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File 132304118290.jpg - (67.48KB , 600x399 , hydra.jpg )
196 No. 196
So we got a discussion about the board-tans going on /co/ today and someone had the idea for /pol/ to be a hydra whose heads are always bitching at each other. I think its a great idea. anyone want to draw it?
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>> No. 197
File 132304690447.png - (214.83KB , 445x924 , 1310546736452.png )
Might be a good personification, but would probably not fit with the rest of the cast.

That said, I don't visit /pol/ but always had the impression that it was /stormfront/.

Since /pol/ is the spiritual successor to /new/, perhaps just a redesign of /new/ is in order? /new/-tan was a news reporter for an independent media group, presenting horribly biased news until he (and his group) went too far one day and was forced to declare bankruptcy. /new/ lost the "press" hat, and got a new name, and continues on as an infamous debater that will debate about everything and anything. He just loves getting worked up about things.
>> No. 199
File 13232420748.png - (418.34KB , 800x796 , polly.png )
/pol/ly. Female body, many heads. She (they?) devour the heads that are defenseless. Sometimes they gang up on certain heads that pop up (like Jews and black heads ohaha joke). Many times a group of heads would fight for control of the body. /pol/ly is carnivorous, and would not hesitate to turn on other boards if they do something to upset her.

Spiritually she is like /new/, but because she is a separate board (like /n/ is to /new/, yet /n/ still exists), she takes after him, abit personality-wise. She had never met /new/, but sometimes she mourns/rages over the missing familial establishment.

/n/ is uncle-like to her due to him previously being the first news board. She doesn't respect him because he's Transportation now.

(Visted /new/. They don't really like /pol/, though they often go over to check up on the board because of --motherly instincts-- recruitment opportunities.)


My interpretation. I worked with the hydra head idea and it's a good excuse to draw more variety, especially when the heads are never the same.
>> No. 200
File 132324215833.png - (127.22KB , 379x398 , reminiscing.png )
Sad /pol/ly.
>> No. 202
File 132324251787.png - (266.70KB , 600x796 , nnewpol.png )
/n/, /new/ (404'd and uncensored), and /pol/. Drawn for amusement.
>> No. 322
File 134370478362.png - (636.49KB , 1896x855 , Wallet salmon of icecream jooz implying polotics n.png )
I went to /pol/ and asked them to explain /pol/ in one picture with a average /pol/ack and this is what they all drew.
>> No. 323
/pol/ is a free market economist who believes the jews have destroyed everything.
>> No. 340

Lol, sounds about right.
>> No. 493
It's official in this thread.


/pol/ wants to keep the /new/ theme.
>> No. 494
They're a different character now.
>> No. 495


/pol/ reporting in

Summer isnt the time to make /pol/tans, it suffered mutations from the newblood.Wait till summer end and quality posters come back, see what will happen from that
>> No. 496
I say keep it like /new/, seriously... I mean if you guys can create a good enough /pol/ly that would be fine. But adding more characters to the rooster would probably end up messing things up. /out/-tan for example was extremely forgettable.

This is why I say you guys should re-use /new/, because its less difficult to screw up the concept of a character that is already there. Making a lore-friendly background story about how he became /pol/ its easier.
>> No. 497
File 137709803172.jpg - (169.81KB , 574x742 , new pol separation.jpg )
You see, this is why you ended up looking like >>200 in the first place.

Though now it looks like you're either some guy in a suit with a pixelated face or some skinhead/buzzcut dirty blonde guy.

Plus /new/, as a character, still gets used fairly often by some of the people who actually do stuff with these characters; he's often seen complaining about being kicked out and how he has to share space with /pol/.
>> No. 498
File 137731932373.png - (127.93KB , 574x462 , new int.png )
I know precisely what you mean...

Then don't do anything major right now or re-use /new/ because the other "potential" /pol/ designs are /pol/ly (which wasn't totally approved) or something that looks like a "watered-down" version of /new/ and the latter sucks way too much. (Still better than the skinhead/buzzcut dirty blonde guy through).

Just please if you want to make a new design don't take the following stupid ideas into the mix: he is Jewish, he is closet gay, he is a Ron Paul supporter, etc.

Also I'm the anon who made the mini lore-friendly background story about how /new/ became /pol/ I did that because /pol/ was getting way too much bad designs.
>> No. 499
Being the spawn of /new/ could work, or being a monster that assimilated /new/ could also work, but /pol/ just isn't /new/. The dynamic of /pol/ is just too different from when it was /new/.

Right now, /pol/ has a similar relationship with /lgbt/ that /new/ had with /int/.
And I mean the dynamic between the boards, not the board-tans; the board-tans for those boards are still too undefined, but that's never stopped shippers.

And I didn't see your lore, I had to hunt down an archived version of that thread linked here >>493
Now someone needs to hunt down all the new pics made in there.
>> No. 504
Hey guys, what do you think of >>>500?

Moot axed /new/

/new/ wakes up in the house of /int/ and /b/

he lost complete memory and moot axed his face, so he wears the mask to hide his attrocity

Day by day as he lives with /int/ and /b/ he adopts their manners of living, but also tries to remember his past, why his face got axed

One day when he was walking on the sidewalk:

>"Jews....niggers...ugghh why cant i remember who i was!?"

He stumbles across a store of tv's who were displaying some news about israel and murder commited by a black person


and after a few seconds he realised something...

>"Its happening"

From that day,/new/ became the /pol/ we know
>> No. 505
/new/ complains too much about being kicked the fuck out to be /pol/.

It's more like /new/, after being kicked the fuck out, ends up in /b/ and the /b/tards attempt to clone him so moot will make space for a new room, but they do it wrong because they're retarded or pretending to be retarded or whatever it is these days and now /new/ is forced to live with his even more "IT'S HAPPENING" clone baby.
>> No. 510

But im reffering to what actuall happened

after /new/ got deleted, the future /pol/ lurked in the house of /int/ hence the heavily influence of who is white and who isnt, and the chaotic nature of /b/ and the style of posting, trolling

Somehow the story that /pol/ is just a combination of /new/ with a dose of /int/ and a bit of /b/ makes it perfect
>> No. 511
So /new/ got gassed by moot and while he was unconscious /b/ and /int/ had relations with the body.

And that's where /pol/ comes from.

Though an argument could be made that all boards come from /b/.
>> No. 605
>> No. 609
Heya, many dude known as Blumenthal has recently removed your own personal infographic as well as published this on his blog site! My partner and i can't say for sure in the event he or she got choice or not, and so merely completing that along. This their link:
>> No. 610
/pol/ here

If you guys want my opinion, I envision /pol/-tan wearing an SS uniform with a Nazi armband on one side, and Libertarian armband on the other.

He doesn't have Aryan features as well, he has what is usually seen according to pictures of him(Dark hair, dark eyes, a goatee probably

Hat I dont know, maybe a fedora, but I think he should remain hatless

He's also psychotic, bigoted, insane, angry, and unyielding
>> No. 615
>If you guys want my opinion, I envision /pol/-tan wearing an SS uniform with a Nazi armband on one side, and Libertarian armband on the other.

This is stupid.
>> No. 616
>> No. 617

You're trying to project your own views of what /pol/ is without acknowledging that /pol/ isn't a single entity, and rather a number of factions talking about stuff. So you have communists, libertarians, ancaps, stormfags, not to mention /v/faggots who like to use it as a base for their raids etc which can't be represented under your proposition.

i'd leave /pol/ as how /new/ was, even tho that's not entirely true and quite /new/-centric, atleast it represents what /pol/ used to be and what it's suppose to be
>> No. 618
You do realize that Libertarians and NatSocs are the majority of the board right?
>> No. 619
>Libertarians and NatSocs are the majority of the board right?

[citation needed]

>inb4 some strawpolls completed by crossposters
>> No. 620
File 140381322493.png - (793.11KB , 2000x1513 , 1392271844975.png )
> ineverbeentopol.jpg

Its agreed on /pol/ that NatSoc and Libertarians are the largest groups on /pol/, you saying "Well hurr durr thats not true cuz AnCaps, Commies, whatever exist!" is while agreeable, you're also ignoring the fact that they are a minority compared to NatSoc and Libertarians, who encompass a big slice of the population on it currently

There have been numerous polls which I can't even find because almost every few months a political poll does come up, that in every single one, has the pattern of NatSoc or Libertarians being the majority of the votes. Of course youre not going to accept it because apparently polls are now crossboarding to you, so I guess we can just throw any sort of proof nf a population or ideology percentage on /pol/ out the window.

Oh and please post proof that NatSoc and Libertarians ARENT the majority, Im sure you have citations for your proof

pic related, by the way, its not strawpoll.com, son
>> No. 621

/pol/ is still getting alot of designs. The one that /lgbt/ made has /pol/ as a red t-shirt nazi guy, then there's the green suit one from the '/pol/ is always right!' macro image. some anons wanted a pure aryan board tan with blonde hair and blue eyes. there's another discussion on /pol/-tan in http://dis.4chanhouse.org/char/res/500.html thread.

/x/ made a green pill man, though he's not a board tan.
>> No. 622
The mascot must encompass something that solidifies the notion of "politics" and 2 ideologies doesn't work.

the board is called /pol/ - politicall discussions, not /stormfront/ or /mises/

Anything beyond that simple notion makes /pol/ an echo chamber, something which it is not.
>> No. 625
File 140414679443.png - (264.37KB , 1100x1027 , index.png )

> /pol/-tan /lgbt/ version
I remember somewhere that people don't like that, mainly because it's /lgbt/'s version I guess

> /pol/-tan /new/ 2.0
This is accepted as one of the basic versions of /pol/-tan

> Aryan /pol/-tan
Heard of that before, I just never seen anyone draw that version

Theres also this version, /pol/ uses this guy or /new/ 2.0 as the mascot of the board
>> No. 635

>the board is called /pol/- political discussions

it's called /pol/ - politically incorrect.
>> No. 640
File 140606803878.png - (33.09KB , 413x900 , pol-tan v_2.png )
For You
>> No. 641
File 140656274133.png - (7.17KB , 360x167 , politically incorrect.png )
Stick around and learn new things, newfag.
>> No. 644

I'm surprised anyone even read the rules.

>civil discussion

Uncensored anonymous discussions on a primarily pornographic anime site is rarely civil unless there's noticeable mod interference.
>> No. 921
I dunno why /new/'s appearance is still used as /pol/ considering the removal of the /new/ redirect.

Human verse, /pol/'s name is Poe. His last name is Newman. I saw users in the past (and archives for board tan names) referring his name as Paul but it didn't stick with me tbh. Prolly because Paul Newman is the name of a famous actor lol.

Poe's name is based on the internet adage called Poe's Law.

> Without a clear indication of the author's intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism.

> If you submit a satiric item without this (smiley) symbol, no matter how obvious the satire is to you, do not be surprised if people take it seriously.

/new/ (moreso from /n/ his predecessor) loosely descended from another BBS. Despite being a 4chan board, the users always seem to be estranged with the admin.

Also this is tripcode !!HlATH3AzSy. I forgot my password.

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