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File 126169333686.png - (24.63KB , 486x582 , xtan.png )
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made you some OC.
i know it sucks, but at least i'm contributing.

God Jul, folkens.

File 126143214493.jpg - (38.29KB , 600x600 , Three_niggers_on_a_bike.jpg )
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ok, guys, christmas is up and i know i'll only get sweet, sweet cash in presents.
so i thought i could invest in a drawing tablet and start contributing to this project.
any tips for a guy who barely know what a tablet is? what should i look after in a tabby?
>> No. 14
From /ic/ on 4chan...

>I recommend not getting one and using pencils, paper, Canvas, and paint. It's not necessarily more valid but it's more fun and rewarding to physically make something.

And this: http://ipgd.freehostia.com/tablets.html
>> No. 807
I just use a wacom lol

Also to >>14

>I recommend not getting one and using pencils, paper, Canvas, and paint.

there are benefits to getting skills in traditional art but it's expensive as shit. i dished out maybe $1000 on art supplies before turning to digital medium. I'm pretty comfortable with pens and pencils tho, but I was never satisfied with my colors in traditional.

best path is to be versitile in both. Also practice alot.

This thread is old.

File 12595082555.jpg - (216.06KB , 939x832 , 125877797310.jpg )
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are there any more stories besides those who are posted on 1d4chan?
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>> No. 9
thanks a lot.
>> No. 10
10 GET
But seriously, this place sucks...
>> No. 11
Yes, because I'm perpetually busy.

The backend of this site might get reworked, I'm not particularly satisfied with Kusabax. And then, when it's less shitty, I'll probably start advertising it. Although it seems kind of stupid to advertise a collaborative project.

File 125386515050.png - (30.33KB , 969x600 , jj4qw7.png )
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House design images
>> No. 4
I'm trying to make a house on The Sims 3 and it sucks that I cannot use this design, because the game didn't come shipped with spiral staircases.
>> No. 6
Use normal staircases. It shouldn't matter too much.
>> No. 618
File 145639622473.png - (67.05KB , 799x551 , 4chan places.png )
WIP. Still working on them.

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