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File 126298076459.jpg - (19.46KB , 640x384 , E-tan.jpg )
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/e/ - Ecchi

Gender/Physical Description: Female. Caucasian, in the same vein that "we are Japanese but we all look white." Hair is in the blond end of copper-blond, usually in pigtails. Her pigtails go to her waist, but the rest of her hair is shoulder-length. Eyes are purple. Always wears earrings in the shape of "/e/" She is 17, and goes to high school as a senior. /e/ has curves in the right places and has an attractive figure in general. Her breasts are large but not disproportionate top the rest of her figure. She wears a Japanese schoolgirl uniform to school, but her casual attire consists of "hot girl" clothes: tight jeans, tanktops, babydolls, halter tops, etc. During cold months, she can be found wearing a sweater with a skirt. /e/'s wardrobe is composed with a goal of accentuating her body.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: /e/ is a social butterfly: she has a deep understanding of social interactions, and can rapidly work her way up to the top of social circles with that knowledge and her good looks. She is an unintentional klutz, primarily for comedic purposes which somehow lead to her exposing more undergarments than she would like to be seen. /e/ is not an attention whore: she naturally turns heads, but her way of dressing is not a way to gain attention. Instead, it is a way for her to conceal deep insecurities about her appearance: she is obsessed with what the perfect body should look like. /e/ resents being associated with the rest of the boards residing in 4chan, she considers them freaks and misfits. She constantly strives to live a "normal" life, but the pursuit is futile (and somewhat endearing).

Special Power: None.

Relationships: /d/ and /h/ are like siblings to /e/ (the key word is "like"), but she tries to avoid them because she considers them to be offensive freaks.

She has a huge fondness for /m/, and fantasizes about being the bridge bunny for his fabulous spaceship.

Job: /e/ works as a waitress in /ck/'s diner but aspires to be a model.

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>> No. 13
Additional: Gainax bounce. Always gainax bounce. Every motion should send her tits flinging in every direction like a catfight going on in her shirt.
>> No. 15
Cocktease, hopeless romantic, and also a virgin probably (maybe she explodes at /d/ and calls her names when she comes around at night)

>She'd bounce around, constantly blushing at every little thing, becoming flustered which leads to her constant accidents (which always end up being more lewd looking, which leads to more fluster, and so on in some sort of vicious cycle.)
Sounds about right.

/e/ would probably act as a foil to /d/. /e/ hates "freaks" like /d/ who are so openly promiscuous...but she ends up doing the same unintentionally. /d/ perceives love far more sexually than /e/.
>> No. 98
File 129165462082.jpg - (68.69KB , 250x266 , cute23.jpg )
Although she's generally thought of as being uncomfortable around her housemates, I could see her as being of a higher standard--sort of like a mature teenager when retaliating to a child; she thinks of herself as better than them, and when the child tries to get her attention, she puts on a (see pic) face, and says "Heh, neat," then continue to chat away on her cell phone. Although it would change what she is already known to be, it could still be absorbed properly enough.

File 126281655692.jpg - (68.80KB , 547x1020 , 1262808540000.jpg )
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/tg/ - Traditional Games (He's on the right in his angry marines shirt. The girl on the left is /x/, his waifu)

Gender/Physical Description: Dark brown hair coming down past his shoulders which he usually keeps tied in a ponytail. Brown eyes that some people claim they can see a "T" in one eye and a "G" in the other. Has light stubble. Thin, generally physically weak (But he as his moments, see below), pale from spending so much time in his basement playing D&D.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Friendly, slightly immature, a tad socially awkward, but not nearly to the degree as some would think. He's a bro to most people that get along well with him, though he is prone to infrequent, but violent fits of nerd rage.His hobbies are defined by his name; he loves all sorts of traditional games. He's played every single tabletop imaginable and knows the rules thereof inside out and backwards. Owns every possible model for games such as Warhammer, masterful painter, rages when he sees someone doing an inferior paint job or modeling job. All of his disposable income goes to his hobbies. Prone to ronriness, so when /x/ isn't around he's known to put on his robe and wizard hat. Is slightly transgendered and "wants to be the little girl." Has been caught crossdressing by /co/ and /x/ several times, and is known to collaborate with /a/ for such occasions.

Special Power: Nerd rage! Although he's normally scrawny and physically unimposing, /tg/, when enraged, can perform superhuman feats such as breaking down a door, surviving a 100 foot fall, taking a bullet and and stay standing, or pick up a car and throw it at someone (Though he usually just breaks tables in half). When he performs acts of nerd rage, he narrates himself as would a player in a tabletop game. Such things like "I break down the door!" "I make my fortitude save!" or "Strength check, natural twenty!"

Relationships: His best bro is /co/, they frequently bro the fuck up. They good enough friends to the point of giving each other backrubs when stressed (No homo, I think). Supposedly he had a short lived and unsuccessful relationship with /ck/ that didn't really end well. Now currently involved with /x/, whom he cares for deeply (As evident by saving her from /b/'s rape attempts on frequent occasions). Occasional rape victim of /d/, but hey, who isn't?

Job: Manager of a local game and hobby store that sells everything imaginable related to traditional games. Rages at stupid customers, breaks the limbs of people who break other people's models and don't pay for it, though is willing to teach most who ask nicely how to play any sort of game.

I think I got a good grasp of him. Discuss.
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>> No. 77
Yeah, most people have nevada-tan in mind when thinking about /g/uro.

I had a backstory for /x/ kinda sorta thought out. Little known fact is that when /p/ was introduced as the new photography board on 4chan, the old /p/ was moved to /x/ for a month before being deleted.

/x/ was re-introduced as "paranormal" because of the popularity of 7chan's /x/, the same day as /tg/ in February 15, 2007. Perhaps her backstory is that she was an adventurous photographer, traveling around to get the best shots, until she visited a particular house, and her whole personality changed. She left 4chan House to seek "the truth" and came back with a different eye and different mannerisms. While away, she studied various paranormal phenomena which is how she came to posses her powers. Unfortunately, her travels showed her the horrible things the paranormal were capable of, so she never feels quite right using what she learned. As for her eye, well, who knows how *that* particular story played out...

Uh, I guess the /tg/ x /x/ pairing also kind of plays into this since the boards were added the same day and are a little bit related.
>> No. 79

I like the backstory to /x/. Will there be more?
>> No. 81
gotta get off my ass and write it

File 126259636044.jpg - (15.06KB , 250x249 , N00389.jpg )
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Alright, let's get some /f/ucking shit done.

Gender/Physical Description: I want to say /f/ would be male. He would be kinda small, not very buff, but isn't malnutritioned. To get things started, let's just say he has badly kept brown hair, probably sleepy because of making/storing flashes all night. Wears shorts and a tanktop?

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Stays up into the depths of the night creating and obtaining flashes. He would also get flashes from all around the world, mainly EU, USA, and Japan. His behavior would be erradic. Half or more of his collection would involve /h/ related flashes, so perverse? A virgin who hits on people?

Special Power: (BLANK)

Relationships: Rarely does he go to other people, but people do come to him with /r/equests. Probably most in common with /h/?

Job: Website owner that deals with games?

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>> No. 36
Alright, check it out.

Added some stuff to the wiki: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Board-tans#.2Ff.2F_-_Flash
>> No. 76
should he stutter (reference to looping flash vids)?
>> No. 78
sounds like a good addition.

File 127046340581.jpg - (58.98KB , 373x425 , orareff.jpg )
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Just brain storming here.

Genders/Physical description: Both Male or both female. /w/ wears Japanese school uniform. /wg/ wears British school uniform. Otherwise they are twins.
Personality/Habits/hobbies/behaviors: Same person Grown in two different places. One with a Japanese accent, one a British. Otherwise clones.
Powers: Eh..... Wonder twins?
Relationships: Desperately want to be /ic/'s students. He could care less.
Job: Freelance artist/photoshopers?

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>> No. 55
File 127166781665.jpg - (91.76KB , 826x909 , wa.jpg )
>> No. 56
File 127166782745.jpg - (41.18KB , 837x632 , wwg.jpg )
>> No. 60
Could work..

File 126281136379.jpg - (29.93KB , 390x461 , Ck-tan.jpg )
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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

Gender/Physical Description: Female. Dirty blond hair. Often wears a white apron and chef's hat.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Energetic, even a tad jumpy. Motherly and nurturing except when it comes to picky eaters (vegetarians and vegans especially). Is addicted to coffee, and adds different spices and herbs to suit her mood or needs.

Special Power: Able to pull cooking equipment out seemingly thin air, (under skirt, hat,), and can use said equipment for fighting if needed (meat tenderizer, cheese grater, etc). Able to cook food with healing abilities

Relationships: In love with /co/ (married?). Gets along well with /k/ and /an/ as they help supply her with fresh herbs/vegetables/meat. Does not get along well with /fit/ due to his eating habits.

Job: Owner and head cook at TGINF.

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>> No. 19
was it supposed to be just blond?

I don't think we have characters with crazy hair, which is a good thing?
>> No. 20
No it makes her look more her age, its okay
>> No. 57
File 12716680232.png - (508.02KB , 1200x2000 , ck.png )

File 126320319017.png - (115.29KB , 336x474 , tgiswatching you.png )
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I think we should get rid of these 'special power' entries. Design is great, and character interactions are high priority, but powers?

1: Its kind of silly having characters have powers almost arbitrarily. Its kind of a crutch in trying to diversify characters by what they do, rather than how they look and how they act.

2: We all want our favorite board to be special and awesome. When we see one board getting special attention, we want to spread it around. By making things more complex, it makes everything a huge clusterfuck. It should be about design and character interaction, not about 'my board can beat up your board'

3: to what end would 'powers' serve? As much as most of us would enjoy having a huge epic storyline... I think that's a little outside the scope of 'silly cute drawings personifying 4chan' Most stories involving personifications are oneshots, or have a very loose metaplot among several comics. So what adversary requires mystical powers to overcome?

Now, I'm not saying make everything mundane. But 'powers' don't need to be something defined. A power comes into play when there's an obstacle to overcome, for the purpose of either resolution of the task (a plot device) or as a source of a gag of some sort. /tg/ bulks out into a hambeast and becomes a raging sperg over games because its funny. /v/ rages out and punches out trolls because its a 'fuck yeah' moment. /d/ morphs shape into fetish creatures because it's perverse. Its not about overcoming an obstacle.

Its because its amusing. And thats the point of it.
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>> No. 10
The original idea for the "powers" was exactly for the large story arcs. I looked over the cast pages, and the only ones that don't seem forced are /a/, /v/, and /tg/ (and maybe /b/). The other characters' "powers" are not really "powers" and should probably be integrated into character design. /co/ being a vigilante shouldn't be in the powers section; /k/ constantly carrying firearms isn't a power, it's an eccentricity that should be incorporated into his character.

Getting rid of them completely is probably a bad idea, but they were never intended to be a central part of the character in the first place (probably, it wasn't actually my idea, so I'll double-check).

Excluding /b/, the special powers of /a/, /v/, and /tg/ are form-changes. There aren't many situations when the form-change should be invoked, but if someone has a need for an alternate form, it should be consistent. Maybe the solution is to rename the "powers" section to an "Alternate forms" section.

/d/ should just *be* a partial shapeshifter.

/b/ is a difficult character to work with because /b/ itself is so amorphous. there should probably be a new thread about /b/, but the minion part or the random-dudes-following-him-around were one of the ways to make the character work and shouldn't be axed without an alternative being introduced.
>> No. 14
maybe relabel it as idiosyncrasies?
>> No. 21
The original purpose for the "Special Powers" was for use in the big /b/ invasion plotline.
The idea being that they gained their "powers" through either a spell of /x/'s,
or perhaps whatever barriers were broken when "The Cancer King" was unleashed might have awoken something dormant inside them.
At any rate, they were always intended to be purely situational, and not every character ended up with anything all that crazy.
Now I agree with your points about WHY they would do these things.
I think that most of the time, they will be (or should be) for reasons just like those you posted.
I still think it's fun to try and make something big though.
I was actually the guy who wrote what little has been done so far on the big "/b/ invasion" storyline, and it's something I'd like to revisit eventually.

File 126288875892.jpg - (43.25KB , 489x600 , 489px-C-tan_Flowers.jpg )
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/c/ - Anime/Cute

Gender/Physical Description: Female. While /c/ claims to be 9 and a half, her lack of any records makes determining her exact age difficult, although she is clearly a child. Her long blond hair is frequently in ribbons, and it would be very uncharacteristic of her to wear something that wasn't in pastel colors. Wears two hairclips in the shape of hears that have "/c/" printed on them.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: /c/ loves...well...everything. She cheerfully listens to everyone, although she does have a normal child's attention span. She is frequently at play and wandering the 4chan house when she is not in the room she and /toy/ share.

For unknown reasons, she uses a variety of Japanese words mixed with her English, usually those involving referencing other people. For example, she refers to /a/ as her "nee-chan", and truly does seem to treat /a/ as an older sister.

/c/ is oblivious to almost everything, including all the horrible things that happen around her. She will bounce back mentally unharmed. /c/ doesn't understand the adult world around her, especially all the sexual innuendo.

Special Power: Being adorable doesn't require a power.

Relationships: Officially adopted by /trv/ after the unfortunate demise of her parents. However, in /trv/s absence /ck/ looks after her as a surrogate mother figure. She rooms with /toy/, and considers /a/ to be her older sister. She is otherwise on good terms with almost everyone in the 4chan house

Job: None. She's a kid.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 17
I never did like the part where she's somehow related to /trv/ (actual familial relations shouldn't be something that the characters start with... they should develop through the plot).

Actually, I changed the description after this was posted... here's what it reads now:

>Like the other inhabitants of 4chan House, /c/ has no relatives, so /ck/ looks after her as a surrogate mother figure. Her father figure is /trv/, who often sends her gifts. She rooms with /toy/, and considers /a/ to be her older sister. She is otherwise on good terms with almost everyone in 4chan House. Often with /cm/, /toy/, and /i/.

There's kind of a big difference because she's no longer a ~mysterious orphan,~ but her relationship with /trv/ and /ck/ sticks. She can room with /toy/ in any case.

I also added that she has godly luck in almost everything, which is why she avoids all the mentally scarring things that happen around her.

I imagine /c/, /cm/, /toy/, and /i/ hanging out together a lot. Maybe they have tea parties.

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