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File 144779315711.png - (379.69KB , 560x840 , r9knewpol.png )
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Things to be worked on. I have them scattered on various flash drives and around my computer, but I don't know where to put them as a reminder to complete (or discard). I'm adding in some notes as reasons for the drawings at that time. asdaf

>pic is old, at the time /r9k/ and /pol/ were added back on 4chan. The idea was that /pol/ would be considered /new/'s child, but I scraped it to pursue other options.
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>> No. 1079
I'm moving again.
>> No. 1080
Get well soon, Anon.
>> No. 1082
So the move is hectic since I'm switching to another state. I think this is like the 4th or 5th state in the past three years. I don't have that much stuff fortunately.

Putting in my notices for my jobs, waiting on the bill for my hospital stay, leaving behind my admission to the university I planned on attending. I will be working for a while before I go back to school.

My priorities are off.

File 131528522721.jpg - (49.16KB , 640x480 , shit-tyrone-get-it-together[1].jpg )
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I don't want this project to sit by the wayside any longer!

So, what should be done, and who's going to do it?

Probably finishing character bios, but what after that?
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>> No. 1074
I've been super homesick for old-school 4chan lately and just found this site, so I want to thank everyone here for what you all do.
>> No. 1075
I spent a few days in the hospital because I overdosed.

I should be back on my WordPress site once my church lets me go back home.

they kinda kidnapped me. lol
>> No. 1081
I made some bad character profiles.

There's not much i can do on cellphones.

File 148548830513.png - (22.59KB , 404x231 , requests.png )
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>tfw no gf

anyone have any requests? can be board tan related. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lul
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>> No. 1067
i don't understand the relevance of breast sizes
>> No. 1068
because tits
>> No. 1069
right..haha, i too remember tits.

File 149084602014.jpg - (505.83KB , 1000x800 , 1303693390384.jpg )
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Heres all of the screenshots and images that /new/ was based on as reference back in 2010. Some got corrupted on my drive because I did stupid shit lol.

I got some /n/ and early /pol/, but that's where it ends.

and wtf zecro, you haven't deleted my other threads.

i shy
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>> No. 1010
File 149094072315.png - (58.16KB , 662x716 , 1370302812779.png )
>> No. 1011
File 149094076368.jpg - (107.36KB , 838x983 , 1446134091620.jpg )
>> No. 1012
File 149094129614.png - (113.26KB , 1092x564 , 1459562852934.png )

File 130197410364.jpg - (13.69KB , 448x336 , naming1.jpg )
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What are the 'human' names for the boards? I know /co/ is /co/nrad (and /lit/=/lit/ton?), but I have absolutely no clue what the other boards are called. Was /ck/ Be/ck/y?

Also, there are boards that can't easily be named, such as /r9k/ and /3/, unless we throw it out altogether with an agreeable name for the boards.
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>> No. 451
>not an elf name or a RP name
>> No. 659
/pol/ was decided to be Paul by majority of the /pol/ users.

plot-wise, I will use Poe as Newman's first name. It unironically fits into his personality and I came across the reason for his name by total accident years ago.
>> No. 915
/aco/ - J/aco/lyn
/asp/ - J/asp/er
/ck/ - Be/ck/y
/co/ - /co/nrad
/d/ - /d/emona
/diy/ - An/diy/
/gd/ - Kerning the Cat (Kernin/gd/akat)
/i/ - /i/rene
/ic/ - D/ic/k
/int/ - /int/ura
/m/ - E/m/i (female)
/mlp/ - Emily
/mu/ - Sea/mu/s
/out/ - Sc/out/
/pol/ - Poe and Newman
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File 129406934714.png - (74.11KB , 553x366 , mlp.png )
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This is a big overhaul to previous ideas, but in mind, I've always thought that the boards are siblings to one another. Despite their constant arguments and hi-jinks, they still live in the same house, the house of 4chan (imagine a pink house with a 4-leaf clover on top of it, m00t+mods in a cloud overhead because they aren't directly involved). The board-tans don't always fight; sometimes they get along when their interests cross one another, like how /co/ manages to enjoy a few animes and how /a/ sees most of /v/'s games as appealing. Everyone is pretty much in an open relationship with one another.

/b/, however, this is a twist. He is their father. He's the invasive, over-bearing, abusive dad that no one wants to deal with because of his childlike antics. No one enjoys mentioning that they are even remotely related to him, so he is still referred to as just /b/. (The board-tans do have their /b/ moments, though, so when they are venturing out of the 4chan house, it becomes evident to the other websites).

Either than that small thought, /b/ is still /b/. Being a father does not change anything about his randomness and raids.

(How I came up with /b/ being a father is relevant to his first appearance in 4chan. He is the first board at the 4chan house, hence his ideas possibly shat out many other board-tans and why he thinks he's so superior to everyone else. m00t might as well be the mother.)

A long stretch, but I could see many potentials in family dynamics.

So yeah, I added my thoughts. Hope I didn't type this out in the wrong board 'cause that would be embarrassing!
>> No. 87
I don't think "characters are actually siblings" was ever brought up before, but looking back at everything that exists, it wouldn't be so hard to fit everything into that mold. This set-up also gives /b/ the "special" (in more ways than one) role /b/-the-board has.

Possibly problematic are the romantic relationships. However, since nobody can ever agree on how to ship the characters/boards, maybe that's for the best. Kind of keep things mostly the same, except say "they are really close siblings (and sometimes they fuck if you want jeez)." Since shipping is a major source of butthurt perhaps forgoing it all would be a good thing.

Perhaps they are not siblings in the general sense that they share a parent, but siblings in the sense that they are all the brain-children of /b/ in some sense? Explains differences in age and kind of makes everything not an incestuous slurry.

Being siblings also solves the problem of explaining why they live together or something.

So, yeah, tl;dr: good idea.
>> No. 724
Its been a while since I made this post, but despite people wanting board tans with relationships I still like the idea of a dysfunctional family dynamic.

File 147836486657.jpg - (310.87KB , 1280x1024 , The Absolute Madman.jpg )
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>> No. 693
Mainstream kills me.

File 142189119439.png - (318.31KB , 900x1289 , mot.png )
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So it seems this place really is dead.

But just in case a few spirits still wander this graveyard, ol' mootykins has jumped ship.

>> No. 452
Yes, everyone is aware.

I thought /qa/-tan would just be /q/-tan, but it looks like I was wrong.

File 147495772692.png - (14.91KB , 307x72 , Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 11_26_11 PM.png )
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A while ago I came up with bringing attention to the anthropomorphized versions of boards by them being in the banners towards the top of the web pages on 4chan. I don't think that idea went anywhere, but I think we have a chance to do something like that now. It might be a bit late for some boards, but even if it is, maybe such an opportunity will come up for those board again.


From there hopefully you'll be able to navigate to other aspects of the contest.
>> No. 669

File 145527444023.jpg - (88.19KB , 463x374 , jp meido.jpg )
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So I found this document that tells the history of 4chan from his POV and other sources. It's tl;dr but quite frankly it makes board tan storytelling an interesting endeavor. Document in next post.
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>> No. 611
http://www.4chan.org/flash - The same as above, but for .sfw. moot tries to keep it alive from time to time.

http://www.4chanlink.org - Image resurrection site - Any image on 4chan can be recovered after 14 days of it's deletion.

http://halcy.de/kopipe/index.html.down - One of the biggest copypasta archives on the Internet, probably only dwarfed by Encyclopedia Dramatica's

http://4index.gropes.us/ - 4chan Catalog - And index showing all threads currently on the database of 4chan. Useful alternate way of browsing.
http://catalog.neet.tv/ - The same catalog, but SFW only.

http://dejavu.org/forsta.htm - Old page about internet history from 1992 to 1999.

Edition 1.4.5

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>> No. 612
Oh also.

>> No. 667
File 147177204997.jpg - (91.08KB , 706x720 , ~.jpg )
Those make me sad...

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