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File 129722942158.png - (4.89KB , 208x191 , 1297186718802.png )
102 No. 102
Gender/Physical Description: White male in his early thirties. He has a 'clean look'. /new/ usually dresses like an old fashioned newspaper reporter. Constantly upset and agitated, he has dark circles underneath his eyes to emphasize how well he sleeps at night. It's because of the Jews.

Sometimes he wears a tinfoil hat.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Antagonistic, anti-semitic, and racist. He is a sarcastically rude fellow who enjoys arguing and rationalizing any reason that comes to mind, but he becomes highly defensive when people doubt his conservative views. That's normally how he ends up arguing a shitstorm over liberal propaganda in politics. His hobbies include American politics, Nazis, incorrect political satirizing, and dirty talking.

Dirty talking actually seems to be his norm.

His remarks have a way of getting him in trouble with the law and m00t; his existence stands on thin ice. Then again, it's expected.

Relationships: /new/ is comfortable in his own hectic environment, so it's no wonder that he hangs out with other equally chaotic boards, even /b/ if it had to come down to it. He doesn't get along well with board-tans who hold opposing viewpoints. Not much to say about boards with unrelated interests. /new/ prefers not to be on good terms with anyone.

Job: Was previously a corrupted politician as /n/, then disappeared for a while. Returned as /new/, a corrupted news reporter.

Currently, as of January 17th, 2011 (MLK's Day, LOL), /new/ has disappeared again but he had been seen around the 4chan house. It's hinted that he lives in another address along with /r9k/.
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>> No. 226
File 132937833886.png - (333.68KB , 600x800 , chapterd.png )
Parts of a story that I'm working on (indefinitely). I don't know the personalities/looks of /f/, /gif/, or /hr/.
>> No. 235
File 133033035232.png - (296.13KB , 1162x694 , line1.png )

pt. 1.
>> No. 236
File 133075305823.png - (867.85KB , 2988x780 , wip2.png )

pt. 2.
>> No. 244
File 133474376396.jpg - (317.67KB , 1036x1480 , gif sauce.jpg )
someone just posted this in /co/, regarding /gif/.
>> No. 248
I think /pol/ came to a unanimous agreement that this man is the embodiment of /pol/.

>> No. 257
Character description might need to be revamp'd soon, but not due to its "non-existence" (Is he /pol/?) on 4chan, but because there were some disagreements over him being more right or left when existing on 4chan.


>> No. 258
if you click boards.4chan.org/new/
you get redirected to /pol/

Same board, different name as far as I see it.
/pol/-tan discussion:

we could always say he got kicked out/fired and then showed up wearing a disguise or was ASSIMILATED into a hatemind that caused him to mutate.

should their be articles for deleted boards on the 1d4chan wiki?
>> No. 259
nah, don't delete them, leave the character there, and put in a "meta note" that /new/ redirects to /pol/, so they are probably very similar characters.
>> No. 260
I don't think /new/ ever had a page on 1d4chan.

All I ever saw was a red link to a non-existent page which disappeared a couple weeks ago when things got revamped a little.
>> No. 262

I didn't see it either, but /new/ was only around for a year before getting axed.
>> No. 699
File 141259350857.png - (845.31KB , 1467x1369 , con1.png )
here's some /n/.
>> No. 857
File 14322212837.png - (738.34KB , 861x552 , late2010.png )

Returning to the /new/ and /r9k/ arc late 2010-early 2011.
>> No. 858

pfft, i messed up on the t.
>> No. 859
I wouldn't say it matters.

I wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't said it, and even now that you have, I still don't see what's wrong.
>> No. 860
File 143223322392.png - (51.34KB , 380x970 , timelinen.png )

Since she is the tumblr site personification in 2011, it would've egged me if the logo wasn't correct.
>> No. 868
orz i need to draw a new lineup. the panty&stocking version is severely outdated.

A number of issues irl have caused me to draw less board tans and site tans this year. I'm also stumped by the current /pol/ users, so my comics will refer mostly to 2013 /pol/ or /new/.

uh, either than that piece of news, wow, four years since this thread started. Planned too much, overwhelmed with responsibilities, but hey I finally bought a better computer.

i'll be putting my drawings and comics here instead of the shimmie largely due to the canon that I set up that conflicts with how the other users interpreted board tans. i don't think I have a sense of humor like the other artists.
>> No. 869
Hey, I don't get current /pol/ either, and they're going to get even crazier with the elections inbound.

Then again, I never really understood /pol/ anyway.

/pol/-tan has been through a lot of shit.
-He decided to make /v/ into a dad with the whole Vivian thing.
-He decided he was jealous of that and tried to make his own kid out of ebola.
-Got into a big fight with /v/ over the Winterball thing.
-Got beat up by moot before moot left forever.
>> No. 870
>decided to make /v/ into a dad
I dunno. From my point of view the /v/ users wanted to do something fun, but it was a bit strange how Vivian came into existence. Then again, I am hopelessly unfamiliar with the /v/ board.

>jealous and tried to make his own kid out of ebola
Ebola-chan was originally drawn from an /a/ user on pixiv. It was during the ebola outbreak on the news and a bunch of /pol/ anons just wanted to fuck around with anthromorphism.

I kinda knew that pairing wars would come up somehow. Looking back on it, it was silly how the route played out.

>got beat up by moot before moot left
I don't regret choosing to turn /pol/ into a kid in my canon. when I heard moot messing with the /pol/ board with unrelated content, I figured he'll somehow make it permanent. And he did.

The majority of my storyboarding with /pol/ tan involves board history and site history. It's not something I plan on moving away from, so I fear that I will be out of touch with the current userbase.

/new/ was a verbal masochist.
>> No. 871
The most I know about the whole Vivian thing is from a screencap composite that was circulating before /v/ started hating the whole thing.
It's probably on this site somewhere already.

It was something about /pol/ finding the scandal, bringing it to /v/'s attention, then /v/ did a bunch of stuff, and then Vivian was made.
It's the reason why /pol/ is depicted as being an uncle figure to Vivian in a bunch of pics.

I never followed that too closely, but it was the biggest shitstorm I ever saw involving a 4chan OC.
>> No. 872
File 144237731168.png - (1.72MB , 1600x5888 , vivbirth.png )
>from a screencap composite that was circulating before /v/ started hating the whole thing.

>> No. 873
Yeah, that.

It's also over here >>653 now that I've bothered to go find out where on this site it was posted.

That screencap and that /v/ now hates the character or something is the extent of my awareness of her.
>> No. 874
the redirect is gone. up to a certain point, i will continue drawing /pol/ tan as a kid, but because he was essentially representative of the news board, the design shouldn't stick as the current /pol/ board.
>> No. 875
File 144312926143.jpg - (58.01KB , 633x724 , newadmin.jpg )
>> No. 893
/his/ board created.

This is nice. I like history.

Wanted to draw /biz/ when it was created but there was a shitstorm. Also I didn't visit it often as much as I wanted to last year.
>> No. 894
Another new board created:

/trash/ - Off-Topic

This is getting stupid.
>> No. 895
There have been plenty of unknown boards in the past. /trash/ is not the worse of it. Not the last either.
>> No. 896
Hiro is officially adding /news/.

Shall we see the return of /new/man?
>> No. 897
How would that even work?

Did /pol/ break reality with a time machine again?
>> No. 898

I was planning to kill off /new/ when [r9k] and /pol/ were added because /pol/ held a different title than the news board. Then someone pointed out the redirect, so /new/'s design was kept for historical purposes. It disappeared earlier this year (>>874) so I conceded that black suit disappeared (or kid /pol/ since it was his last form).

In >>947, /b/ refered to /pol/ as News.
>> No. 899
No. I'm leaving the board tan creation to the new /news/ users since the appearance of /new/ tan was never decided by the previous /n/new/ anons. If they want to use the same character, I can't stop them since I put him out as a board character. But I designed him with a background story and that's usually the basis for my canon (unless I'm drawing for the Winter Ball or for other people).
>> No. 900
/char/ hasn't gotten into the 900 post range yet. No idea if this will work >>>/comic/947
>> No. 902
Gone till December 31st. Brb with new drawings.
>> No. 903
The design I'm seeing for /trash/-tan being posted around is some kind of furry possum.

OK, have a Merry Christmas then.
>> No. 911

Updating some relations and board personalities based on old screencaps and opinions of the userbase.

/b/- Retard bin. Fast moving and active, the userbase is fun/entertaining if not chaotic. Used to be named Anime/Random.

/new/- The userbase is pessimistic and sarcastic. They frequently argue about everything. Hassle to moderate. Described as a 'frothing pool of piranhas with party hats and a Benny Hill them music'. He is, at heart, the most dramatic of the group. Is deceased.

/k/- Excluding /b/, he is the oldest of the group. Can be considered the cousin of /new/ since they keep crossing over in thread topics and opinions. The board is old enough to remember /new/'s predecessor /n/ since /n/ was created two years after /k/ (/new/, /lit/, /sci/, and /int/ didn't exist at that time). He constantly looks agitated.

/lit/- Likes to feel superior to all his non-book reading friends. The board is described to be elitist. Has a soft spot for the news board because it at least attempts to read, but its more along the lines of 'oh how cute' than actual respect. /new/ confuses this for friendship. /lit/ also fails in wooing females, but he has a better chance at getting laid than /new/ or /sci/.

/int/- /new/'s closest friend since they both talked about world news and history. She is depicted as the only female in the group. The userbase back then was laid back with people trolling the histories of other countries. Due to regulations she has resorted to a broken English accent and country generals.

/sci/- Is most likely to gauge arguments from /new/. They both don't like to be wrong. The /sci/ users also tend to overthink which could lead to /sci/ being trolled without realizing it.

**fair note: /new/, /lit/, /sci/, and /int/ share the same birthday.
>> No. 914
Relationships: /k/'s cousin board. They often hang out despite /k/'s irritation of him. /new/ is also a friend of /sci/, /lit/, and /int/ as they appear to tolerate him when he is not visibly stormfront. Either than that, other boards seem to find him amusing.

He seems to have many connections outside 4chan, though his personality leaves little for others to inquire.

He returned as /pol/ in 2012 and left office in early 2015 (when the /new/ redirect was removed). He is either incognito or deceased. Green suit /pol/ had taken office despite his rather loud and obnoxious behavior.
>> No. 917
I dunno why people are still drawing /pol/'s /new/ tan. I've decided that it was better to continue the storyline without interference.

>/pol/ tan (aka /new/ tan) was last seen as a kid in early 2015 due to moot's involvement in his userbase. Though he had made several attempts to get back to his original form, it inevitably was proven to be useless. He was quietly removed from office and green suit /pol/ had taken over to run the userbase.

About green suit /pol/:

>Green suit /pol/ was created on /pol/ as oppose to /new/ tan's creation. /new/ tan locked /pol/ away as he ruled the usebase up to 2015. Though the userbase experienced rapid growth and infamy during /new/'s reign, moot did not agree with its exploitation of freedom of speech and shut /new/ tan down when he felt too confident in his powers. /pol/ tan (green suit tan) returned to office after /new/ was removed and his influence heavily diminished by moot's antics.

>Currently there has been some disagreements with green suit's leadership. He placed more emphasis on memes as oppose to /new/ who was a strong proponent on ideologies.

>Currently in 2016 due to /new/'s disappearance, /int/ along with a few of /new/'s old friends (/k/, /lit/, /sci/, and /r9k/ when he feels up to it) had decided to seach for him.
>> No. 948
tfw zecro wants to remove discussion boards

>> No. 950
I'll look into migrating the data to a new platform if people see a point to it.
>> No. 951
In all honesty I'm probably the only one that sees a reason for the discussion boards. I like them better than the shimmie.

People can't into resizing.
>> No. 1144
I'm going to spend more time on the shimmie so I don't mind my threads getting removed. It's also distracting me from making animations lol.

zecro, if you're still here, I want my threads removed, including this one. I got some things saved on the shimmie but for the most part I'm not concerned about everything.
>> No. 1159
(YNH! /r9k/ and /new/ after getting axed from 4chan)

(Light flickering, /new/ tapping on lightbulb continuously)

/new/: Cloudflare is acting up again. I think we need a better source of energy.

/r9k/: Can you quit doing that? I'm typing up my autobiography here. As in, I have a hobby why don't you try getting one.

/new/: That's fine and dandy. How about you stick to your hobbies and I stick with mine? It's not a hard compromise and no one's eager to read your stupid greentexts.

/r9k/: Get out of my room.

/new/: Make me!

/r9k/: MODS!

(Phone starts ringing in the background. Both boards glare at each other before /r9k/ turns away and picks up the phone. Then realizes he's not really great at answering phone calls.)


(/new/ laughing at him in the background, pissing /r9k/ off. Most importantly, /r9k/ is upset with himself for answering the phone in the first place)

/x/: Oh? Is this /r9k/? Did I get the right number?

/r9k/: /x/? /x/! Oh uh, this is a nice surprise.

/new/: Is that /x/? Yo /x/! It's me, /new/-

/r9k/: She's talking to me, doofus-

/x/: It's been a while, true. Are you guys doing well?

/r9k/: I'm doing fine, with the exception of an angry news board.

/new/: Gimme the phone, let me talk to her.

/r9k/: Go away, seriously.

/x/: Hah, great to hear you two getting along so well. I missed your voices, too. Say, I was wondering, if it isn't of any bother- and I've been thinking about this for a while now- but,

(There is some hesitation before /x/ speaks again)

/x/: Can I stay with you guys?

(At this point, /r9k/ had put the phone on speaker)

/r9k/: For what reason? I thought you were happy over there.

/new/: Bet it never gets old either.

/x/: Getting constantly raided by /b/ is not fun, mind you.

/new/: Ah, that.

/r9k/: We'll think about it. In the meantime, why don't you hang out at /tg/'s like you usually do?

/x/: I...uh, I got to go. Will you at least consider my plea?

/r9k/: Will do. You be strong, /x/. (hangs up)

(Some awkward silence)

/new/:...I don't know what's weirder. The fact that /x/ wants to live with us or how you ended that conversation.

/r9k/: I got nervous.

>> No. 1160
(pre-2011 Internet cast)

Tumblr- Young lady with blue hair regularly seen hanging out with the social networking sites. Since the 2010 4chumblr incident, she's been a constant thorn (visitor) to 4chan, though most notably /b/. note: the design came mainly from the internet during 4chumblr, not tumblr's political form.

Reddit- Small robot with red eyes.

YouTube- Sociable video sharing (?) site. Likeable personality that even his enemies begrudgingly tolerate. Lives under Google's watch so he's well taken care of.

Google- His form varies but is most often portrayed as a man with white hair, white suit, and glasses. Lives in the sky. Has a horrible habit of peeping and other intrusive behaviors. Could be a search engine thing.

imgur- Boy with glowing green eyes. Ghostly in his appearance, he disappears and reappears at random intervals to show other sites what images he found.

DeviantArt- Green skin, demon horned girl. Tumblr's best friend. note: dA uses a demon (?) kinda mascot, I went with anthromorphosizing it as a horned girl.

Twitter- Three of her noteable forms are 1) a Twitter bird, 2) a harpy-like chibi girl (her arms are wings), and 3) a young girl with small blue wings (in this form she is rarely able to fly so it's pretty useless). Likes to gossip alot.

piratebay- Multiple pirates constantly on the move from forces aiming to disband them. Huge mothership.

LiveLeak- Well-known for graphical and political content. His home is surprisingly well organized. note: currently his design is a tanned man with a desert jacket and red neck gaiter.

stormfront- His name is notorious on the internet as a major hate site. Currently designed as wearing a KKK robe. (Was he the reason 4chan news board was axed?)

WikiLeaks- A fairy-like creature that gives information to those who'll listen. She lives inside an hourglass.
>> No. 1161
I forgot my sage.

/b/: 4chan's poster child, the Random board. Gaining notoriety as the asshole of the internet, his chaotic nature caused several boards to splinter off in attempt to distinguish themselves as individuals. His ability is shape-shifting and manifesting into random entities to confuse other sites, including 4chan itself. He is a prankster at heart.

/new/: 4chan's news board. He has a somewhat serious personality and a penchant for arguments and sardonic humor. He lives with [r9k] after being removed from 4chan.

[r9k]: A sad and pathetic robot wearing a gentleman's formal wear. Spends most of his time obsessing over greentext stories until moot removed him and /new/ from 4chan. Initially taking /new/ in out of pity, [r9k] starts finding the board quite difficult to room with.
>> No. 1162
/new/ is dead. No exceptions. Thus, /new/-/pol/ is dead. It was long overdue when he was axed and /pol/ stopped carrying the /new/ redirect.

i am a killjoy.

enjoy my WordPress, though. I like to draw old stuff so if anyone has old screenshots of other boards (before 2012) I'd be happy to draw them.
>> No. 1163
Link to your WordPress?
>> No. 1164

spam and report to fbi all you want lol
>> No. 1165
oh, also I did a little update for the characters page. the storyline is pretty old.
>> No. 1166
File 152240072159.png - (532.60KB , 940x1196 , 1522399638661.png )
now i just gotta design r9k cause he's a robot.
>> No. 1167
File 152416137859.jpg - (123.29KB , 800x1017 , 1524161083830-01.jpg )
I drew r9k and will start him hopefully this week.

Almost done with this.
>> No. 1168
File 152935950394.jpg - (120.46KB , 800x596 , am i ded yet.jpg )
joke's on me. I'm not even close to done.
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