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File 15016130738.png - (8.15KB , 320x240 , 1499631553666.png )
1283 No. 1283
/m/ had a Choose Your Own Adventure thread. I'll post it here since the pics need the context of the thread.


Encase that archive cease to exist (as archives often do) or the images at any point become lost, here's a download:
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>> No. 1284
File 150161317167.png - (13.41KB , 640x480 , 1499636347639.png )
You (Musashi) find yourself lost, in the middle of a desert. Your eyesight seems off, and you seemed to have lost your toaster... and arm.

Behind you is a city in the distance, seems to be in ruins. In front of you, far far away seems to be the ocean. The time looks to be high noon.

>Search for toaster and arm
>Make your way to the city
>Make your way to the ocean
>> No. 1285
File 150161323894.png - (44.43KB , 640x984 , 1499639688157.png )

>City. Civilization means people and possibly parts.

You've spent a couple hours searching for your missing parts. It is now mid afternoon and the temperature is on the rise.

Luckily you found your arm, which seems to be severed off at the bicep. The shoulder joint is missing, and the arm is burnt and full of sand, so its useless for now. Sadly your favorite toaster couldn't be found amidst the debris all around you.

During your search, what seems to be the wreckage of a ship is between you and the city. The ship is still smoldering, the smoke that plumes out from it is a dark black.

It'll take some time to explore the ship. Your optics are glitching out on occasion, and the heat of the desert isn't letting your internal heat-sinks rest.

>Explore the ship (takes extra time)
>No detours, go straight to the city.
>> No. 1286
File 150161330991.png - (51.98KB , 640x480 , 1499642188605.png )
>A Explore the ship. Even if it is less than fruitful we may be better off out of direct sun for awhile.

>Loot the ship, if it's still smoldering there must be some coolant in it that hasn't turned to poison vapor yet. If nothing else you can get some shade by pulling off some sheet metal.
>If there's a survivor, well, charge a finder's fee for pulling them out of the wreckage, i.e. LOOT.

You explored the ship, which on closer inspection looks like a space ship - train hybrid. It is now evening -the sun has begun to set as you finish your search of the ship.

Mostly uneventful, you did find some Military-Grade Spaceship Mineral Engine Oil. It was somewhat sour, smokey and bitter all at the same time. You feel much more awake but your gut feels off. During the search of the armory cabin, you find that most of the standard issue pulse rifles have melted at the MagSinks, rendering them useless.

On your way out you seem to notice corpses of many robots strewn about. You see one around the corner, and it seems to limp away. You catch up to it. It seems injured and afraid of you. It also has a pistol in its hand -pointed at you, but its finger can't fit into the trigger guard. It drops the gun.

Injured Robit: "W-What d-do you want? Haven't you done e-enough yet?" It coughs out oil.

>Ask it what happened, where you are.
>Move on and let it be.
>Attempt to help it. (roll)
>Attempt to take the gun. (roll)

*I'll take the sum of digits, odds fail, evens successful.
>> No. 1287
File 150161343084.png - (66.94KB , 640x480 , 1499646672198.png )
>It already dropped the gun, so that can wait.
>Ask it what happened and why blame is immediately pinned on you.
>Then make an attempt to help it.


Injured Robit: "Y-you bastards c-came o-out of nowhere. Y-you stopped our advance. M-Mother's abandoned u-us all for t-this!"

(You): "...What are you talking about? Who's mother? I just, woke up here -in the middle of nowhere."

Injured Robit: "W-well its all o-over anyways. It's time for me... I cannot even connect myself to the Net Beyond..." His optics go dim, he passed out.

Successful roll! You find a voltmeter laying around in the engineering cabin. Its pulse is faint -but there. You do some patchwork fixes, hopefully enough so it can make it to the city.

You pick up his gun, a fine ass Mateba Autorevolver. There's an engraving on the side. "Kommandos"

You find a bike in the hanger. Its painted MO on the side. You toss him onto the back portion on the seat, and begin your way to the city.
>> No. 1288
File 150161351190.png - (150.92KB , 640x480 , 1499647839204.png )
There's a wall blocking the way. A big wall -a great one even. It's huge and extends past the horizon. You also borrowed the Injured Robit's arm. How do you get past?

>Attempt to climb the wall
>Try to fashion a makeshift ramp and jump over with the bike.
>Strap the Robit and Bike onto the wall, and detonate it.
>Begin riding along the wall.
>> No. 1289
File 150161366471.png - (21.04KB , 640x480 , 1499652303523.png )
>C: EXPLOSIONS! Send him to the Net Beyond, shiny and chrome!

>Evel Knievel a ramp together and jump the fucker.

>Pick up speed, do a jump with the bike, ride along the wall (as in on the side of the wall, defying gravity), and I'd love to say use the gun to add more thrust to going up, but I don't think it can do that.
>I just feel like /m/-tan would do something over the top to get over the wall with the bike.
>But if none of that is feasible, then just look for the door.

>Sacrifice our new bike and the robot for a cool explosion.

>I can't help but think this wall is here for a reason. Either to keep something in or keep something out, and this robot we're carrying around might know someone on the other side of this wall. At best he's a hostage or a bartering chip, at worst he's dead weight.
>And why destroy our cool new bike on a wall? That's something that should be reserved for dealing with a monster.

>maybe we can remove the robots head/memory doodad and get the vital stuff out of him later that way?

Mediocre! You unscrew the Robit's head and solder it onto the bike. You take its body, dig a small ditch and prop its body poking out of the ground at a 45 degree angle. You also unborrow its arm because it deserves a fair death with the rest of its parts. You Squat on the seat of the bike and begin for lift off. You speed up as fast as you can, and use the Robit's body as a ramp. As soon as your in the air you shoot the body with your Revolver for extra lift. Massive Damage! You're in the air, primed and ready to jump off the seat so you can make it over the wall!

You jump off the bike with a stylish backflip!
...Square into the wall!

Both you and the bike fall square to the ground. After getting back on your feet you notice a hole in the wall. And the Robit's arm stuck into the ground on he other side.

As you stumble your way past the wall, you hear nearby yelling, with several blaps of gunfire following shortly after. Doesn't seem like a pleasant place to be in! The buildings nearby are shelled out husks, some completely flattened.

>Explore the city by yourself
>Walk with your bike around the city
>Ride your bike around (Risky!)
>Find shelter and wait out the night.
>> No. 1290
File 150161374048.png - (15.05KB , 640x480 , 1499653780535.png )
>Walk with the bike and hit the gas only if things go south

Even though your internal clock is on the fritz, it seems to be past midnight, the heat has long died down. With a cool head you decide to slowly march on, walking along the outskirts with your Bike. With the Robit's head on the bike, no square will dare mess with you!

You occasionally still hear the distant gunfire. You've been heading in the same direction for a while, but the street has now split into two. The gunfire is behind you. The left fork, seems to be a completely silent, but shelled out suburban complex. The right has some houses remaining, but there seems to be a small fire in the distance, you also hear some weird noises down that road.

>Turn back
>Turn Left [Shelled Complex]
>Turn Right [Fire, Noises]
>> No. 1291
File 150161381563.png - (16.67KB , 640x480 , 1499655091501.png )
>Head towards the fire.
>Possible answers.
>Fights as a bonus.

You decide to take a right. Maybe your primitive instincts are drawn towards the fire.

Suddenly your Perpetual Internal Autismometer begins to jitter. You sense a dark, shadowy figure behind you!

>Turn around a blast away (Roll)
>Turn around and practice your CQC (Roll)
>Hop on your bike and drive away

As per usual, Odds - Fail // Even - Success
>> No. 1292
File 150161393967.png - (28.87KB , 640x960 , 1499657012209.png )
>CQC, we'll show that bastard not to sneak up on us!

>CQC. Shooting would just draw more attention.

>I recall /m/-tan has the ability to throw his sideburns like blades.


That eight week program with Master Rex did you dividends! Your CQC is certified dynamite! The chum was no chance for you, he reads for you -you quickly react. You break the wrist! He goes for the sweep but you easily counter with a roundhouse kick to his knees!

The masked foe falls to the ground.

Masked Man: "It can't be! I thought you wer-"

-You cut him off -Your hard work has payed off! Your guts have leveled up! With this boost in confidence you decide to:

>Shoot him dead [5 Bullets Remain]
>Kick him in the gut
>Kick him in the groin
>Kick him in the chin
>> No. 1293
File 150161405340.png - (18.68KB , 640x480 , 1499658601094.png )
>Kick him in the gut.
>Shooting would attract attention.
>I assume he is wearing groin armor and we would stub our toe if we did that.
>Also, make sure he doesn't try taking a cyanide pill.
>We need information!

Wanting to preserve your beat up but reliable sneakers you decide to not kick him in his babymaker. You kick him in his gatsu and walk away, slowly. while your scarf flows with the flow. like a badass or something.

You hear the man get up behind you . . .

Masked Man: "I'd recognize that technique anywhere. I just couldn't *cough* believe my eyes before. *cough* I just don't know how it's possible -how it's possible you're alive."

As you turn around, scarf still flowing you see the man light a smoke.

...You know who it is.
>> No. 1294
File 150161409645.png - (60.58KB , 640x480 , 1499707231974.png )
You travel with Conrad throughout the city, cutting in and out through backstreets and alleyways. He tells you to leave the bike in a garage, you do as he says and mark it down in your head. Before leaving you take the Robit's head off and carry it with you.

You catch up, he tells you what has happened.
>Listen to him [Exposition Dump]
>"Listen" to him [Skip Exposition]

You guys end up in an underground bunker -an all grey room with a light bulb in the center swinging back and forth, a table with some blueprints on it, and a crystal ashtray filled to the brim with old cigarette butts. There's a set of old computers to the left of the room, has too many monitors hooked up to it -no sane man needs that many monitors!

You notice someone hiding behind the computer desk.
>Ask who that
>Blast off [5 Bullets Remaining]
>Take cover
>Use Conrad as cover
>Take the Robit's head and pull a full cut-back drop turn, kicking the head at the person.
>> No. 1295
File 150161418536.png - (19.85KB , 640x480 , 1499710570057.png )
>Take the expo dump, chuck the head. He isn't getting much use out of it as is anyway.

>Might as well get the details on the latest "everything is destroyed" plot we've woken up into.
>Wave the head at whoever is hiding to show you're no pushover.
>Knowing /co/nrad, it's either a woman or a child he's keeping safe from whatever is happening.

You try to pull a cut back drop turn, but since your arm is missing your balance is off and you kick the Robit's head knocking over Conrad's ashtray spilling it all over him. Gross!

The person emerges from behind the desk.
It's Intelligence Officer /3/!
She's somewhat cautious around you, being a known member of the Anti-CG-Committee. But after some reassurance and talk, she warms up to you. She takes the Robit's head and plugs it into her unpatented portable wrist computational device. She grins and waves you over.

Officer III: "I'm uploading this Mk.I's nano cellular consciousnesses data. Hopefully he'll provide us some useful information. Sasuga, Musashi."

Conrad: "Hey, don't we have one of those old mass production type prosthetic arms leftover? Seems our friend here lost his in the crash."

The word crash makes your head tingle a bit

Officer III: "Oh yeah! for sure! Fetch it for me while I prep him for surgery than, okay?"

She says she'll be able to upload tactical information to your brain, though it can go wrong since they haven't got the proper equipment in the bunker. She says it can be done while they fix you up a brand new pre-owned prosthetic arm.
>Do it
>Don't do it.
>> No. 1296
File 150161427262.gif - (287.83KB , 480x360 , 1499713777905.gif )
>Go for it. The Ez8 look doesn't work for long.

She plugs you into the computer mainframe.
* * *
l i f t o f f
////: "Sir! There's a problem in engineering! The reactor limiter isn't responding, sir!"
CPT: "I-It can't be, all hands prepare for eva-"

* * *

System Rebooting....

You recall the conversation you had with Conrad on the way here. Apparently everyone was found here for some reason. Out of the blue everyone was scattered around this new foreign land in the middle of what we would call the apocalypse. There were people that helped us, some didn't make it, some went their own ways. We were behind the city walls as the alien invasion continued. The aliens according to the natives came down from the skies on day, they weren't organic -at least not completely. No demands were exchanged, only immediate Armageddon. We tried to help. (You) were there with us, except in a different coat of paint. You went back to our ship's crash site along with some others. Amongst them toy, tg, qst, c, cgl, and co. Our ship was still burning, it had never stopped since we've landed weeks ago -though it didn't burn itself completely down, how? We didn't know.

Unbeknownst to us as we searched the ruins of our ship, we had become surrounded by the aliens. A mix of clunky 1st gen types and 2nd gen types, we dispatched them with relative ease. The sun was suddenly black out as we emerged from the carnage. An enemy Corvette Class ship had deployed on top of us. Elite troopers were sent down upon us, separating co and (you) from the rest of the group. Conrad already injured (you) pressed on the fight.

After a while (you) had defeated the unit of elite troops, Conrad noted down that you had a glowing orange aura around you. The Corvette Class ship above opens it doors, and out comes a single unit. (You) fight with was seems to be a Cyborg of sorts, not from Musashi's usual rogue's gallery.
>> No. 1297
File 150161432883.png - (21.22KB , 640x480 , 1499715770135.png )
Conrad wakes up, to find you impaled by a long lance, being carried away by that same cyborg you had been fighting. After passing out once again, we woke up in the bunker. The others in the party haven't returned, and are presumed dead.

The invasion pressed on for the next year. On Christmas day the aliens had deployed out new units. The city was unprepared, and was wiped out in merely 4 days. The dead were mincemeat, the military defeated, survivors scattered. The fight was over, and most of our own were either dead, missing, or had gone in search of something better.

It was only Conrad and a few others that remained in one of the city's bunkers. Fighting what they could, when they could.

It was to Conrad's disbelief when he saw you, in your original suit just walking about the city that night.

System Rebooted!

Officer III: "So, how's it feel? I know the arm is a bit crude, and has a lot of mileage under its belt, but its the only one of 40 in our inventory that still works completely fine. The upload should finish soon, any questions?"

Feeling dazed, you respond:
>It's good
>Ask for a shot of High Octane Engine Oil
>Ask where the others from the search party are
>Apologize to Conrad for spilling the Ashtray on his coat.
>> No. 1298
File 150161439857.png - (203.43KB , 640x960 , 1499720855334.png )
>Ask for a shot of oil. Dust off /co/nrad's coat.
>Then ENGAGE RAGE. If /toy/ is dead the aliens will burn until their metal husks will no longer even be capable of being magnetized.
>Though, logically, if you're still alive and you were presumed dead, the others might still be alive too.

You profusely apologize to Conrad 3 times.
[Conrad will remember that.]

You remember what he told you about the others, about /toy/. During your bout of rage Conrad and Officer III leave the room. You smashed and kicked everything in the room and you pile drived the table, failling to break it though. Suddenly you hear some muffled music behind a door to the right. Something opens the door, and in a flurry of light you hear...


...There wasn't any oil in it. But it was pretty good.
>> No. 1299
File 150161444912.png - (20.92KB , 640x480 , 1499721857480.png )
The upload finishes. Suddenly the Robit's head wakes up.


You: "What, I saved you."

Robit: "Why would a fleshbag like you help me?"

You: "Ha. Fleshbag? Look at me? I'm a certified XXXX!"

Robit: "I see, but why have you brought me to this stronghold? W-Where is my body!? W-What are y-you going to d-do to me?"

You ask for his name or model designation and also you...
>Tell it the truth about its body
>Tell it a lie
>Unplug it from the computer
>Shove the drink glass into its mouth, blindfold it and bag it.
>> No. 1300
(there was no pic with this update)

>Be candid and tell him about what happened at the wall.

>Tell him you blew his body up and it was awesome. He should be proud of the explosion his metal frame was capable of producing and thank us for relieving him a body that would explode with just a single gunshot. Seriously, your superior officers must hate you if they gave you a body that shitty. Or are you just a kamikaze bot? That's even worse then and lowers our opinion further of whatever chain of command you subscribed to.

You tell it what happened. We've censored it because this is a blue board dammit!

It tells you that once a unit is injured, the nano memory circuit chip is fried to prevent the leak of any information. Conrad interjects stating, once the circuit is fried, and by some miracle the unit is resuscitated, the unit is cut off from the MOTHERNET, and is essentially useless information wise.

Robit: "If i-it even m-matters anym-more, m-my name is K4:T13"

You: "Katie, huh? That's a girl's name!"

Before Katie could muster up a snappy quip...

Conrad: "We've got some loose information about a resistance group that is putting up a fight outside the city. Near the ocean village. We can get some useful information if we go out there, and perhaps procure us some more support to help run this hellhole."

It is mid-day, what do?
>Investigate the ocean village
>Invesitgate the city thoroughly
>Take Katie with you
>Take Conrad with you
>> No. 1301
File 150161461734.png - (18.91KB , 640x480 , 1499726411858.png )
>Go check out the ocean, take the head with you. No sense letting it stay here if it's useless. At best, maybe we can plug it into a ship and force him to commander it, at worst, if you goes traitor, we throw him into the ocean.
>Maybe we should start collecting heads.
>/co/nrad seems to know what's going on in the city, he should probably change base locations after we go out on this mission.
Don't want to come back to dead friends.

With your new companion, and with much chagrin from Officer III losing a potential new modelling mate, both you and Katie begin your trek back through the desert, to the ocean you saw when you first woke up.

Katie: "Hey, what happened how to did get here so quick? my internal clock says merely a day has past since you've first encountered me."

You: "We found a nice motorbike in the hangar cabin."

Katie:"Oh. You must've gotten a lot of sand into your internals during the ride! Seems like a lot of fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff-fun? though."

You: "Yeah, ffffffffffffun. What do you robots know about fun, anyways?"

You pause for a moment, gunfire erupts in the neighborhood complex you were headed towards!

>Avoid the gunfire
>Tally Ho! Head into potential danger!
>Fire off your dope ass revolver, that'll show 'em! [5 bullets Remaining]
>> No. 1302
File 150161469559.png - (154.62KB , 640x480 , 1499727462337.png )
>Why are we walking through the desert? Did /co/nrad need the bike in the garage? Is /3/ upgrading it to be a hover bike or attaching some guns to it?
>So, gun fire, someone must be shooting at someone, and if they aren't and are just wasting ammo, then shame on them.
>Let's go steal their guns and maybe find more recruits or severed heads for the collection.
>Odds are at least one of the persons engaged in this favored past time of the shitscape this word is will want to side with us... or die.

You totally forgot about the bike you stored in the garage last night! What a hack! Luckily -or UNluckily 4u, the bike was in the complex ahead where the gunfire was anyways!

It's off to work you go! You weave throughout the complex, scouting out the situation before you head into the scuffle. There are two figures in the distance watching over the fight, scary! through the smoke you can barely make out 6 figures, looks like its a classic 5v1 gank!

You decide to:
>Hop in and fight everyone!
>Help the lone fighter and fight the five
>Join the five and ambush that loner
>Try to avoid combat (Roll)
>> No. 1303
File 150161484133.png - (15.72KB , 640x480 , 1499728935449.png )
>Find some cover and take pot shots at whoever looks like they're slacking off (fight everyone).
>How many of our combat systems are operational? I think we lost our rocket punch arm.
>How are our legs? Can we still kick spherical (usually black-and-white) objects with enough force to dent steel walls?
>Might want to kick something at them. Not Katie though. Not yet. That's the last ditch effort.

>I'd say hang back and watch for a sec. You don't know who's on what side yet after all.

It is still mid-day, temperature is rising. You take cover behind a vending machine and assess your current condition. There's some sand in your joint, so you aren't running at tip top condition. You have you revolver, with 5 bullets left, and the gun itself could be a useful projectile. Your sideburns grew a bit, so the toss they may be a bit heavier than usual -you would look weird without them, though. You can always use your scarf for a distraction. Katie's head is always an option, though she doesn't seem hard headed, you don't know if she'll survive the kick. You are somewhat tired after having your hissy fit back in the bunker.

Katie says she can provide tactical strategies, her memories may be wiped, but she still has some intact information in her brain's trash bin, who would've thought any of this crap would be useful?

>Wait it out [Time will pass]
>Find the garage, ride away. (Roll)
>Fight 5
>Fight One

>CQC [Will tire you out more]
>Ranged Combat [5 Bullets Remaining]
>Mixed Combat [Tire you out even more}
>> No. 1304
File 150161490785.png - (17.36KB , 640x480 , 1499731296236.png )
>I suppose we do need information. See if Katie recognizes anyone in the skirmish.
>Also, next robo corpse we find, let's start looking eyes. I think one of ours is still damaged. Need to get that taken care of.
>It'd be more glorious to ride the bike into combat anyway.

[Time has past, you've regained some stamina]
Christ on a cracker! They are still fighting after all this time!

On occasion through the smoke, Katie recognizes that the 5 are Close Combat Fitted Mark III's. They are lightly armored, but very agile. The only projectile weapon on the Mk.III's are the dual head-vulcans, though she says they hit as hard as shooting tic tacs and a tank. One of the Mk.III's are a Refined Commander Type, the only difference is a horn on the head, and a snazzy red -pink really, coat of micro-laminate paint.

Sometimes you see a blur of a figure teleportation throughout the smokey battlefield, sometimes an alien unit would be hit as the figure went past. There's a musky smell in the air now.

You decide to:
>Aid the loner
>Join the Five
>Avoid the fight altogether (Roll)
>> No. 1305
File 150161504421.png - (262.01KB , 640x1440 , 1499736291770.png )
>Welp, they're with the apoc-rangers, justice demands we aide the loner and then give the finger to the audience watching from a far.
>Odds are the loner will attack you too. So be ready for a lack of gratitude.

>Aid the loner. 5 v 2 seems fair.

You decide to help out the loner. You rest Katie down on top of the vending machine and storm into the fray!

The loner has taken care of two already. You recall a combat technique you've learned watching the LightTube as a child. First one, a double fisted blow to the back! (6, Even, Success!) You broke the alien's back in half. Brutal!

The loner teleports and gets another one, chopping all of its limbs off. One enemy remains! You try the good ol' One-Two Chop! (5, Odd, Fail!) You fumbled the hit -all speed and no force. You just skrunched your left hand's fingers! ouch!

The enemy is unfazed. In fact, it seems stronger then it was before! It speaks!


It seems angry! In the heat of battle you hadn't noticed its head hood ornament. That's the commander type! It starts to steam and grow, beginning to tower over you. The air is more musky now, and before you can react behind you, you hear...

???: "Thanks for the assist, kid."

Seems like you're in a sticky situation!
>Shoot the commander
>Run away
>Use your revolver
>You your sideburns
(all roles)
>> No. 1306
File 150161511747.png - (135.23KB , 640x480 , 1499742373256.png )
>Blow the commander's head off.
>Aim for the neck, we might want his eyes.

You aim for the Enemy Commander's neck!

(Odds, Fail!)
You shoot 3 times and only hit its eye! [2 Bullets Remain]

You didn't hit what you aimed for, but at least you looked damn fine shooting that Mateba! Hitting the Enemy Commander in the eye staggers him. He boosts into the air to try and get distance from you!

The loner behind you leaps into action. He leaped 9000 times faster than any 1st gen Robot you've seen! H-Hayai!

You wait for his strike to finish. You ready your not-so-secret attack!
>> No. 1307
File 150161520460.png - (459.11KB , 640x480 , 1499743712149.png )
>Empty the revolver into the commander, then hit him with your sideburns for good measure.

>Use the Nagai-rangs! We've been growing them for just such an occasion!


>> No. 1308
File 150161524734.png - (450.17KB , 640x480 , 1499744794167.png )
>> No. 1309
File 150161529324.png - (476.46KB , 640x480 , 1499746058786.png )
[You are out of stamina, please contact assisstance.]
>> No. 1310
File 150161534152.png - (494.27KB , 640x480 , 1499747112011.png )
>> No. 1311
File 150161540174.png - (836.59KB , 640x960 , 1499806595417.png )
>Damn, that guy is dead.
>And it is a spectacular middle finger to those two who were watching in the distance.

>Strike a pose and yell something about victory and hotblood and courage to buy time. It always works in my Chinese robot cartoons!

Don't you know?
>> No. 1312
File 15016154457.png - (297.66KB , 640x480 , 1499806658370.png )
I am the man of destiny
>> No. 1313
File 150161550690.png - (630.85KB , 640x960 , 1499830019126.png )
The others in the bunker quickly dispatched to check on the disturbance in the city. Conrad has a hunch, guessing that it could only be cause by you. During your surgery he had 3 install a 3D Tracking device into Katie. Using the tracking device the rest of the party finds you collapsed in the middle of crater. You somehow managed to destroy a third of the city. The destruction of the commanding unit had apparently shut off all alien units in and around the city. Unknowingly, you had liberated the city from the invading forces. As others were retrieving your body, ck spotted two figures in the distance, a caped figure, and a woman with large arms. Due to her experience reading customer's lips as they raved about her food from the kitchen, she said the woman figure mouthed, "omoshiroi." before disappearing into the dust of the wreckage.

With the invading force gone, communications were able to be established, during your recovery several weeks have past, and the resistance grew stronger than it ever has been since the beginning of the invasion.

There is another resistance group holding out by the ocean, mainly led by the ragtag forces known as the Kommandos. The first caravans have begun to head out across the desert to the Oceanic Resistance Group, though their efforts have been thwarted by bandits and alien forces. Only one Caravan had made across the desert, stating it was only due to mysterious sniper support throughout their journey.

You wake up, you've undergone a full maintenance, your left arm has been replaced with a newly manufactured arm identical to your other arm. It feels lighter than your right, but oddly feels hollow inside. Your right eye has also been replaced, it now streams to your brain at an uncapped frame rate! Conrad noted that during maintenance, they found trace amounts of leftover 'Tojima' Particles in and around your body.

You begin prepping to journey across the desert.
>> No. 1314
File 150161555321.png - (270.84KB , 640x480 , 1499833325368.png )
You walk around a now bustling center square. It has been converted to a market where a lot of grey area things are purchased and sold. You ask around for a weapons dealer, but most dealers that you were pointed towards just lacked that 'omph', y'know? Just as you're leaving the market, a shady figure in the shade says in a raspy, somewhat gross voice...

???: "Welcome! Got some rare things on sale, stranger!"

>You buy what looks to be a jokingly long barreled magnum
>You buy a tactical looking AR
>You can't make out the last mystery weapon, but it looks mighty tempting.
>You buy ammo for your Mateba
>> No. 1315
File 150161565283.png - (17.24KB , 640x480 , 1499836208846.png )
>We're gearing up to go across the desert, /co/nrad said the only people who made it to the ocean got there because they had sniper support. Rage would be good, but...
>Oh, the AR is tempting, but the mystery weapon, I'm a sucker for mystery weapons.
>It could be a wunderwaffe for all we know.
>A mystery merchant selling a mystery weapon, it's just too tempting not to want it. Even if it might not do anything, we can still beat something to death with it.

>Gotta go with the mystery weapon!
>I mean, it could be anything! Even a tacticool AR.

You ask for the mystery weapon.
He hands you a poorly made, cheap plastic water squirting pistol.

???: "Oh, I almost forgot! Here, for the owner of the toaster, a gift!"

He hands you a small bottle of 1000% Extra Virgin Oils and vanishes into thin air.
What the fuck.

>Toss the gun
>Toss the oils
>Use the oils to promote hair growth

...You should've at least bought some rounds for your Mateba. But hey, you didn't pay a dime!
>> No. 1316
File 150161577389.png - (25.03KB , 640x480 , 1499838048453.png )
>Try to use the oil to regrow our sideburns, then test out the water gun, it might be a super weapon in disguise.

>We can get ammo from anywhere.
>HAIR GROWTH, but only after using the rolling cutter again. Or, you know, find a lighter and turn the squirt gun into a flame gun.
>Also, the fucker knows what happened to our toaster. Shit. I bet some ass backwards adeptus mechanicus who replaced his penial with a floppy is trying to make love to it as we speak.
>The thought of it fills me with rage. We can only hope it's security systems are still in some form of functionality.
>Don't we have a remote or a tracker for it?

You apply the virgin oils to promote hair growth. It has a somewhat musky scent!

You decide to reminisce about the interaction you just had with the arms dealer. You order a drink, something soothing. The bartender takes some passion fruit puree, about 3 ounces worth. a one and a half oz of pineapple juice, 1 ounce of dark rum and southern comfort, a half ounce of orange curacao, two dashes of angostura bitters, a large cup of ice, and blends it all together. The bartend garnishes it with an orange wheel. It tastes Dandy! You drink of space out after the drink and remember that your toaster is out there somewhere lonely and cold!

In an irrational fit of anger you get off your stool. pull out your squirt gun and fire.

To your amazement it whooped, and it shooped, and it killed several civilians! It should've been obvious since the gun was green. and had a red-orange muzzle.

You leave the scene immediately, without tipping the bartender. (Karma down!) you head back to the bunker to see if you anyone there can locate your goddamn toaster.
>> No. 1317
File 150161581673.png - (21.37KB , 640x480 , 1499839250192.png )
As you move quickly through the busy streets, you see a rather buxom robot.

???: "H-Hey! I-i'm glad i got to see y-you before you l-left on your j-journey! I-I'd just l-like to thank y-you for s-saving me f-from the ship w-wreckage."

You look at your bottle of empty Oils and shed a single tear on the inside.

Katie: "O-oh this? O-Officer 3 m-modelled me this n-new body. S-she's so k-kind!"

You guys talk some more on your way to the bunker. Apparently the body you met Katie in was due to the mind transfer being incomplete when orders to deploy were set out. Katie isn't a combat type, but a support type, which is why she says she was able to stay alive for as long as she did.

Katie: "H-how can I-I return the f-favor?"
>> No. 1318
File 150161588873.png - (235.76KB , 640x480 , 1499877739973.png )
>Support type, huh?
>How about you help us find our toaster? It would be a great asset in the war of "not dying horribly at the hands of whoever those jerks are". Once we get our toaster back we can go bring the fight to them in space.
>I bet the enemy has our toaster, either in some research facility or on a ship or being used as a power source, the sick bastards.
>Seriously, who were those guys just watching in the distance? High ranking officers giving orders to the apoc-rangers?
>And, not that we're particularly interested, what hole did /r9k/ crawl into when we passed out? Need to keep an eye on that suicidal weirdo, never know what he's going to do next.
>Oh, maybe she can get access to some satellite surveillance systems. Need to know where those desert rats are hiding.

>I agree, she can help us to find our toaster.

You two make it to the bunker. You ask Katie if she could help locate your toaster. She agrees and goes into the intelligence room.

For the time being, you decide to explore the rest of the bunker. Halfway through you meet Conrad, he sees your squirt gun and tells you to go to the Armory so someone could fashion you a more powerful weapon. You open the armory door.

Apparently /diy/ has been fashioning all the unique weaponry for the Resistance.

Diy: "You, what is with that little pipsqueak pea shooter? You cease not to confuse me with your choice of weaponry, Yuuma."

He offers to forge you a new weapon, though he only has enough material to forge you one item.
>a HUGE sword
>a railgun
>Special Mateba Bullets
>> No. 1319
File 150161605099.png - (595.08KB , 640x1440 , 1499997086495.png )
>As much as I'm in favor of more dakka, he doesn't look like he's set up very well for projectile weaponry. Sword it is.

>Special bullets sound nice.

>Damn, /diy/ got SWOLL in the apocalypse. That's some "this hole was made for me, I just gotta bulk up some more first" shit.
>Assuming our non-orbit ion cannon still has more shots, we should hang on to it. It'd be funny if we could take out one of the enemy top brass with it at point blank range.
>We do need ammo, and unless we're getting a tank to mount that railgun on, I'd say we go for the special bullets.

>Railgun. I think we have close to midrange covered, this may give us a good long range option if we ever have to snipe or counter snipe. And we're going to be a part of a caravan, so I think there will be a wagon or truck or some sort of transport to carry the thing most of the time so we wont have to carry it up our ass for the immediate future.
>Well, since we're going on a journey across the desert, and the heat was playing havoc with our sensors and heat sinks when we recovered, maybe we need something to help with that.
>I suggest, a so/m/brero! It will keep us out of the sun so we will be cooler and we can see better without the glare on our optics.

>Drawing /diy/? This thread gets better and better. Also, go for the sword. We've currently got 2 ranged weapons and it'd be nice to have something in case ammo runs out.

I'm back from land of the hangover!

From a quick glance, it is tied 2 vote for Swords and Bullets, and one vote for railgun. I'll wait for one or two more votes.

You tell /diy/ what to make, and he says he'll get it finish before you depart. Back in the intelligence room, 3, Conrad, Becky and Katie are discussing some tactical things you don't really understand. You give the 4 an awkward stare, and Conrad tells you to come back in a bit, apparently he has something in store for you.

You go out and buy a sombrero, serape, and a couple cigarillos. As you walk back to the bunker, people stare at you. Guess you look a little conspicuous walking through the streets. (Stealth Decreased a Level !)

You get back, and your brand new sombrero hits the sides of every door you pass. Who designed this shit? You hang it on your back now instead, though it still hits -everytime.

Conrad introduces you to your caravan mates.
[is there a way to make rolls harder here without being super complicated?]

First up - the motion warrior, Flash! a student searching for his master.

The next person's hat hits the side of the wall and falls off as well. How cute! it's the Wicked Summoner, Rasuri! She has searched long and far for the source of all power. The last person enters the room with what sounds to be a zoo being them. its Beast Tamer Angelika! A mom with such a lust for revenge.
>> No. 1320
File 150161613490.png - (703.25KB , 640x1440 , 1500055512268.png )
The door opens once again, and the room is filled with the smell of burnt rubber and gasoline. It's the road warrior, Ohanna! [Does she have an actual name?] She's looking for the best driving road left after the apocalypse. The room suddenly flushes out and you now smell fresh, sea breeze. A man slowly walks in with what looks like a sea captain's uniform, his hat covering his face. The man takes a puff from his pipe, he looks up for a second and says "I shall return." he walks to the back of the room -its VG, the General with a vendetta. the air is heavy, and no one speaks a word. The vibe in the room turns a bit sinister, and the door opens one last time. Fully clad in a bright yellow raincoat, the person walks in and everyone gets a shiver down their spines -its the Soul Reaver, Roxanne!

Conrad: "Well this is it, we've managed to assemble some of our own for this caravan. It's important we establish a firm link with the Resistance group stationed at the ocean. It's now your mission to plan out the means of getting across that desert."

You discuss the most viable options to get to the ocean.
>Cut through the middle of the desert. [High Amounts of Enemies, Quickest Route.]
>Follow the mountainous river banks to the east. [Low Enemy Count, Treacherous Terrain.]
>Go westward through the dead forest range. [No Intel, Outside of Comm & Support Range.]
>> No. 1321
File 150161625639.png - (246.41KB , 640x480 , 1500059038377.png )
>Go for 1

>Is there a particular time urgency to get through the desert? If not then the dangerous desert route should be out. The forest seems dangerous, but what good would com and support be on the mountainous path? It feels like a toss up but the dead forest would probably allow for best travel with /o/ likely more easily able to travel that than the mountain banks and /an/ would likely be able to learn from the dead forest area and communicate the intel back once in range of communications again.

>>Does she have an actual name?
>No, she's always just been called WAT-tan from what I can tell. When /o/ still have a male board-tan, he was called /o/tto.
>There doesn't seem to be any urgency, other than the length of time you wish to continue to indulge us here, but, considering our options, I'm most interested in the forest since we've already been to the desert.

Considering that it is mainly the Kommando's holding out at the ocean, I'd say they are in good hands for now. Certain characters will work better in one area than another, and will effect their performance, both positively and negatively.

Here are the base stats and jobs of your party members. If their HP reaches 0, they die and their story will end then and there. Everyone has their strengths and weakness, and some special abilities that you will learn throughout your journey. There will be chances to alter these stats as the story progresses. For the sake of keeping things super simple, (and b/c i'm lazy) i'll be sticking with the odds/evens rolls.

Your means of transportation will be finished once you choose your path. Musashi cannot <<die>> because unlimited plot armor. Also side note, I by no means am trying to change the canon of any of these characters, just changing things as i go to benefit the adventure.
>> No. 1322
File 150161634520.png - (399.62KB , 640x480 , 1500080809913.png )
Caped Figure: "So, you'll simply follow your Mother's orders?"

???: "It's the only use I have to her. It's only natural a daughter would follow in her mother's footsteps."

Caped Figure: "Would you follow her to the ends of the earth?"

???: "You're thinking to small. Think time itself.

Caped Figure: "Mother's completed the project. It seems our time is near. Mobilize the troops, destiny itself will knock at our door any time soon."

???: "Are you ready to look into the mirror?"

Caped Figure: ". . ."
>> No. 1323
File 150161639110.png - (124.59KB , 640x480 , 1500080973048.png )
???: "With the true little one in our hands, the net beyond will be open to us mechanicas. You're brothers and and sister's sacrifices will be not in vain. We will have the universal remote soon, and with it we will evolve beyond flesh and metal -no, time and space itself. We will be one. We will be all."

The alien army chants: "Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother!"

The chant echoes throughout the night sky.
>> No. 1324
File 150161642426.png - (236.61KB , 640x480 , 1500081840194.png )
Everyone emerges from the bunker to the observatory building. The enemy mothership has landed at the ocean.

Conrad: "Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon" He looks at you and continues; "Fate only takes you so far, the rest -is up to you."
>> No. 1325
File 150161654318.png - (171.39KB , 640x480 , 1500087572394.png )
Like a hammer of dawn, a beam of light emits from the ship hit hits the vast ocean. The Ocean city lights up, presumably against enemy reinforcements. As the others watch, you begin walking back in to prepare for battle.

You sensed a strange though familiar sensation when the mothership made landfall.

Your optics glitch.
01001000 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100010 01100101 01111001 01101111 01101110 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01100111 01100001 01110100 01100101 00101110 00100000 01010011 01100101 01100101 01101011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01010100 01100001 01101110 01100111 01100101 01101110 01110100 00100000 01001001 01110011 01101100 01100001 01101110 01100100 00101110

>(Home is beyond the time gate. Seek the Tangent Island.)
>> No. 1326
File 150161659022.png - (152.63KB , 640x480 , 1500090183141.png )
You pause in the middle of the doorway for a second to regain your thoughts. Angelika and the General are already inside.

Angelika look down as she says this; "Yuuma, I know a way through the forest. There shouldn't be any enemies there-" She winces slightly and takes a slow breath. "There shouldn't be any life there, not anymore. We had a short outpost about halfway through which should have some remaining supplies in there if we need it."

V.General: "We wouldn't need the supplies if we simply cut through the middle of the desert."

The others walk back in.

Conrad: "You know there are a lot of enemies throughout that desert, right?"

V.General: "Well you know the saying. Who dares wins."

Rasuri: "Well you know, there's something interesting on Avalon Peak on the mountain range i'd like check out."

Ohanna: "I uh, I'd like to avoid the desert as well. There's some unsavory folks i'd like to steer past if possible."

>So far, the forest still has the most votes.
>Second runner is the desert route.
>Nobody likes hiking the mountains here I guess.
>> No. 1327
File 150161663012.png - (198.70KB , 640x480 , 1500091786739.png )
>There's probably something interesting on each route. It's not that I have anything against hiking, if we had a para-glider or something I'd be all for gliding into battle, but we don't.
>The goal right now is to get to the coast and merge forces with the /k/ommandos to take out the enemy mother ship. It'd be best if we're not half-dead and useless by the time we get there, so I'm sticking with my vote for forest.

Forest it is!

Everyone eventually agrees to go by way of forest. Conrad leads your party to the back to the armory. As you walk past, /Diy looks at you at grunts approvingly. In a gruff voice he says;

DIY: "I'll have it done and delivered to you soon. Don't worry, I know it's out of support range but i've got a means to delivery."

You catch up with the party tha went through the red door at the back of the room.

Conrad: "Sorry Ohanna, we kind of borrowed your Hilux."

Everyone is prepped and ready to go.
>Leave now [Evening, it's Chilly Outside]
>Rest up and leave first thing in the morning.
>> No. 1328
File 150161670713.png - (238.01KB , 640x1440 , 1500098076190.png )
>Book it. Anybody who is tired can rest on the trip.

>Let's go now, we need to get our toaster back ASAP.

>Leaving now seems to be the best option.

Every party member squishes into the Hilux. Ohanna gets into the driver's seat.

Ohanna: "A-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhn ~~~"

Her back arches as she gets into the seat, her nose bleeds when she feels the rock hard steering wheel. Roxanne is giving her a look that everyone else is concerned about. The windows start to fog up.

In haste you decide to leave as soon as possible.

Conrad and some other's head into the command room.

Conrad: "You ready to embark?"

Team: "Ready, Commander!"

/E/rica: "All Systems Green, Clover-4 you're ready to launch! Initiating countdown sequence! Good luck, come back aliv-!"

Before the countdown ends, Ohanna shoves in a cassette into the tape deck and turns the music up to 11. "Clover-4, Launching!"
>> No. 1329
File 15016167546.png - (286.03KB , 620x480 , 1500146582775.png )
It is now past midnight. The first couple hours have been uneventful, though Ohannna's wild ride has given everyone slight car sickness.

Roxanne: "I sense several souls ahead of us."

You start you see some faint red lights set up all around the ground and trees. Suddenly the Hilux is a couple feet of the ground.

Rasuri says she could: (Both Rolls)
>Shield the car from anymore damage
>Warp the car to another area of the forest.
>> No. 1330
File 15016168146.png - (399.47KB , 620x480 , 1500148255092.png )
>Those look like bombs strapped to the trees.
>Raise the shield, let them explode harmlessly, then continue on.
>If we warp, we might just warp right on top of another bomb.

Rasuri successfully casts a shield around the Hilux -you guys begin plowing through the forest with reckless abandon! Some weird gunfire hits the shield and bounces off.

Roxanne: "We've past some people, but I sense some ahead of us as well."

V.General: "I see an opening in the path up ahead and to the right! head there!"

Angelika: "If we plow right through them, we should be close to the outpost!"

>Head into the open field
>Plow on through the forest a little longer
>> No. 1331
File 150161689787.png - (99.78KB , 620x480 , 1500218431714.png )
>Plow on, we can always use more supplies

>The open field will lack cover as the gunfire continues, the forest will at least provide some cover when we get to the outpost.

>Plow on

You break on through to the other side. Rasuri can't hold the shield for any longer, and she lets it go in front of the outpost. The Hilux keeps going and flips over on some debris. You, Flash and Rasuri fall out! The car coasts into the bushes at the back, it seems they are either injured or knocked out. The silence only lasts for a moment until 3 enemy units emerge from the ruins on the second floor. One lays down suppressing fire as on jumps to ground level on your left side. The gunfire is sure to draw the attention of the whomever set those bombs up behind you.

You and Flash are in tip top condition. Rasuri is fatigued from holding the shield up for so long.

You issue orders:
>Have flash cover Rasuri with his sword, you make your way to the ground unit approaching the downed Hilux.
>Have Flash make his way to the Hilux, as he is faster than you. You cover Rasuri.

The enemy that is giving suppressing fire has a hit roll. (Enemy rolls with be determined by this post's Time Second's digits.)
>> No. 1332
File 150161693084.png - (26.17KB , 620x480 , 1500219237620.png )
Hopefully a clearer layout of the land.
>> No. 1333
File 15016170262.png - (275.02KB , 620x960 , 1500223443164.png )
>Cover Rasuri and try to move up while Flash attacks the enemy

>Cover the witch, we have ranged capability out the ass right now.

>/f/ is faster, he can close the gap faster.
We should cover /wsr/.
>If it comes to it, we can also use the ion gun to destroy the supply house, odds are the enemies have already ruined anything of value in there.

>I vote for covering Rasuri too.

1+7+9+3=20, Success!

You nod at Flash and he immediately takes off towards the other's. This catches the ground floor unit off guard. It is staggered! You guard Rasuri to the best of your abilities. The suppressing fire whizzes all around you, you became a silhouette of bullet holes on the tree behind! Rasuri is still fatigued. Your scarf took a hit and is wounded.

>Slightly advance (w.o/Magic Shield)
>Slightly advance (w/Magic Shield)
>Shoot your Mateba (Choose Target)
>Shoot your Squirt Gun (Choose Target)
[All Roles]
>> No. 1334
File 150161709085.png - (627.11KB , 620x960 , 1500235145649.png )
Flash makes it to the Hilux safely. He notices only two people in the car. One of your part members is missing. He then notices a purple glow from the inside of the building. He overhears some enemy chatter; "It's almost fully charged! Hold out a little longer!"

>Investigate the room.
>Fight the staggered unit first. (Roll)

[In the forest clearing]

"It's been a while, little scout"

She looks at the grave with a sorrowful face. er hat still lays there, and there's a fresh bouquet there. Inside the bouquet is a harmonica. She picks it up and grasps it hard, her hands are shaking.

She looks up.
"kill, i'll kill them all."
>> No. 1335
File 150161738833.png - (215.28KB , 620x960 , 1500257507109.png )
>Advance a bit without the shield while still covering Rasuri

>Mateba targeting the half-covered enemy.

[14] Success!
You decide to advance while still covering Rasuri. You take slow steps, than gesture to Rasuri and begin to move quickly.

>Target the half-cover suppressing fire with the Mateba. If nothing else it'll let /f/ continue his advance.
>We'll save the squirt gun for special enemies, not grunts.

[1] Fail!
You also try to fire at the suppressing unit. You shoot your revolver one time, but as your preoccupied with covering your teammate you miss your shot. The unit panics.

Supp.Unit: "We're about to be overrun! Activate the protocol!"

The idle unit in cover rushes out of combat You no longer have a sight line on it.

>Damn, they have a super weapon. The staggered unit will only buy them time to get it charged. Take it out before they can use it!
Then steal it and mount it on the hilux!
>Shit, so Sc/out/ was already dead. That makes /an/ all the more dangerous.


>/m/-tan is still unaware of this fact.

You have the urge to squirt all over the enemy, but you contain yourself. Both you and rasuri are pressed up against the wall. She seems to be breathing easier now. The staggered enemy notices you and takes aim!

>Shoot (Pick Mateba or Squirt Gun)
>Run and tackle it.
>Have Rasuri cast a small shield.

>While it might be good to nuke the building, doing so would attract everyone to our position for miles around, and we really don't need that. Best to investigate room first and then decide what to do.

>That's what I was saying with "take it out before they can use it".
>I was voting for the investigate the room option.

Flash decides to investigate the odd glow. He notices the rear side garage door begins to open. An explosion suddenly takes Flash off guard and launches him several feet in the air. He is staggered and dizzied! The explosion wakes up the two in the car.

Ohanna and V.General are now awake. They take cover behind the Hilux. Ohanna has a Club-Style Steering Wheel lock. The General pulls out an M1911.
>> No. 1336
File 150161751788.png - (479.86KB , 620x960 , 1500265407640.png )
>Shoot with the Mateba.
>The squirt gun has just as much of a chance of annihilating our team as it does these grunts.
>The heck is so important in this shack for them to be here?

You shoot the staggered unit! A clean hit! its Gatling arm is dismembered.

>Shooting is always the solution, so shoot with the Mateba.

You try to finish it off, but the explosion behind the building and it knocks you off guard.

The enemy takes the chance and grabs you by the neck! You try to break free (Roll)
The suppressed unit sees you two and pounces down to ground floor, you both are surrounded!

Rasuri is trying to cast a spell, though damage spells are not her forte! (Roll)
>Have her abandon the spell, try to take the Gatling arm and fire it. (Roll)

{At the Gravesite}
Roxanne: "I sense no presence here. I suggest we move to back up the others."

Angelika: "You know, a parent should never have to outlive their child. I remember when we all landed here, it was chaos, we had no idea what to do, where to go. This... this harmonica was her's, given to her as a present from some young boy. She never let it go, it meant so much to her."

They notice the explosion.

Angelika: "That's why I vowed to kill them all. The Mechanica."

She puts the harmonica into her breast pocket and puts her hand on the cross. The let's out a deep breath, then with a look of determination she begins walking into the forest. Roxanne notices animals start to come out of the surrounding foliage.

>Ohanna and the General should assist Flash

[4] Success!
Ohanna: "Cover me gramps!"

She runs out to grab Flash, she gets him and drags him to cover as the General fires at the new enemy units, grabbing its attention.

???: "I awake once more to find you fleshbags in this here forest? I thought I killed you all the first run through! I guess i'll have to burn it all down once more!"

It shoots fireballs out of its underarm mounted canons. The immediate area ahead is now on fire, and the trees behind are burning too, there is no route for escape!

The General needs to reload. Ohanna is behind full cover with Flash, who is still in a dizzied state.
>General reloads, than continues firing.
>General reloads, reaches in back of pickup for trunk (In target, no cover)
>> No. 1337
File 150161774869.png - (786.96KB , 620x960 , 1500322237155.png )
As Roxanne and Angelika continue their way back to the team, they notice a dim light peaking through the bottom of a husk of a Great Sequoia. Roxanne notes she senses several lifeforms. They cautiously advance.

>Need to break free of that grapple, then use the squirt gun on the big robot.

>Fight it hand to hand
>Pick up the Gatling arm and shoot it down
>Shoot your revolver (Both Gun options have chance to miss and hit Rasuri)

Rasuri yells for you to get back! She casts a quick shield spell

>just let her cast her melph's saucy arrows or whatever she knows.

She fails, and the spell begins to shrink and reverse polarity.

>She'll have a better chance with a damaging spell.

She notices it starts to crush the enemy, and she concentrates it harder. The reverse shield shrinks more and crushes the enemy, it explodes, but was contained by the shield! [Rasuri has learned new spell, Reverse-Shield]

>The General should probably wait until the robot is distracted, but there's a chance that the robot will trash whatever's in the trunk if we leave it alone. I think he's got enough HP to tank a hit if he needs to, so reload and quickly grab grab it.

The General notices a weapons trunk in the back of the Hilux. She scoffsand says; "the best luck off all is the luck you make for yourself." He pounces up, the New Enemy Unit notices him and blasts a fireball at him. Luckily he notices and lays down in the back of the Hilux. The fireball lights up the tobacco in his pipe. Ohanna backhands Flash and he wakes out of his daze. She tells him to get back to Musashi. He runs, catching the attention of the New Enemy Unit.

???: "Running away fleshbag? Hahahaha! I guess some of you are smarter than you look, nevertheless it is a fruitless endeavor! No one escapes I, BIC-Unit 01!"

The General takes a puff from his pipe, and opens the trunk. He smirks. In the trunks are your sombrebro and serape. There are also several rifles, an RPG, a fire extinguisher and a soccer ball.

The General takes a rifle and tosses it close to Ohanna, she could run for it, but will likely be detected by BIC.
>Have Ohanna retreat into the bushes (Closer to the fire)
>Have her run for the rifle.

The General will provide covering fire.
>> No. 1338
File 150161798112.png - (886.58KB , 620x960 , 1500336238596.png )
>Go for the rifle and then head for cover

>Can't risk hurting Rasuri, gonna have to go with hand to hand for fighting. Can Ohanna sneak towards her gun instead? Otherwise just have her run for it, the giant mech enemy will focus on the general or her or divert firepower, meaning increased survivability for both of them either way.

>/o/ might as well get a gun, we're screwed either way if she or the Hilux are taken out.

Ohanna decides to make a run for the rifle, the enemy notices, but as the General is keeping it preoccupied, it shoots in her general direction. It doesn't hit Ohanna directly but launches up in the air, she hits a tree and is winded! She falls into the bushes, the General could not she if she is heavily wounded or not.

The General decides to
>Throw the soccer ball as a distraction, or to Flash.
>Continue firing, taking different cover
>Tell Flash to help Ohanna first
>Take the RPG and fire it

>Hand-to-hand. /wsr/ has too little total HP to risk hitting.

You immediately turn your attention to the ambushing unit. You run towards it and see the fear in its optics.

Enemy Unit: "O-Oh god i-its th toas-"

You give it a good hard fisting square to the face. you eliminated the target! (5)
But before either of you could take cover, it blows up, leaving the front side of the house completely ruined. You took most of the hit for Rasuri, but it looks like she sprained her ankle. (Movement Debuff!)

You carry her and
>Move her inside an empty room
>Move her towards your teammates
>> No. 1339
File 150161806573.png - (517.84KB , 620x960 , 1500521533149.png )
>/vg/ should toss the soccer ball to /f/. I want to see if he has the moves.
>While I think there's still a contingency going on in there, BIC-Unit 01 was probably what they were talking about, so it might be best to regroup and minimize losses.
>This outpost is not our objective, it's just a road bump on the way to the mother ship.

With his remaining arm, the General tosses the ball to Flash. It hits BIC's head and bounces towards Fash! He is now enraged!


>Kick the soccer ball, sounds hilarious, use it as a distraction.
>Move in an empty room, sounds like lewd things will happen.

Flash goes for the homerun -he hit it hard back at BIC, but BIC is quick to notice and deflects the ball -sending it straight through a wall into the building.
>> No. 1340
File 150161810652.png - (739.84KB , 620x960 , 1500521679937.png )
You let down Rasuri in a safe spot in the building. Suddenly a projectile comes flying through several walls and is headed straight for you!

It lands square in your hands and is still spinning from the hit before.
>> No. 1341
File 150161814946.png - (760.73KB , 620x960 , 1500521937599.png )
You catch the ball and sense a burning passion coming from your soul! Your sideburns grow back from sheer excitement and willpower!

Now that you've got this weapon of mass destruction in your hands as well as a clear line of sight towards BIC-01 you;

>> No. 1342
File 150161830954.png - (1.04MB , 620x960 , 1500612038215.png )
Angelika: "We have to get back and warn the others!"

Roxanne: "I'm sure the admiral and kids will reach them soon enough."
BIC-01: "Handball! I guess i'll have to send you off, boy!"

BIC Charges a hefty fireball.

You toss the fireball high into the air. Like, really -really high!
>> No. 1343
File 150161834397.png - (1.10MB , 620x960 , 1500612414434.png )
Like, super really high.
>> No. 1344
File 15016183791.png - (718.06KB , 620x960 , 1500650952140.png )
You charge up for a jump.

Flash notices Rasuri in the building, and gets her to the group
>> No. 1345
File 150161840944.png - (1.37MB , 620x960 , 1500651782489.png )
You leap into the sky -the boxing bell rings! You fry the sky! You sense a familiar presence, you feel a heavy pressure within! Past the clouds, you nearly miss two fighter jets flying by, you see some maniac jump off the top of the red fighter. That's just your type of person!

???: "Yo buddy! You're still alive!"
>> No. 1346
File 150161843816.png - (786.75KB , 620x960 , 1500657180897.png )
>> No. 1347
File 150161846992.png - (820.26KB , 620x960 , 1500661515881.png )
>> No. 1348
File 150161849760.png - (947.13KB , 620x960 , 1500667054030.png )
>> No. 1349
File 150161852240.png - (0.95MB , 620x960 , 1500668902182.png )
>> No. 1350
File 150161857224.png - (419.74KB , 640x480 , 1500837437336.png )
Avalon Mountains: Sector 720. Clover HQ - Medical Bay. Current Date: UNKNOWN. Current Time - 16:00. Current Weather: -5 Degrees, Light Snow, Sun is setting.
>> No. 1351
File 150161860710.png - (130.82KB , 640x480 , 1500840198705.png )
It's been several months since the confirmed destruction of the forest outpost. On that very day, two beams of light were recorded to have pierced the sky. One from the Alien Mothership, the other around the proximity of the forest outpost. This event caused the moon to draw closer and glow a bright red-orange. The ocean waves have flooded much of the planet. Citizens of the city were successfully evacuated to Clover HQ, located in the Avlon Mountain Range.

Since then, patient Musashi Yuuma has been experiencing a gradual decline in health. The patient also regularly losses consciousness, and has been taken out of the combat team, and placed into the medical bay for an indefinite amount of time. Curiously, the patient also has bouts of seizures while comatose. They occur when the Alien Mothership blasts a beam of light to the moon. There is a clear connection between Musashi and the aliens. -Report on patient: Musashi Yuuma. Date: [REDACTED] -Doctor Scimon.
>> No. 1352
File 150161868456.png - (519.75KB , 1067x1803 , 1501289306167.png )
Musashi will be back.

in about two weeks once i'm back from overseas

-drawfucc, 07/28/17
>> No. 1353
File 150161877535.png - (135.59KB , 620x480 , 1500152947025.png )
And so that's what's happened in /m/'s CYOA so far.

We'll just have to watch for the next thread sometime after August 11th, 2017.
>> No. 1354
Oh awesome, it got posted. I like the artsyle.
>> No. 1365
File 150651353037.png - (81.68KB , 640x960 , 1503085529454.png )
The second thread has fallen off of /m/.


>> No. 1366
File 150651364437.png - (619.03KB , 640x960 , 1503079438681.png )
Several pockets of resistance have landed on the coastline of the Tangent Island, the resistance was met with heavily entrenched enemy forces that stretched across the entire beachhead. After several weeks of fierce combat, Junes beach was taken by the 1st Kommando Battalion. The breach in the enemy defenses caused chaos as the Kommandos flanked several key defensive positions across the beachhead. This had caused a rout in which the majority of the enemy forces had retreated off the beachhead entirely, leaving behind supplies and ammunition. A supply route was established on the beach, and sparse contact has been established with Clover HQ.

The 1st Kommando Battalion proceeded to cut through the dense jungle in efforts to scout out more of the island.
>> No. 1367
File 150651370694.png - (933.18KB , 640x960 , 1503080465764.png )
After some days and nights the Kommando Corps had almost passed through the jungle. The air was sharp and cold, and a greenish glow was seen through the last of the trees.
>> No. 1368
File 150651376432.png - (1.23MB , 640x960 , 1503081392118.png )
A large statue was seen in the distance, with no enemies in sight they advanced to the statue, it was knelt down and had been pierced by a large spear straight through the chest. The moon is looming directly above the spear. The soldiers notice their commander's stunned face. He proceeded slowly towards the large statue cautiously. As he approaches, labored breathing was heard. The air had the nostalgic smell of stale iron. All along, he had been on this island. The enemies had finally killed him.

The father of history.
>> No. 1369
File 150651387387.png - (579.36KB , 640x960 , 1503083033126.png )
Herodotus opens an eye, he slowly says; "I ask of you a favor. Get this boy to safety-" (He looks at a wounded Historia) "With him, he holds the key to defeating this foe. Some time ago, I'd felt a discrepancy in time. There were two of the same in this universe, something which cannot be. You must get hi- (He coughs) back to his own time. The fate of many a universe depends on it."

/K/onnor gets several of his men to get Historia out on a stretcher. A woman on a raven lands on the beach.
>> No. 1370
File 150651396351.png - (576.98KB , 640x960 , 1503084219834.png )
Historia is hoisted onto the Raven, he is wounded, but in stable condition.

Before she takes off, Angelika looks at Konnor and with a faint smile, nods at him. She gets on the raven and takes off back towards HQ. Once Angelika is too far off to be seen, Konnor pulls out a photo from his jacket. He chuckles softly to himself, then swiftly moves back to the battlefield.

Historia is quickly off-loaded at the Medical Bay in Clover HQ. He is rushed into the emergency room.

>I thought /his/toria was a grill? Is she just cosplaying as a soldier boy?
I dunno, I guess I'll change it for further art. Thanks! (゚∀゚)
>> No. 1371
File 150651402167.png - (119.10KB , 640x960 , 1503084860885.png )
(You) are recovering in your room, totally reading a sophisticated book. Toy is playing with a S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla figure. You hear noises outside the hall -you see Historia past the door looking at you. You close your book and rush out the door. Conrad is following close behind and says that you're needed in the emergency room.
>> No. 1372
File 150651408084.png - (532.89KB , 640x960 , 1503085380696.png )
You peer into the door, and Historia hands Doctor Scimon a Floppy Disk and whispers something into his ear. Scimon hands Conrad the floppy, he inspects it quickly and hands it to you.

The instant you touch it memories of other lives flow through your mind. You see your own death in the desert, you feel all the joy and sadness that you ever experienced in every lifetime. You don't belong here. This isn't your home. These aren't the people you've shared all your experiences with. You are as alien to this world as the aliens currently invading this world. All the information that streams into your brain knocks you out.
>> No. 1373
File 150651416669.png - (76.94KB , 640x480 , 1503179627305.png )
You wake up in the middle of the night with a killer headache. You decide that it's long due to get back to fight the good fight. Sneaking out of your room quietly, you take your scarf and begin making your way out of the medical bay.

You will need to arm yourself, you decide to go to:
>The Armory (Far)
>/diy/'s Forge (Farthest)
>Explore around the medical bay more. (Close)

Time will pass per choice accordingly, also decide to sneak (slower) or rush through the areas (quicker)
>> No. 1374
File 150651428610.png - (54.94KB , 640x480 , 1503183473036.png )
>/diy/'s forge, because we are the best at being sneaky and covert.

>To /diy/, we still have a commissioned something to pick up from some time ago.
>Oh, and we should probably find our squirt gun if it hasn't been lost or carelessly discarded while we were indisposed.

>wasn't /diy/ supposed to make us something last time? We should check and see if he completed it. To his forge.
>Also, no need to sneak, we are in friendly territory. Just walk with a purpose, we cant stay cooped up forever and anybody who chides us for being up and about probably cant stop us. Maybe they'll even come with us, depending on what we go do, to make sure we don't push ourselves too hard.

You decide to go to the forge. You remember you have some items in your locker close to the residence bay some ways off from the forge. You don't know if you should take the time to go there or not.

You hear some chatter in the hallway to the left. You also see some litter on the ground.

Multiple choices:
>Skip the chatter, go straight to the forge.
>Pick up the litter, toss it in the bin.
>Check your locker after the forge.
>> No. 1375
File 150651434029.png - (65.82KB , 640x480 , 1503189361355.png )
>What have our friends been doing? Littering in their own base. Come on!
>Maybe we have OCD and feel compelled to clean that up. No one is going to care if they see us doing that.

You pick up the litter and toss it into the garbage bin. (Success!) [Karma: UP!] [Spirit: UP!]
>> No. 1376
File 150651458132.png - (7.46KB , 640x480 , 1503251428068.png )
>eavesdrop and see that we can hear them saying

>I wonder if there are any air vents we can squeeze into?

You decide to hide behind the closest poster you could find and listen in on the conversation

"To be honest, I don't know how long he can hold out. Could be weeks, could be months. We just don't have the proper equipment or supplies available to do anymore tests. I do have this prototype upg-" The other person cuts him off "We have to reschedule the attack. Have it sooner or later, we're just wasting our time, resources and manpower as we wait." The first person responds, "Well that's not my call, I'm just the doctor."

You hear one of them walk off, while the first person sighs. You feel cool air coming from an A/C unit above you. It's connected via a vent. You don't know where it leads.

It is now just past 1AM. You decide to:
>Talk to the person
>Sneak by the person (Roll)
>Dismantle the AC Unit and move into the vents
>Go back to sleep
>> No. 1377
File 15065147049.png - (14.37KB , 640x480 , 1503351868722.png )
>Peak around the corner and talk to them.

>prototype upg(rade)
>Obviously we need that. Let's get sneakan. Don't forget the manual.

>Yes, maybe it's the bike and the robodog that combine with /m/-tan to form one of his super modes.

>be sneaky sneaky
>that upgrade sounds interesting


You peak the corner, it's Dr. Scimon.
You see a blue metal box in his right pocket.
>Ask him about the box
>Make a distraction and pick his pocket (Roll)
>> No. 1378
File 150651483291.png - (95.65KB , 640x480 , 1503356229445.png )
>deep concern
>Ask him about the box anyway. Let's hear his sales pitch.

>This. Our fingers will clang together trying to steal it anyway.

>Ask about it, he seems like a neutral type so might as well.

You ask him what the box is.

You scared him. Perhaps he's afraid of your spooky body. He pulls out the metal box.

Dr. Sci: "This is a prototype circuit I developed for a while now. It's actually meant for you."

You ask what it does.

Dr. Sci: "Its intention is to enhance your overall specs. I don't know how it actually works, but it seems to harness Tojima particles scattered all around the world and draws it in. It's untested and an unproven technology. Truthfully the others forbade me from telling you about this."

He sighs, and hands it to you.

"It's your decision whether to use it or not."

>Install it
>Toss it
>> No. 1379
File 150651499383.png - (190.31KB , 640x480 , 1503376307121.png )
>Install it, it may give us the boost we need.

>There's a chance he might be tricking us, but no pain no gain, install it.

>Grasp it firmly in your right hand and slam against your chest armour covering your heart. If the gadget is any good, it will sense your fighting spirit and merge its essence with your own. If it breaks, you lose nothing, since it doesn't resonate with your soul anyway.

>Yes, install is.
>/sci/ isn't known to be evil, but he can be a dick at times, but his ass is also on the line in this setting, so OBTAIN SUPER MODE TRANSFORMATION option.
>Though I really only expect it to work once, as season 2 upgrades often do.

>Might as well keep it, but not install it.. yet. I don't think /sci/ would intentionally fuck us over, but it literally might just be a piece of junk.

Dr. Sci: "Before you install it, let me-"
You cut him off and plug it in.
You here a dial up modem noise in your brain. Install complete!

Suddenly you feel a surge of energy course within and around your body! You're positively glowing!

Somebody bangs their door telling you to shut up. The good doctor has a look of wonder, or disbelief on his face.

You are beamed a message out of nowhere: "La Luna, La Luna"

You thank the Doctor and skip on towards the forge.
>> No. 1380
File 150651514674.png - (81.70KB , 640x480 , 1503422991222.png )
>Well, I guess we're no longer going to try sneaking, what with being a super nightlight now and all.
>So, we need to get our stuff, get some transport, maybe get a team, and FLY to this tangent island, this time we're taking the fight to Mothernet's mother ship.

>oh man, i was expecting some change in the armor, but i guess being more glowy and shiny is kinda fine.

>back to back upgrades
>This isn't right at all, we're going to have to be careful. Maybe we should ask /diy/ about the Tojima particles before we get his upgrade.

You made it to the forge, finally!

You are no longer glowing, you feel slightly irradiated. It is now 2AM.

There's a note on the door: "Out hunting ores and mushrooms, pardon the inconvenience. -/diy/"

You open the door and go in anyways. There are several weapons scattered throughout the workshop. One catches your eye, it also has a note on it; "4u, /m/" You pick it up. It's heavy but well balanced, there's several buttons around the weapon but you don't know what they do.

>Press all the buttons!
>Test fire the weapon

You are reminded there are several weapons scattered around the room. You realize you could carry them all if you wanted.

(Taking weapons will give you more firepower, but will weigh more and tire you out much faster)
>2 Dumb-Loaded Bazookas (Heavy)
>2 large cylindrical fuel tubes (Heavy)
>A .50 BMG Anti-Material Raifu (Heavy)
>Some ARs and Shotguns (Medium)
>Many, many pistols (Light)
>A Spiky Hammer and chain (Light)
>A Green-Teal helmet, looks like it could be used for a hefty shoulder tackle. (Light)
>Two Pilebunkers (Medium)
>A plated Kevlar vest. (Medium)
>> No. 1381
File 150651529660.png - (515.44KB , 640x960 , 1503428486628.png )
>two big fuel tubes
>spiky hammer and chain
>take it all become the Full Armor

>Bonus points if we can:
>separate front and back of kevlar vest
>attach guns to the kevlar vest halves
>wear one half on each arm
>We have become beast of possibility, destroyer of worlds

>Seconding Full Armor /m/usashi

As if you're compensating for something, you strap all the weapons you can scrounge up onto yourself. You are over encumbered!

Even so! You look like a positively macho action flick hero!

It is now 3:33AM, [25% Speed Debuff] [50% Fatigue Debuff]

You decide to:
>Take a detour to the locker
>Go to the command room
>Go to the hanger

>Try to procure a means of transportation (Roll)
>> No. 1382
File 150651534044.png - (129.28KB , 640x960 , 1503431223027.png )
"Beam the Coordinates onto the mothernet. It's time to have some fun."
>> No. 1383
File 15065155819.png - (475.04KB , 640x960 , 1503435913687.png )
>Lets go to the command room, get the rundown on the situation (and have people laugh at our get up)

>OK, well I'm sure we'll find a use for all this.
>Let's go to the command room, let our friends admire us, then find out if Katie has located our toaster yet.
>Because we're aiming for our toaster this time. /toy/ is safe. Toaster retrieval begins now.

>Go to the hangar. Find something to move our heavy ass. (1)

>get to the hangar
>command always radios to yell when an unauthorized launch is about to happen anyway, so why bother going to see them when they'll radio us. Then we can just get them to point us where to kill
>and with giant ass boosters like this, we're our own transportation, and the rest of them will know where to find us by looking for literally all of the explosions.

>kampfer backpack
>those boosters
>Now that I'm done marveling at this post, I say we launch. They'll catch up.

Hanger it is. (2 for Command Room, 3 for Hanger)

You go to the upper deck Hanger bay. (1, Odd, Fail!) You hop on an idle electric mobility chair close by, but it can't take the weight of all the extra weaponry and breaks. You'll just have to hike up some stairs. Carrying all this weight slows you down.

Forward Operating Ship: "Sir! we're under heavy enemy attack, our communications are cut -the enemy's jamming us!"

An allied ship is shot down.

"We've got to retreat and tell base!"

TG: "No! We cannot reveal the location of Headquarters! Launch the XF-Drones!"
>> No. 1384
File 15065156343.png - (296.66KB , 640x960 , 1503441922638.png )
TG: "Arm the main cannons! Load the ballistas!"

The ship fires its lasers, and gets two enemy fighters.
>> No. 1385
File 15065157231.png - (505.32KB , 640x960 , 1503442980080.png )
You are nearly at the upper hanger.

The enemy fighters fire at the FOS. It fires back but the fighters are too fast to anticipate. Suddenly the fighters ignore the FOS and simply fly past it.

They're headed straight towards the Headquarters!
>> No. 1386
File 150651581453.png - (338.34KB , 640x960 , 1503447232242.png )
>Well we'd better pull off some big damn heroes shit.
>Something cool, like impaling the fighters with a missile and getting away before it explodes.

>We fire all the missiles.
>(Megas dot gif)

>> No. 1387
File 150651587586.png - (94.27KB , 640x960 , 1503450433888.png )
"Let's Dance."

You decide to:
>Stand on deck and fire at enemy fighters.
>Fly the skies against the enemy fighters.
>Try to find where the large laser came from.
>> No. 1388
File 150651625678.png - (147.57KB , 640x480 , 1503378247578.png )
Sadly the second CYOA ended prematurely. The last post by drawfucc was on 08/22/17, this was right around when Hurricane Harvey was about to slam Texas. We assume this is why he stopped posting.

We kept the thread up until 09/26/17 hoping to hear word from him, but we received no answers.

Curse you, Hurricane Harvey, for taking our drawfucc away from us.

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