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File 136365099960.jpg - (37.12KB , 321x361 , out 1363624869033.jpg )
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Gender/Physical Description: Female, young child.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Outdoorsy, still too young to have any opinions yet.

Relationships: Daughter of /an/ and /k/
/trv/ is an uncle figure.

The board isn't even a day old and there's already an /out/-tan.
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>> No. 405
File 136365212547.jpg - (285.85KB , 2198x1632 , out k an 1363651555298.jpg )
this comes before the one above.
>> No. 406
So cute! I love her already.
>> No. 411
File 136374736280.png - (1.55MB , 1920x1040 , out 1363729859473.png )
too big for the shimmie.

File 134410469085.jpg - (159.48KB , 966x932 , 1337896055921.jpg )
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A couple months ago /v/ and /vg/ had a discussion about /vg/-tan. We had about 3 images drawn, and had a description of /vg/ written up. I figured I may as well put it up here for discussion.

Gender/Physical Description: /vg/ is a male in his late teens. He looks almost exactly like a younger /v/, clean-cut and without any facial hair.
His shirt and accessories are always related to his current game of the day. In addition, he always wears a WWII era general's hat that is too large for his head. It was given to him by his older brother /v/ who had grown tired of it, and although they might fight now, /vg/ still cherishes it.
Personality/Hobbies/Habits/Behavior: He's extremely obsessive compulsive, with everything in his room placed neatly away and always kept clean.
He might have multiple personality disorder, shifting his manner and attitude depending on the game he's playing. Sometimes he'll try to be hardcore, to a level approaching /v/'s hate of casual gaming, but other times he becomes obsessed with a story and emotions. He'll obsess over one game, before moving on to another one fairly quickly. While the obsession lasts however, he'll talk for hours at length about the game to anyone who will listen, and even to those who won't (much to /v/'s chagrin).
Obsession aside, he acts more maturely than his older brother, and is usually optimistic and lighthearted. He actually enjoys playing videogames, and is often seen around the house, gameboy in hand.
Relationship to other boards:
/v/ is reminded of his own less-cynical past by /vg/, and so has grown to hate him. /vg/ hates /v/ because of the way his older brother treats him. They both share a mutual hatred of /vp/, however.
At the end of the day, the two are still brothers, and will still look out for each other. He still tries to play videogames with /v/ sometimes, but is usually pushed away. When they do play, they always degenerate into outright fighting.
When his obsession rolls back around to Dwarf Fortress or strategy games, he'll often find himself hanging out with /tg/. A similar thing occurs with /d/ when /vg/ is playing games like Monster Girl Quest or Corruption of Champions.
The other boards find him nicer and tend to like him more than they do /v/, but still try to avoid him due to his tendency to talk incessantly.
The exception to this is /mlp/. The two can actually stand each other, mainly because they're too busy talking about their own obsessions to listen to the other. /vg/ is one of /mlp/'s only non-imaginary friends, although /vg/ will deny that they're actually friends. /vg/ isn't a fan of ponies, but as one of the newer members of the house along with /mlp/, they've found some common ground, including older brothers who hate them, and /vg/ manages to tolerate her.
>> No. 332
File 134410827842.png - (16.75KB , 870x700 , vg v 1343613096794.png )
sounds about right.

I'm pretty sure /vg/ doesn't know that /a/ is a trap too.

and I'm getting real sick of this thing telling me that my file sizes are too big, uploaded to the shimmie instead
>> No. 338
I've upped upload size to 3 MB on all boards.
>> No. 352
here's that thread they were discussing it in

File 131936600661.png - (11.90KB , 1024x134 , boards.png )
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/r9k/ and /hc/ returns!

There have been some discussions on whether /pol/ should be considered a /new/ incarnation or a separate board of its own. Still too early to figure out.

/diy/ board has also been introduced.
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>> No. 339
/q/ board exists now?
>> No. 341
/q/ has existed before in the past, now it has returned once more.

It's either a prophet or a therapist for all the other boards they way I see it.
>> No. 342

A good (but incomplete) source.

File 134394011723.png - (49.05KB , 1519x682 , duglogobigtextwhite[1].png )
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I really don't get how the 4chan house imageboards function, so here goes:

I've had this idea that /sci/, /pol/, and /x/ would be friends. /sci/ and /pol/ share a special connection in the current boards, through economics, racism, and the like. /x/ and /sci/ would be friends because they would be on opposite sides of debate club, which is happening now in those boards. /pol/ and /x/ would share their love/paranoia for conspiracies.

Also, the three boards from archive.installgentoo.net (/sci/, /g/, and /diy/) should have some connection. I thought of a sorta superhero team, if you can imagine a spinoff from whatever comic/show /co/ is in. Like how in current cape comics and cartoons there's always that superhero team that teams up with the hero occasionally. But anyway, back to the three. I feel like the three have a dynamic that would allow them to be part of a good group. I originally thought of this when /k/ was also archived there, but that idea has to be thrown out.

I'm entirely unsure how the presence of /sci/ in these two would mesh at all, so they might be incompatible. I don't know.

>> No. 330
4chan house imageboards function the same as other image boards, but you probably should've made this thread in /gen/.

/sci/ had a trolling relation with /new/ before it became /pol/, always posting science articles.

/pol/ cares not for the paranormal, it's all religious and political arguments.

/sci/, /g/, and /diy/ acting as a team would probably build big machines or research labs together. Probably not any mecha though since that's /m/'s turf (or they would just to make him jealous).

thoughts are that unless you have a drawfag willing to draw some stuff, ideas rarely get anywhere (it's sad, but true).
Could be cool to see some other other boards get more attention since most of the big stuff is usually about the higher traffic boards.

File 134004309815.png - (275.02KB , 1022x940 , ttt.png )
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Hello. I drew this for /toy/ before knowing about the houses and someone brought /toy/ tan up to me. Looked around and found 4chanhouse and thought I'd share her with you~ She doesn't have a name yet but the robot is Omocha (toy)
>> No. 264
File 13400434387.png - (318.53KB , 1280x1024 , ttt.png )
annnnd I made the mistake of forgetting to change the /t/ to /toy/. I had originally finished this up at about 3-4AM and addressed /toy/ as /t/ because I'm a newfag. Anyway, update.
>> No. 265
huh, neat.
/toy/-tan's design hasn't been finalized and is still varying between a robot toy, a doll with classic doll joints, and some young girl.

/toy/ thread >>133
>> No. 275
it was pretty accepted up till now she was a girl with doll joints.

File 132619753278.png - (39.58KB , 836x857 , 1274133412542.png )
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Since /u/ absolutely hated the description of /u/-tan posted on the 1d4 wiki, we decided to write our own description that represents /u/ better. Crossposting it here. tl;dr warning

Gender/Physical Description: The /u/ girls are a pair of female twins who attend an elite Catholic all-girls school and are always seen together. Lilium has long orange hair. Her sister, Shizuka, keeps her purple hair short due to her love of sports. Both sisters sport mystical eyewear. Lilium is always seen with a pair of reading glasses, though it’s known the only books she reads written by authors such as Sarah Waters and Radclyffe Hall. Likewise, Shizuka always has her lucky pair of sports goggles. This allows them to activate their yuri vision turning even the straightest girl into a hardcore lesbian, at least in their mind anyway.

Personality: Lilium is a proper young lady, her uniform always in pristine condition Younger students look up to her, but most keep their distance. Their idol is cool beauty that is to be observed from afar, and never approached. These young girls should watch out though, even though she appears as a proper young maiden, her mind is that of a devious pervert who wishes to whisk all cute girls away into her room for various activities. Shizuka is her opposite. She is a tomboy, and excels at all sports. Her favorites include archery, karate, kendo and soccer. More prone to hostility then her sister, she’s believes that someone is always attacking her and attempting to steal her crush, even if there is no one around. However, she approaches romance more innocently then her sister. When she gets a crush, she’ll stutter and blush. Very rarely will she ever venture farther than holding hands underneath the cherry blossoms. Both Twins are members of the girl’s club, a secret club for those who embrace the way of the lily. As president, Lilium is in charge of setting up ceremonies for the club and assisting the student council in festivals. She will work late into the night with the school president, Shizuru. What happens in those late nights is unknown. Shizuka heads the sport’s division. As such, she assist in training of all sports teams and will even fill in for a player if need be. All of the teams coveted her when she first entered high school, but her sister was quick in “encouraging” her to join the Girl’s Club. The /u/ twins were separated at birth and brought back together in high school. Lilium grew up in France and Shizuka was raised in Japan. This has led them to quarrel more and more recently. Lilium believes that all cute girls should be enjoyed, while Shizuka argues that only Japanese girls posses true beauty. Regardless, they will still be together, because they love each other and have no intentions of getting hit by a train or dying in a fire.

Relationships: In general, neither notices the opposite-sex or anyone else for that matter. They truly only enjoy themselves when the two sisters are alone, but they will always take time to stalk, I mean, observe cute or attractive girls. However, if a male attempts to approach one of their chosen, watch out. Shizuka will let come at you with all her rage. Lilium will try to calm her sister, and sometimes she succeeds. Most of the time Shizuka ignores her.As for the other boards, /a/ and /u/ have gotten into in to multiple fights over other girls and leaving /u/ with a feeling of distrust, even if /a/ agrees with them. Lilium enjoys sharing a cup of tea with /co/ and /tv/, but Shizuka insists that they are out to turn all lesbians straight. This is one topic the two frequently dispute. Both of twins will come together in their love for their little sister /c/. The extent of this relationship is currently unknown. Generally, the /u/ twins enjoy other female-centric boards, but never for long periods of time, especially Shizuka

Jobs: They are both high school students. Lilium tends to do well in school, while Shizuka gets by. Where she really shines is in her sports.
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>> No. 214
File 132644475785.jpg - (1.11MB , 1978x1627 , 1326061571999.jpg )
Joyous day, /u/ gets archived!

The shimmie gets a half-sized version of this because "FILE TOO LARGE"
>> No. 218
Wow, that's alot of tl;dr. But they're so cute!
>> No. 223
That's cute, really. I'm glad that /u/ got to participate in their own board-tan creation, hopefully this will promote more artwork of them!

File 131396215039.gif - (475.92KB , 512x288 , 1310948093680.gif )
166 No. 166 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So who of the pretty well established tans haven't had rule 34 made of them yet?
Pic unrelated.
>> No. 168
Possibly /trv/, due to an in-joke that he's never at the 4chan house.
>> No. 170
Makes me want some /toy/ tan rule 34

File 131194653482.jpg - (76.97KB , 668x599 , revrse.jpg )
148 No. 148 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I think we could use a list.

A list of boards that were around when 4chan was first created, a list of boards that were added at some point, and a list of boards that were removed.

Maybe we could tie this into the over-arching theme of the characters somehow, but for now, I think we just need a list.
>> No. 149
Lets see...

I know that /vp/ was added 'cause of all the Pokemon threads on /v/, and I know /soc/ was added 'cause of all the 'RATE ME-POST UR PIC' threads on /b/.

I know that /r9k/ and /new/ were removed for various reasons.

That's all I got.
>> No. 150

Primarily I look there for some ideas on when the boards are made. And some in-between history that would be useful to character background additions.

File 129818737610.jpg - (3.12KB , 126x126 , 1296547217167s.jpg )
104 No. 104 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
pic unrelated. Revision necessary.

After visiting /cm/ for a good amount of time (considering that it's one of the first boards that I visit at 4chan), I'm going to make an educated guess on /cm/'s character. And maybe some possible revisions if anyone feels the need to.

/cm/ is a young male, with or without cat ears (I'm pretty certain this is due to his Loveless obsession at one point). He gets along well with boards of his own interests. He hangs out with the younger boards (Ex: /c/, /i/, /toy/?), though he would rather hang out with other older male board-tans.

Though he and /y/ share nearly the same interests, both board tans are ashamed of each other. /cm/ can't understand /y/'s weird fetishes as much as /y/ can't understand /cm/'s non-sexually explicit thoughts.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 117
He should have slash goggles.
>> No. 118
Oh boy how they slash.
>> No. 119
Short /cm/ story:

/cm/ was in his tree house near the 4chan house, minding his own business as he pasted his new found pictures into his peculiarly bulky scrapbook. It was a large white, three-ring folder with various anime pictures laminated with clear tape on the front cover. Quite obviously, however, he wasn't concerned with the females on the pictures; there were no trace of them in his scrapbook at all. /cm/ was the kind of board that was interested in males rather it's pure friendship or- if he put on his stylin' slash goggles- the love between two males when they hug or share a kiss. And it was beautiful. He enjoyed it that much.

Sometimes he'd show his collection to /y/, who, with a disapproving look on his face, would suggest he get back to his tree house before he goes apeshit on /cm/'s lack of gay sex/rape/bara illustrations. At first, /cm/ would be hurt. Now it's just an apathetic,”Okay, sure,” and he'll retreat back to his territory, not understanding what's wrong with the images he had presented to his overly gay brother.

He'll never understand /y/. (“Actually, I think it's best that I don't even try,” was /cm/'s sudden realization of /y/'s strange tastes.)

So here /cm/ was in his tree house, cutting and pasting some pictures together with a game of “Assassin's Creed” paused on the television, random South Park and Hetalia images scattered on the floor, and manga books opened and marked to 'slashable' content.

Oh boy, what a mess.

Next time he'd definitely clean up when /co/ arrives from /y/'s place.

File 128494097010.jpg - (49.23KB , 500x491 , 1258263752099.jpg )
82 No. 82 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
pic unrelated

what about /pk/?

should be a young male (15?) who enjoys keeping pets teaching them new tricks and making them fight each other, is disliked by /an/ for this reason, has an unseen rival named Douche Oak whom he claims to have frequent battles with, likes to travel a bit but is around 4chan house far more frequently than /trv/ who seems to think of him as a troubled child who just needs some affection. likes to play games with /v/ who just finds him to be annoying, he generally gets along with the children of 4chan house who think his pets are cute and refer to him as /tr/ his source of income is unknown but he seems to find more money every time he leaves the house.
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>> No. 107
I approve of /vp/ being a bastard child of /v/ and /a/. I've heard that moot made /vp/ due to the amount of pokemon boards over at /v/.
>> No. 111
team rocket
>> No. 113
the way i heard it described was /v/ and /a/ slept together and, my goodness, they were surprised! They had two eggs! They don't know how the eggs got there, but they had it! You do want it, yes?

What a mystery, I wonder how it happened? Storks, maybe?

(If you don't get it, it's the text for when you pick up eggs after breeding pokemon.)

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