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File 140883173928.jpg - (34.40KB , 326x532 , a374332d27fbb077ee16bb0eb85843c9c7bd46ae.jpg )
652 No. 652
Hey, so I was just curious as to what you are going to do about this whole Vivian\/v/'s daughter thing
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>> No. 653
File 140887885981.jpg - (917.94KB , 2887x4731 , 1408863766617.jpg )
curious too. shit this place is slow as i remember.
not quite a board tan, but then there's all of /co/'s mini characters.

aw shit, no captcha here either.

catchup story in picrelated
>> No. 654
File 140888563312.png - (1.10MB , 657x1600 , 1408882810100.png )
Also if she is that little rageshit /v/'s daughter, then who/what is the mother?
>> No. 655
File 140888650976.gif - (307.14KB , 500x300 , 1408880047772.gif )
she has her own booru
>> No. 656
I've only been uploading the pics I've found that have both her and /v/ in them to the shimmie.


I wonder if whoever started uploading a bunch of Vivian solo pics to the shimmie noticed that and then stopped.
>> No. 657
But there are lots and lots of solo pics of, say, moot there, and I've certainly never heard of a board called /moot/. Remember, this is the 4chan house shimmie, not the board-tan shimmie.
>> No. 658
It boils down to whatever Zecro says since he's paying for the hosting.
>> No. 659
does she cuddle with /v/ at night? does she smile ever? does mod-tan do lewd things to her?
>> No. 660
She'll probably smile when someone applies her to the titty monster template or draws her in that pose if it's not a template.
>> No. 661
>does she cuddle with /v/ at night?
>does she smile ever?
when developers /v/ doesn't like fail or stimulation
>does mod-tan do lewd things to her?
when she's on a power trip, mod-tan will tie her up and do things for 3-14 days
>> No. 666
File 140911332780.png - (154.19KB , 706x2712 , vivian comic 2.png )
Guess we're posting these on /char/...
>> No. 669
File 140936816782.png - (156.73KB , 900x1200 , 1400315992444.png )
Mod-tan because mods are extremely defensive towards Vivian, it's insane.
>> No. 681
File 141020883944.png - (210.77KB , 706x4308 , vivian comic 3.png )
I can't help but think it'll just end up redundantly posted in /comic/ and to the shimmie as well being here.
>> No. 682
I had another one to post, but it's larger than 3MB.
>> No. 683
This is great, any more where it came from?
>> No. 684
File 141079252513.png - (147.23KB , 706x3007 , vivian comic 4.png )
Posting them as I find them.
>> No. 685
File 141079255654.png - (156.13KB , 706x2698 , vivian comic 5.png )
>> No. 691
File 141170533827.png - (290.15KB , 706x3011 , vivian comic 6.png )

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