright claim by Jennifer Lawrence. Please refrain from posting it." While trying to fix
>> No. 595
Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

the issue (Probably due to pressure from Lawrence's lawyers), posting as a whole seemed to go down. The pics were allegedly obtained via iCIoud, but Apple has denied the claims. Investigation led to the earlier appearances of the hacker to be from AnonIB. Whether it was Hamade or the hacker ring remains to be seen. There would be several consecutive leaks as the hackers who dealt with celeb leaks declare the scene dead.

September 2 - An anonymous 17 year old kid from /out/ embarks on a 5500km walk from Perth, Western Australia to Sydney, New South Wales. At the same time, an Australian news show makes a report on The Fappening, assuming 4chan is a single person. Phrases such as "The Hacker Known as 4chan" and "Who is this 4chan guy" become memes.

September 16 - GamerGate is shut down by the moderation team with no explanation. There was a previous attempt where the threads were permasaged because the mods believed them to be raids. At the same time, the feedback form is deleted and all trace of it on the site erased. On a surprising move, moot's mail has also been removed from all contact info. While many Pro- GamerGate /v/irgins called for raids to the site and the working of a rogue mod, the most reasonable minds are suspecting that either moot personally forbid them or the mods are doing something behind moot's back. The pro-GamerGate users flock to 4chon.net, but are eventually expelled and end up in 8chan's /burgers/ - Five Guys Burgers n Fries. However, dissatisfied with the Zoe-centric name, they leave for the same site's /v/ - The Vidya.

September 17 - Milo Yiannopoulos, journalist, uncovers that the majority of the Game Journalism scene kept each other in contact via a private Google Doc. There they would discuss what Game to review, what game to ignore and what to post about, including their involvement in the games they review. This is a major breach of the American concept of journalistic integrity and effectively evaporates the last ounce of credibility the journalists had.

â–  September 18 - moot, once again, awakes from his soup slumber and makes a sticky on /v/. Here he explains the reason for the removal of the GamerGate threads was actually because they fit the calls for invasion ban a la Chanology, and that the previous actions of the moderation where due to miscommunication (you gotta wonder how they managed to pull that off). This marks the end of 4chan's events regarding GamerGate, it also points out that the moderation team is somewhat inept at communicating moot's intentions (IE: Not doing it at all) and that any "outwards" action from 4chan's communities would be against the rules, yet according to the rules only invasions and raids are against are forbidden. Pro GamerGate people would start to spam 4chan advertising their new adoptive home, 8chan, for a couple of weeks. GamerGate remained a massive hot topic on several boards, and after a while mods just decided to let it go as long as nobody explicitly made a thread about it. After achieving all a chan movement could achieve, pro GGs would go on to fight a losing war, including having Jimbo Wales himself condemn omitting the pro GG arguments in its Wikipedia page and Zoe Quinn appearing on the BBC.

September 22 - moot is discovered to have been in a "close personal friendship" with Mallory Blair, tech scene celebrity and Gawker Media writer. She wrote her college thesis about him. However recent social media pictures show her having another boyfriend, so it becomes popular at 4chan to claim moot is a cuck.

October 1-11 birthdays, 11 faget hats. At the same time, October 1 - The 17 year old kid from /out/, now titled Little Thor by the community passes the 1000km mark

October 19 - Little Thor drops out after 1200km

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

November 5 - The 4chan Killer - A murderer who strangled his girlfriend and uploaded pictures of her corpse on 4chan is apprehended. Judging by the media coverage, being associated with 4chan trumps the fact that an innocent girl died.

November 9 - moot makes a blog post announcing the addition of auto-watch features and a unique poster count to the site. He also officially announces that delayed thread pruning has been extended to all the boards sans /b/ and /f/.

November 14-stop to my /b/eat- moot renames /b/ to "stop to my/b/eat" and embeds a Youtube video of the same name by deathtrips, known for making music remixes of his dog barking. The next day, deathtrips renames the video to "go away 4chan" and disables comments. He later realizes he's causing a Streisand effect and restores everything back. By now the feedback form has returned.

November 17 - /b/ is back to normal

November 21 - moot makes a new blog post, saying that janitors now have the ability of request warns on top of bans. He also states that roughly 90% of the 4chan users are lurkers and only 10% of the 20 million monthly users actually posts. His suggestion that recommendation threads on /a/ are not ban-worthy but only deserve a warning causes a shitstorm in the board. He also illustrates some changes in the mobile version of the site.

November 23 - A new sticky on /co/ restating the rules is posted. Due to the vague definition of the furry ban in the thread, users raise concerns questioning if the mods know the difference between normal anthro /co/ related content and furry content. Mods on 4chan IRC stating the sticky is mainly meant to curb flavours of the month and furry porn threads.

December 4- Asuka’s Birthday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUamHEvVQyO is embedded into every board along with Chen pictures and signs stating "No honk allowed", /a/ gets renamed to "USAKA" with the subtitle "USAKA IS LUUV USAKA IS LUUF". moot posts on /a/ sending the board into chaos, and he also makes a post stating "ayy Imao" in a BANE? thread on /pol/.

December 7 - The /pol/apocalypse - Cartoonist Ben Garrison made a blog post blaming moot for /pol/'s edits of his works and threaten to sue him. He includes a cartoon of him with the text "The CEO of Troll, Inc. - moot". Hours later, moot goes completely nuts and decides to rape / pol/ into
submission. It starts with the addition of multiple wordfilters, e.g. "moot" becomes "the CEO of Troll, Inc.", and "cuck" becomes "cluck". More word filters are added as the day progresses. 4chan temporarily goes down for maintenance, and comes back a few hours later. Several threads are stickied - the first is a locked "FOR FREE" thread mocking janitors, and the second is a picture of moot getting fucked by Anita and Zoe. / pol/ gets reCAPTCHA removed and its flags are removed, moot advertises the event in a global announcement with the liner "We’re testing CAPTCHA-less posting on /pol/— feel free to give it a whirl. " / pol/ immediately goes to hell as half the site spams the shit out of the board. Another sticky is added, this time saying "POST YFW THE CAPTCHA IS GONE". The post timer is later reduced to 15 seconds, and the global announcement is edited to say "Now with legacy timers!" Then the timer for creating threads is reduced to 1 minute. All posts are turned into dubs by adding an extra digit identical to the last digit at the end of the post number, which causes chaos as people are unable to link to previous posts. At the request of an Anon on [s4s], a moderator stickies a thread that repeats the phrase "wew lad" over and over. Furry porn, guro, loli and ponies are posted with little retaliation from the mods, although some threads are deleted. The board goes apeshit as the users try to flee to /mlp/, /int/, [s4s], and other boards to no avail. After a couple of hours the "wew lad" and "POST YFW THE CAPTCHA IS GONE" stickies are

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015
>> No. 596
removed, but the cuck sticky and janitor sticky remain. The audio cuck_class.mp3 from The 8 Steps of Cuckolding is embedded into the front page (something he hasn't done in at least 2 years) and the board is renamed to "The 8 Steps of Cuckolding", with subtitle ">she does it for fun." A feature is added which makes every post be preceded by "[trigger warning]", later given a marquee animation. The fortune function is added and later changed to say "Your privilege:" instead of "your fortune:" and "Cuck" instead of "Luck". People had been typing "moot ## Admin in the subject field to impersonate moot, so the subject field is renamed "moot ## Admin as a joke. Two threads are stickied; one is Unicode art of an anime girl, the other is a sticky request. They are both locked and unstickied later on. Site consensus is that /pol/ is about to get deleted, /pol/, in retaliation, raids moot's chosen people, [s4s], and successfully floods their catalog with /pol/ memes. On an interesting display, /pol/ refugees head towards / Igbt/, finally accepting them as their ally. Ben Garrison's post was deleted shortly after.

December 9 - moot introduces Google's new "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA", which enables some users to bypass the captcha entirely. This however broke posting in all unofficial apps. A meta thread on /b/ asking about the recent rumours of moot being a SJW ends up with moot publicly firing a janitor after he gave some insight.

December 10 - /pol/'s 39999999 GET, containing a Naruto page edited to be a dubs pic, is stickied & locked, while the 40M GET, simply consisting of "HITLER WAS RIGHT!", happens in a GET thread and quickly goes 404. /pol/'s title is changed back to "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect", and the embedded audio is removed, but the stickies and the other effects still remain. [s4s]'s font is changed to Comic Sans.

December 11 - ID's are removed from /b/, and dubs are allowed back, while /pol/ gets named back to /pol/ - Politically Incorrect. Both boards have a techno song called "I am a robot" embedded and a sticky on the bottom of the board titled I AM A ROBOT, with a dancing robot .gif and a .gif of Google's new reCAPTCHA system, /b/ also gets the captcha removed and old post timers restored like /pol, and is flooded by a spambot whose owner is Bui, a /vp/ tripfag & ban evader known for spamming Goodra porn threads, moot makes a 4chanblog post saying that the no CAPTCHA system allowed 30% of all posts to bypass the captcha. (Previous stats: 90% pass - 10% fail, modern stats: 30% no CAPTCHA - 60% pass - 10% fail).

December 12 - /pol/ is given IDs when a /b/ user requests moot to bring back IDs, and moot says the user didn't specify which board.

December 13 — /b/ celebrates with a check fest. He also participated in a improvised Q&A session in /pol/, dispelling rumors about him selling 4chan, deleting /pol/ and him being a cuck, along with several other topics. IDs on /pol/ are different for every post, regardless of poster's IP, thanks to a user suggestion. Two threads are stickied on /pol/ - one asking if newpol stands with Israel, the other stating "this is nice board".

December 14 - moot has another Q&A session in /pol/ in a random thread. Still, he hasn't done anything to alleviate /pol/'s sodomisation.

December 15 - /pol/'s rape continues, moot removed the music and robot sticky and added geolocation flag

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

December 16 - moot offers pro-rated refunds to all pass users who bought it before and during December 8, he feels the new CAPTCHA system has greatly diminished their value. He writes the details on the 4chan Blog

December 22 - /a/'s famous mod, kinomod, nick Kusanagi/Kami, gets fired due to a fight with a fellow janitor (yetsturdy). Moot reminds everyone that any sort of discussion between the staff is grounds for immediate termination, and /a/ rebels because of the noticeable changes in moderation, given that Kinomod was extremely lenient with /a/ culture shitposting


January 2 - After a day of maintenance-induced sitewide shutdowns and unstable browsing, Captcha on /b/ and /pol / is back and bump limit on the former is changed back to 500. Thumbnails are broken for several hours after the update. A new link next to the catalog link is also rolled out to access board archives, previously only accessible by visiting boards.4chan.org/boardname/archive

January 6 - Substitute banners are rolled out, visible by those who use ad-blockers. The banners read: "Please support 4chan by disabling your ad blocker on *.4chan*.org/*, purchasing a self-serve ad, or buying a 4chan Pass." While this same message has been displayed previously, the substitute banners now occupy space as if they were the same size as banner ads, drawing more attention. They actually don’t display while using 4chan Pass and blocking ads.

January 2 - After two months and two days of constant rape, /pol / is finally restored back to normal, with an upgraded sticky.

January 17 - moot makes Team 4chan sign an agreement that makes official voluntaries to the site and forces them to agree to permanent non-disclosure terms. The agreement must be signed with their digital signature and a picture of any identifying document, moot would hold the dox in his HDD, encrypted. At least 2, and perhaps more, staff members resign, moot later posts the full contract in the 4chan blog

January 18 - Upon finding out about the new agreement, andonuts, inconspicuous janitor, leaked 3 years' worth of #janiteam logs to 8chan admin, Hotwheels. Soon the leaks are out and chaos explodes in the entire site. The situation was quickly contained, however. At the same time, a rogue janitor, suspected to be andonuts, make the board /forfree/ on 8chan, where he talks about various topics, including why there's no janitors on /b/, that mods can no longer modpost, that the /a/ mod got fired and dispelled several rumours started by Hotwheels.

January 20 - The site is frozen for 4 hours and 46 minutes. The mods scour the site to delete all the #janiteam leak posts

January 21 - moot resigns 4chan - moot makes a massive announcement regarding a news post where he announces his official retirement from 4chan. He describes himself as the site's single point of failure and declares that his activity in the last two years happened with the idea of 4chan surviving him in mind. He says the site is economically prepared to survive him and that he'll leave the site to the following senior moderators: The main coder (Mr. VacBob), the moderator manager (RapeApe?) and the server administrator (unknown). He also adds some hard data about the site's total views, total posts (over 170000000), total staff members (104) and other trivia. He doesn't explain why the he has decided to leave the site, however his departure is mourned by all. /b/ gets a Joan Baez Youtube song on its front. - Here's to you, Nicola and Bart is embedded on /b/, Futurama's Goodbye Seymour... Will Wait For You is embedded on /co/. There was also a

>> No. 597
Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

smaller thread which moot replied to that was stickied in the board, /a/ gets renamed to "It /a/ll returns to nothing.", subtitled "tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down", with Komm, Susser Tod embedded, moot also posts in a thread on /a/ which gets 7403 replies and nearly 3000 uploaded images, with about 3600 of which are replying to his post, breaking the record for most replied post in /a/'s history. , and a poor ocarina rendition of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On is embedded on [s4s]. Several boards, including /a/, /v/, /g/, /int/ and /mlp/, and [s4s] make (or attempt at making) goodbye cards for moot. It's noteworthy to point out that /a/ tried to reach 10,000 signatures.

January 22 -/qa/, a board dedicated to making questions during moot's announced last livestream Q&A, is added.

• ■ January 23 - 4chan slows down, probable cause is DDoS. Second opinion is the server administrator killing himself upon realizing he now leads 4chan. At 2PM EST, moot has a livestream session that lasts eight hours. Twelve stickies in /qa/ are maxed out. He ends the Q&A with a misquoted phrase from Cowboy Bebop: "See you later, space cowboy", /a/ is renamed to "See you, sp/a/ce cowboy." with subtitle "Bang.", and this is embedded in its front page.

January 24 - moot's final livestreamed Q/A session is scheduled for Friday at 2:00 PM, the staff opens /qa/ - Questions & Answers for the moment. The sessions is livestream through Youtube and lasts well over 8 hours.

January 25 - /qa/ is put on lockdown mode so people can read the questions and so a wave of shitposts can get deleted. Everyone says their final farewells to Christopher Poole.

January 26 - /a/ returns to its normal state. Moot's final Q&A is still embedded as an announcement site-wide.

January 27 - After fears that it was en route to getting deleted, /qa/ is unfrozen. Based on a unilateral declaration by its users, /qa/ is now a metaboard dedicated to discussion on the decade- long (and counting) legacy of 4chan.

January 29 - Webms with sound are now enabled on /wsg/ and /gif/ (unmute to listen).

February 1 - A superbowl ad shows the mane cast of MLP in Colts fan gear for two seconds, /sp/ flips their shit and /mlp/ has a good time. Barneyfag, the legendary /co/ user that used to spam /mlp/ threads with Barney, quits.

February 11 - Hilarity ensues as NBC airs "Intimidation Game", a Law & Order SVU episode that focuses on GamerGate and chan culture. Notable flubs include improper use of image macros, old or irrelevant video game jokes (a man shouts "LEVEL COMPLETED" while punching a woman, Ice-T complains about campers, and "I read on Kotaku that it's better than Civ 5"), and redchanit, a fake website and bastardized version of Reddit and a chan board. Threads pop up on both /tv/ and /v/ the night of and the day after. Actual Redchanit is created as a board on 8chan (redchan.it redirects there).

February 15 - 4chan is experiencing database and php issues. Most boards' titles change to default "Youtsuba Image Board". 4chan Pass login is broken.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

February 27 - Leonard Nismoy, who played Spockfrom Star Trek, passes away. Music is Embedded on /tv/'s frontpage, and two threads are stickies: One to commemorate his passing, and one for shitposting, with other embedded song.

February 28 - Janitor aplications are opened. News are posted on blotter "Janitor applications are now being accepted for the next ~48 hours."

April 14 - Mods are still recruiting janitors. News on blotter: "Janitor acceptance e-mails are being sent; check your Spam folder if you applied.”

June 21 - Legacy CAPTCHAs are enabled. News on blotter: “It’s now possible to use the legacy text CAPTCHA in the Quick Reply window. You can find the new option inside the [Settings] menu under "Quotes & Replying."”

July 12 - CEO of Nintendo Satoru Iwata dies of Cancer at 55. A sticky is made with embedded Earthbound music in it. People on /v/ mourns while others complain about Nintendo worship.

August 15 - Users of the Argentine community Taringa plan and enact a sizeable raid on /b/. The raid goes for an hour before the mods decide to rangeban all IPs from Buenos Aires. The action effectively blocks several hundred argentines from browsing, and is denounced as overkill. No information was given as to the length of the ban.

• August 8 - /int/ users report British tripfag Sheikh Suleiman al-Britani, who has been making pro- ISIS posts for months. Having made and documented remarks illegal under British law (kek), should the investigation be carried through he was bound to be arrested.

August 17 - Lauren Mayberry from the group CHVRCHES releases the video "Leave a Trace", /mu/ users make a thread and the discussion is reduced to waifuism and trolling. An user twits Lauren the thread. Lauren replies with "Block." And the makes a twit of her own saying "Dear anyone who thinks misogyny isn't real. It is and this is what it looks like" with a link of the thread. Several news outlets take notice and write opinion articles on misogyny citing her.

August 21 - Sheikh Suleiman al-Britani, real life name Mark Harding, is arrested thank to /int/'s report. Celebration is due.

September 2 - 4chan's t. server suffers a breakdown and all images are down, the message "Image posting is temporarily unavailable due to a hardware issue. Please wait warmly" appears , after the issue is solved the message is replaced with "Image posting is back! Some recent images might not load for a while." It seems 4chan's servers run on Linux

September 21 - New Era - moot gives 4chan away to Hiroyuki Nishimura, ex-2channel owner. A news post and a blotter post are made, and the entirely site basically shitstorms. Nishimura was expelled from 2ch in 2014 when he was outed as illegally selling information of its users and having
censorship deals with a Japanese political party. Moot however met him in 2011 and considered him a good friend. Blotter, headline announcement and news post are made.
>> No. 598
September 22 - Hiroyuki opens his first Q/A at 8 PM. 175000 posts are made until he starts replying. He makes a second threads that gets sticking while he replies to posts that interest him. He later stops and goes around the boards hearing their complaints and suggestions, learning how to make threads and post images.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

September 23 -4chan suffers downtime. We are off to a good start. Hiroyuki maskes a test thread on /a/ and /b/

September 26 - Kinomod is back in /a/. Whether he was fired and rehired (less than a week after moot left) or coincidentally came back from a period of inactivity is unknown. Things seem to point towards the former.

September 27 - Hiroyuki makes a thread on /b/ suggesting allowing pony content back on the board. Reception is primarily negative, so he apologizes, takes note and leaves.

September 30 - The Beta Uprising - In /r9k/ an anon posts makes a thread saying "Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest" and a couple other things. The thread goes ignores

October 1 - On 4chan's twelfth birthday (fgt hats included), the Umpqua Community College shootings starts. /r9k/ shitstorms and out of chance doxxes and starts accusing a local tripfag, dubbed Eggman from the pics, as the shooter. All mayor media outlets fall for the ruse and start slandering him. The shooter was latter killed and identified as Chris Harper-Mercer and the media, realizing the mistake, stopped reporting on Eggman. CNN however kept slanding for hours until they realized they could be sued, and dropped the shooting entirely. Hiroyuki reports on the 4chan twitter, in Japanese, that the FBI has contacted him over the issue. At the same time, Hiroyuki posts on c/o/ wishing them happy birthday and soon it’s found out that there’s a new board called /aco/ - Adult Cartoons. At the beginning it was impossible to link it, but it was soon announced as a trial board. Western porn boards have been requested since /co/ was created but were not allowed because moot feared DMCAs. IN a single day, it accumulates 40000 posts

October 2 - 4chan Twitter: “Being 4chan admin is much busier than I thought. May their soul rest in peace.”

October 4 - Hiroyuki goes nuts and posts on 4chan twitter and the blog about changes in human behavior following the sexual revolution, alluding that because couples are not strictly monogamous there's a percentage of the population that does not breed

October 6 4chan's archive suffers from problems

• ■ October 7 - Hiroyuki change's 4chan front page image, adding a photo he took of a plane named Atlantis. On the same say, the net's largest 4chan fuuka archiver, archive. moe, is shutdown after the owner is disgruntled for loosing 5 months of data.

October 10 - Janitor applications are open for 48 hours. Mods say they will no longer ask for IDs in order to apply. Blotter is updated with /aco/'s news.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

Dates of board additions


October 1

/b/ - Anime/Random

October 2
/h/ - Hentai

October 6

/c/ - Anime/Cute

/d/ - Hentai/Alternative

/w/ - Wallpapers/Anime

111 - Yaoi

/i/ - oekaki BBS board

October 9
/g/- Guro

/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women

November 8
/a/ - Anime
/I/ - Lolikon

November 16 - 20

By this time, /b/ is renamed from Anime/Random to just Random, since /a/ was created.
November 22

/n/ - TRAINZ is moved to lchan, hosted by a friend of moot and mod

December 16
/t/ - Torrents

December 29

/I/ - Lolikon is taken down due to CP

January 8

/I/ - Lolikon returns

/r/ - Requests formed because of a problem with /t/

January 25
/t/ removed

February 14
>> No. 599
Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

4chan.net is suspended; 4chan.org is a "temporary" home

February 19

/t/ - Torrents returns,

/f/ - Flash, hosted in cgi.4chan.org

February 21

/bbs/ - 4chan Discussion

/amh/ - Anime-Manga-Flentai - Both world4ch discussion boards

March 1

/q/ - Questions

March 28

4chan.org is made permanent

/g/ - Guro removed

By this time /p/ - Photo already exists

March 30

/dis/ - Discussion - Replacing /bbs/

/sug/ - Suggestions

August 16

By this point, /cm/ - Cute/Male, /m/ - Mecha, /u/ - Yuri and /n/ - Trains already existed.

The discussion boards /anime/, /ascii/ and /game/ already existed.

September 8
/k/ - Weapons
/o/ - Auto
/sm/ - Shota/Male

"/b/ is severely lacking in quality. ..contribute better"

October 9

/ip/ - Oekaki Proffesional

/ib/ - Oekaki Random

/i/ is removed after being split

/v/ - Video Games

/n/ - Trains is deleted

/z/ created - At its beginnings it was embedded with the song Gnarkill - Sneakin' Into Your Flouse
/tech/ - Technology -Textboard.

October 31

/I/ - Lolikon and /sm/ - Shota/Male are deleted due to threats of legal action.

November 5

moot registers not4chan.org and moves /I/ and /sm/ there instead. Both boards continue to be

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

November 15

/g/ - Guro is deleted

November 1
/z/ was deleted


January 19

/e/ - Ecchi

/g/ - Technology

/n/ - Nature & Wildlife

/3/ - 3DCG

January 27

/ic/ - Artwork/Critique
/p/ - Photography
/x/ - General Photo

Although there was already a /p/ board for photography before, it is the replacement, with new
features (such as EXIF data).

February 26

/gif/ - Animated GIF

/hr/ - High Resolution

/wg/ - Wallpapers/General

/x/ - General Photo is removed

April 1
/fur/ - Furry

April 3

/fur/ is deleted. All it's posters banned. (cont.)
>> No. 600

February 6
/5/ is deleted

April 6

/co/ - Comics & Cartoons
/po/ - Papercraft & Origami
/sp/ - Sports

April 7

/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL
/ck/ - Food & Cooking
/mu/ - Music
/n/ - News

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

/tv/ - Television

By this time /an/ is already up

/ss/ - Straight/Shota - Added to not4chan, hosted by Saber
/yg/- Yogurt

August 4

/con/ - Conventions, so people could discuss the ongoing Otakon 2006. It was deleted soon after it ended.

October 1

4chan faggot hat day (3 years, baby!)

January 9

moot allows all of the trial boards created on April 6, 2006 to become full boards, except for /sp/ (Sports), which is deleted.

February 15

/tg/ (Traditional Games)

/x/ (Paranormal), created due to the rise of creepypasta culture on /b/

/rs/ - Rapidshares

October 1

4chan faggot hat day again. Fun times. (FOUR CHAN FOUR YEARS)

Somewhere around this year /fk/ is frozen.


February 19

/fa/ - Fashion

/fit/ - Health & Fitness

/he/ - Hardcore

/n/ - becomes Transportation

/sp/ - Sports

/toy/ - Toys

/trv/ - Travel

February 20

/jp/ - Japan/General

/r9k/ - ROBOT9000

By July 6, /ib/ and /ip / were merged back into /i/ - Oekaki

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015 (cont.)
>> No. 601

January 25
/adv/ - Advice
/lit/ - Literature

/new/ - News is also brought back
/int/ - International
/sci/ - Science & Math
/3/ - 3DCG is brought back


January 17

Moot deletes /r9k/ and /new/

By this time, /vp/ and /soc/ already existed

October 23

By this date, /diy/ - Do It Yourself already existe
November 9

/new/ is revived by accident
November 10

/r9k/ is brought back as ROBOT9001

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect, meant as a quarantine board for /new/
/he/ - Hardcore Is also brought back


February 4

/vg/ - Videogame Generals
February 17

/mlp/ - My Little Pony is created, to contain the fandom
February 22

/hm/ - Handsome Men (could be an earlier date)

June 4

/wsg/ - Worksafe gif
August 8

/q/ -4chan Discussion


March 18

/asp/ - Alternative Sports

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

/gd/ - Graphic Design

/Igbt/ - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender

/out/ - Outdoors

/vr/ - Retro Games

All boards added on trial.

April 1

/s4s/ - Shit4chanSays
August 11

Following boards are renamed:

/fit/ - Fitness

/soc/ - Cam & Meetups

/q/ -4chan Feedbacks

September 9 - /s4s/ is renamed to [s4s]

September 18
/q/ is removed

/sg/ - Suggestion Box is announced, but yet to be opened (later created as the feedback page)
September 29

/con/ returns for the AWA panel

October 8
/con/ is removed


February 13

/biz/ - Business and Economy

April 10
/rs/ removed

world4ch//dis/ put on lock down as read only

Somewhere around this date, /fk/ and /z/'s macro were removed.

April 18

/htmlnew/ (Tittle: Test - Testing) is added for mods and admins to test new /html/ code
April 1 9

/htmlnew/ is removed (cont.)
>> No. 602

January 23

/qa/ - Questions & Answers is added for moot's final Q/A

January 25
/qa/ is archived.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

January 26

Turns out /qa/ wasn't archived, just frozen so mods could delete shitposting, /qa/ users rapidly
declare themselves a meta board with determinate purpose.


October 1

/aco/ - Adult Cartoons is added on trial basis

Boards without dates:

/fk/ - For Kidz, /rs/ - Rapidshares, /m/ - Mecha, /an/ - Animals and Nature, /cm/ - Cute/male and
/tl/ - Torrents/loli (Possibly on not4chan), /u/ - yuri, /p/ - Photo, /n/ - news (deletion)


The following boards shared letters:

/g/ - Guro, Technology

/n/ - TRAINZ, Trains, Nature & Wildlife, News, Transportation

/p/ - Photo, Photography

/x/ - General Photo, Paranormal

/q/ - Questions, 4chan Discussion

Secret and legendary boards:

/z/ - None (Multiple Names) - /z/ was a random board that started as FYAD clone, where users could elect their moderators, dubbed "Idiot Kings". Flere mods would have pseudo-admin privileges where they could embed music, edit the board's title, edit the background and CSS. However moot had no better idea than appointing notable troll/tripfag Soviet_Russia as the first idiot king. S_V began instituted his brother (and tripfag) Dash_Billions as a "nigger" and coined the harbl meme. He would implement weirder and more broken CSS changed and at one point he embedded 56000 images on the background and renamed /z/ to /z/ - 56k, a title that would remain in the board month, 56ker became a name for /z/ users, also known as /z/idiots. /b/tards and /z/idiots would develop a pseudo-rivalry, exchanging many memes and catchphrases with each other. The board coined memes like harbl, which would later be absorbed by /b/, Conan O'Brien and the Pip Pip dog (taken from iichan). Eventually Snacks would implement a "/ z/" ban that would exile users to /z/. A time after S_V resigned and a couple mod rotation later, moot and Snacks deemed the board a failure and deleted it. When the board was deleted, it was replaced with the image of a penis covered in bees with the text "oh noes the board is gone! II". That macro would remain on 4chan until April 2014.

/5/ - 5 - Board created for the mod and WTSnacks' friend 5. Only posts about 5 or about five objects where allowed.

/fk/ - For Kidz - Joke board about making a 4chan for kids. It was a secret, unlisted board that uses comic sans as its font. It was accidentally made public in 2009 and immediately invaded by /b/tards. moot froze the board and deleted all threads but a single joke one about a kid complaining about being bullied. It was deleted during a server transfer in 2014.

/n/ - TRAINZ - Early test board for trains, later moved to lchan
/yg/ - Yogurt and something about danimals.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

I\l - Janitors. Later Janitor & Moderator Discussion. Secret HQ where all the world domination
plans are schemed.

Edition 1.4.5

October 12, 2015 (cont.)
>> No. 603
Staff 30

Present 31 .-

Hiroyuki Nishimura - http://www.nicovideo.ip/ - http://hiro.asks.jp/93612.html - 4chan owner and head administrator. He also owns NicoNico Douga and several Japanese news outlets. He used to own 2channel until he was expelled from the site. Doesn't really understand English and is willing to get involved in 4chan culture and help the userbase. He likes Rabby from GallForce.

Mr. VacBob (aka MVB, Alexander Strange) - Developer, main coder, writer of 4chan extensions, maintains the 4chan servers and world4ch. Been around since 2004, taking over the maintenance of the text boards after Shii was fired. From certain points of view, the real face behind all 4chan changes. After moot resigned, he became the prime mover of 4chan proper and one of the regents until Hiro came into play.

RapeApe - Janitor manager. Has a tendency to delete threads he disagrees with and on many occasions did things expressly against moot wishes. One of the 4chan regents during moot's reassignment.

Unknown Staff Member - Nobody knows his pseudonym or real name. He is one of the 3 senior staff that got handled the reins of the site while moot decided what to do after stepping down.

Desuwa - Maxime Youdine - Coder, "JavaScript Wizard", creator of Yotsuba Catalog, and a helping hand in the HTML5 reworks. He also added most features of the extensions into the main page and coded the 4chan API, and recently created an inline 4chan catalog.

ALTERNATIVE (AKA DAVE and buttly) - Senior Moderator, he was the one who suggested the creation of /tg/, IRC Rat.

Man of Wax - Coder. He was around since 4chan's revival, In charge of donations during that period.

Swaglord - Moderator. [s4s]'s patron mod. His true pseudonym is unknown. He has been making edited posts that only mods could do since [s4s] was founded, and is by far the most communicative of the mods. He's frequently seen making edited posts on [s4s] and /qa/. He's well liked around his userbases and was colloquially referred as the Purple Palm Tree Man (do not confuse with the other purple palm tree men) before adopting the name.

Invisibro - Moderator. Has a tendency to ban people on /a/ for "inane" posts. Suspected to be swaglord.

I_AM_ABIB (aka BLOODMOUTH_CARNIST) - Previously a Janitor, promoted to mod during '09. Posts on /a/ from time to time. IRC rat.

Pixel Hotness (AKA pixel) - Mod. Originally a tripfag from /b/.

30 Staff means: Admins, mods, developers, managers, janitors and any other variants. This is from whatever information I could scrap from many sources. Take all this with pincers and hazmat suit. And don’t do the stupid thing and try to contact or witch hunt anyone, they will promptly tell you to fuck off.

Mods according to position: +q: Admin/Rizon Operator I +o - Senior I +h - Moderator I +v - Janitor

31 As of March 2014, somewhat accurate thanks to many /j/ leaks. However, remember that janitors come and go very fast. On January 21, 2015, moot mentioned that there are a grand total of 104 4chan staff members.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015 (cont.)
>> No. 604
Kate - Maintains the 4chan servers.

Aerolite - Mod. IRC Rat.

Zephro - Extremely old guard mod. Been there since 2005.

BEAM - Woman mod, with a child.

Troid - An otherwise unimpressive mod, he was outed as the /a/ janitor during the assuie leaks of 2013. However he has been stalked and harassed by a particular group of people who have become obsessed with demodding him.

Generic Mods (No quality worth mentioning):

kdel - HotShot - WalterWhite - VCR - Troid - Menchii - Tripon - ChibaK - Laserdisc -
ColouredJaunte - Kami - AnimeDad (aka Spitch) - Katsurugi - HD-DVD - Yournamehere - e7711 -

Janitors per board:

/co/ - Destati, Thesmothete
/v/ - Destati, Kenkai, BearKnife
/a/ - Mikage

BigN - Outed by /a/ for not apparent reason during the Aussie Hack 2014. Might or might have not
been fired

/int/ - FnFy -Was the one to be contacted by a 8ch.net admin in regards to the upcoming 4chan

/x/ - Kynokephalos - kephra


Cadfael - Outed by /sp/ during the Aussie Hack 2014. Might or might not have been fired.


Saegrimir - Outed by /jp/ during the Aussie Hack 2014. Might or might not have been fired.

Generic janitors (no known assigned board):

Cephei - Janitor. Was upset when he was told he had to sign the agreement. It is unknown if he

Hox- Janitor. Allegedly promoted to mod.

Kobayashi - Astroturf - Volphied370 - Liryuii - Starfrog - HeavyGear - Axism - Lingering -
scrubadour - butterfingers - MRC-F20- MecuryYeti - CuChulainn - Osprey - lewdchan - mOthman
- Jeepers88 - Aliens - BrainSledge -Jameslha - Praesens - Nouz -theomeo - Hydlide - UltraHoss
-TheBurnWard - cdnexplorer - Inf - Axism - Bloom - relare - Cryswar - cetpargust-gfairy-
akkerzaigts - Arbogast - JustPX - LzK -saku - Nikki (aka Nikkia / Nikka) - MBSL300- Meadowlark -
RocketDril I Kick - Arsarkinum - You'reDadsA - MoistNugget - Drae - AZ4 - Caelum - anon-kun -
scroton - morobrens - raikoo - badsled - Enamourd - SenatorBufordFunkmuscle - Hydlide -

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

ThinMint - ashpain - badsled - Grubermeister - andmoreagain - Sir_Spice - Acidflashback -
Thesmothete - trout-senpai - novatoad

Unconfirmed Staff Members (Could Have Resigned or Been Fired):

Eelbomb -guttord - ddpheonix61 - AntarticAnon - Alkaid - lorentzkiele - Cryswar - Kazisho -
Allthedrpepper - Aloof_chair - Zanok - amomyn - Anikitan - AstronautBear - ATIWAB - Azatsu -
Betamax - Bluray - Bui - cisrulez - Clericofmadness - Cadfael - DashiKRAY - -Deckenkatze -
Dizzykitty- Duanemoody - fail house -fantom - gorilla bait - hippo - Hiroyukkun - i7MUSHROOM
- Inoridudebro - JooliaTheReptile - LingeringPanties - Iulu4444 - McNuggets - MDN - nemo (AKA
nemol618) - Morseka - Nouz - RighteousBison - RonnieJamesDio - Sange - SatirycaltheBeherial
-Serwind - Sesame - sixtus -tjanster - ultra_duster- ultitleddotpng - VaporeonCatcher - ZTO -
Heisenberg - Zorpheus - Bat-guano - elShoggotho

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015 (cont.)
>> No. 605

(Also an incomplete list)

moot (aka Robert Bopkins) - Christopher Poole - Admin, Rizon IRC cop, ex-owner of 4chan LLC, humble and stubborn to the point of being annoying. When the Rizon 4chan IRC was made, his very first words where "I wish to be the little girl". Somewhat impulsive, which led him to add and remove forced anonymous and IDs from /b/ and other boards on several consecutive times. He dated Maddeth during 2008, was declared a cuck by 4chan during 2014. Resigned on January 21, 2015 and formally left in September 21, 2015. Mourned by all.

KING JAFFE JOFFER - Coder, translated the 4chan Firefox extension to Google Chrome, and refracted the entirety of 4chan's HTML5 code. Resigned circa 2013-2014.

Anonymous-san - asan - Josh (Popularly known as modcat) - #rasberryheaven, goon - Mod since pretty much the beginnings on 4chan, supposedly quitted around April 25, 2012 because he was trying to contact a girl in his circle of friends (Which happens to include moot) or a girl from /soc/, sources vary a lot, and asked for advice on /soc/. He then used the warn function to give his contact info to female posters who were helping, but one flipped her shit out fear of being banned, and another ratted him out with moot who fired him. Some say he asked to have his powers revoked and moot complied. Others say he later asked him to have his mod status back, but moot is the hero 4chan deserves but not the one it needs and denied it. moot later confirmed he resigned during a Q&A on / pol/

Shii - Menchi (Sources vary, to this day its unknown whether they are the same person, mods claim they are not) - #rasberryheaven, goon - http://www.shii.org/ - http://aya.shii.org/ and many more - Biggest English Textboard/lmageboard personality before Snacks. Tried to take down 4chan due to loli, but quickly had a change of heart. Member of world2ch (posted as Menchi), later helped moot to code the site on its beginnings by further translating Och's PHP (Though not flawlessly) and maintained the textboards. Got banned from Something Awful during the loli purge. He was active from 2003 to 2005, when moot deemed him too dramatic to be a mod. - According to the Aussie modleaks, still a mod as Menchi. Or at least still retaining his privileges but no longer moderating. He is also a Web Archive admin (And deleted some evidence of his involvement in world2ch and 4chan saved in there) and a Wikipedia admin (Where he stored a list of all his loli anime pages). Mod at /dqn/ and /saovq/.

W.T. Snacks - http://cookiethievery.com/- http://snidnightmacks.tumblr.com/-Admin. Coder. Internet Meme. Greatest attention-whore to ever grace 4chan. Started during 4chan's revival and made a lot of vital changes to the futallaby code (Reply with an image, quoting, information about posts, being able to see the amount of hidden posts in a thread, also hiding the post from a thread in the first place) Got fired on 2005 due to laziness and moot's lovely bad temper. Used to browse #4chan and advertise his own radio show, Midnight Snacks, which is hosted on 88chan. It's about mini-mixes, remixes and general electronic music. The dude seems to have a knack for it since the Soulseek days. Recently broke his hip skateboarding and now has a nice 60000 bucks debt.

Censored Vagina (AKA C_V) - #rasberryheaven, goon - Admin and a sort of bridge between the community and moot during the early days. Convinced moot to restore /I/ - Lolicon when it got taken down due to CP. Active from 2003 to 2004. He was permabanned from SA due to pedophilia/lolicon.

32 Names in green are unconfirmed.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

5 - Had his own secret board dedicated to pictures of him, created by WTSnacks as an in-joke. He
was and is Snacks best friend. A few months after Snacks got demodded he stickied a Midnight
Snacks thread, which he co-hosted at the time, the thread was unstickied by moot, and then re-
stickied. Because of this people believed a mod war was raging and shouted the meme BRING
BACK SNACKS. Jokingly, both users called the show "Radio free 4chan" for the night. This and a
streak of inactivity cost 5 his mod status, moot later claimed it was a demoddable offense to sticky
radio show threads. (cont.)
>> No. 606
Dongfix (AKA Enumeric) - lmgbear.com - Coder, he has written many scripts for the mods and janitors. IRC rat. Resigned on 2013.

Xennon - Flash coder - Admin for one day because of a GET. Supposedly leaked the logs where Snacks was fired by moot.

Soviet_Russia - SoRu, S_V - 4chan Mod and famous tripfag, made mod in the legendary board /z/ and attention-whored it to death alongside his brother Dash_Billions. He was eventually banned.

Shut - John - #rasberryheaven goon - Coded around by the time W.T. Snacks was fired (2005) active as far back as 06/2004 and as late as 2007. He maintained the devblog, fixed a bug that allowed huge files on the site if they were .btm. Married Allyson.

thatdog - SA/ADTRW goon - http://www.lchan.net/ - Goon that helped coding that PHP around 2003, created the test board /r/ - TRAINZ, funded the site lchan to satisfy his need forTRAINZ. His website also contains the original overchan, and old, outdated list of *chans. Look there for a piece of the past. Made Futaba-SQL and the beta archive, futallaby around 2003, But got in an argument with moot and dropped support during early 2004 (moot apparently had great skill when it comes to angering people who helps him)

Allyson - underage b& mod from circa 2006. She was kind of a drama whore. Married Shut.


Kusanagi (aka KusKus / brbgone2gensokyo) - Kinomod, the famous /a/ mod. He was known for everyone extremely favoring and encouraging of /a/ board culture. He was also known for having blut political opinions on IRC. On December 22, he got into a fight with Destati on #janiteam and both where banned by moot. The change of mods in /a/ was noticed inmediately and let to small wave of shitpsoting.

yetsturdy (AKA thisisacleverpassword ) (Originally fsdfdsf) - /a/ and /mlp/ Janitor. Got into a fight with Kusanagi and got fired on December 22, 2014

Inspector Redwood - Mod, famous /co/ tripfag for years, who ultimately got ousted during the 2014 aussie leaks and had to stop using the trip. He used to publicly ban people who called others nigger and then defend it on /q/ with his trip on. He later returned to tripping and allegedly left the moderation position. Allegedly resigned after sometime after being outed.

Brian "Okk" Raddatz - #rasberryheaven goon - http://darksquid.org/

J Digital - JohnnyDigital - http://www.jonnydigital.com/

FrankStallone (AKA dr.wiii) - Mod that retired during early 2010, made some art for moot.

Alan - Mod.

DocEvil - A mod originally a janitor from /tv/.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

Mr. Spooky - Ex-mod who spawned the catchphrases "I've never seen so many ingrates" and "You'll
receive nothing from me." after a rant regarding donations. (cont.)
>> No. 607
Saber - Hosted not4chan.org when /I/ and /g/ got too problematic to handle. He proceeded to add some boards like /ss/ - Straight Shota. Eventually he left and the site dies with him.



Damagelnc - Coded the original 4chan Firefox extension around 2004
Jibaku - Mod circa 4chan's revival (2005).

Ezzi - Active around 2004.

Majnen - Made an unauthorized news post about donations on July first, 2005 telling that moot left the project and 4chan would cease operations, followed the closure of a number of boards. He was probably sodomized by moot after that.

Souldark- Active around 2004. Scottish.

LordVorbis- Active around 2004

Otaku - Active around 2004. Sysadmin? In charge of donations?

Spork - Dan Levin - Made the first 4chan IRC (irc://irc.pyoko.org/4chan - dead)

[NPH] - Helped coding around 2003, mainly the main page.

niralisse - Helped with the webmail and the fourth server around 2003.

hannibal (AKA handyball) - Server Admin circa 2003. Helped moot with Linux.

Mangoat - Server Admin. Around 2003

ichibanMuffin - Paired with moot to revive 4chan, but didn't work (What) circa 2003.
hova - Helped traduce Futaba code with moot.

DJ Lucid (aka Lucid) - Coder, 4chan's old sysadmin during 2003 to 2006 (And beyond?). Admin
during 2004. Left (temporarily?) during 03/2005.

Shingo - Helped traduce the rules into Japanese Katakana around 2003.

Scuzzy - Wrote the first anti-leech code during 2003.

Nemo - Janitor. Outed himself on /b/, fired by moot.

Shiren - Nikka -Zenith (Nuked /jp/) - AoC (Became too paranoid on /jp/) - Duade (co) - Janitors
that either left or were fired

andonuts -Janitor who leaked the #janiteam IRC logs. Associated with 8chan.

Unknown, mentioned and associated people:



Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

"Bill" 33
"Simon" 34

Peter Payne (AKA moot's friend from Japan) - Owner of the J-list, had been in an advertising relationship with 4chan since its beginnings, both in the good and the bad.

Outernet - Old 4chan personally. Forced the DIAL Soap meme via bot spam.

Anonymac (aka mac) - Friend of moot, who made all the 4chan birthday pics and the promotional artwork for 4chan's panel in AWA 2013

coda - Flash animator. Very active during 2006. Friend of moot, made the 2013 tenth anniversary panel flash. Fie made 4chan.org/flash/ for moot.

Mayhem - Coded the 4chan X extension. Fie runs swfchan.org, /f/'s archive.

Anamanaguchi - Chiptune-lndie Rock band, mutual friends of Snacks and moot. Got their second album advertised by moot and got him to dress as a furry and make a cameo in one of their music videos.

33 And

34 : Mentioned in the leaked logs where moot fired Snacks.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015 (cont.)
>> No. 608
Useful links


First of all, there are the primary sources that is 4chan's various pages and news, two of which are the most important:

http://www.4chan.org/news7all - Of course, the main source.

The #janiteam leaks - The second most important source. It provides background on what the staff thinks of all the evens that happened since early 2012. The insight will change anyone's mind on how the staff works. Hosted on several places.

Onto the secondary sources - Nowadays there are very few active 4chan history sources. Shii's site was taken down due to DMCA, Jkid had to turn off Yotsuba Society due to personal problems, Encyclopedia Dramatica's userbase is too small to properly record 4chan and Internet drama, the archive of the original Wikichan has been lost to history, among many other sites that have disappeared.

Here's a list of the active sources that are not directly related to 4chan:

https://github.com/bibanon/bibanon/wiki - The Bibliteca Anonoma, or Bibanon is an active wiki project about saving information on internet culture that might otherwise disappear with time, they made a neat summary for the history of 4chan, which I took and revamped. Maintained by shii and other users. It's probably the most up to date wiki about the site. https://encyclopediadramatica.es/ - Encyclopedia Dramatica - The shithole of the Internet's ever present buttock. While at first glance it seems to be entirely composed of bullshit, ED has loads of information on users and performed raids, including tidbits about the Internet in general, like the first Internet raid ever done and the biggest compilation of creepypasta on the Internet. If there's one thing they excel at, it's at archiving drama. They seem to roam the line between life and death nowadays. Be advised that you must be extremely in tune with ED's culture to be able to device the absurd humour and intentional lies from the truth. Since the GamerGate incident, ED seems to have been taken over by 8channers.

http://www.lurkmore.com/ - The LURKMOAR wiki - The first chan culture wiki. It was an effort to compile and explain the crescent amounts of memes and culture 4chan was creating on 2005. Its population slowly shifted to ED, and eventually fell into obscurity and obsoletion. Nowadays it's mainly used as a wiki for its own boards dedicated to camwhores. Still gets updated with 4chan- related information from time to time. To see: GET list 35 , tripfag list 35 , camwhores list 37 and some classic memes.

http://tb.vyrd.net (Originally http://576chan.org/4chan/ | http://dir.vyrd.net/ ) - Vyrd.net - An awesome repository of links and info of 4chan. Barely active, it's owner makes a great effort to archive any and all 4chan information possible.

http://tanasinn.info/ - Tanasinn - A mysterious wiki filled with Japanese textboard culture and self-referencing humour. It has an extremely useful timeline that's still updated from time to time: http://tanasinn.info/wiki/Complete_History_of_4chan

35 http://www.lurkmore.com/wiki/GET

36 http://www.lurkmore.com/wiki/List_of_notable_namefags_and_tripfags

37 http://www.lurkmore.com/wiki/Camwhore
>> No. 609
Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

https://8ch. net/news paper/2. html and http://8ch.net/imgbc/index.html-8chan Newspaper
Bunbunmaru and Imageboard Culture - The former is an 8chan board centered in making original
research related to chan topics. They host some threads on chan history. The latter is wholly
centered on imageboard history.

http://www.yotsubasociety.org/ - Yotsuba Society - An attempt to do the same I'm doing here.

Run by Jkid, infamous tripfag/stalker from /cgl/.

The First Channel, The Second Channel and The Third Channel - Essays about Ayashii Warudo, 2channel and 2chan respectively from Yotsuba Society, although nothing new, they provide excellent (albeit highly typo'd) pieces of information.

They also have an exhaustive archive of many threads of 4chan 3S , and a wiki bent on recovering the lost articles of the legendary wikichan 39 . The site was took down recently due to jKid having to find work, but has recently resurfaced. Important things from this wiki are http://www.yotsubasociety. 0 rg/node/ 2 , which talks about the forerunners of image board culture, and a summary of the history of the Russian chanverse.

Special mentions to:

http://wikichan.org/ (Dead link. 2006-2010) - Wikichan - By far the most popular and exhaustive compilation of 4chan information there was. However, as dedicated its userbase was, it was constantly DDoS'd, dropped by ISPs and hacked. It was known not only for compiling info on memes but also for having an extensive list of 4chan user stories and creepypasta. On 2010 the admin decided to call it quits. Many attempts to restore the info on Wikichan where performed, but only partially successful.

http://insurg.in | http://dnathe4th.porfusion.com/partyvan/07-31-08/index.php/Main_Page.html (Dead links: insurgen.info | partyvan.info 2006-201 1) - The Insurgency Wikis - Wikis founded during the heyday of raid culture and /i/ - Invasions boards in order to record and organize the various raids and campaigns Anonymous was carrying. They were down constantly due to unstable administration and were eventually forked and archived

And here a list of all the non-active sources I could find about 4chan:

https://www.4chan.org/tmp/newboards.html - April 2006's board additions.
http://world2ch.org/wiki/doku. php?id=start - The world2ch Historical Society - A set of articles written by 0037, a user of world2ch and later 4chan. It contains information on its precursors: 2chan/2channel (The second original textboard, first being Ayashii Warudo, and its emergency imageboard 2chan), world2ch (first American textboard), internet summaries, 4-ch, SA and 4chan/world4ch itself. WARNING: Very subjective.)

http://world2ch.org/dramabomb.html - Archived thread from October, 2 on world2ch. It was 4chan's second day of life and the first Western Chan "war".

http://www.chemistrydaily.eom/chemistry/lmageboard#4chan - An archive 4chan's old wikipedia
page, comes along with http://www.chemistrydaily.eom/chemistry/Talk:4chan and

38 http://archives.yotsubasociety.org/

39 http://w w w . ys wiki. org/wiki/Main_Page

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015 (cont.)
>> No. 610
http://web.archive.org/web/20031202172011/world2ch.net/world2ch.html - Wayback Machine's
archived site of world2ch.

http://web.archive.Org/web/20031008225412/http://img.4chan.net/b/imgboard.htm - Wayback
Machine's archived site of 4chan during 2003.

http://wakaba.c3.cx/s/web/wakaba_kareha.html - The source codes for Kareha and Wakaba,
including extra info on Futaba and Futallaby.

http://www.lchan.net/ and http://www.lchan.net/futallaby/ - thatdog's lchan net, that hosts his
old code Futallaby.

http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/5chan - Generic info on imageboards and small tidbits
about the old chans of 2004.

http://shii.org/ - There's a surprising amount on information on the old internet days here - Now
Dead because of DMCA.

http://shii.org/knows/4chan - Shii's article about 4chan (WARNING: Very subjective.). (Now dead

http://ayashiiworldhistory.blogspot.com.ar/2012/10/test.html - A fantastic site that contains lots
of information on the precursors of 4chan, and an entire timeline of Ayashii world hubs.
http://wikiworld. com/wiki/index. php?title=4chan&oldid=5249 - An old article about 4chan,
extremely detailed about its old 2004-2006 culture

http://www.jonnydigital.com/4chan-history - Another wiki timeline. jDigital was a staff member
for a while, not a lot of information.

http://s3.invisionfree.com/Project_4chan/ar/t7.htm - Board addition/removal history.
http://www. music. us/education/4/4chan.htm - Not a source I used in this .doc, though related. It essentially explains all the memes that were present during 2003 and 2004, both from 4chan and those imported from its parent sites. Further research shows that it was an early (Probably the
earliest) article on wikipedia about 4chan. (lol dead - Wayback Machine archive: http://web.archive.Org/web/20130727073226/http://www.music.us/education/4/4chan.htm)
http://macrochan.org/tagTree.php - An astonishing amount of old memes separated by tags, some of which are pretty much forgotten. We could actually bring some of these back and start a retro trend in 4chan.

http://images.mackanzoor.eom/CFIAN/l.html - A smaller Macrochan

http://shimmie.4chanhouse.org/index.php?q=/post/list - Same as above, but dedicated to board-

http://swfchan.com/ - 4chan .sfw's archive. Closely related to the board /f/. You can find some
classics here.

http://www.reddit.eom/r/KotakulnAction/comments/2gvtrp/ - Info on moot's gf


These are a list of all the original *chan archives - Mind you, no the actual archive sites that list every single thread posted on a board, but sites that used to list every *chan on the net, originally known as overchans.

http://www.lchan.net/overchan/ - The original overchan. Most sites there are dead or in the process of dying, though some names do carry some nostalgia value. It was originally maintained by thatdog.

http://shii.org/2ch/ - Overchan 2.0 - Maintained by Shii. It died recently.

http://allchans.org/ - Overchan 3.0 - The most complete overchan (of the two left standing) They also include a separate menu for furry-themed boards (lol, fursecution) and textboards.

Edition 1.4.5 - October 12, 2015

http://lch.us/ - The other Overchan 3.0 - Dedicated to compiling almost all *chans on the net. It's maintained by Izzy.

http://dramatica.org. ua/CnncoK_iiv\iA>K6opAiB - An Ukrainian overchan, probably the most complete ever.

http://meltingwax.net/text-overchan/ - Textboard overchan

http://4chanarchive.org/ - Original 4chan archive: If you are interested in a blast from the past, come here for threads as early as 2006. It was discontinued some months ago.
http://chanarchive.org/ - Current version of 4chan archive. Mantained by ED, now dead.

Other links:

http://pastebin.com/cDKwfJJV - Pastebin with all the login pages of 4chan

http://www.4chan.org/comics - This one is quite obvious, but doesn't appear on the front page. Check if you want some nostalgia.
>> No. 611
http://www.4chan.org/flash - The same as above, but for .sfw. moot tries to keep it alive from time to time.

http://www.4chanlink.org - Image resurrection site - Any image on 4chan can be recovered after 14 days of it's deletion.

http://halcy.de/kopipe/index.html.down - One of the biggest copypasta archives on the Internet, probably only dwarfed by Encyclopedia Dramatica's

http://4index.gropes.us/ - 4chan Catalog - And index showing all threads currently on the database of 4chan. Useful alternate way of browsing.
http://catalog.neet.tv/ - The same catalog, but SFW only.

http://dejavu.org/forsta.htm - Old page about internet history from 1992 to 1999.

Edition 1.4.5

October 12, 2015 (end.)
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Oh also.

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Those make me sad...
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