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File 131528522721.jpg - (49.16KB , 640x480 , shit-tyrone-get-it-together[1].jpg )
127 No. 127
I don't want this project to sit by the wayside any longer!

So, what should be done, and who's going to do it?

Probably finishing character bios, but what after that?
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>> No. 487
Been busy.

List of things to work on:
>learn cg/drawing techniques (I just found out about cgpeers and nma)
>update board tans
>finish 2010 /r9k/ /new/ comics (it leads up to another series, really)
>start Conrad and Newman comics

minor considerations:
>animation (when 2010 comics are finished)
>cheap ass rpg
>> No. 515
hey zecro, can you delete this?


i updated the colors.
>> No. 520

aight. sent request. it should be from temp.f5
>> No. 521
Spam of probably an illegal nature is up over in /comic/ right now.
>> No. 523

Ayyy. I should be more diligent.
>> No. 528
File 145221621747.png - (0.97MB , 1555x4444 , v a jp qa trash 1452203222517.png )
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 27641680 bytes) in /home/chanhaus/public_html/shimmie/ext/handle_pixel/main.php on line 143

I don't even know what it wants from me anymore.
It's not 5000px on either side, it's under 1mb.

I just don't know anymore.
>> No. 529
And the shimmie seems to be having some issues with images disappearing from the index, re-indexing themselves as different posts, and thumbnails reflecting what the image was before being replaced by a previous image.

It's all very peculiar.
>> No. 530
I have no idea why the site was rolled back and some content on the Shimmie was lost, in case anyone is wondering about that.
>> No. 531
Also I doubled available memory for thumbnailing in the hopes that the engine doesn't shit itself with PNGs.
>> No. 532
Ah, so that's why my recent posts are missing.
>> No. 535
OK, I can't upload images to the shimmie.

I select the pic, click the upload button, then it looks like it's uploading it before redirecting me to the index and the image isn't there.

I tried a few hours ago, I tried refreshing to see if it was just me, I tried going directly to the ID the image would've been assigned, and I tried uploading again just now after a hard refresh, and nothing.

So something is up.
>> No. 536
What image is it?
>> No. 537
OK, I can't even post it to the thread because I get.

>Warning: md5_file() [function.md5-file]: Filename cannot be empty in /home/chanhaus/public_html/dis/inc/classes/posting.class.php on line 145

>Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in /home/chanhaus/public_html/dis/inc/classes/upload.class.php on line 58

Even though I have it named "v 1454822811593.jpeg"

It looks like other people can still upload. I just tried again to upload this pic to the shimmie and it still just redirects me back to the index without actually uploading it.
Doesn't even give me an error message when I try to upload it to the shimmie.
>> No. 538
Could be a memory limit?
>> No. 539
I don't know. These are errors I've never gotten on here before.
>> No. 540
Scale down your image and try reposting here if it's not on the shimmie.
>> No. 542
2263 x 2017 should not be causing a problem in the first place though.

I've uploaded much larger than that before without issue.

I don't think the image's size is the problem, and I hate making edits to pics before I upload them here because then the edit is going to get re-posted elsewhere.

It'd be helpful if any of the archives for /qa/ would actually be working right now so I could just link the pic directly.

>> No. 614
File 145541286772.png - (68.96KB , 339x550 , line1.png )
Holy shit, I told someone that I drew board tans.

It took six years but that makes it 2 people that knew that I draw these things thus far.
╭( ・ㅂ・)و

Also I took off my pseudonym on the shimmie.
>> No. 615
hey, I'm a wandering drawfag from 8ch, not here to start shit or anything, just curious. noticed that a comic I started doing has been uploaded to the shimmy. the comic specifically refers to the 8ch context of board-tans - /v/ is punished /v/, is vivian's father, vivian has the 8 instead of the clover in her hair, etc. I... I dunno. Delete it if you want? Or not? Just warning you since in another thread you didn't mention any interest in cataloguing the 8ch side of things.

I was going to continue the post in order to ask some stuff, but that's not to do directly with, er, tech support I guess is how I'd describe this thread, so I'll take it to the other one.
>> No. 620
There's a bunch of 8chan stuff on there already.

It being there doesn't bother me personally and I'm pretty sure anyone else who uses this site doesn't mind it being there either.

It's convenient being able to find stuff in one place at least.
>> No. 623
I don't mind it.
>> No. 626
Well this
is apparently too large to upload to the shimmie.
>> No. 642
File 145771954069.png - (230.37KB , 497x605 , XModeNov16.png )
I didn't see a thread for /x/-tan on /char/, so I'm mentioning this here.

In a game called Yandere Simulator there's an Easter egg where the yandere you control is dressed like /x/-tan.
>> No. 643
Cute. I gotta look that game up.

I can copy paste /x/ info from the 1d4chan site since it's the only description I saw of her. Which reminds me. Is there an archive of the 4chanhouse threads?
>> No. 646
I don't think a thread has ever 404'd on this site unless it was deleted for being spam. So a thread for /x/-tan might not have ever been made.

I like the /co/ wiki's entries for board-tans >>463 better than the /tg/ wiki's personally.
>> No. 648
Won't let me upload this pic either.


Not the gallery, not even on the boards, it won't let me post it.
>> No. 662
Lots of spam on /write/ again.
>> No. 664
Changed spam filter a bit, hopefully this keeps it down.
>> No. 666
File 146609429416.jpg - (665.90KB , 666x666 , 666.jpg )
>> No. 723
I got Photoshop (finally), and am cging on Krita and SAI. Though Medibang seems to be a good program to create comics and manga pages. Idk might stick to traditional paper because I like the challenge.
>> No. 1031
I think I'm just going to create a webcomic since I can work well on my own. I already wrote some things down a long time ago and recently posted it back on the Invision board.


I have around 20 chapters to draft out lol.
>> No. 1032
Removed Krita and Medibang because I need disk space for Photoshop. Still got SAI. But cause of that I lost >>447 whoops
>> No. 1033
I found some old writings that I had of making a Conrad/Newman crossover, and writings for the 4chan history comic up to 2010-11. I posted it to my wordpress that I haven't done anything to until recently.


Welp, back to drawing after months of hiatus.
>> No. 1034
Hey Zecro, by the time you notice this post this thread will probably be gone


But /m/ has been doing this huge CYOA starring /m/-tan for the past 3 weeks and the first thread has just ended. There's a bunch of pics drawn in it and I don't know what the best method would be to get it onto the site.

A lot of the pics need the context provided by the words in the accompanying posts and posts the lead to the actions taken.

So would this go on /comic/ or dumped into the gallery?

I'm already saving the whole thread.
>> No. 1035
I remember when /mlp/ made a CYOA, someone screencapped the whole thread, then put the images on /comic/. That'll prolly work.
>> No. 1036
The main problem with that is some of the pics are gifs this time.
>> No. 1038
1) Make a /comic/ thread with screencap of said thread. 2) Download images from thread. 3) Post images from thread on /comic/ thread. 4) If unsure about gifs, I'd post it on the shimmie and link it in some way to your /comic/ thread but I'm pretty sure gifs work on this site. Never tried it tho.

I don't see a problem. Just a lot of work lul~
>> No. 1065
I've been working on this site, mostly doodles and practice. Updated the Resources page with more links and added News to reflect that I will be busier coming February.

I'm sketching some characters for the Characters page. Might be done by late February if I'm not a perfectionist.
>> No. 1074
I've been super homesick for old-school 4chan lately and just found this site, so I want to thank everyone here for what you all do.
>> No. 1075
I spent a few days in the hospital because I overdosed.

I should be back on my WordPress site once my church lets me go back home.

they kinda kidnapped me. lol
>> No. 1081
I made some bad character profiles.

There's not much i can do on cellphones.
>> No. 1085
File 152322617060.jpg - (235.06KB , 963x1315 , Screenshot_20180408-171916-01.jpg )
Removed some /tg/ wiki shit.
>> No. 1088
someone keeps coming back to undo the changes. i give up pretty easily, so i let the guy keep his writings and removed my contributions to the wiki, including history behind /pol/'s board tan as /n/new/, the gallery edits, and my shit WordPress. Not limited to /pol/ since I was putting 4chan histories to other tans on the wiki also.

I'm just not really good with the ED-ish wiki writing. i have no sense of humor.

surprise zecro! i got a tripcode!
>> No. 1089
We should make a discord.
>> No. 1090
I'm on discord. I was on the /ic/ one before getting banned.

...it will probably devolve.
>> No. 1092
Also tl;dr. I'm just moody atm.
>> No. 1093
After rereading what I wrote, I was struck with a realization (somewhat in my dream but whatever lol). I understand what I need to do.
>> No. 1094

Its a WIP but I'm making channels with some /ic/ users since I'm drawing other things aside from board tans. The board tan chat is located under Projects and Collab. I will be on updating regularly.
>> No. 1095

>> No. 1099
Deleted so I can focus on drafts. I am mainly on /ic/ atm.
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