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File 132652282133.png - (34.38KB , 875x573 , Sci-tan.png )
216 No. 216
x-posted from the 1d4chan wiki. Didn't write this, but /sci/ needs a character discussion thread.

Gender/Physical Description: Male, mid-20s. Thin and somewhat tall, but doesn't look off. Has a longish neck, and shoulder-length grey-dyed hair, leading to a bishie look. Hair parts down the middle, but a strand tends to hang down, just enough to cover the top of one of his eyes. /sci/ wears jeans and a labcoat with a ringer shirt underneath, and carries pens in his labcoat.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Has a deep desire to be right constantly, which leads to long arguments. Verbose and contrarian. Knows math well, but constantly tries to disprove things. Obsessed with Carl Sagan. Likes to argue about religion.

Relationships: Something with /x/?

Job: Graduate student in university.
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>> No. 217
File 132652291211.png - (110.03KB , 400x500 , Simon.png )
Annd an image.
>> No. 915
I want to draw him differently. As time went on I realized that I'd rather he be an older man.

But this is just my opinion. I want his job to be either at a minerals mining company, CERN, or NASA.
>> No. 916

Relationships: He has no relationship. His mind is too far away for anyone to reach, though he does enjoy talking to others about subjects relevant to his interests (not psychology). Discusses space elevators and science articles with /new/. They understandably argue with each other for the sake of arguing with each other.

He does hang around with others at 4chan but overall does not actively search for companionship.

([r9k] would be a board that can have good interaction with /sci/, though as oppose to /sci/ not being concerned about having a gf, [r9k] thinks about it constantly.)
>> No. 918
>Due to /int/'s insistence on locating /new/, he has partied up with /k/ and /lit/ on the search for the news board. r9k/ is reluctant.

/sci/ and /new/, despite being friends, were not relatively close since the main reason they hung out was to disagree with each other. However, after being pressured by /lit/'s pseudo intellectual philosophical reasoning skills (and not shutting up), /sci/ decided he might as well aid them on their journey.

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