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File 13200277832.png - (156.25KB , 476x260 , d12d.png )
180 No. 180
I know this may be kind of off, but does the character of moot appear at all? Character image is already well defined. Shouldn't moot be the one that owns 4chan house?

And what about Yotsuba, mascot of 4chan? She could serve as the representative of the house, but is actually controlled by moot. There may be some copyright issues though.

And what about W T Snacks? Could be the one thats supposed to keep /b/ in check, but doesn't really. So after an incident in which /b/ goes on a rampage and she (yes, she) doesn't keep him in check, she's kicked out by moot. /b/ and Snacks are tsundere for each other. Explains why she returns. Character image already exists.

My 3 cents. Out.
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>> No. 182
File 13200671045.jpg - (492.08KB , 800x600 , 4chan mascots5.jpg )
Good point. 4chan's had a lot of interesteing meme-characters over its years, even ones that are almost never mentioned anymore like Emo Duck, Happy Negro, Cockmongler, etc. Same with Sage-Man, and Age-Girl (and, be extension, Bump-tan).

There probably isn't a place for them in this setting. Not to say they shouldn't entirely show up, though.

Snacks: Has ceased to be relevant for a long time. Just a /b/ mod with a sense of humor and a penchant for theatrics. Might as well make "anonymod" a character.

moot: should be relegated to cameo appearances as a white cat with a pink bow. Maybe just just shits all over the place sometimes, and none of the -tans recognize his cosmic significance.

Yotsuba: Ditch the character, keep the four-leaf-clover motif. What would she even be doing here?

Meme characters have nothing to add.

Captcha-tan can come, she can be secretary.

Other website-tans would probably be OK as needed for representing other websites.
>> No. 184

Like this?
>> No. 261
this does bring up an interesting point though.

Aside from "meme characters" some boards do tend to come up with their own original characters (either completely original, or characters based off of preexisting notions and settings that become very well known on their board).

to name some of the more well know examples

-Chaptor (and associated Chaptor characters)
-Jetpack Viking
-Cynthea Von Doom

-Commissar Fuklaw (along with other Commissars)
-Sir Bearington
-Old Man Henderson
(most /tg/ creations are listed on the 1d4chan wiki)

-A-10 & Pilot
-FF & MC
it's pretty rare to see these, but it happens
http://chanarchive.org/4chan/d/45804/4100295 (became such when the artist showed up in a thread where the images were being dumped in and started drawing more)
http://chanarchive.org/4chan/d/47642/4137017 (further info and links can be found http://a-10writer.tumblr.com/ )

I know /x/ has Slender Man, but that's not really a board original since he isn't a new character created for a setting or created by the board itself.

I bring this up since there have been some board OC crossovers lately and a few mummers about a 4chan OC fighting game.
>> No. 347
Sage-Man could be a personification of the authorities if things in the house get out of hand.
>> No. 350
File 134475564884.png - (316.34KB , 612x792 , page01ms6.png )
I honestly don't think any of the side characters would fit with a board-tan theme. They can be referenced (i.e. /tg/ would have a poster of Henderson in his room or something), but not as characters to interact with.

The exception is /co/, because /co/nrad (and /co/lette) apparently cross over between being board-tans and superheroes of /co/verse.

The explanation for this was that /co/ is /co/ by day, and /co/nrad by night, sneaking out out 4chan house for hilarious nighttime adventures that also inexplicably take place during the day too. It's visually inconsistent, but it could just be the same character, except nobody realizes /co/ is /co/nrad.

One of the older story ideas is that /i/ realizes that /co/ is /co/nrad, and requests to be taken along for crimefighting duties. It turns out that /i/ is better at being a vigilante than /co/, who is mostly bumbling.

And then /d/ came along too.
>> No. 351
File 134479377943.jpg - (154.69KB , 832x1050 , 1344750928655.jpg )
/tg/ already has a poster of Fuklaw in his room, but I could see him meeting Boxcar Joe, the Magic Hobo, since he transcends time and space.

And lately Old Man Henderson has been getting expanded upon in by someone telling the whole story in /tg/.
>> No. 353
File 134574143425.jpg - (269.11KB , 1110x833 , tg 1345006666724.jpg )
It's been a good week.

I like to think of each board-tan having some other world or chunk of space where they interact with all their board-related characters, and each board-tan is fully aware of all the different chinks of space, just not aware of everything that goes on inside of them.

Sort of like each one having a pocket dimension that they have a little control over and can bring things out of to the board-tan verse (which functions like some kind of central hub, linking all the worlds).

Just my take on it though.
>> No. 359
File 134812249655.png - (735.83KB , 1600x1200 , d 1347444884559.png )
/d/ is really taken with Lemonfont's ShapeShifter comic now (FF and MC, remember?)


It's rare to see them get this emotionally invested in anything... or emotionally invested at all.
>> No. 793
File 141436400430.png - (56.28KB , 1000x1000 , another day at f.png )
I've always thought they were apart of /f/'s story, mostly because most of the designs that were presented for moot, W.T.snacks, were flashes in the first place,

I don't know how it would fit in, but it does.

like the habbo hotel POOLS CLOSED guy is the influence of /f/ tan in general, I remember a thread once saying that.

so i dunno

take it what you want
>> No. 799
Weird how this thread got bumped by spam and then stayed on the first page even after the post was deleted.

I like how the /co/ floating city is in the background.

So you're saying moot's catgirl persona and W. T. Snacks representation are sort of like /f/'s OCs?
>> No. 906
yotsuba could be considered to be 4chan tan.
>> No. 913
Copyright issues.
>> No. 920

12 year old with typical green anon mask with the words federal bureau of investigation with a strikethrough, and a question mark over it instead. Carries a janitors bucket full of cleaning supplies containing cloroform for when the normal -tans inevitably breaks a part of their contract they agreed to so they could live there.

Will randomly appear from within shifting book cases and hidden trap doors (begind which is the rumored location of /j/), and boards will randomly wake up later in another section of the house with no other -tans realizing what has occurred. This signifies the board's interactions through speech to be that of a random post on 4chan at the time that gets deleted. May occasionally have brief interaction with other -tans at which point the question mark is replaced with the words 'Pretty cool guy'
>> No. 977
I have a solid interpretation of board tans vs iconic characters from 4chan. Some people want board tans to be included with meme characters like the popular /v/ tan in 3AB's comic. I tend to keep board tan stories within board history. Everyone else can steer board tans into something much different.

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