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File 138337603589.png - (63.92KB , 1873x657 , 1383357353459.png )
457 No. 457
oh look, /v/ getting something together it seems

>What's "Project Hate Machine"?
It's a game me and a few other guys are willing too program, it's 4chan themed, relying on the 4chan tans as characters. A beat em up styled game

Info and concepts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I4rRCwuolxegQRNYqtw8koYV7aczBfYXqaag9nxO514/edit


Currently we are discussing /v/'s strong moveset. Basic attacks are limited to phisical attacks, but we want to make /v/'s Strong attacks videogame themed, any suggerence will be well received.
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>> No. 462
File 138629850090.gif - (74.35KB , 350x350 , basicstring_anim00ted.gif )
>> No. 463
huh, neat. sounds cool. Can't wait to see what comes from it.
>> No. 469
How often do these threads come up on /v/? What's the best way to get involved?
>> No. 470
File 13878730282.gif - (73.79KB , 500x500 , v_walk_tweek.gif )
Biweekly. You can contact me in Skype as oveygoyim.shekkelnstein or on the gmail: projecthatemachine@gmail.com
>> No. 495
File 139726046289.png - (45.89KB , 640x1200 , v vr jp comic 01.png )
Seeing how this comic looks like it's going to keep going for a while longer and the guy drawing it is involved with this project, it can go in the thread rather than up on the shimmie from now on.

/v/ goes to the movies by http://gutsandeffort.tumblr.com/
Cut up pieces of pages can be found there, the un-cut up ones are only ever posted on 4chan... and now here.
>> No. 496
File 139726051599.png - (65.16KB , 640x1200 , v vr jp comic 02.png )
>> No. 497
File 139726055888.png - (52.64KB , 640x1200 , v vr jp comic 03.png )
>> No. 498
File 13972607091.png - (174.88KB , 668x2195 , v vr jp comic 04.png )

Alternate rape ending page 4 that I don't want to save to my computer can be found here: http://i.imgur.com/ZodS5gX.png

I've saved a bunch of WIPs of page 5, but I haven't seen a completed version of the page posted in any of the /v/ original content threads I've been able to catch.
>> No. 499
File 139728039154.png - (184.99KB , 668x2195 , v vr jp comic 05.png )
>> No. 568
File 140055158240.png - (167.08KB , 663x2363 , v vr jp comic 06.png )
>> No. 572
These are hysterical. I really hope it's still happening.
>> No. 665
File 140531508311.jpg - (788.80KB , 640x3600 , 1404152300270.jpg )
>> No. 1280
was this animated in fucking ms paint?
>> No. 1281
RIP In Pieces
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