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File 134421392434.gif - (483.59KB , 245x179 , wsg.gif )
333 No. 333
Was just checking out /wsg/ and noticed this:


It looks like we may have some stuff to work with for /wsg/. They call themselves the /wsg/uys (wiseguys) or the West Side Gangsters.

I would like to add that /wsg/ appears to be preoccupied with you-laugh-you-lose threads, or any funny/weird gifs. So maybe a person who laughs a lot? Or makes jokes that no one else but himself laughs at?
/wsg/ also appears to like anime, video game and movie gifs.
Another important thing is that /wsg/ appears to be very helpful in getting sauce or other requests on a gif, although it may take some time due to the slowness of the board. Sauce requests never seem to get misdirected or shut down.
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>> No. 334
there was some chatter about what /wsg/-tan would be like on /co/ a few months ago

>Variant 1:
-boarding school headmistress
-old face, but good body kept in shape by chasing immoral students

>Variant 2
-young child
-possibly on caffeine

but it's always better to wait and see what a board comes up with on their own.
>> No. 335
>Brazilian Cao Cao
I think we're onto something
>> No. 336
File 134422574976.gif - (10.71KB , 325x464 , 1344218832476.gif )
oh geez.
>> No. 346
This is the way that I saw it.

/wsg/ is the innocent daughter who just likes to laugh at funny things and cute cats, meanwhile /gif/ is the pervy father who has terabytes of porn stored on numerous external hard drives he hides from his daughter.
>> No. 851
Of all the boards, I think this is the only one that doesn't even have at least an attempt made for a proper -tan.
>> No. 935

I always thought of it as the other way around, with /gif/ being a horny (pre-)teen and /wsg/ being an older relative trying to take an interest in /gif/'s hobbies without realizing that /gif/ only cares about porn.

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