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File 144779315711.png - (379.69KB , 560x840 , r9knewpol.png )
489 No. 489
Things to be worked on. I have them scattered on various flash drives and around my computer, but I don't know where to put them as a reminder to complete (or discard). I'm adding in some notes as reasons for the drawings at that time. asdaf

>pic is old, at the time /r9k/ and /pol/ were added back on 4chan. The idea was that /pol/ would be considered /new/'s child, but I scraped it to pursue other options.
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>> No. 490
File 144779485127.png - (141.22KB , 585x780 , minicomic1.png )
>old mini comic drawn with GIMP. Anything drawn on GIMP is most likely old. The majority of my old drawings were doodled on a linux os. This comic featured /a/ and /cgl/. Based on a thread with /cgl/ talking about her menstrual cycle and /a/ finding out about it, prompting him to throw up on the last panel.
>> No. 491
File 144779529857.png - (381.65KB , 451x482 , nnnn.png )
>Old, tried experimenting on GIMP. Discarded in favor of no identity for /n/-News. The only thing I've heard of from /n/ are from the 4chan text boards and plus4chan's /n/ archive.
>> No. 492
File 144779628681.png - (303.25KB , 800x600 , variousintnew.png )
>old sketches. funny enough I never saw /int/ or /new/ as a couple.
>> No. 493
File 144779687416.png - (154.07KB , 400x1250 , anon7.png )
>from /comic/225. Discarded because I haven't the slightest idea what would follow. 2012.
>> No. 494

>> No. 495
File 144779792019.png - (696.32KB , 1800x900 , scientology1.png )
>early 2014. I wanted to create backgrounds for the PHM project. This was a draft of the scientology background.

>I never experienced scientology in my area. It was hard for me to get my head around the idea.
>> No. 496
File 144779936740.png - (170.67KB , 450x750 , pony.png )
>my interpretation of /mlp/ way back. Discarded because I was goofing off.
>> No. 497
File 144779963893.png - (394.12KB , 1500x750 , reddit1.png )
>reddit background for PHM project. It was to be inside a spaceship. Discarded.
>> No. 498
File 144780026396.jpg - (221.97KB , 895x647 , 4chnhouseplndup.jpg )
>pre-2012. I posted this in another thread on 4chanhouse somewhere. Going to be some sort of update to the 4chan house but then I had to draw out the house. It would have been a pretty big house. kek.
>> No. 499
Whoops. 2013. Didn't see the /diy/.
>> No. 500
File 144780282560.png - (377.43KB , 1024x768 , randomthings.png )
>when board tans were on /co/ back in 2013-2014. First is samefag in ebola's costume, the bottom is Newman with Conrad's kid (Cookie) sleeping on his chest after a long day of babysitting. The middle image is /new/pol/ browsing sites for information.
>> No. 501
File 144780362556.png - (162.46KB , 532x714 , news.png )
>hope to finish this. Painttool SAI is smooth and I like the simplicity of using it. Want to be proficient enough to color in sai.
>> No. 502
File 144780414073.png - (592.91KB , 959x720 , wipcitypol.png )
>WIP earlier this year.
>> No. 503
File 144780584226.png - (457.58KB , 870x653 , old.png )
>Discarded last year's Christmas party comic (/co/'s pov), hoodie /b/ next to /pol/, kid /pol/ with ds, discarded /co/ comic, teenage hoodie /pol/, /new/ with baby /pol/ (discarded father idea)
>> No. 504
File 144780610298.png - (218.91KB , 398x670 , confedpol.png )
>South or Confederate /pol/. Discarded because I ran out of ideas to design the clothes. Will probably pick it up in the future due to 2012/2013? ideology flags on /pol/ during that time.
>> No. 505
File 144780646390.png - (243.05KB , 600x800 , dfdzg.png )
>wtf. I don't remember making this.
>> No. 506
File 144780703033.png - (747.99KB , 1305x1095 , internet pirates.png )
>recent. to be finished, the characters are /t/, /rs/, and /r/.
>> No. 507
File 144780783185.png - (119.70KB , 361x841 , ancap wip.png )
>ancap (or anarchy) /pol/. recent, but wanted to design during the phase with /pol/ and ideology flags.

>I wanted to draw him for the 2015 Winterball fighting greensuit because that would be fucking awesome. Then /b/ arriving because his board history leans toward anarchist thoughts to begin with. Discarded because I work and that would've taken a hella long time to plan out.

>I'm planning to draw him more often in the future (or past) as a subsection of /pol/ or as kid /pol/ grown up.
>> No. 508
File 144780812638.png - (214.08KB , 626x1039 , ancap2.png )
>recent sketch goofing off with ancap.
>> No. 509
File 14478085419.png - (170.76KB , 694x511 , vadventure.png )
>lol, playing around with ideas. /v/ is some sort of alchemist/magician with three elemental traveling buddies: /r9k/ (water), /b/ (earth, long-time partner of /v/), and /pol/ (fire, newest addition).
>> No. 510
File 144780943646.png - (369.57KB , 687x591 , newolddoodles.png )
I think that's it. I had more but it's on a laptop I can't get to open.
>> No. 511
File 144780957117.png - (735.58KB , 800x875 , reverse sexual harrassment.png )
oh yea, and this for the 2015 Winterball. loll
>> No. 512
Well this is all pretty interesting.

I think that got screen capped and I made myself forget about it because of all the blood... blobs on the shower floor the pics posted.

Cookie is in a strange area, as are the other non board-tan children of board-tans.

Stranger still is Deelette since she's the daughter of /d/-tan (father) and /co/lette (mother), a board OC.
/aco/ ruined all the momentum she had finally gained on /d/. Right when she finally became a little popular on /d/ about a year after being made, then a week later /aco/ comes along and the mods started chopping up /d/.
Strangely enough, the Deelete threads were left untouched.

Then there's /v/'s Vivian James and /b/'s attempt to copy it. I don't even know what happened to the thing /b/ made when they did that.

What other boards ended up with OC kids?
>> No. 513
I remember last year when [s4s], /mlp/, /d/ and Ebola-chan somehow created Demola.

But that has lost interest.
>> No. 514
That always felt more like a fusion to me, but I was told otherwise.

It feels like /pol/ has a new thing every few months:

Who knows what their next flavor of the month will be.
>> No. 516
File 144808968415.png - (2.74MB , 1200x2500 , groupswip.png )

Some anons wanted to have a type of board offspring, even /b/. Maybe this has something to do with growing older since the oldfags should be around their mid 20s by now. I can sympathize.


I like Ebola-chan. Personified virus girls is a unique idea. Christ-chan is cute. I think it would be neat if they added the other eleven classical world religions if we're getting into religious anthropomorphism.

Winter-chan needs the other three seasons, but seasonal personifications are easy to interpret.
>> No. 517

Oh, forgot note for this image.

>old. has /b/, /v/, /a/, /co/, /tg/, and /x/ at top. bottom has /new/, /sci/ (I wanted to change his appearance), /lit/, /k/, and /int/.
>> No. 518
Typically /pol/'s waifu/daughteru/whateveru of the month is based on whatever is causing some group suffering.
The funny part is, I don't think /pol/ made any of them. I'm pretty sure at least one of them was made by /a/.

I know /co/ has been trying to do some kind of OC magical girls based on the four seasons in the UK for a few months now in the /co/ creation threads, but that's been going a lot of nowhere.
>> No. 519
An /a/ user created ebola-chan, but the concept was cute so it stuck with /pol/'s userbase. I supported it since I wanted to goof off on anthromorphism. People usually posted ebola news along with ebola chan anyway.
>> No. 522
I'll be gone till December 31st. Gotta finish some other drawings.
>> No. 525
File 145133570539.png - (245.68KB , 976x1181 , harrassment.png )

kek. I'm putting the colored one on the shimmie, but recent circumstances will have me draw less next year. It was either 2012 or 2013 that I had two jobs and was working on board tans, and that almost killed me. Unironically drawing /new/ and /pol/ tan is a good stress reliever.

At zecro's advice, I got a wordpress (has nothing atm). Also got a tumblr a long time ago and decided to put some old board tan drawings on it. I keep going under pseudonyms here and thought it might be irritating for people to locate my drawings. (`・ω・´)
>> No. 526
**drawing less next year to get another job.

wordpress user is pressplay4, uh, and I think my tumblr is fiendekl.

if anyone wants to reach me, my skype is temp.f5. I'd be on my computer at certain times depending on my work schedule.
>> No. 613
File 145535597587.png - (169.32KB , 879x527 , i see you.png )
>> No. 638
File 145758995618.png - (1.15MB , 1134x980 , kawaii lineart.png )
Redid someone's sketch from the shimmie. I'll be doing this more often.

Finished someone's /c/ sketch and posted it to the shimmie.

Also haven't updated on wordpress or tumblr, but my crocheting is going along fine.

Lastly I'm signing up for military.
>> No. 639
File 145759152521.png - (491.54KB , 1169x681 , wip ggu.png )
Oh, and worked a bit on the GGU video.

I'd be able to finish this background since I found a tutorial on it. fucking finally~

I'm still very new to cging. This year's goal is to finish around 40 or so colored pieces.
>> No. 640
>signing up for military

I wish you good luck.
>> No. 641

Thanks thanks. Will need it.
>> No. 644
File 145782352724.png - (576.29KB , 1085x1200 , c tan.png )
Done with >>638

Doing another line art from sketch in shimmie.
>> No. 645
File 145782515026.png - (784.82KB , 913x1509 , pol ebola chan.png )

>> No. 647
File 145817691448.png - (279.53KB , 637x787 , c wip.png )

wip. also doing another lineart.
>> No. 650
File 145850869561.png - (1.02MB , 1366x1063 , wip cm.png )

Lineart done. That will be it for this month. Gotta do some studying.
>> No. 651
File 145958800234.png - (348.08KB , 723x848 , pol comic wip.png )
>> No. 652
Most of my affairs are in order. I just have to give my computer away and most of my electronics before leaving for basic, but after this I will not be drawing since I'll be dedicating my time to training and work.

It's been a good six years.
>> No. 653
lol jk
>implying I can leave this site

unless something happens to me i'm on a long term hiatus. brb forever.
>> No. 696
File 147967777632.png - (187.57KB , 910x728 , wip2016winter.png )
Winter with /int/ and /new/.
>> No. 697
I always liked the /int/-/new/ pairing.

Shame they kind of drifted apart after /new/ became /pol/.
>> No. 698
Concerning board users, no, the boards never drifted apart, but board tans began to reach a point where people were using the mascots to influence future interpretations of the boards. I work primarily on the past relationships between each board.

Even when I was creating /new/ and /int/, the board users were already on good terms long before the board tans were made.

>Shame they kind of drifted apart after /new/ became /pol/.

/new/ is dead. I killed him off earlier this year when the redirect was removed.
>> No. 719
File 148074413929.png - (210.36KB , 758x396 , dance.png )
>> No. 737
File 148149478467.png - (277.63KB , 800x952 , winterlineart.png )
>> No. 841
lol i wish i have time to post arts. i'm bored.
>> No. 895
yo zecro, can you delete this thread?

imma go work on new things lol
>> No. 1014
File 149120324253.png - (1.07MB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_20170403-000335.png )
>> No. 1023
File 149298529197.png - (117.06KB , 700x1033 , pg1.png )
mspaint mang. geez this laptop.
>> No. 1024
Eh, I updated the /pol/ tg wiki on board tans. I didn't remove the previous descriptions, but I added the storyline /pol/ that I'm working on. Gonna write a few entries for the other boards.
>> No. 1025
Got my computer back lol.

I won't be drawing board tans for the next two months​ to catch up on other drawings. brb
>> No. 1037
File 150148462439.png - (128.92KB , 885x550 , wowhands.png )
i'll be drawing more of /b/ this year.

he's been neglected, which is weird. what's 4chan without /b/ really.
>> No. 1070

so uh, i'm not in the military anymore. i seem to be a shitty person.

back to drawing angry nazis.
>> No. 1071
welcome back
>> No. 1072

also i need money for slot machines.
>> No. 1073
Not one job, not even two jobs.

>> No. 1076
So uh, had a pretty bad week. Went and chugged 50 tablets 200 mg motrin but survived because someone found me and took me to the hospital. I spent some time in and out of consciousness (feels like a bad hangover) and then after the doctors cleared me I was placed in a psych ward for a few days.

I'm a bit new to the area that I'm living in, so the only ride I have are people from a church around this area (my sergeant introduced me to them when I was in the military). So they pick me up from the hospital and proceed to not let me go home.

It's kinda weird they won't let me decide where I should be. I lack a lot of common sense so maybe it's because I tried harming myself that I'm not allowed to be by myself but uh, yea. I currently don't have access to my usual computer.
>> No. 1077
get some help bro
>> No. 1078
They got me some sort of Christian counseling this afternoon? Also keep telling me not to worry about my finances.

So I'm in a comfy home and it's all nice so I can get some sleep. I got my drawing app so I can update when I'm less drowsy.
>> No. 1079
I'm moving again.
>> No. 1080
Get well soon, Anon.
>> No. 1082
So the move is hectic since I'm switching to another state. I think this is like the 4th or 5th state in the past three years. I don't have that much stuff fortunately.

Putting in my notices for my jobs, waiting on the bill for my hospital stay, leaving behind my admission to the university I planned on attending. I will be working for a while before I go back to school.

My priorities are off.
>> No. 1104
I was browsing through the shimmie again and in hindsight, the pairing drama doesn't really encourage anything from me lol

I think it's safe to say that he had always been drawn crushing on /b/ to some extent. It's easier for me to portray /pol/ being shy with love than for him to actually go for it. Overall it doesn't affect his personality because I prefer non-romantic characters.

So yea, just my two cents. I don't have anything against other portrayals, it's just unlikely that I will draw him any differently no matter how many people will paint him otherwise, so I tagged the images that I've drawn on the shimmie to separate from the more popular interpretations.

I can't do the meme war thing lul
Or him being father to _ et al
Or the German accent
Or him showing affection to anyone other than his close friends and fam

I understand drawing disagreements. The associated drama is kinda useless, reactionary, and artificial tho, so I'm steering away from it.

Anyway I made a WordPress for the project I'm working on, and an Art Improvement blog to gain better drawing skills.

pressplay4.blog (Slow board tan updates till I gain drawing muscles)

https://drawgains.wordpress.com (Art improvement blog)

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