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File 131414376556.jpg - (38.42KB , 598x321 , 1270481951065.jpg )
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do you know what happened to the artist "3-angled blue"?

does he still make draws or something?

pic related?,he drew this,right?
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>> No. 184
the comic you are referring to is probably


but it's doubtful that 3-angled blue was the one who drew it.
>> No. 185
File 134110190022.png - (91.43KB , 364x750 , tumblr_m66a92PvM21r0czuy.png )
You know, this is an imageboard, you could just post the file instead of linking it.

It does look like his style, though. The content is more likely a parody of incest manga than a re-telling of real events.

That said, this thread is getting close to creepy-stalker levels.
>> No. 186
I liked it since I wasn't in a position to save and upload it.

and agreed, it's probably time to stop discussing this.

File 125386511585.jpg - (550.72KB , 1280x856 , old boards.jpg )
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A board for images that aren't exactly board-tans, but somehow related.
>> No. 3
When was this? Is this the very origins of the site?
>> No. 5
Yes, you can go to the news page, see the news archive, and see that this is what 4chan looked like in it's first month. It was also 4chan.net back then.
>> No. 360
Good old(fag) times.

File 138524897676.jpg - (186.76KB , 800x960 , 1384879158573.jpg )
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is this dead
>> No. 337
Every other thread made here is someone asking if it's dead, why not post something in one of the threads already up that has an actual topic to which I can respond to, and then you respond back to me and so on and so fourth?
>> No. 338
i check this place weekly, but i'm busy with Project Hate Machine.
>> No. 339
I check this place whenever I found new pics to add to the shimmie, which is about every 2 days I guess.

I find lots of pics.

File 137689465627.jpg - (557.82KB , 1212x1255 , coletted.jpg )
255 No. 255 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I was skimming through the shimmie and some of the images don't even include board tans. In 2012 it started getting noticeable with 2 or 3 pages of /co/ creations.

Should there be a separate page for /co/tg/m/d/etc. creations? Or have them redirect to plus4chan? They're not board-tans at all.

What are the rules for uploading to the shimmie?
>> No. 256
Zecro said /co/lette was allowed on the shimmie.

>Yeah, Colette is OK here. Not going to go back on that one. Hope Corgi is also OK, because it's Hope Corgi.

As for everything else
>it's OK as long as there's a board-tan character in the image.
>> No. 257
This. All of the images we currently have are browsable by tags. Unless you're just looking through all pages, you can just add "-colette" to the 'search' box in the upper-left-hand corner and Colette images will not show up.

This is equivalent to pressing the "S" next to "colette (AS)" in the left sidebar when browsing by tags.

There's a booru for /co/ characters called http://the-collection.booru.org/ but I'm not sure if it's active or properly tagged.
>> No. 258
It's active, it's just mostly for /co/ drawthread requests.

Not a lot of the OC that /co/ makes ends up on it.
I've got a folder with over 1,000 pics of /co/ OCs that probably aren't on it (not even counting all the /co/nrad and /co/lette stuff) and I'm not uploading them since I don't want to have to tag all that.

File 134356367068.jpg - (190.73KB , 2560x1920 , Preparing-the-shooting-Temple-of-Poseidon-Sounio-G.jpg )
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Fucking hell it's like a portal to the past before cancer shit on the heavy traffic boards.

I kinda wish I remembered what it was like to see boards like this.
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>> No. 195
Every time I see this board-tans get brought up on 4chan proper, I feel inadequate because I haven't been contributing at all.
>> No. 196
after the /m/-/toy/ thing happened, the other threads on the other boards about board-tans mostly devolved into drama shipping crap.

There's apparently some kind of "prom" happening at some point or something... who the hell has a prom in August?

But then it mellowed out somehow to actual discussion over how /cgl/'s -tan is both the pink haired girl AND bag man (since goth loli and cosplay are widely different topics) as well as some stuff about /g/-tan since there are no pics of him with technology.

then it moved onto /f/-tan and how the only pic of him (on the shimmie anyway) doesn't match up with the description on the wiki and how he'd probably be seen associating with zone-tan.

then flipped back to who would win in a giant robot battle: /co/, /tg/, /m/, /v/, or /a/.

/d/'s still busy fapping over a shapeshifter comic that Lemonfont is making and posting updates to as he finishes pages. Not really board-tan related unless you count people wanting to see the female protagonist, FF, in a shape-shifting standoff against /d/-tan.

the /u/ thread was mostly about their opinion of /d/ before it got deleted.

there isn't much to contribute to really.
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>> No. 197
File 134410842731.png - (519.93KB , 1422x2823 , mlp probably unknowingly attempts date rape on tg.png )
well, this happened.

File 132303339947.png - (115.29KB , 336x474 , commisar tg.png )
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Can I get a consensus on what /tg/s powerfist looks like? Specifically the "Arm" part.

Is it a series of dots/rivets, a series of automail-like depressions, or a Raege-like, "E-Tank" lookin' thing?

Similarly, the powerplant. Full-on engine, exhaust pipes only, or nothing at all?

Pic related.
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>> No. 155
You'll have to ask the board directly or create the design. I don't know much about the /tg/ board except that the mods don't allow board-tans there.
>> No. 167
not that they don't allow it, more like they don't care. there's a thread about boards going right now - http://boards.4chan.org/tg/res/19407757
>> No. 168
nope, they deleted that one.

shame, it seemed like they were just getting motivated to do something too.

File 127223085778.jpg - (93.88KB , 640x480 , 125223165311.jpg )
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how many people are actually browsing here?
it's so sad to see such an awesome project seemingly abandoned like this. ;_;
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>> No. 164
File 133534248811.jpg - (50.14KB , 640x480 , 1322801069425.jpg )
>If you want more traffic
The key point is that "if."

This site isn't going anywhere (and if it was, I'd make backups available), since it doesn't require much from me to keep going: the monetary cost for hosting etc. is something like $100 per year, and there are no huge waves of spam like on a typical phpBB forum. There are a bunch of things I constantly worry about happening that never happen, which is a good thing, I suppose, but it also means I don't need to spend a lot of time here.

The more involved I got in this, the more I realized that "canon" personalities and characters will never happen, and probably never should! Since there isn't a group (or individual) that's taken it upon themselves to provide some kind of unified 4chan House content, everything that exists is just fan work.

Maybe I would take that back if I were producing content, but I'm not. I don't draw, and when I write, it takes the form of longer narratives (which are not really the best format for Internet content). As it stands, I'm more or less content to just kind of have this library of content.

I mean, I could sit down, tell haters to keep hating, and write out a coherent setting, characters, and plot, but is that what people want? Can it stand alone without any images? Maybe, but probably not.

I'd love to get some kind of finished product from this silly idea, but at the end of the day it does not require a group effort, and it requires a little more than what I can give it.
>> No. 165
>The more involved I got in this, the more I realized that "canon" personalities and characters will never happen, and probably never should! Since there isn't a group (or individual) that's taken it upon themselves to provide some kind of unified 4chan House content, everything that exists is just fan work.

In all honesty, the fun part about this is it's a pool of original characters to pull from to create whatever setting you happen to feel like making.
You want to make them all live in the same house? You can do that.
You want to make them a big dysfunctional family? You can do that.
You want to make them just a group of obsessive individuals who just happen to know each other or know about each other without interacting? You can do that too.

The whole thing is fan work, even if a 200 page comic was made, it'd still be just fan work.

>As it stands, I'm more or less content to just kind of have this library of content.
I'm more or less content with that as well, but it won't stop me from coming up with new ideas or posting questions about ideas already established for anyone else who happens to feel like posting on this site to reply to.

>I'd love to get some kind of finished product from this silly idea
The comics section is kinda proof that you are getting a "product" out of all this, but a finished product is hard to come by; just look at the big comic companies, they have a massive retcon/reboots every so many years.
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>> No. 362
I love your picture.

File 133401859875.png - (158.44KB , 700x700 , 1333334868912.png )
161 No. 161 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is it something like this?
>> No. 162
I'd agree with it, for almost everything.

Needs an offshoot for "I just want to look at porn" (/e/, /h/, /u/, /s/, etc). Possibly put a cycle going from /d/ to /h/ to /e/ to /c/ and back to /d/.

"Extend my dick-sucking options" should point at /cgl/ saying "dildos," to /y/ saying "everyone else should suck dick too," /cm/ with "whoa but not like that," /hm/ saying "I am a homosexual"

/m/ needs to be on there, with /co/ and /a/ pointing there saying "I dig giant robots"

/jp/ probably needs an arrow from /a/ saying "I never want to go outside"

/mlp/ needs to go from /b/ saying "I fucking love ponies"

/vp/ from /v/ saying "I want to catch them all"

/gif/ needs to point to /f/ saying "more like this"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 129534668071.png - (43.74KB , 298x311 , 1295327972517.png )
88 No. 88 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So today I go on 4chan and discovered that /new/ and /r9k/ had both disappeared. I BAWWED for /r9k/. It was expected that /new/ was going to be removed because it was stormfrontin' again. And after I just finished writing his character description. Faggot.

But today was awesome despite me getting banned from 4chan for the next seven days. /r9k/, /new/, and /sp/ were invading /po/ before /new/ decided to start attacking /int/. Then m00t trolled /b/. And /a/ trolled /jp/.

So I'm wondering who else saw this situation as full of lulz.

RIP /r9k/ and /new/ (again).
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>> No. 91
Yeah, i do enjoy it when moot dicks around with 4chan. It breaks up the monotony of fail.

Shortly before /r9k/ got the axe, /a/, /v/, and /jp/ (and some other boards?) were renamed to "let's point at /r9k/ and laugh" and then they were all "let's look at ourselves and laugh" or something.

Also /soc/ is pretty much the polar opposite of /r9k/, which means less "forever alone" and more "a/s/l?" Come to think of it, /soc/ should be renamed /asl/.
>> No. 92
Damn, I wish I could've seen it. /r9k/ers probably had less trouble than /new/ did.

I was keeping a close eye on /new/ considering that it was a 'colorful' board, and they were really fighting over /int/ for the past few weeks. Then they were getting banned and getting /b/tards banned and I was like,"What the hell?"

Both boards have a dislike for 4chan. I'm certain that the /new/ board had seen the riots in Egypt.
>> No. 135

/pol/ is not /new/.

File 131466452251.png - (123.64KB , 663x623 , 1312512552630.png )
123 No. 123 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Has a /g/ (technology, not /g/uro) tan been created? If so, what is his/her character design and personality description? Thanks in advance~
>> No. 124
I don't think there has been much work done on it, but there's a placeholder from a few years ago:


I've never gone to /g/, so I can't opinionate.
>> No. 126
Needs more gentoo.

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