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File 144205348074.png - (519.66KB , 900x1300 , magic.png )
934 No. 934
2015 /pol/ is more or less a kid. if the pages have older /pol/ in it, it's pretty much just a flashback of previous years unless stated otherwise.

haven't decided the frequency of my updates.
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>> No. 935
Yes, this is great and amuses me.
>> No. 936
File 144261154817.png - (701.42KB , 1260x972 , doodles.png )
Just some doodles this week.

Site-tans: tumblr, deviantart, imgur, youtube, twitter, liveleak, pirate bay, stormfront, and the almighty google.

board tans: /b/, /new/, /pol/, /r9k/, /v/, /a/
>> No. 937

oh, and wikileaks. she's small.
>> No. 938
Small, but has a big voice.

I imagine when she speaks, /pol/, /b/, and a bunch of others come running like in those tf2 videos where all the character models have their arms flailing every which way and move in groups.
>> No. 939
File 14432997336.png - (769.64KB , 1200x1358 , crying.png )
>> No. 940
oh, i'll be updating at least once a week, somewhere on a friday or saturday.
>> No. 943
What does /pol/ make them watch when it's his turn to pick what the TV shows them?
>> No. 947
File 144388731417.png - (174.55KB , 728x1161 , coverparadox1.png )


mix of movies and documentaries. Thread is from 2013 since 2012-2013 were considered more informative than the /pol/ currently. It's also the years that I'm basing /pol/ off of. 2012 was when /pol/ started involving itself with the Zimmerman trials.

Also just this pic this week. I'm drawing a comic for Winterball 2015. I'll post them here when I'm done.
>> No. 948

It's just impossible to keep up with all the winter ball content. There's at least 6 boards doing stuff all at once.
>> No. 949
File 144445347162.png - (508.06KB , 868x1228 , festival201501.png )
this is not the winterball comic.
>> No. 950
File 144445351924.png - (1.12MB , 868x1228 , festival201502.png )

to make up for missing last week's.
>> No. 951
Yeah, these are some nice looking backgrounds.
>> No. 953
I fucked up my computer.

Expect delays. Switching to traditional mode.
>> No. 954
more of this please
>> No. 955

Oh, got my computer to work again.

Couldn't get around to drawing the rest of the comic but have this WIP.


Will add other tans if I can work movie maker.
>> No. 956
Well this'll be interesting.

Huh, the song sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks singing.
>> No. 957

It's vocaloids. They're known to have a slight chipmunk/robotic sound quality.

The title translates to "Stop nagging me". I was browsing youtube and thought it appropriate for board tan threads.
>> No. 958
File 144755773868.png - (629.87KB , 868x1228 , pg3.png )

brb work
>> No. 959
I never suspected it was /pol/ in drag.
>> No. 963
Away till December 31st. I won't be on the computer much so I'd be avoiding 4chan and the internet (aside from some tutorials and information lookup).

I'll dump whatever I have at the end of the year.
>> No. 980
File 145278535687.png - (587.38KB , 1424x810 , pol i c cm s4s vp out 145243405129.png )
Nobody knows why the site was rolled back.
>> No. 985
My drawing skills will have to suffer for the next few years. I will be dedicating my time to training so I won't be on as much.
>> No. 1259
yo zecro, delete this thread. lol thanks.
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