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File 139232035096.jpg - (78.92KB , 835x569 , s4s 1392147799854.jpg )
540 No. 540
Copied mostly from the [s4s] wiki, made mainly for posting [s4s]-tan pics that won't post to the shimmie.

Gender/Physical Description: A young girl. She is nearly always seen carrying a briefcase containing an endless supply of Topkek. [s4s]-tan has reddish-brown hair, tied in two pigtails (sometimes with hairbands). She wears a Top Lel or Top Kek cap with a little propeller on it, which she claims allows her to fly (although she never has been seen flying, but it's [s4s], they can do anything! :^D). Her outfits usually consist of long dresses down to her ankles, pretty much always emblazoned with memes like dubs, kek, le thin hair chin man or mustache grooming guides.eyes differ in colour. Sometimes they appear green or white.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Most of the time, [s4s]-tan lives in her room, looking for new memes to obsess about and paste on her walls. She cries when a pair of dubs goes unchecked and dies on page 10. It's worse than murder :'^(

Relationships: The other boards in the house are indifferent to [s4s]-tan. Often she goes around hugging the other boards and screaming 'GET' before running off. If successful, it makes the boards rage. However, her happy attitude is somehow friendly with other boards (although she annoyed a drunken /mlp/-tan to no end once).

Job: She does not attend any form of education but rather stays in the 4chan House.
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>> No. 541
File 13923205122.png - (118.89KB , 1808x1912 , s4s 1392022828907.png )
I tried changing the file format, I tried pasting it into a blank paint file and re-saving, it still refused to upload to the shimmie, so it's going in this thread.
>> No. 542
File 13923206579.png - (151.38KB , 2107x1579 , s4s 1392231934237.png )
This one too.
>> No. 543
File 139232203275.png - (99.81KB , 786x836 , s4s-tan cartoon shade.png )
>> No. 550
File 139374294240.png - (52.47KB , 800x600 , s4stan.png )
Posting the classic that started it all
>> No. 551
File 139401393364.png - (130.91KB , 1500x1500 , tenoutoftenwouldloves4stan.png )
This was forty minutes well spent :^)
>> No. 552
File 139457425051.png - (187.21KB , 1425x1425 , s4s 1392848844497.png )
Another one that gives me an error when I try to upload it to the shimmie.
>> No. 553
File 139502618549.png - (1.73MB , 1200x1806 , s4s mlp 1394822972187.png )
It would appear that /mlp/ and [s4s] are close.
>> No. 555
File 139579516186.png - (848.24KB , 701x781 , [s4s]-tan top check.png )
Trips get in the name of [s4s]-tan
>> No. 604
File 139850770828.png - (1.48MB , 2450x2044 , s4stanmlppiggybackcoloured.png )
Nice trips :^)
>> No. 607
File 14002542628.png - (751.41KB , 1600x1768 , s4s 1399019682179.png )
>> No. 608
Well this is a thing.

>> No. 611
File 14021609728.jpg - (184.88KB , 1336x951 , image.jpg )
We mingling now.
>> No. 612
File 140216103536.jpg - (477.87KB , 2194x1691 , image.jpg )
>> No. 613
Oh wait, maybe I should've posted that to the comics board…
>> No. 614
Epic art and dubs m8 :^)
>> No. 626
File 140422947097.png - (1.53MB , 1138x1212 , 1397590809985.png )
>> No. 642
File 140660101879.jpg - (33.82KB , 400x240 , image.jpg )
So I got Tomodachi Life for the 3DS and I put various [s4s] maymays in. [s4s]-tan was no exception.

According to her info, her full name is Keksandra Memeski (pronouned Maymayski). [s4s] was in general agreement over it.

Also she got married to Patrick Bateman but that's just a fantasy pairing as I had to artificially make her an adult through use of an in-game item called the Age-O-Matic.
>> No. 643
The suffix -ski is actually for a Polish man's surname. -ska is the feminine suffix.

Keksandra Memeska does sound a bit better :^)
>> No. 646
I uploaded some pictures to the shimmie but now I always get an error about how there isn't enough space or something ._.
>> No. 647
I get that too sometimes, it's why I made this thread in the first place.

The shimmie has issues with PNG files with certain dimensions I think.

Also, you uploaded some dupes.
>> No. 648
Yes, I noticed this too late.
I only realised that there was more than one page when it was too late already and I couldn't find a way to delete my uploads again.

So, am I supposed to upload everything here?
>> No. 649
Whatever individual [s4s] pics that won't upload to the shimmie, post here.

If it's a comic, then there's a thread over in /comic/ for it.
>> No. 650
We are fortunate that their is an archive for [s4s] that saves images.


It makes finding pics of [s4s]-tan that are not on the shimmie so much easier.
>> No. 1156
i would realy like that mii, can you give me the qr code for that?
oh wait, this thread is dead
>> No. 1157
File 149512679371.png - (125.98KB , 640x640 , 1459456192874.png )

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