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File 129406934714.png - (74.11KB , 553x366 , mlp.png )
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This is a big overhaul to previous ideas, but in mind, I've always thought that the boards are siblings to one another. Despite their constant arguments and hi-jinks, they still live in the same house, the house of 4chan (imagine a pink house with a 4-leaf clover on top of it, m00t+mods in a cloud overhead because they aren't directly involved). The board-tans don't always fight; sometimes they get along when their interests cross one another, like how /co/ manages to enjoy a few animes and how /a/ sees most of /v/'s games as appealing. Everyone is pretty much in an open relationship with one another.

/b/, however, this is a twist. He is their father. He's the invasive, over-bearing, abusive dad that no one wants to deal with because of his childlike antics. No one enjoys mentioning that they are even remotely related to him, so he is still referred to as just /b/. (The board-tans do have their /b/ moments, though, so when they are venturing out of the 4chan house, it becomes evident to the other websites).

Either than that small thought, /b/ is still /b/. Being a father does not change anything about his randomness and raids.

(How I came up with /b/ being a father is relevant to his first appearance in 4chan. He is the first board at the 4chan house, hence his ideas possibly shat out many other board-tans and why he thinks he's so superior to everyone else. m00t might as well be the mother.)

A long stretch, but I could see many potentials in family dynamics.

So yeah, I added my thoughts. Hope I didn't type this out in the wrong board 'cause that would be embarrassing!
>> No. 87
I don't think "characters are actually siblings" was ever brought up before, but looking back at everything that exists, it wouldn't be so hard to fit everything into that mold. This set-up also gives /b/ the "special" (in more ways than one) role /b/-the-board has.

Possibly problematic are the romantic relationships. However, since nobody can ever agree on how to ship the characters/boards, maybe that's for the best. Kind of keep things mostly the same, except say "they are really close siblings (and sometimes they fuck if you want jeez)." Since shipping is a major source of butthurt perhaps forgoing it all would be a good thing.

Perhaps they are not siblings in the general sense that they share a parent, but siblings in the sense that they are all the brain-children of /b/ in some sense? Explains differences in age and kind of makes everything not an incestuous slurry.

Being siblings also solves the problem of explaining why they live together or something.

So, yeah, tl;dr: good idea.
>> No. 724
Its been a while since I made this post, but despite people wanting board tans with relationships I still like the idea of a dysfunctional family dynamic.

File 142189119439.png - (318.31KB , 900x1289 , mot.png )
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So it seems this place really is dead.

But just in case a few spirits still wander this graveyard, ol' mootykins has jumped ship.

>> No. 452
Yes, everyone is aware.

I thought /qa/-tan would just be /q/-tan, but it looks like I was wrong.

File 147495772692.png - (14.91KB , 307x72 , Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 11_26_11 PM.png )
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A while ago I came up with bringing attention to the anthropomorphized versions of boards by them being in the banners towards the top of the web pages on 4chan. I don't think that idea went anywhere, but I think we have a chance to do something like that now. It might be a bit late for some boards, but even if it is, maybe such an opportunity will come up for those board again.


From there hopefully you'll be able to navigate to other aspects of the contest.
>> No. 669

File 145527444023.jpg - (88.19KB , 463x374 , jp meido.jpg )
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So I found this document that tells the history of 4chan from his POV and other sources. It's tl;dr but quite frankly it makes board tan storytelling an interesting endeavor. Document in next post.
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>> No. 611
http://www.4chan.org/flash - The same as above, but for .sfw. moot tries to keep it alive from time to time.

http://www.4chanlink.org - Image resurrection site - Any image on 4chan can be recovered after 14 days of it's deletion.

http://halcy.de/kopipe/index.html.down - One of the biggest copypasta archives on the Internet, probably only dwarfed by Encyclopedia Dramatica's

http://4index.gropes.us/ - 4chan Catalog - And index showing all threads currently on the database of 4chan. Useful alternate way of browsing.
http://catalog.neet.tv/ - The same catalog, but SFW only.

http://dejavu.org/forsta.htm - Old page about internet history from 1992 to 1999.

Edition 1.4.5

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>> No. 612
Oh also.

>> No. 667
File 147177204997.jpg - (91.08KB , 706x720 , ~.jpg )
Those make me sad...

File 142601957331.jpg - (397.29KB , 700x831 , tumblr_nf05bePBXv1sez0oko1_1280.jpg )
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To the guy who runs this. Please don't take it down. This site serves as an archive and encyclopedia of sorts to all things board tan.
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>> No. 657
File 146347582874.png - (434.54KB , 1233x1080 , Untitled.png )
Oh, you mean like a backup of all the images or something?

Not counting the database or anything on the Kusaba part, the Shimmie images take up 1.77 Gb uncompressed. Overall, not too much. Inconveniently, this being a straight directory rip, the files don't even have extensions much less sensible filenames (since they are probably guids sitting in the underlying MySql). No file extensions isn't a problem, some quick scripting gave me pic related, but it's still a pain in the ass to organize and have sitting on your hard drive. How are you going to find anything?

If someone really wants their own rip of the images off the Shimmie, I don't see why not (I'll probably rename everything sequentially so you aren't looking at guids), but do you really want this?
>> No. 658
>but do you really want this?

lel yes. It'll give me something to do.
>> No. 660
Ask and ye shall receive.


Uploaded this to my other site so that I don't run into bandwidth issues on this one. Just don't download it like fifty times or something.

File 141149330856.jpg - (463.98KB , 1280x1120 , 1410581866968.jpg )
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So, when are you going to register 8chanhouse.org?
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>> No. 636
Does this mean that /tg/ and /x/ aren't together anymore? I also browsed around and saw 8chan's /x/ with short hair.
>> No. 637
As far as I'm aware, there's no OC made of that, no. At most /x/ gets paired with /pol/ as the people responsible for Ebola-chan, but even then it's rare. 8/x/ is more low-key than 4/x/, since the crazier anons you'd normally see in /x/ are now in /fringe/.
>> No. 649

/x/ and /pol/ is cute. I paired the black haired /pol/ tan (previously /new/) with /b/. /new/'s personality derived from his idolization of the random board and enforced by other boards' interpretation that he is /stormfront/ (quoted by moot) despite knowing that he is the news board. 'Least that was my original intent.

File 137021984682.png - (15.38KB , 535x278 , 136510073240.png )
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This thread is for posting links to archive sites, boorus, wikis or anything else that is useful in hunting down board-tan related content that is not currently on 4chan House.
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>> No. 527
This is a static archive where all the stuff from moe was dumped so active archives wouldn't crash trying to import it all:

>> No. 533
Right, so the site got rolled by for reasons unknown and the post with this link


was lost.

It's another archiving site, this one is trying to archive them all by the looks of it.
>> No. 534
Huh, I never saw that link here but I had the site bookmarked for some time. Never got around to posting it.

File 14066940497.png - (174.88KB , 533x618 , prisoner_heinrich.png )
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If other imageboards (especially the foreing ones with other languages) has site-tan too, did they can know each other or know 4chan's boards-tans? How?

Here's a few list of foreign IBs:
- http://krautchan.net/ (German)
- http://www.hispachan.org/ (Spanish)
- https://ylilauta.org/ (Finnish)
- http://pl.vichan.net/ (Polish)
- http://55ch.org/ (Brazilian)
- https://cable6.net/ (French)
- http://www.diochan.com/ (Italian)
- http://britfa.gs/*/ (English)
And so on. I forgot a few others too, like japanese ones.
>> No. 391
I know there's a pot head girl that 420chan has as a general site mascot sometimes and there's also /wooo/-tan, but most other chan sites don't have avatars for their individual boards, just for the entire site as a whole.

I know there are some general site mascots for the pony chans and that they sometimes come into conflict with /mlp/-tan, but that's all I've ever seen in terms of cross site interaction.
>> No. 479
File 144381090637.jpg - (575.45KB , 1000x2782 , 450px-1279011156472.jpg )
Russian imageboard culture barely has any board tans, if any at all. Instead, imageboards have multiple mascots.

The biggest board in Russia is 2ch.hk, which has numerous mascots.

1) The main mascot is Alice(alt. Alisa) Dvachevskaya, pic related. Wears USSR pioneer uniform. She's pretty much a tomboy, a daring and determined person with a short temper. Google Алиса Двачевская for more pics.

2) Creepy-tan, corrupted Alisa. It's widely believed that 2ch.hk went to shit after it was sold to some other dude and this is when Creepy-tan was born. Dislikes underageb&s and bydlos. Google Криппи-тан for more pics.

3) Slavya-tan, name derived from the word "slav". Slavya is level-headed, understanding, kind. Google Славя-тян for more pics.

4) USSR-tan, the cunning, devilish, fun-loving and mischievous one. Is the youngest mascot. (СССР-тян)

5) New 2ch.hk owner, Abu. Everyone believes he turned the board to shit by posting advertisments in some of the most cancerous places the Russian web has to offer. This isn't really a mascot, but still an important tan.

6) Russian anonymous and also a tan named Thunder-kun. The most important thing about him is the bag on his head, the rest varies.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 486

That's cute. And I like it. Didn't know about the other chans.

File 132609224591.png - (90.75KB , 639x634 , ball.png )
145 No. 145 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hah, I have not been following this as deeply as I should (considering I run this site), but /sp/ did a whole thing where they invited a bunch of boards to the Winter Ball.

This comes on the heels of the heels of the 4Chan Winter Cup, also hosted by /sp/: http://4chancup.wikidot.com/start

I did pay attention to the Winter Cup, it was pretty fun seeing those little computer-controlled memes running around and playing divegrass.
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>> No. 440
/v/ is taking both /e/ and /x/, then proceeds to cancel the ball.
>> No. 441
no, /x/ loathes /pol/ for the shit they pulled. /vex/ is happening.

/pol/ is going with /biz/.
>> No. 443
File 141447924711.png - (34.32KB , 524x277 , shippers.png )

I've seen more art with dakimakura /biz/ than with the actual tan itself.

File 141113601288.jpg - (128.57KB , 720x600 , father and daughter.jpg )
411 No. 411 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Sometimes there's an error when trying to upload some images. Something like

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 9810360 bytes) in /home/chanhaus/public_html/shimmie/ext/handle_pixel/main.php on line 143

any idea on what could be causing this?
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>> No. 426
File 14125396322.png - (553.25KB , 1179x2678 , 1412417147589.png )
>> No. 430

have you tried increasing the dimensions allowed?
>> No. 434
File 141335650930.png - (14.88KB , 597x173 , bw-year.png )
It's not dimensions, it's a memory issue.

I doubled the allowed memory, so larger filesizes should upload correctly now.

If you get errors while uploading multiple files at once, try uploading larger images by themselves.

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