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File 130197410364.jpg - (13.69KB , 448x336 , naming1.jpg )
102 No. 102
What are the 'human' names for the boards? I know /co/ is /co/nrad (and /lit/=/lit/ton?), but I have absolutely no clue what the other boards are called. Was /ck/ Be/ck/y?

Also, there are boards that can't easily be named, such as /r9k/ and /3/, unless we throw it out altogether with an agreeable name for the boards.
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>> No. 103
Yeah, fairly sure /ck/ is Be/ck/y. How about /A/oi for /a/? As far as I know it's gender-neutral enough so as not to let anyone know /a/'s a dude. Maybe /y/ could be /Y/amato or /Y/uki? The first letter correspondance thing could get overused fairly quickly, though. Maybe /x/ could have some sort of pun on he/x/, e/x/traterrestrial or something like that. Unless that's a stupid idea. You be the judge of that.
>> No. 104
I've discovered that /i/ is Mad/i/son and /ic/ is D/ic/k.
>> No. 105
/sci/mon (Simon).

...lol, puns. And it reminds me of Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks.
>> No. 109
I like He/x/. That's a good one.
How about Am/an/da?
>> No. 113
Wait, isn't /y/ Serge/y/?
>> No. 116
I found a picture on the shimmie that used the name..."/d/emona"

Sounds all right to me. ;)

>> No. 208
I know /co/nrad and be/ck/y are used a lot.

I think ro/x/anne, d/ic/k, /v/irgil (or was it /v/ictor?), /d/emona and /o/tto were also common at some point.

Anyway, I've got a few suggestions myself.
> la/rs/
> sc/out/
> /trv/or (Trevor)
> /b/ always changes his name, but it always starts with B
>> No. 209
I think Sc/out/ is already agreed upon and the general terms for /out/ goers is boy sc/out/s and girl sc/out/s.

I think I've seen /trv/or used before.

La/rs/ is pretty good.

Though the names aren't really a thing. /co/nrad is only a thing because /co/ put on a mask to be a super hero and then became the mask.
>> No. 211
I've seen Travis for /trv/.
>> No. 212
La/rs/ is actually pretty good.

I was thinking /t/ could be /t/rent, since it sounds kind of close to torrent.
>> No. 213
/t/each would be better since /t/ is a pirate.
>> No. 217
>> No. 218
Isn't Muriel a girl's name? /mu/-tan is male.

Maybe /Mu/rphy or /Mu/rray?
>> No. 219
Yeah, I forgot all about that. /mu/rphy sounds good to me.
>> No. 220
The real challenge here is /mlp/.

What kind of name ends or begins with mlp, or ends with an m with second name beginning with lp?
>> No. 221
I've seen Newman for /new/ and Richard for /r9k/, though people call him Rick, which he dislikes. And I just made this up, Milphina for /mlp/? /mlp/hina.

That name doesn't even exist. There's no doubt it'll be pronounced 'Miliphina' rather than Milphina.
>> No. 222
/mlp/hina could work...

What about /cgl/? They tend to use seagulls over there since there's also not much to do with that combination of letters.
>> No. 223
When it comes to boards with more complex names, I generally assume a letter has been omitted, like with /trv/ being Trevor or Travis.

Milphina is good. I could imagine she calls herself that as an extension to her actual name, which she hates.
>> No. 224
As an extension? So like, she's called Millie but she prefers Milphina because it sounds more pony-ish?
>> No. 226

Ja/cgl/enn....sounds like Jacklyn (Jacqueline, Jacquelyn), can be misspelled into Ja/cgl/yn?
>> No. 227
>Cameron- /cm/eron
>Viol, Vanille Pallet- /vp/
>> No. 228
/c/assandra isn't a particularly cute name. Maybe /c/assie instead?

/cm/eron is good though.
>> No. 229
What about Victor and Vicky Pallet? I think the names work better when they sound a bit more regular.
>> No. 230
It would appear Viol and Vanille are their names in the /cm/-/vp/-/c/-/i/ hunted house comic that is being posted to the shimmie.
>> No. 231

It's the names gathered from this page: http://dis.4chanhouse.org/char/res/142.html
>> No. 232
Looking at the thread makes me realize that we're probably missing a ton of /vp/-tan pics.
>> No. 384
File 140121045837.jpg - (139.97KB , 828x837 , image.jpg )
Kek[s4s]ndra is [s4s]'s name.
Alternatively, it's Keksandra.
>> No. 386
>> No. 388
Now officially Keksandra Memeski
>> No. 389
IMO, they must not having last names.
Too weird. First name's enough.
>> No. 421
Well okay, if you insist.
>> No. 442
can confirm that /vp/ is Vanille and Viol Pallet.

/tg/ has the nickname Teej
>> No. 444
We always just called him Fa/tg/uy.
>> No. 448
ebin trips
>> No. 451
>not an elf name or a RP name
>> No. 659
/pol/ was decided to be Paul by majority of the /pol/ users.

plot-wise, I will use Poe as Newman's first name. It unironically fits into his personality and I came across the reason for his name by total accident years ago.
>> No. 915
/aco/ - J/aco/lyn
/asp/ - J/asp/er
/ck/ - Be/ck/y
/co/ - /co/nrad
/d/ - /d/emona
/diy/ - An/diy/
/gd/ - Kerning the Cat (Kernin/gd/akat)
/i/ - /i/rene
/ic/ - D/ic/k
/int/ - /int/ura
/m/ - E/m/i (female)
/mlp/ - Emily
/mu/ - Sea/mu/s
/out/ - Sc/out/
/pol/ - Poe and Newman
[s4s] - Keksandra
/sci/ - /sci/mon
/tg/ - Teej
/toy/ - Tori and Danbeard
/trash/ - Trisha
/u/ - Lily and Shizuka
/vp/ - Viol and Vanille
/vr/ - Tre/vr/
/wsr/ - Wasuri

(proper) names from the /co/nservatory:
/cgl/ - Seagull
/lgbt/ - There's one version called Gus, who is a trans (female as male)
/o/ - /o/tto (male, WAT-tan is now /o/-tan)
/wsg/ - Webb
/x/ - Ro/x/ane

Boards that haven't got a name (with names I'd give them)
/3/ - /3/da (female), /3/man (male)
/adv/ - /adv/ice Dog
/an/ - /an/na
/b/ - /b/randon
/biz/ - /biz/rael
/c/ - /c/hiyo
/cm/ - /cm/eron (Cameron)
/e/ - /e/llie
/f/ - Flash
/fa/ - /fa/bian
/fit/ - /fit/zpatrick
/g/ - /g/entoo
/gif/ - /gif/fery
/h/ - /h/ailey
/hc/ - /hc/tor (Hector)
/his/ - /his/toria
/hm/ - /hm/mond (Hammond)
/hr/ - /hr/mione (Hermione)
/jp/ - Jaypee
/k/ - /k/onnor
/lit/ - /lit/chfield
/n/ - La/n/ce
/news/ - /news/man
/p/ - /p/atrick
/po/ - /po/lly
/qa/ - /qa/pper
/qst/ - Christian (/qst/ian)
/r/ - The Wiza/r/d
/r9k/ - Arcanine
/s/ - /s/arah
/soc/ - /soc/annon (Shannon)
/sp/ - /sp/alding (American), /sp/encer (English)
/t/ - Pira/t/e Bay
/trv/ - /trv/is (Travis)
/tv/ - Teevie (this is hard)
/v/ - /v/idya
/vg/ - /vg/o (Vigo)
/w/ - /w/endy
/wg/ - /wg/ner (Wagner)
/y/ - /y/ancy
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