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File 138337591885.png - (63.92KB , 1873x657 , 1383357353459.png )
331 No. 331
oh look, a thing on /v/. gun spam on other boards seeing as most boards look dead

>What's "Project Hate Machine"?
It's a game me and a few other guys are willing too program, it's 4chan themed, relying on the 4chan tans as characters. A beat em up styled game

Info and concepts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I4rRCwuolxegQRNYqtw8koYV7aczBfYXqaag9nxO514/edit


Currently we are discussing /v/'s strong moveset. Basic attacks are limited to phisical attacks, but we want to make /v/'s Strong attacks videogame themed, any suggerence will be well received.
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>> No. 332

I wanna help. Or support. 'Cause this looks amazing.
>> No. 334
File 138356849978.png - (201.19KB , 538x717 , polfightconceptredo.png )

Hm, wanted to delete this to change unlocked skin '/pol/'s /new/ skin/' into 'news reporter skin' to avoid confusion with boards and make it less specific.
>> No. 335
I've seen this posted around, I always miss the threads on /v/ when they happen, so I've only ever gotten to see whatever images don't come up as leech while digging through foolz.

I think this is the 4th or 5th attempt at a 4chan fighting game.
>> No. 350
File 139508399418.png - (550.02KB , 4407x800 , v 1395034666924.png )
You made a thread on every board, so I'm just going to use this one to dump stuff that won't upload to the shimmie.
>> No. 351
File 139508400962.png - (358.46KB , 1600x1300 , v 1395034877101.png )
>> No. 352
File 139744193359.png - (96.42KB , 3000x488 , a 1397269873371.png )
Or just whatever I find that seems like it'd be better suited to this thread.
>> No. 353
File 139744197249.jpg - (781.43KB , 4400x1200 , v 1397271275644.jpg )
>> No. 354
File 139744201199.png - (241.82KB , 3120x712 , v 1397272681010.png )
>> No. 359
Demo is dead. I'm curious about this.
>> No. 364
This project is still alive and kicking, and I signed up as writer.
>> No. 378
I see. What exactly do you write? I'd be interested in joining this and contributing. The demo is dead but I found some downloads here:
>> No. 379
Programmer here. I deleted the exe a few days ago from the site, since it's not really ready for public viewing yet. Too early to show people the build. We'll give out an official demo once we have a few characters fleshed out.
>> No. 380
There isn't a public demo available, just a pre-alpha engine that's buggy as all hell. When a public demo is available, I'll remember to post about it here.

If you want to help, hit up the Google doc and contact Sif on Skype, his info is in that document next to his name.

As for me, unless something changes, I'm currently in charge of writing the story and a script for cinematics and in-game dialogue. I don't have any professional writing credits or anything like that, if that's what you're asking about.
>> No. 401
Might be usefull for you people
>> No. 402

Was an active artist for PHM, but laptop's been freezing up lately. Life's been getting to me so I might be homeless in two weeks.

It's going to be increasingly difficult to animate if that happens.

Is the project still ongoing? I'm having difficulty signing into Skype.
>> No. 1087
gotta get a laptop.

i have nothing else to do.
>> No. 1097
Neat. I'm getting one tomorrow.

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