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File 133401859875.png - (158.44KB , 700x700 , 1333334868912.png )
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Is it something like this?
>> No. 162
I'd agree with it, for almost everything.

Needs an offshoot for "I just want to look at porn" (/e/, /h/, /u/, /s/, etc). Possibly put a cycle going from /d/ to /h/ to /e/ to /c/ and back to /d/.

"Extend my dick-sucking options" should point at /cgl/ saying "dildos," to /y/ saying "everyone else should suck dick too," /cm/ with "whoa but not like that," /hm/ saying "I am a homosexual"

/m/ needs to be on there, with /co/ and /a/ pointing there saying "I dig giant robots"

/jp/ probably needs an arrow from /a/ saying "I never want to go outside"

/mlp/ needs to go from /b/ saying "I fucking love ponies"

/vp/ from /v/ saying "I want to catch them all"

/gif/ needs to point to /f/ saying "more like this"
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File 129534668071.png - (43.74KB , 298x311 , 1295327972517.png )
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So today I go on 4chan and discovered that /new/ and /r9k/ had both disappeared. I BAWWED for /r9k/. It was expected that /new/ was going to be removed because it was stormfrontin' again. And after I just finished writing his character description. Faggot.

But today was awesome despite me getting banned from 4chan for the next seven days. /r9k/, /new/, and /sp/ were invading /po/ before /new/ decided to start attacking /int/. Then m00t trolled /b/. And /a/ trolled /jp/.

So I'm wondering who else saw this situation as full of lulz.

RIP /r9k/ and /new/ (again).
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>> No. 91
Yeah, i do enjoy it when moot dicks around with 4chan. It breaks up the monotony of fail.

Shortly before /r9k/ got the axe, /a/, /v/, and /jp/ (and some other boards?) were renamed to "let's point at /r9k/ and laugh" and then they were all "let's look at ourselves and laugh" or something.

Also /soc/ is pretty much the polar opposite of /r9k/, which means less "forever alone" and more "a/s/l?" Come to think of it, /soc/ should be renamed /asl/.
>> No. 92
Damn, I wish I could've seen it. /r9k/ers probably had less trouble than /new/ did.

I was keeping a close eye on /new/ considering that it was a 'colorful' board, and they were really fighting over /int/ for the past few weeks. Then they were getting banned and getting /b/tards banned and I was like,"What the hell?"

Both boards have a dislike for 4chan. I'm certain that the /new/ board had seen the riots in Egypt.
>> No. 135

/pol/ is not /new/.

File 131466452251.png - (123.64KB , 663x623 , 1312512552630.png )
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Has a /g/ (technology, not /g/uro) tan been created? If so, what is his/her character design and personality description? Thanks in advance~
>> No. 124
I don't think there has been much work done on it, but there's a placeholder from a few years ago:


I've never gone to /g/, so I can't opinionate.
>> No. 126
Needs more gentoo.

File 126751536392.jpg - (64.20KB , 345x443 , zdfcbbb.jpg )
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Where the fuck is the activity of this board? The only thing getting updated now is the images site.

Also, who is this supposed to be?
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>> No. 50
If it makes you feel better, February had over twice the traffic of December (probably because people know that this site exists now).
>> No. 93
what you say
>> No. 101
'yo home to bel air.

File 128571929531.png - (148.40KB , 956x517 , 1285447234365.png )
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File 126811011132.png - (15.85KB , 579x501 , 1.png )
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What is this 4Chan House?
>> No. 52
File 12681105106.png - (16.16KB , 579x501 , 11.png )
The General likes it, its not flooded with post...yet theres little activity...perfect
>> No. 53
There is actually an About page.

>> No. 84

File 127000267543.jpg - (31.65KB , 341x450 , hitler.jpg )
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>no new posts for over twenty days.

>my face
>> No. 55
To be fair, we were down for 14 of them.

It was quite distressing.
>> No. 56
also i seem to have forgotten my tripcode.

fuck it.
>> No. 83

File 127506118079.jpg - (11.38KB , 284x263 , scooter.jpg )
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wait so what is this *chan for?
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>> No. 77
That's where I got it from you silly

Okay, thanks for the explanation... It sucks there isn't any progress on this, a 4chan anime would be cool, memes and all.
>> No. 78
There's also an about page that I should re-write, http://4chanhouse.org/about.php

We're just languishing in obscurity over here, mostly because people seem to think I have control over the project....but I'm hesitant to take on roles beyond "the guy who makes sure the archive of all this stuff is available."
>> No. 79
tsk tsk, what a shame... 3 angled would be disappoint.

File 126746433350.jpg - (80.63KB , 577x656 , 1267460796263.jpg )
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this needs to be implemented somewhere. /v/'s mode of transportation?
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>> No. 62
/v/ got stoned, hallucinated, etc.?
>> No. 63
nah, i'm pretty sure it's in-line with /v/ being a closet faggot. As far as actually working it into stories, it's probably OK with /v/ just daydreaming or something.
>> No. 64
Daydreaming or something....

File 127184864499.jpg - (92.41KB , 429x372 , 1.jpg )
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fb thread
>> No. 58

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