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File 128650721317.jpg - (802.93KB , 1778x2300 , Sexy Body Types.jpg )
92 No. 92
Pic sorta of related just inspiration on how she will look.

/s/ Beautiful

Powers and Abilities- /s/ has the ability to make any man, woman or child fap to her at will just by looking at her. No one knows how she got these powers, no one can resist her powers not even gods or goddess or any type of higher being. She can also alter her body to be a sexy chubby or skinny woman depending on how she sees fit for he situation.

Personality- She is usually an easy going woman and is always looking for a chance to show off her beauty. She does not consider herself good or bad but a shade of gray type of woman.

Clothing- She wears anything that will show off her body, and almost never wears panties.

Relatives- She is the older sister of /e/ and younger sister of /d/. She loves her little sister /e/ and hates /d/.

Accessories- /s/ is sometimes accompanied by a body guard of mods or anonymous.
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>> No. 93
File 128658936079.jpg - (88.37KB , 1126x458 , 128606127251.jpg )
Just reposting this from plus4chan even though it's basically the same thing.
>> No. 97
File 129047253021.jpg - (579.14KB , 2302x1779 , 1290471849822.jpg )
>> No. 99
File 129428235851.jpg - (249.54KB , 1600x1423 , 3c38fb17d441c72add1ac9da14f99330-d2xrf6m.jpg )
She should look something like this.
>> No. 100
File 129428296881.jpg - (61.45KB , 459x600 , Pinup-Art-01.jpg )
/s/ should have a western pin-up model look as a base anyway.
>> No. 101
File 129479360896.jpg - (143.83KB , 884x700 , poison_ivy_by_anjum-d3012rr.jpg )
/s/ seems like poison Ivy with the whole being able to control people thing.
>> No. 121
File 130363089333.png - (345.29KB , 600x900 , stan.png )
here's an attempt.
>> No. 123

It's ok for now but still needs something more definite and better.
>> No. 124
as someone who doesn't browse the /s/ board, should /s/ be someone with blond hair? I'm thinking about changing her hair color and giving her bigger curves. scanty clothing okay?
>> No. 125
also noted, I'm seeing an orange pattern.
>> No. 889
File 144458066916.jpg - (176.21KB , 803x600 , 2000_CRUMB0346-200b_zoom.jpg )
Would a Robert Crumb Dream Girl be appropriate, or is that more for /aco/?
>> No. 891
I think there's a /s/-tan now, though she has no personality to speak of, there is a relatively often used design.

And the only reason this thread is on the first page is because a spambot keep posting in it.
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