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File 126681195751.png - (49.82KB , 643x926 , 1.png )
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From http://z10.invisionfree.com/Board_tans/index.php?showtopic=42&st=0

Posted: Sep 10 2008, 05:03 PM

>One night while on /x/ I found a short story written by an anonymous involving /x/-tan and /d/-tan (who's design has pretty much been finalized as the green-haired long ponytail right? Or did we go with the tentacle hair idea?). Somebody asked that a drawfag make a comic out of it so since nobody else picked it up I figured I'd give it a go. I'll post more pages as I do them, expect 3 soon. No idea how many pages it'll last for, I just plan to keep drawing until I run out of material so bear with me.
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>> No. 88
cool beans man
>> No. 91
raep tiem
>> No. 931
Saved em. I'll try to spread this around on /x/ to let the board culture reach the newfriends

File 126703646082.jpg - (753.50KB , 810x1277 , pg1.jpg )
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GET comic, still being worked on.
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>> No. 916
File 142725958450.jpg - (26.04KB , 450x351 , 1412774231650.jpg )
what the fuck dude

you're replying to a thread that hasn't been posted in for five years
>> No. 917
A spambot keeps posting in it and bumping it, then that other anon started posting.
>> No. 918
Oh, okay.

To be honest, this comic hasn't been updated for around five years now and is probably not going to be updated any time soon, although the [s4s] ending would be cute.

File 140408920498.png - (2.67MB , 2664x4417 , 1404068703252.png )
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Someone did a quest with /mlp/-tan on /mlp/.

I don't feel like copy-pasting all of the text and such into each post with the associated pics, so here's the full context.

Now I'll post the drawn content.
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>> No. 913
File 142689488269.png - (61.85KB , 640x480 , 224.png )
>> No. 914
File 142689497464.png - (49.34KB , 640x480 , 225.png )
And that's it for this part's pics.

As always, look to >>666 for context.
>> No. 982
File 145366282336.png - (87.21KB , 640x480 , 226.png )
I seriously do not feel like posting what I assume is over 100 more individual pics to this thread.

It looks like >>666 hasn't been updated yet.

Here's the composite for episode four, part one. I think it'll probably be further tweaked later.


Hopefully desustorage will actually work and still exist by the time the imgur stuff gets updated so anyone viewing this post before that gets updated will actually know what I'm talking about.

Episode four, part two hasn't been compiled into a composite image yet.

/mlp/-tan quest continues 1/30/2016 with the fight against Anon in his transformed state.

File 139943492163.png - (421.48KB , 1256x2748 , nerdgirlstory01.png )
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This is an image quest that happened on /d/.
I'm gonna post it here since it has a lot of /d/-tan.

Anything in green text will be the commands that the thread produced, anything in quotes will be the dialogue or whatever nerdgirlstory said in their posts.

"This is Sadie, an XX-year old nerdy girl who just got up and got dressed to do a thing today! what happens next is up to you - what she decides to do, what happens to her, etc."
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>> No. 565
File 140028315653.png - (52.86KB , 900x700 , nerdgirlstory50.png )
>> No. 566
File 140028317652.png - (56.08KB , 900x700 , nerdgirlstory51.png )
>> No. 567
File 140028322638.png - (56.32KB , 900x700 , nerdgirlstory52.png )
The thread on /d/ these come from has hit bump limit, so I don't know if/when there will be more.


File 141364967458.png - (316.92KB , 454x3301 , Untitled-2.png )
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>> No. 784
Speaking of quality, does anyone care that a bunch of stuff on the shimmie is scribbles? I could go through and delete them if it bothers people, but at the end of the day this site was made to collect/organize all the board-tan images, and storage space is relatively cheap.
>> No. 785
I don't mind the scribbles as long as they're not WIPs of a more complete version on there.
>> No. 788

It is.

File 139707813238.jpg - (202.00KB , 800x1181 , will it blend 01.jpg )
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Sometimes I find comics that don't have board-tan content on all of the pages, but the pages that do don't make sense as standalones and I don't want to uploaded them to the shimmie by themselves.

So they're getting posted here.
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>> No. 776
File 141297194768.png - (537.04KB , 2014x1394 , v vr 1412969569237.png )
Well, this continues that plot line and also won't upload to the shimmie.
>> No. 778
File 141309970991.png - (766.85KB , 800x3280 , d tg vp 1413088796054.png )
Again with the shimmie errors.

>> No. 779
File 141309974529.png - (807.36KB , 800x3997 , d tg vp 1413088878086.png )

File 140616955918.jpg - (497.87KB , 1000x2800 , image.jpg )
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Is there extra pages for this one?
>> No. 702
File 140616960926.jpg - (536.92KB , 1000x2800 , image.jpg )
Besides this one
>> No. 703
There's already a thread for this exact comic >>604 and all the other /v/ mod comics.

No, there has no be anymore found yet.

File 139579532186.png - (226.04KB , 828x837 , [s4s]-tan HD.png )
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[s4s]-tan has a few comics. Dumping what I have.
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>> No. 483
File 139579577178.jpg - (426.29KB , 1200x1800 , snacks vs_ s4s.jpg )
>> No. 484
File 139579595466.png - (187.21KB , 1425x1425 , s4s-tan's dad.png )
>> No. 608
File 140218365757.jpg - (477.87KB , 2194x1691 , image.jpg )

File 140138581985.png - (344.02KB , 1600x2000 , 1400313740350.png )
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/v/ has been making a ton of comics sexualizing or just depicting their mod lately.

Some of them have already been posted in the Misc. Comics thread >>500 but here's a 10 pager, so I figured it should have it's own thread and this can be the thread for anymore /v/ mod comics.
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>> No. 603
And what the fuck? As soon as I make this thread someone puts all that on the shimmie.
>> No. 604
File 14017645999.png - (534.45KB , 1000x2800 , vxmod preview 1.png )
speaking of sexualizing...
>> No. 605
File 140176464288.png - (549.83KB , 1000x2800 , vxmodtan preview 2.png )

File 137300352266.png - (6.43KB , 640x400 , thehero01.png )
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>> No. 464
Who made these comics?
>> No. 465

There's at least 3 other threads on this site made by him.
>> No. 474
who made this??
I give a thick 9/10 wish it ended on a funnier note but toplel overall oh man.

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