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File 144779315711.png - (379.69KB , 560x840 , r9knewpol.png )
489 No. 489
Things to be worked on. I have them scattered on various flash drives and around my computer, but I don't know where to put them as a reminder to complete (or discard). I'm adding in some notes as reasons for the drawings at that time. asdaf

>pic is old, at the time /r9k/ and /pol/ were added back on 4chan. The idea was that /pol/ would be considered /new/'s child, but I scraped it to pursue other options.
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>> No. 508
File 144780812638.png - (214.08KB , 626x1039 , ancap2.png )
>recent sketch goofing off with ancap.
>> No. 509
File 14478085419.png - (170.76KB , 694x511 , vadventure.png )
>lol, playing around with ideas. /v/ is some sort of alchemist/magician with three elemental traveling buddies: /r9k/ (water), /b/ (earth, long-time partner of /v/), and /pol/ (fire, newest addition).
>> No. 510
File 144780943646.png - (369.57KB , 687x591 , newolddoodles.png )
I think that's it. I had more but it's on a laptop I can't get to open.
>> No. 511
File 144780957117.png - (735.58KB , 800x875 , reverse sexual harrassment.png )
oh yea, and this for the 2015 Winterball. loll
>> No. 512
Well this is all pretty interesting.

I think that got screen capped and I made myself forget about it because of all the blood... blobs on the shower floor the pics posted.

Cookie is in a strange area, as are the other non board-tan children of board-tans.

Stranger still is Deelette since she's the daughter of /d/-tan (father) and /co/lette (mother), a board OC.
/aco/ ruined all the momentum she had finally gained on /d/. Right when she finally became a little popular on /d/ about a year after being made, then a week later /aco/ comes along and the mods started chopping up /d/.
Strangely enough, the Deelete threads were left untouched.

Then there's /v/'s Vivian James and /b/'s attempt to copy it. I don't even know what happened to the thing /b/ made when they did that.

What other boards ended up with OC kids?
>> No. 513
I remember last year when [s4s], /mlp/, /d/ and Ebola-chan somehow created Demola.

But that has lost interest.
>> No. 514
That always felt more like a fusion to me, but I was told otherwise.

It feels like /pol/ has a new thing every few months:

Who knows what their next flavor of the month will be.
>> No. 516
File 144808968415.png - (2.74MB , 1200x2500 , groupswip.png )

Some anons wanted to have a type of board offspring, even /b/. Maybe this has something to do with growing older since the oldfags should be around their mid 20s by now. I can sympathize.


I like Ebola-chan. Personified virus girls is a unique idea. Christ-chan is cute. I think it would be neat if they added the other eleven classical world religions if we're getting into religious anthropomorphism.

Winter-chan needs the other three seasons, but seasonal personifications are easy to interpret.
>> No. 517

Oh, forgot note for this image.

>old. has /b/, /v/, /a/, /co/, /tg/, and /x/ at top. bottom has /new/, /sci/ (I wanted to change his appearance), /lit/, /k/, and /int/.
>> No. 518
Typically /pol/'s waifu/daughteru/whateveru of the month is based on whatever is causing some group suffering.
The funny part is, I don't think /pol/ made any of them. I'm pretty sure at least one of them was made by /a/.

I know /co/ has been trying to do some kind of OC magical girls based on the four seasons in the UK for a few months now in the /co/ creation threads, but that's been going a lot of nowhere.
>> No. 519
An /a/ user created ebola-chan, but the concept was cute so it stuck with /pol/'s userbase. I supported it since I wanted to goof off on anthromorphism. People usually posted ebola news along with ebola chan anyway.
>> No. 522
I'll be gone till December 31st. Gotta finish some other drawings.
>> No. 525
File 145133570539.png - (245.68KB , 976x1181 , harrassment.png )

kek. I'm putting the colored one on the shimmie, but recent circumstances will have me draw less next year. It was either 2012 or 2013 that I had two jobs and was working on board tans, and that almost killed me. Unironically drawing /new/ and /pol/ tan is a good stress reliever.

At zecro's advice, I got a wordpress (has nothing atm). Also got a tumblr a long time ago and decided to put some old board tan drawings on it. I keep going under pseudonyms here and thought it might be irritating for people to locate my drawings. (`・ω・´)
>> No. 526
**drawing less next year to get another job.

wordpress user is pressplay4, uh, and I think my tumblr is fiendekl.

if anyone wants to reach me, my skype is temp.f5. I'd be on my computer at certain times depending on my work schedule.
>> No. 613
File 145535597587.png - (169.32KB , 879x527 , i see you.png )
>> No. 638
File 145758995618.png - (1.15MB , 1134x980 , kawaii lineart.png )
Redid someone's sketch from the shimmie. I'll be doing this more often.

Finished someone's /c/ sketch and posted it to the shimmie.

Also haven't updated on wordpress or tumblr, but my crocheting is going along fine.

Lastly I'm signing up for military.
>> No. 639
File 145759152521.png - (491.54KB , 1169x681 , wip ggu.png )
Oh, and worked a bit on the GGU video.

I'd be able to finish this background since I found a tutorial on it. fucking finally~

I'm still very new to cging. This year's goal is to finish around 40 or so colored pieces.
>> No. 640
>signing up for military

I wish you good luck.
>> No. 641

Thanks thanks. Will need it.
>> No. 644
File 145782352724.png - (576.29KB , 1085x1200 , c tan.png )
Done with >>638

Doing another line art from sketch in shimmie.
>> No. 645
File 145782515026.png - (784.82KB , 913x1509 , pol ebola chan.png )

>> No. 647
File 145817691448.png - (279.53KB , 637x787 , c wip.png )

wip. also doing another lineart.
>> No. 650
File 145850869561.png - (1.02MB , 1366x1063 , wip cm.png )

Lineart done. That will be it for this month. Gotta do some studying.
>> No. 651
File 145958800234.png - (348.08KB , 723x848 , pol comic wip.png )
>> No. 652
Most of my affairs are in order. I just have to give my computer away and most of my electronics before leaving for basic, but after this I will not be drawing since I'll be dedicating my time to training and work.

It's been a good six years.
>> No. 653
lol jk
>implying I can leave this site

unless something happens to me i'm on a long term hiatus. brb forever.
>> No. 696
File 147967777632.png - (187.57KB , 910x728 , wip2016winter.png )
Winter with /int/ and /new/.
>> No. 697
I always liked the /int/-/new/ pairing.

Shame they kind of drifted apart after /new/ became /pol/.
>> No. 698
Concerning board users, no, the boards never drifted apart, but board tans began to reach a point where people were using the mascots to influence future interpretations of the boards. I work primarily on the past relationships between each board.

Even when I was creating /new/ and /int/, the board users were already on good terms long before the board tans were made.

>Shame they kind of drifted apart after /new/ became /pol/.

/new/ is dead. I killed him off earlier this year when the redirect was removed.
>> No. 719
File 148074413929.png - (210.36KB , 758x396 , dance.png )
>> No. 737
File 148149478467.png - (277.63KB , 800x952 , winterlineart.png )
>> No. 841
lol i wish i have time to post arts. i'm bored.
>> No. 895
yo zecro, can you delete this thread?

imma go work on new things lol
>> No. 1014
File 149120324253.png - (1.07MB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_20170403-000335.png )
>> No. 1023
File 149298529197.png - (117.06KB , 700x1033 , pg1.png )
mspaint mang. geez this laptop.
>> No. 1024
Eh, I updated the /pol/ tg wiki on board tans. I didn't remove the previous descriptions, but I added the storyline /pol/ that I'm working on. Gonna write a few entries for the other boards.
>> No. 1025
Got my computer back lol.

I won't be drawing board tans for the next two months​ to catch up on other drawings. brb
>> No. 1037
File 150148462439.png - (128.92KB , 885x550 , wowhands.png )
i'll be drawing more of /b/ this year.

he's been neglected, which is weird. what's 4chan without /b/ really.
>> No. 1070

so uh, i'm not in the military anymore. i seem to be a shitty person.

back to drawing angry nazis.
>> No. 1071
welcome back
>> No. 1072

also i need money for slot machines.
>> No. 1073
Not one job, not even two jobs.

>> No. 1076
So uh, had a pretty bad week. Went and chugged 50 tablets 200 mg motrin but survived because someone found me and took me to the hospital. I spent some time in and out of consciousness (feels like a bad hangover) and then after the doctors cleared me I was placed in a psych ward for a few days.

I'm a bit new to the area that I'm living in, so the only ride I have are people from a church around this area (my sergeant introduced me to them when I was in the military). So they pick me up from the hospital and proceed to not let me go home.

It's kinda weird they won't let me decide where I should be. I lack a lot of common sense so maybe it's because I tried harming myself that I'm not allowed to be by myself but uh, yea. I currently don't have access to my usual computer.
>> No. 1077
get some help bro
>> No. 1078
They got me some sort of Christian counseling this afternoon? Also keep telling me not to worry about my finances.

So I'm in a comfy home and it's all nice so I can get some sleep. I got my drawing app so I can update when I'm less drowsy.
>> No. 1079
I'm moving again.
>> No. 1080
Get well soon, Anon.
>> No. 1082
So the move is hectic since I'm switching to another state. I think this is like the 4th or 5th state in the past three years. I don't have that much stuff fortunately.

Putting in my notices for my jobs, waiting on the bill for my hospital stay, leaving behind my admission to the university I planned on attending. I will be working for a while before I go back to school.

My priorities are off.
>> No. 1104
I was browsing through the shimmie again and in hindsight, the pairing drama doesn't really encourage anything from me lol

I think it's safe to say that he had always been drawn crushing on /b/ to some extent. It's easier for me to portray /pol/ being shy with love than for him to actually go for it. Overall it doesn't affect his personality because I prefer non-romantic characters.

So yea, just my two cents. I don't have anything against other portrayals, it's just unlikely that I will draw him any differently no matter how many people will paint him otherwise, so I tagged the images that I've drawn on the shimmie to separate from the more popular interpretations.

I can't do the meme war thing lul
Or him being father to _ et al
Or the German accent
Or him showing affection to anyone other than his close friends and fam

I understand drawing disagreements. The associated drama is kinda useless, reactionary, and artificial tho, so I'm steering away from it.

Anyway I made a WordPress for the project I'm working on, and an Art Improvement blog to gain better drawing skills.

pressplay4.blog (Slow board tan updates till I gain drawing muscles)

https://drawgains.wordpress.com (Art improvement blog)
>> No. 1106
I was a janny for a short time and pissed off GrapeApe by spamming his dm with nonsense, saying things like I didn't respect him as a person or mod.

You'd think we'll have a conversation about power dynamics afterwards considering mods lack of communication with the community and even their own janitors.

Being friendly and going through the notion of mod acceptance is so damn tedious. None of them is worth putting on a pedestal. Fuck off with that attitude.

I'm going to sleep.
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