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File 144371958822.png - (67.58KB , 276x544 , aco 1443719102559.png )
881 No. 881
New trial board:

/aco/ - Adult Cartoon

Added today, only hours after someone managed to summon Hiro to /co/.

No official /aco/-tan yet, but they're already working on it.

This is the beginnings of /aco/-tan.
>> No. 882
i would say give it a while before developing a board-tan, but it's a porn board so it might not need a lot of thought.
>> No. 883
There's a shit load of proto pics drawn already.
>> No. 884


they don't ever need a lot of thought.
>> No. 885
I see her as either a friend or a rival to /d/
>> No. 886
I have no idea what /aco/ is going to end up making as their /aco/-tan.

They seem to be having a very fierce back-and-forth that keeps looping back to the same ideas.

Last night everyone was all for trying to make her ANOTHER sister of /co/nrad's and I was against that, but part of the minority.

And now today they're all against that. I have no idea what happened to swing the opinion to the other end while I was asleep.

Right now it seems to be a fight between her being a cape or a cowgirl/indian.
>> No. 887

the thing that popped into my mind was more of a texas board, really.
>> No. 892
Alright, I'm going to post what I've found as of now:

-J/aco/lyn - the cowgirl, gets into sexy situations without really trying, wears skimpy clothes. Seems to be the current leader for board-tanship.

-/aco/rn - The Native American girl, J/aco/lyn's sidekick, doesn't talk, is more perverted than J/aco/lyn. Likes bondage? (Venture Bros. reference?)

-Madame Pe/aco/ck - Runs a brothel called the /aco/rral and does not allow Asians inside. The other girls work here (?) and she sends them on missions to purge evil from people via fucking them.

-That priest guy with the eye-patch - I don't know anything about him. I assume he's a drawfag's avatar.

-/aco/lyte - Some kind of pervert wizard. He's a wizard, so that's explanation enough I guess. Seems to be their "Anon of /aco/" skin for Anonymous.

-Blob monster - A lump of flesh I assume is a joke based on how indecisive everyone is being about this.

-m/aco/ Paco - Cue ball head girl, based on the superhero stuff. Was one of the earlier takes. Wears a cape.

And there appear to be even more versions that I don't have info on. It's really a big mess.
There's 200+ pics right now of the various versions.

The /aco/ threads have been getting really uppity about it and are trying to do polls to determine their board-tan.

Polls have never once worked for determining a board-tan, only overwhelming content of the drawn variety brings general acceptance.
>> No. 904
WHY is she a bandido?
>> No. 905
Cowgirl, not a bandito.

The J/aco/lyn design gets the mask from /co/nrad in much the same way /mlp/ got her hat, then cowgirl because "western" and sexy cowgirl because it's a porn board.
>> No. 919
Make colette /aco/. Problem solved.

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