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File 125472609048.png - (124.77KB , 706x1323 , v vs b 1.png )
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This comic is by Three Angled Blue. He's a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything.
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>> No. 1405
for 3hangledblue or Zecro ,i javé a bof story with bug modification,can i have the autorisation for using your characters
>> No. 1406
for 3hangledblue or Zecro ,i javé a bof story with bug modification,can i have the autorisation for using your characters
>> No. 1407
Shout-out for people from the future

File 135905123839.jpg - (210.97KB , 311x1920 , fit comic 1 SIR.jpg )
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SIR has been drawing comics for /fit/.

He's got a site he posts them on sometimes, too.
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>> No. 1398
File 151483372966.jpg - (407.03KB , 1633x1636 , fit comic 12-6.jpg )
>> No. 1399
File 151483373959.jpg - (434.35KB , 1633x1867 , fit comic 12-7.jpg )
>> No. 1400
File 151483379276.png - (223.94KB , 1420x1058 , fit comic 12-8.png )
Wow /fit/, you get TWO New Year's comics this year.

File 15016130738.png - (8.15KB , 320x240 , 1499631553666.png )
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/m/ had a Choose Your Own Adventure thread. I'll post it here since the pics need the context of the thread.


Encase that archive cease to exist (as archives often do) or the images at any point become lost, here's a download:
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>> No. 1386
File 150651581453.png - (338.34KB , 640x960 , 1503447232242.png )
>Well we'd better pull off some big damn heroes shit.
>Something cool, like impaling the fighters with a missile and getting away before it explodes.

>We fire all the missiles.
>(Megas dot gif)

>> No. 1387
File 150651587586.png - (94.27KB , 640x960 , 1503450433888.png )
"Let's Dance."

You decide to:
>Stand on deck and fire at enemy fighters.
>Fly the skies against the enemy fighters.
>Try to find where the large laser came from.
>> No. 1388
File 150651625678.png - (147.57KB , 640x480 , 1503378247578.png )
Sadly the second CYOA ended prematurely. The last post by drawfucc was on 08/22/17, this was right around when Hurricane Harvey was about to slam Texas. We assume this is why he stopped posting.

We kept the thread up until 09/26/17 hoping to hear word from him, but we received no answers.

Curse you, Hurricane Harvey, for taking our drawfucc away from us.

File 150484344898.png - (169.30KB , 591x527 , newpolintlit.png )
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It's not going to go pass 20 pages lol~

I went back to the main story of /new/ tan. anywho
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>> No. 1362
File 150484354819.png - (414.73KB , 591x1322 , scimachine3.png )
>> No. 1363
File 150484356921.png - (519.82KB , 768x1396 , scimachine4.png )
>> No. 1364
(the side note is for the wordpress site, pressplay4.wordpress.com. Not relevant here.)

File 140138433783.jpg - (44.17KB , 721x721 , co 1397859487961.jpg )
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I know a lot of these are already on the shimmie, but it looks like their going to keep coming.

Might as well have a thread and start posting the new ones here.
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>> No. 1103
File 148142841534.jpg - (293.50KB , 1053x371 , 1481406772315.jpg )
>> No. 1104
File 148142843684.jpg - (250.07KB , 1053x367 , 1481406772316.jpg )
And that's Beta uprising.
>> No. 1279
Holy shit these strips are really really REALLY good. Bless whoever did these.

File 138337603589.png - (63.92KB , 1873x657 , 1383357353459.png )
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oh look, /v/ getting something together it seems

>What's "Project Hate Machine"?
It's a game me and a few other guys are willing too program, it's 4chan themed, relying on the 4chan tans as characters. A beat em up styled game

Info and concepts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I4rRCwuolxegQRNYqtw8koYV7aczBfYXqaag9nxO514/edit


Currently we are discussing /v/'s strong moveset. Basic attacks are limited to phisical attacks, but we want to make /v/'s Strong attacks videogame themed, any suggerence will be well received.
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>> No. 665
File 140531508311.jpg - (788.80KB , 640x3600 , 1404152300270.jpg )
>> No. 1280
was this animated in fucking ms paint?
>> No. 1281
RIP In Pieces

File 131080125384.png - (499.81KB , 900x1200 , newsci1.png )
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Working on some more pages, but I'd be updating weekly on Thursdays/Fridays.
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>> No. 291
Oh cool, you've finished the sleepover story.

This is being a productive year so far for board-tan comics.
>> No. 352
This website is amazing
>> No. 1260
zecro! delete this thread, too.

File 144205348074.png - (519.66KB , 900x1300 , magic.png )
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2015 /pol/ is more or less a kid. if the pages have older /pol/ in it, it's pretty much just a flashback of previous years unless stated otherwise.

haven't decided the frequency of my updates.
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>> No. 980
File 145278535687.png - (587.38KB , 1424x810 , pol i c cm s4s vp out 145243405129.png )
Nobody knows why the site was rolled back.
>> No. 985
My drawing skills will have to suffer for the next few years. I will be dedicating my time to training so I won't be on as much.
>> No. 1259
yo zecro, delete this thread. lol thanks.

File 140060945579.png - (267.15KB , 400x1313 , candl.png )
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>> No. 570
File 140060958797.png - (138.76KB , 293x847 , 01172011.png )
Jan. 17th, 2011
>> No. 571
File 140117386789.jpg - (375.27KB , 600x2400 , 1344104796881.jpg )
February 15, 2007.

That one is new to me.
>> No. 1258
zecro, delete this thread.

i wanted to work on a series of board history pages but i lost them and its been forever since i started this thread. thanks

File 125920628517.png - (535.21KB , 850x1446 , 1235976670962.png )
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I'm gonna post a few of them since I have them sitting around, and we don't seem to have them up here yet.
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>> No. 122
Oh, /co/. You fatass.
>> No. 930
Is this board dead ?
>> No. 932
I usually only ever post on this board when I have found something new to post.

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