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File 136842394440.png - (81.21KB , 632x1154 , 4chancharacters01.png )
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Board History: http://tanasinn.info/wiki/Complete_History_of_4chan
Board tans description (/tg/ wiki): http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Board-tans
4chan House Project Discussion: http://plus4chan.org/b/coc/res/32508.html (dead?)

The descriptions I'm posting are simple and easier to manage, so if something is off about a particular board, it can be easy to change.

Feel free to add input. There will also be links posted to each board-tan discussion (if there is any). There is a total of 64 boards.

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>> No. 560
File 139744988185.png - (277.36KB , 1232x1400 , f tan.png )
some guy made /f/ tan
but I don't think there's any viable way to make /f/ tan official until they make a flash of /f/tan
>> No. 563
File 13978749737.png - (300.48KB , 663x497 , 1397848007995.png )
this /f/-tan is really cool though.
>> No. 816

File 141447050149.jpg - (443.64KB , 854x823 , 124366665728.jpg )
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I have a proposal to you guys.
4chan is nearly dead now with all the shit going on there. And the project is interesting enough to keep me checking this after all these years.

Why don't we give the project a part 2? With 8chan and the migration of a good majority of /b/, /v/, /pol/ and some other boards there, I think it would open a fuckload of openings to more creative ideas and development to the characters. I am not proposing the total abortion of the 4chan house project, of course, but is anyone interested in starting the 8chan house project?
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>> No. 809
No, but you guys are free to create your own -tans.
>> No. 812
other chans that aren't 4chan are dead as fuck or become dead as fuck.

Moot's move on /v/ was a serious dick move but 4chan is still the lord of the chans. Maybe someday OP maybe someday...
>> No. 815
No, the admin has said this is for 4chan tans only.

File 127000494442.png - (280.63KB , 666x896 , Mtan.png )
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Gender/Physical Appearance: Male. Has a bishonen, yet rugged and hotblooded, look. Long, red hair. He is never seen without his trademark bandanna and wild, fiery sideburns. Has a small scar on his face over his eye.

/a/ considers him extremely pretty, and is secretly jealous of him for that. Even though he has a scar running down his chest and on his arms he proudly leaves his hairless chest bare for all to see. The one exception to that rule is when he is piloting his mech.

He frequently wears his shirt tied around his waist while he's tinkering with his mech, or attempting to modify any of the household appliances.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior:/m/ seems to spend most of his time preparing for some epic battle that only he is aware of. He can be seen constantly tinkering with various household electronics, training his body or upgrading not only his mech but various appliances around the house. When not prepairing for an obscure epic battle, /m/ enjoys watching mecha anime series to relax. This is the one time /a/ can hang out with him and not freak out over how damn pretty he is.

He does seem to have dissociative identity disorder, going from Hotblooded super robot hero to concerned real robot hero. While in his Super robot hero identity he has a tendency toward the dramatic, occasionally giving long hotblooded monologues when he becomes excited. He also goes out of his way to be "manly", which has an opposite effect on the males of 4chan house, since most write him off as a homo.

When his Real robot personality is out he tends to become overly concerned about others almost to the point where he can feel someone else’s feelings. However he doesn’t know how to express this to the others around him, he explains it as feeling “pressure” from someone.

In general, /m/ welcomes a challenge and lives for a chance to prove that he is the hero that he knows himself to be. /m/ is oblivious to the advances of the various female characters swooning over him, often comically so. He is secretly a lolicon, and has an attraction to /toy/ he is somewhat unaware of.

He also tends to enter rooms by using a Rider kick on the doors, and always winds up fixing said door later in the day. In addition to his repair skills, he has an expansive model collection. In fact, he once had a job at a hobby shop but was fired for hiding all the new and good models for himself.
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>> No. 325
File 134384294037.png - (394.21KB , 727x557 , 1343683571592.png )
I have no idea what the details behind this are, except the dark chap is named /m/azinguy and he wages war on all that he decides to be "not /m/" which includes /m/-tan, but have a picture

I've seen the name /m/usashi I think?
>> No. 327
File 134384865411.jpg - (128.13KB , 725x1015 , 1343633914400.jpg )
all the details from when he was first made are:
>Gunbuster head, Hakaider forehead, Mazinger grill, Master Gundam wings and feet, Getter 2 drill, Megadramon claw, Gaiking jaw belt, Raideen/Faiz/Axl red lines

>His name is /m/azinguy. He is a mechanical zealot who wages war on anything he decides is not /m/ - and that includes /m/-tan. This is his true form, he is a cyborg who was willingly rebuilt into a killing machine. In his free time he listens to Christian Death Metal he heard in /mu/.

I wonder if /mu/ is being set up to play an antagonistic role?

Anyway, I'm now more curious about this lady /m/ character who seems like she's supposed to play a similar role to /co/lette.
I've seen a lot of arguing about her design, but nothing really definitive.
>> No. 446
File 136556029444.jpg - (1.46MB , 1275x3000 , 1348781758238.jpg )
oh, and they created an arch enemy for /m/-tan a while ago too.

>Turn /m/ - /ɯ/, the total opposite of /m/-tan: civil, suave, charming, dressed in fine suits without a tie, and has a microwave for a head which he uses to warm bagels and shoot Satellite Microwave Beams at insects to turn into minions.
>Often mistaken for /w/ (like how /m/ is mistaken for /mu/), is jealous of /m/-tan having so many friends.

Thought it'd be worth mentioning here rather than in the addition characters thread.

File 141251675448.jpg - (730.13KB , 1486x1152 , 1412507582895.jpg )
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/hm/-tan is a laid back muscle bear. He likes both little girls like /i/ and /c/-tan and men like /fit/-tan

He wears Hawaiian shirts and chino shorts and likes relaxing on the beach when he's not fighting for Ellen in the Royal Queen's Navy.
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>> No. 703
The people of /hm/ want him with arvies hair and a navy hat with ellens face. Please add that in.
>> No. 704
The pics are coming directly from a thread on /hm/.

>> No. 740
File 141344275744.jpg - (52.04KB , 562x434 , go_be_fat_somewhere_else.jpg )
nobody likes bears except bears.

File 137772901310.png - (152.57KB , 401x1000 , politician.png )
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not a drawfag obviously, scrapped something out as best as i could...

Can you pls base around the character of /pol/ around something like this?

Face of anonymous because /pol/ is inconsistent and chaotic

suit of a politician because its political incorrect

also a tinfoil fedora if you can
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>> No. 731
File 141317788395.jpg - (513.17KB , 1290x898 , 1410844923050.jpg )
>> No. 732
File 141317790487.png - (141.40KB , 482x461 , 1409963955274.png )
>> No. 733
File 141317791543.jpg - (193.60KB , 750x588 , 1409964322903.jpg )

File 141187167125.png - (41.77KB , 900x1200 , mod 1.png )
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earliest mod image is 2014-05-06
earliest janitor image is 2013-03-18
according to the tags on shimmie
>> No. 708
File 141283806091.png - (34.84KB , 628x484 , mod.png )

File 137063997619.gif - (428.21KB , 200x183 , tumblr_mmqqvn6qIc1rewgato1_250.gif )
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So most of the team its easy to map out character relations based on board relations. like why /m/ and /toy/ would get along, but what about, say /toy/ and /d/? its easy to explain how they get along as boards (doll joints, /d/ level toy pictures, ect), but for the two characters it seems a bit harder.
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>> No. 535
What if /wsg/ is /gif/'s son and he was a well-groomed, respected film director and /gif/ was an alcoholic porn director?
>> No. 696
/hm/ is the love child of /b/ and /soc/
>> No. 707
I think /jp/ is /v/'s daughter and hates him.
Might be wrong though.

File 140455896043.png - (51.09KB , 177x444 , 138983317942.png )
631 No. 631 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What's her name?
And why does she wear her cross on the top of her head? I can understand the countryballs on her and the ">white" thing with her skin, eyes and hair but not that cross.
And, that's easy, but I think /int/ and /pol/ are pretty much OP.
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>> No. 645
/int/ is just /pol/ 2.0 with some more "roleplaying/meta threads" also languages. Would be cool if she was like the French and refused to speak English to people because it's "un-civilized".
>> No. 651
u wot
/int/ is the communist version of /pol/...
>> No. 694
Excuse me? How so?

File 136373001256.png - (73.50KB , 249x479 , vr 1363710090952.png )
407 No. 407 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Time for a thread about the totally awesome extreme tubular retro gaming guy.

The /vr/ board-tan threads can be found:
(all images that aren't /vr/-tan has been removed).

Gender/Physical Description: Male, entirely made out of 80s and 90s cliches.
The size of his hair is indicative of his power lever.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Nothing made after 1999 a.d./C.E./whatever-date-system-you-go-by is of any interest to him. When he plays the multiplayer vidya, whoever he's playing with/against will be sitting next to him on a couch (or floor).
Owns a hover board because they are totally 80s.

Relationships: Long lost older brother of /v/, "brodatious" is a good one word description for him. He's a lot more chill than /v/ (or is at least portrayed as).

/v/ is beginning to feel like the Batman of boards with all these other /v/'s running around.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 431
For some reason /vr/ tan reminds me of kamina

File 140883173928.jpg - (34.40KB , 326x532 , a374332d27fbb077ee16bb0eb85843c9c7bd46ae.jpg )
652 No. 652 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey, so I was just curious as to what you are going to do about this whole Vivian\/v/'s daughter thing
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>> No. 684
File 141079252513.png - (147.23KB , 706x3007 , vivian comic 4.png )
Posting them as I find them.
>> No. 685
File 141079255654.png - (156.13KB , 706x2698 , vivian comic 5.png )
>> No. 691
File 141170533827.png - (290.15KB , 706x3011 , vivian comic 6.png )

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