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File 154480140979.jpg - (112.93KB , 1080x1080 , qt n kot.jpg )
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Greetings from kotchan, we're kots there.

File 144779315711.png - (379.69KB , 560x840 , r9knewpol.png )
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Things to be worked on. I have them scattered on various flash drives and around my computer, but I don't know where to put them as a reminder to complete (or discard). I'm adding in some notes as reasons for the drawings at that time. asdaf

>pic is old, at the time /r9k/ and /pol/ were added back on 4chan. The idea was that /pol/ would be considered /new/'s child, but I scraped it to pursue other options.
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>> No. 1082
So the move is hectic since I'm switching to another state. I think this is like the 4th or 5th state in the past three years. I don't have that much stuff fortunately.

Putting in my notices for my jobs, waiting on the bill for my hospital stay, leaving behind my admission to the university I planned on attending. I will be working for a while before I go back to school.

My priorities are off.
>> No. 1104
I was browsing through the shimmie again and in hindsight, the pairing drama doesn't really encourage anything from me lol

I think it's safe to say that he had always been drawn crushing on /b/ to some extent. It's easier for me to portray /pol/ being shy with love than for him to actually go for it. Overall it doesn't affect his personality because I prefer non-romantic characters.

So yea, just my two cents. I don't have anything against other portrayals, it's just unlikely that I will draw him any differently no matter how many people will paint him otherwise, so I tagged the images that I've drawn on the shimmie to separate from the more popular interpretations.

I can't do the meme war thing lul
Or him being father to _ et al
Or the German accent
Or him showing affection to anyone other than his close friends and fam

I understand drawing disagreements. The associated drama is kinda useless, reactionary, and artificial tho, so I'm steering away from it.

Anyway I made a WordPress for the project I'm working on, and an Art Improvement blog to gain better drawing skills.

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>> No. 1106
I was a janny for a short time and pissed off GrapeApe by spamming his dm with nonsense, saying things like I didn't respect him as a person or mod.

You'd think we'll have a conversation about power dynamics afterwards considering mods lack of communication with the community and even their own janitors.

Being friendly and going through the notion of mod acceptance is so damn tedious. None of them is worth putting on a pedestal. Fuck off with that attitude.

I'm going to sleep.

File 147836486657.jpg - (310.87KB , 1280x1024 , The Absolute Madman.jpg )
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>> No. 693
Mainstream kills me.
>> No. 1103
guys 2018 is better than 2016 the future rocks also kurt cobaine dies

File 153306487068.jpg - (146.39KB , 600x808 , 1241880087085.jpg )
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why is every image named index.jpg, index.png, etc?

or even having the wrong extension, index.php wtf

File 153251725739.png - (166.13KB , 341x534 , bant-tan 3d girls are not important.png )
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/bant/-tan is God, just sayin' :^)

File 152813637746.jpg - (161.46KB , 806x1194 , t3q3a.jpg )
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Have you seen this new AVGN video? https://youtu.be/p8KuUEKmDI8 It's really amazing

File 131528522721.jpg - (49.16KB , 640x480 , shit-tyrone-get-it-together[1].jpg )
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I don't want this project to sit by the wayside any longer!

So, what should be done, and who's going to do it?

Probably finishing character bios, but what after that?
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>> No. 1094

Its a WIP but I'm making channels with some /ic/ users since I'm drawing other things aside from board tans. The board tan chat is located under Projects and Collab. I will be on updating regularly.
>> No. 1095

>> No. 1099
Deleted so I can focus on drafts. I am mainly on /ic/ atm.

File 138337591885.png - (63.92KB , 1873x657 , 1383357353459.png )
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oh look, a thing on /v/. gun spam on other boards seeing as most boards look dead

>What's "Project Hate Machine"?
It's a game me and a few other guys are willing too program, it's 4chan themed, relying on the 4chan tans as characters. A beat em up styled game

Info and concepts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I4rRCwuolxegQRNYqtw8koYV7aczBfYXqaag9nxO514/edit


Currently we are discussing /v/'s strong moveset. Basic attacks are limited to phisical attacks, but we want to make /v/'s Strong attacks videogame themed, any suggerence will be well received.
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>> No. 402

Was an active artist for PHM, but laptop's been freezing up lately. Life's been getting to me so I might be homeless in two weeks.

It's going to be increasingly difficult to animate if that happens.

Is the project still ongoing? I'm having difficulty signing into Skype.
>> No. 1087
gotta get a laptop.

i have nothing else to do.
>> No. 1097
Neat. I'm getting one tomorrow.

File 149084602014.jpg - (505.83KB , 1000x800 , 1303693390384.jpg )
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Heres all of the screenshots and images that /new/ was based on as reference back in 2010. Some got corrupted on my drive because I did stupid shit lol.

I got some /n/ and early /pol/, but that's where it ends.

and wtf zecro, you haven't deleted my other threads.

i shy
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>> No. 1012
File 149094129614.png - (113.26KB , 1092x564 , 1459562852934.png )
>> No. 1083
Can I dump screenshots from other boards?
>> No. 1084
Sure, though I prefer early ones.

File 148548830513.png - (22.59KB , 404x231 , requests.png )
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>tfw no gf

anyone have any requests? can be board tan related. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lul
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>> No. 1067
i don't understand the relevance of breast sizes
>> No. 1068
because tits
>> No. 1069
right..haha, i too remember tits.

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