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File 131528522721.jpg - (49.16KB , 640x480 , shit-tyrone-get-it-together[1].jpg )
127 No. 127
I don't want this project to sit by the wayside any longer!

So, what should be done, and who's going to do it?

Probably finishing character bios, but what after that?
Expand all images
>> No. 128
Right now I'm improvising on /new/'s character profile. After I'm done with that, it'll be a good idea for me to practice doodling the different versions of the 4chan board tans that have been created thus far.

Contrary to the 4chan house canon, there are different interpretations of the 4chan house. It'll be nice to have people experiment. I don't mind comics that play on board stereotypes or uses 4chan history to define the characters.

We possibly need to re-work the 1d4chan descriptions one day and return to brainstorming ideas on the invision board.
>> No. 129
I guess consistency and all that stuff isn't really necessary unless someone's going to do something with it. A webcomic can be done perfectly well by just one person. Maybe two if there's an artist/writer pair.

That said, some sort of setting and characters should be present, even if it's rudimentary or not concrete, so that people have someplace to diverge from.

>1d4chan descriptions
Thought that breaking each character up into a different page would make more sense. There would be more room to talk about different character concepts (see: /po/).

1d4chan is a /tg/-focused wiki. While /tg/ did some board-tan brainstorming, the character descriptions don't have to stay there.

Plus4chan has a wiki, which makes slightly more sense to use.

There's a bunch of ways to host a wiki on this site without running a full MediaWiki, but that is pending indefinitely (need to sort out other stuff first).

In short: 1d4chan or +4chan's wiki?
>> No. 130
Well who do we have pegged down pretty well? /co/ and /ck/ seem pretty solid. Also, we need to figure out which boards aren't contributing as many ideas, (likely from little used boards in the first place) maybe have people that know those boards best help shape them.
>> No. 132
Well, I guess I've got to do it sooner or later. 10 is most complete, 0 is incomplete at all. Nothing has 10s because that would require a final pass or whatever.

/a/- 9
/b/- 9
/c/- 9
/d/- 7 Needs some clarification on various forms.
/e/- 6 Good base, needs revision.
/f/- 2
/g/- 2
/gif/- 2
/h/- 2
/hr/- 1
/k/- 5 Needs some revision, still unclear what his deal is.
/m/- 5 /m/ Can't come to a conclusion on their tan. It's kind of frustrating, since I can see their complaints.
/o/- 3
/p/- 2
/r/- 5 Kind of like the character idea, needs more work though.
/s/- 5 It's a porn board, I don't see how this is a hard character.
/t/- 6 Yarr Harr.
/u/- 6
/v/- 7 People have a good handle on what /v/ is like, but needs to be written down.
/w/- 1
/wg/- 1
/i/- 8
/ic/- 8
/cm/- 8
/y/- 7 Verification needed
/3/- 2
/adv/- 1
/an/- 7
/cgl/- 6 Some good designs, needs to be codified.
/ck/- 8
/co/- 9
/fa/- 7 Unsure about this one.
/fit/- 8 /fa/fit/cgl/ threesome is OTP.
/int/- 2
/jp/- 4 (⑨)
/lit/- 5
/mu/- 3
/n/- 2
/po/- 6 Some good designs, needs to be codified.
/sci/- 6 Design consistent, needs to be discussed though.
/soc/- 1
/sp/- 4
/tg/- 8
/toy/- 8
/trv/- ? where in the world is /trv/? (Honestly, probably a 6)
/tv/- 1
/vp/- 3
/x/- 8
/rs/- 9 (He's never gonna give you up)
>> No. 136
Took me fucking long enough, but I fixed thumbnails for the shimmie.
>> No. 142
Next in the getting shit together train, the 1d4chan Board-tan entries have been split up into separate pages: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Board-tans

This will make it easier to add more to any individual character description, as well as include different variants of the characters (/cgl/'s BagMan vs /cgl/-uguu-tan vs /cos/&/egl/) or meta information such as when the board was active, different board topics like for /n/ and /x/, and possibly a description of what that board itself is like without trying to characterize it.

Obviously, that is the next order of business.
>> No. 158
Artfag here, will approach from the CG level.
>> No. 159
File 133370043756.jpg - (32.28KB , 640x480 , Hi.jpg )
Name's Brobot, btw. Drawfag with CG artfag friends. :3

Nice to meet you.
>> No. 160

>dat wineglass
>> No. 169
I got bored recently and started digging through archives and stuff looking for board-tan related pics.


actually found a ton of stuff that hasn't been uploaded to shimmie, so I've been doing that off and on.

also posting this link here
since it's relevant to stuff.

oh, and there was a new board added recently: /wsg/ - work safe gifs
>> No. 170
all kinds of fun stuff I'm finding in these archives.

I didn't know /tg/ did a board-tan quest.


that's all I found so far, just posting for the benefit of anyone who hasn't seen these.

never even seen any of these re-posted anywhere before.
>> No. 172
File 133940868662.png - (299.60KB , 771x687 , wsg.png )
oh yeah, /wsg/.

Thanks to the people uploading a bunch of stuff. The cosplay group that happened recently was pretty good. /cgl/ thinks it's shit, /fit/ doesn't even lift, /a/ raged pretty hard, and /v/ was generally civil. What is the world coming to.

For my part, I've been going through the wiki descriptions to add stuff (and meta descriptions), but if other people want to contribute, that's cool too.
>> No. 173
right now I'm debating how to best go about uploading the boad-tan quest pics.
There's a lot of them and a lot are similar, but there's also a lot of pics of /s/ mixed in, and she's one of the many board-tans that lack a lot of art.

There was a thread on /co/ last night about the board-tans going out to have dinner at Olive Garden, it ended when tripfags burned down /ck/'s house. Then the thread was deleted when someone re-posted a fanfic of /co/ and /ck/'s sex life.
On the upside, there were at least a couple freshly drawn pics of /ck/.

Looks like someone decided to upload cosplay photos after postin links on /cgl/ and that whole thing with the other /d/-tan cosplayer.

If you want in on that,
should still be there for at least another day after this is posted.
I saw her photos, she's pretty good, did a better job with the outfit than the other girl if you're looking for opinions.

Trying to think of a good description for /w/ and /wg/, their personalities are pretty much an open canvas right now.

/w/ obviously likes to hang out with /a/ and is constantly listening to music on her head phones. Might be an artist or put up fliers for conventions.

/wg/ is either a painter or someone who changes what's put up on billboards I guess.

Don't even know what their relation is and I doubt the people who frequent those boards would help flesh them out.
>> No. 174
I'm starting to think board-tan threads are no longer allowed on /co/.

so, just tossing this idea out there that I saw posted for /wsg/:

Prude, stick-in-the-mud... and then the thread got deleted.
>> No. 175

From /r9k/? I don't visit the board very often, but I'm attempting to draw (many varieties of) /r9k/ directly from the 1d4chan /r9k/ description.


>I'm starting to think board-tan threads are no longer allowed on /co/.

That would be bad, especially for the people drawing /co/ as Conrad rather than a board personification.
>> No. 176
There was another one the other night, but it was inactive and 404'd on its own.

notable discussions about /wsg/-tan

>Variant 1:
-boarding school headmistress
-old face, but good body kept in shape by chasing immoral students

>Variant 2
-young child
-possibly on caffeine

considering making a thread in /char/
>> No. 181
ok, so I was trying to upload more pics to shimmie when I got

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 14000 bytes) in /home/chanhaus/public_html/shimmie/ext/handle_pixel/main.php on line 143

so shimmie is out of space?
>> No. 182
That usually happens when you try to upload fuckhuge files, ones either too wide, too tall, or with a huge filesize.
>> No. 183
File 134067318926.jpg - (686.56KB , 3500x1009 , 1327641688344.jpg )
that'd explain why it wasn't already uploaded then...
>> No. 187
it might help if the maximum dimensions were listed somewhere.

I've got another oversized image it seems.

So much new content popping up right now.
>> No. 188
now this is just silly

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 9000000 bytes) in /home/chanhaus/public_html/shimmie/ext/handle_pixel/main.php on line 143

the image was only 2000x1500 and 614.3kb big.
I know bigger images than this have been uploaded before.
>> No. 189
I'll see about fixing that shit in a couple of days.
>> No. 193
I think you may need to add a captcha for comments on the shimmie as well.
Or at least a "I am a human" button thing.

Might solve the spam problem.
>> No. 194
I wish it were that easy.
>> No. 198
we're going full meta now


a board about discussing boards.
I doubt it will get a -tan, much like how that new html test board and /sug/ didn't.
>> No. 199
File 134428682157.png - (5.93KB , 401x275 , index[1].png )
/test/-tan is totally a thing.

>tags are "board rotting test vile"

Besides, /q/-tan could be like a kawaii receptionist or something. Or an inhuman robot mounted into a wall that would always make snide meta comments.
>> No. 200
or maybe an inquisitive child who always has a question for everything?
>> No. 201
File 134429354992.png - (599.89KB , 2000x1500 , co a 1342654395069.png )
oh, and...

looks like it'd probably get along well with /x/ or /d/.

this is still an issue for this pic.
I don't get why it won't upload to the shimmie. Larger pics, both in file size and dimensions have been upped before.
>> No. 203
File 135849072969.jpg - (375.55KB , 1700x2338 , d 1358484041271.jpg )
Seeing as there's really no better place to put this and this is pretty much becoming the thread where stuff that won't post to the shimmie is posted...

/d/'s been having a lot of drawthreads lately.
>> No. 204
File 135863962491.jpg - (558.22KB , 2269x1684 , k an 1358610457295.jpg )
>Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 9076 bytes) in /home/chanhaus/public_html/shimmie/ext/handle_pixel/main.php on line 143
I'm tired of seeing this...
>> No. 206
File 136098746733.png - (424.47KB , 1728x1296 , x 1360968665192.png )
Pretty much the thread where everything that won't upload to the shimmie and doesn't have a more relevant thread goes at this point.
>Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 6718464 bytes) in /home/chanhaus/public_html/shimmie/ext/handle_pixel/main.php on line 143
>> No. 207
I've been gone for a good number of months. I have a bit of catching up to do.

My wacom is being strange, so I'm finishing the last of the /c/'s slumber party comic page in color pencil. The short comics will be restarted with once a week updates on Mondays. Traditional media until my wacom is dealt with.

Anon, I use paint.NET to resize my images. It'll avoid the fatal error on the shimmie.
>> No. 210
Oh cool, you're back.

Were those /cm/ comics on the shimmie by you as well?

And I have tried resizing some of the pics to upload them to the shimmie, but many of the ones that won't upload I've found are smaller than other pics already on it, that is the part of the problem the interests me.

It seems someone on /co/ might be doing a /d/ rapes /v/ and /a/ to make /vp/ comic at some point.

I also know someone is slowly working on a /m/, /diy/, and /o/ go to Vegas comic. No idea when that will show up, but I hear the layout of the pages is already done.

And Amazing /co/ventures will be over 65 pages long when finished. I've seen Psu's streams of that comic being drawn, it really goes all out on incorporating /co/ OC.
>> No. 214

>Were those /cm/ comics on the shimmie by you as well?

Yes. I hope to finish them.

Are you uploading your pictures all at once? Either than resizing the images, I dunno know what else you should do.

I would love to see those comics, especially the one with 65 pages. That's amazing!
>> No. 215
Those comics aren't finished yet.
The 65 pages on is being done by

A few pages have been posted as samples, the cover is amazing

but Psu isn't going to post the whole thing until it's done.
Occasionally Psu will do a live stream and you can catch glimpses of all the pages so far.
>> No. 216
Oh, and back to the topic of size, I've just been posting whatever won't upload to the shimmie on the boards. Most of the pics have words on them, so resizing really isn't an option.

I think I've uploaded close to maybe half of all the stuff on the shimmie at this point.
It's a real pain when something is too big to upload when uploading in bulk since it prevents all the pics on the list from uploading all at once.

Looking forward to seeing more of your comics.
>> No. 233
It appears that my more recent comments made on images hosted on the shimmie are all being deleted.

I get the feeling they've gotten tangled up with the stupid spambot's crap and are just getting auto-deleted now.
>> No. 234
I have enough free time to complete the /c/-/cm/-/i/-/vp/ comic within the month. I've counted the comics that I've created and it's close to 50 pages. Random, but comic pages nevertheless. 100 pages will be a milestone for me.

I'm slowly leveling up my CG-ing skills.
>> No. 235
Damn, that's a lot of comics.

Meanwhile I've just been organizing the /co/ wiki.

I'm thinking of making a resource thread on /gen/ at some point to make it easier for people who find 4chanhouse to find more content that either isn't already on 4chanhouse or doesn't belong on 4chanhouse.
>> No. 236
File 136730177177.jpg - (504.67KB , 1813x1953 , co dragon.jpg )
Another pic that won't upload to the shimmie because fatal error...
>> No. 237
Working on simplistic character profiles of all boards. I'll post it on /char/ next Monday.
>> No. 239

Done. It's Monday where I live.
>> No. 246
I think something needs to be done about that guy who keeps uploading /co/ stuff that isn't board-tan related to the shimmie.

They don't seem to read comments, visit the boards, or understand what the shimmie's purpose is.
>> No. 247
Not much I can do about it except delete the stuff that gets posted.

Thanks for reporting it.
>> No. 248
Managed to talk to him in a /d/ OC thread, I think it's resolved now.
>> No. 249

I kept thinking they were versions of /co/.

Back after two weeks. I'm drafting out another comic for next month.
>> No. 250
Board-tans and board OCs are different things.

/co/ just has a lot of OCs, they go on the /co/ booru or /co/ wiki that are linked in the resource thread.
>> No. 251
I've redirected 4chanhouse.org to the shimmie landing page.

The old homepage was awful. Never again.
>> No. 252
The URL to 4chanhouse.org also redirects to the shimmie.
>> No. 253
The next three days:

>finish /r9k/ short story time
>rough draft of the 4chan house floor plan and architecture
>> No. 254
File 137411657699.jpg - (221.32KB , 895x647 , 4chnhousepln.jpg )

The floor plan will take time to finalize.
>> No. 317
I'm back. I'll be moving into my own art space this month. Next week I'll be uploading some doodles to the shimmie. Added also

>finalize 4chan house floor plan by next week
>finish a lineup drawing
>> No. 321

So was that you on /pol/ a few weeks ago posting some doodles that I haven't seen on this site?
>> No. 322
File 137921843611.png - (320.93KB , 1500x330 , wiplineup.png )
Possibly. I've gone to a few threads.
>> No. 323
File 13801258791.png - (1.81MB , 1920x1080 , 1380082912931.png )
4chan 10th anniversary pic by http://manga.clone-army.org/

Too big to upload to the shimmie.
>> No. 324
Holy shit. I found a bunch of old board tan pictures.
>> No. 325

A lot of the text in those pics is too small to make out though.
>> No. 326
File 138129514180.png - (736.46KB , 1824x648 , wiplineupdate.png )

I didn't plan on them being read. The storyline for them was a long, long time ago.

Also update on the lineup.
>> No. 328
File 13812966483.jpg - (328.85KB , 1530x1475 , writing.jpg )

Here you go. I went ahead and uploaded the bigger version. The descriptions are old.
>> No. 330
Either than the lineup and colored pictures, I won't be back for the rest of this year. I'd be working on a comic and a small game.
>> No. 344
File 138983317942.png - (1.62MB , 3104x1012 , lineuptans.png )
>> No. 346

I wonder when it'll first show up in one of the board-tan conversations that seem to happen semi-frequently on 4chan these days.
>> No. 349

The game is actually pretty large now that I think about it.
>> No. 387
I have to get a second job so I won't be working on alot of board tan drawings this year.
>> No. 403
should anyone manage to upload it,
pol c cm a b ck e an sci v vp co x i tg m cgl k mlp d u vg vr toy diy int sp t w r9k y ic jp fit s4s fa
>> No. 404
It gives

>Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12564992 bytes) in /home/chanhaus/public_html/shimmie/ext/handle_pixel/main.php on line 143

when attempting to upload it.
>> No. 405
I'm seeing

Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home/chanhaus/public_html/shimmie/lib/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 824

above all shimmie pages right now.

And images when clicked on are not loading.
>> No. 406
File Grimdark_Mouseguard.webm - (760.23KB , Grimdark Mouseguard.webm )
Fixed (may require user to hard-refresh to see thumbnails), flash support added to the Shimmie, max Shimmie upload size changed to 3MB, webm support added to /gen/.

Cup runneth over or something.

Please don't abuse the new features.
>> No. 435
File 141360435891.jpg - (181.97KB , 1008x732 , DSCF3429.jpg )
Shout out to Anonymous for reporting/calling out duplicate images.

>> No. 436
I think I've uploaded up to maybe 1/3rd of the images on the shimmie at this point, so I tend to notice dupes.

Especially /x/ dupes since I've had to go through all the pics of /x/ on the shimmie over a dozen times just to make sure I'm not uploading a dupe.
>> No. 445
zecro, delete this image plz/

i was half asleep and didn't realized the text was backwards.

>> No. 446
It is done.
>> No. 447
File 141824520574.png - (123.62KB , 884x541 , wip.png )
thanks for messing with my board, moot.

i'm working on a video.
>> No. 449
Seems there's been quite a lot of spam over in /comic/ lately.
>> No. 453
So on /qa/, someone is doing a sort of "quest" thing, or image adventure with stuff happening to /qa/-tan and there's about 100 images so far.

How do we approach putting something like this in the collection?
>> No. 454
File 142294105844.png - (102.66KB , 777x610 , qa.png )
If you think they're worth saving, upload them to the shimmie. I don't think anyone actually goes through the "recent posts" view because tag view is superior, and I can always buy more storage space.

If you want to save the threads in their entirety, I'll enable PDF uploading and you can save the HTML and export as PDF, but looking through those threads they honestly look like one of those "you had to be there to get it" things.

archive.moe archives /qa/ ( https://archive.moe/qa/ ) but they get rid of images eventually.
>> No. 455
Well it looks like someone else has already uploaded a few of them to the shimmie.

The threads in question are:


The images on their own would make about as much sense as the /mlp/-tan quest ones do, but at least those have screencaps for the description of events.
>> No. 456
Might as well ask, since I saw this brought up on some [s4s] wiki or page, should there be a NSWF tag on the shimmie so people can filter for images that are with/without sexual content?

If nobody responds/cares I might just go full autism one day and add them myself.
>> No. 457
I don't think it really matters, but usually there's a rating system on boorus for "explicit" "questionable" and "safe" content.

Another one happened.

>> No. 463
Here's a thing.


Most of the stuff from the /tg/ wiki pages is on there, stuff that was blatantly wrong on those pages is fixed on there. Pages that the /tg/ wiki lacked are on there.
>> No. 467
Groups who hang out with each other:

The original five: /a/, /co/, /v/, /tg/, and /x/.

The kids: /c/, /cm/, /i/, /vp/

The other five: /sci/, /lit/, /new/, /int/, /k/

The love triangle: /fa/, /fit/, /cgl/
>> No. 468
I thought I posted this. The WIP was posted on the shimmie, but I don't think I included it anywhere else.

>> No. 469
>> No. 471
There seems to be a lot of spam posts on /write/ that no one has noticed.

I don't see a report function on that board either.
>> No. 472
Thanks for noticing! Cleaned.
>> No. 474
Another one is happening!


/qa/-tan in the onsen (or is it just a bath?) with Hiroyuki (now owner of 4chan and acting admin).
>> No. 476
zecro, what's your skype?
>> No. 477
You should be able to find me under Zecro or admin@4chanhouse.org
>> No. 480

There's a bunch of zecros.
>> No. 481
I changed the displayname to be Zecro@4chanhouse to be more obvious in case anyone actually cares.
>tfw you're the first to have an internet name that nobody else has in 1999
>tfw 16 years later it's not unique anymore

Does anybody have any opinions on the side characters like ebola-chan and winter-chan? They aren't board-tans but disk space isn't really expensive and you can just not look at that tag if you don't want to.
>> No. 482
I have no problem with it. It's like having /co/ creations on the shimmie.
>> No. 485
Eh, I've uploaded a lot of /co/lette pics over the years, I don't think I have room to protest.

Though I do feel /pol/ will just keep making more waifus as time goes on.
>> No. 487
Been busy.

List of things to work on:
>learn cg/drawing techniques (I just found out about cgpeers and nma)
>update board tans
>finish 2010 /r9k/ /new/ comics (it leads up to another series, really)
>start Conrad and Newman comics

minor considerations:
>animation (when 2010 comics are finished)
>cheap ass rpg
>> No. 515
hey zecro, can you delete this?


i updated the colors.
>> No. 520

aight. sent request. it should be from temp.f5
>> No. 521
Spam of probably an illegal nature is up over in /comic/ right now.
>> No. 523

Ayyy. I should be more diligent.
>> No. 528
File 145221621747.png - (0.97MB , 1555x4444 , v a jp qa trash 1452203222517.png )
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 27641680 bytes) in /home/chanhaus/public_html/shimmie/ext/handle_pixel/main.php on line 143

I don't even know what it wants from me anymore.
It's not 5000px on either side, it's under 1mb.

I just don't know anymore.
>> No. 529
And the shimmie seems to be having some issues with images disappearing from the index, re-indexing themselves as different posts, and thumbnails reflecting what the image was before being replaced by a previous image.

It's all very peculiar.
>> No. 530
I have no idea why the site was rolled back and some content on the Shimmie was lost, in case anyone is wondering about that.
>> No. 531
Also I doubled available memory for thumbnailing in the hopes that the engine doesn't shit itself with PNGs.
>> No. 532
Ah, so that's why my recent posts are missing.
>> No. 535
OK, I can't upload images to the shimmie.

I select the pic, click the upload button, then it looks like it's uploading it before redirecting me to the index and the image isn't there.

I tried a few hours ago, I tried refreshing to see if it was just me, I tried going directly to the ID the image would've been assigned, and I tried uploading again just now after a hard refresh, and nothing.

So something is up.
>> No. 536
What image is it?
>> No. 537
OK, I can't even post it to the thread because I get.

>Warning: md5_file() [function.md5-file]: Filename cannot be empty in /home/chanhaus/public_html/dis/inc/classes/posting.class.php on line 145

>Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in /home/chanhaus/public_html/dis/inc/classes/upload.class.php on line 58

Even though I have it named "v 1454822811593.jpeg"

It looks like other people can still upload. I just tried again to upload this pic to the shimmie and it still just redirects me back to the index without actually uploading it.
Doesn't even give me an error message when I try to upload it to the shimmie.
>> No. 538
Could be a memory limit?
>> No. 539
I don't know. These are errors I've never gotten on here before.
>> No. 540
Scale down your image and try reposting here if it's not on the shimmie.
>> No. 542
2263 x 2017 should not be causing a problem in the first place though.

I've uploaded much larger than that before without issue.

I don't think the image's size is the problem, and I hate making edits to pics before I upload them here because then the edit is going to get re-posted elsewhere.

It'd be helpful if any of the archives for /qa/ would actually be working right now so I could just link the pic directly.

>> No. 614
File 145541286772.png - (68.96KB , 339x550 , line1.png )
Holy shit, I told someone that I drew board tans.

It took six years but that makes it 2 people that knew that I draw these things thus far.
╭( ・ㅂ・)و

Also I took off my pseudonym on the shimmie.
>> No. 615
hey, I'm a wandering drawfag from 8ch, not here to start shit or anything, just curious. noticed that a comic I started doing has been uploaded to the shimmy. the comic specifically refers to the 8ch context of board-tans - /v/ is punished /v/, is vivian's father, vivian has the 8 instead of the clover in her hair, etc. I... I dunno. Delete it if you want? Or not? Just warning you since in another thread you didn't mention any interest in cataloguing the 8ch side of things.

I was going to continue the post in order to ask some stuff, but that's not to do directly with, er, tech support I guess is how I'd describe this thread, so I'll take it to the other one.
>> No. 620
There's a bunch of 8chan stuff on there already.

It being there doesn't bother me personally and I'm pretty sure anyone else who uses this site doesn't mind it being there either.

It's convenient being able to find stuff in one place at least.
>> No. 623
I don't mind it.
>> No. 626
Well this
is apparently too large to upload to the shimmie.
>> No. 642
File 145771954069.png - (230.37KB , 497x605 , XModeNov16.png )
I didn't see a thread for /x/-tan on /char/, so I'm mentioning this here.

In a game called Yandere Simulator there's an Easter egg where the yandere you control is dressed like /x/-tan.
>> No. 643
Cute. I gotta look that game up.

I can copy paste /x/ info from the 1d4chan site since it's the only description I saw of her. Which reminds me. Is there an archive of the 4chanhouse threads?
>> No. 646
I don't think a thread has ever 404'd on this site unless it was deleted for being spam. So a thread for /x/-tan might not have ever been made.

I like the /co/ wiki's entries for board-tans >>463 better than the /tg/ wiki's personally.
>> No. 648
Won't let me upload this pic either.


Not the gallery, not even on the boards, it won't let me post it.
>> No. 662
Lots of spam on /write/ again.
>> No. 664
Changed spam filter a bit, hopefully this keeps it down.
>> No. 666
File 146609429416.jpg - (665.90KB , 666x666 , 666.jpg )
>> No. 723
I got Photoshop (finally), and am cging on Krita and SAI. Though Medibang seems to be a good program to create comics and manga pages. Idk might stick to traditional paper because I like the challenge.
>> No. 1031
I think I'm just going to create a webcomic since I can work well on my own. I already wrote some things down a long time ago and recently posted it back on the Invision board.


I have around 20 chapters to draft out lol.
>> No. 1032
Removed Krita and Medibang because I need disk space for Photoshop. Still got SAI. But cause of that I lost >>447 whoops
>> No. 1033
I found some old writings that I had of making a Conrad/Newman crossover, and writings for the 4chan history comic up to 2010-11. I posted it to my wordpress that I haven't done anything to until recently.


Welp, back to drawing after months of hiatus.
>> No. 1034
Hey Zecro, by the time you notice this post this thread will probably be gone


But /m/ has been doing this huge CYOA starring /m/-tan for the past 3 weeks and the first thread has just ended. There's a bunch of pics drawn in it and I don't know what the best method would be to get it onto the site.

A lot of the pics need the context provided by the words in the accompanying posts and posts the lead to the actions taken.

So would this go on /comic/ or dumped into the gallery?

I'm already saving the whole thread.
>> No. 1035
I remember when /mlp/ made a CYOA, someone screencapped the whole thread, then put the images on /comic/. That'll prolly work.
>> No. 1036
The main problem with that is some of the pics are gifs this time.
>> No. 1038
1) Make a /comic/ thread with screencap of said thread. 2) Download images from thread. 3) Post images from thread on /comic/ thread. 4) If unsure about gifs, I'd post it on the shimmie and link it in some way to your /comic/ thread but I'm pretty sure gifs work on this site. Never tried it tho.

I don't see a problem. Just a lot of work lul~
>> No. 1065
I've been working on this site, mostly doodles and practice. Updated the Resources page with more links and added News to reflect that I will be busier coming February.

I'm sketching some characters for the Characters page. Might be done by late February if I'm not a perfectionist.
>> No. 1074
I've been super homesick for old-school 4chan lately and just found this site, so I want to thank everyone here for what you all do.
>> No. 1075
I spent a few days in the hospital because I overdosed.

I should be back on my WordPress site once my church lets me go back home.

they kinda kidnapped me. lol
>> No. 1081
I made some bad character profiles.

There's not much i can do on cellphones.
>> No. 1085
File 152322617060.jpg - (235.06KB , 963x1315 , Screenshot_20180408-171916-01.jpg )
Removed some /tg/ wiki shit.
>> No. 1088
someone keeps coming back to undo the changes. i give up pretty easily, so i let the guy keep his writings and removed my contributions to the wiki, including history behind /pol/'s board tan as /n/new/, the gallery edits, and my shit WordPress. Not limited to /pol/ since I was putting 4chan histories to other tans on the wiki also.

I'm just not really good with the ED-ish wiki writing. i have no sense of humor.

surprise zecro! i got a tripcode!
>> No. 1089
We should make a discord.
>> No. 1090
I'm on discord. I was on the /ic/ one before getting banned.

...it will probably devolve.
>> No. 1092
Also tl;dr. I'm just moody atm.
>> No. 1093
After rereading what I wrote, I was struck with a realization (somewhat in my dream but whatever lol). I understand what I need to do.
>> No. 1094

Its a WIP but I'm making channels with some /ic/ users since I'm drawing other things aside from board tans. The board tan chat is located under Projects and Collab. I will be on updating regularly.
>> No. 1095

>> No. 1099
Deleted so I can focus on drafts. I am mainly on /ic/ atm.

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