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File 141251675448.jpg - (730.13KB , 1486x1152 , 1412507582895.jpg )
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/hm/-tan is a laid back muscle bear. He likes both little girls like /i/ and /c/-tan and men like /fit/-tan

He wears Hawaiian shirts and chino shorts and likes relaxing on the beach when he's not fighting for Ellen in the Royal Queen's Navy.
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>> No. 703
The people of /hm/ want him with arvies hair and a navy hat with ellens face. Please add that in.
>> No. 704
The pics are coming directly from a thread on /hm/.

>> No. 740
File 141344275744.jpg - (52.04KB , 562x434 , go_be_fat_somewhere_else.jpg )
nobody likes bears except bears.

File 137772901310.png - (152.57KB , 401x1000 , politician.png )
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not a drawfag obviously, scrapped something out as best as i could...

Can you pls base around the character of /pol/ around something like this?

Face of anonymous because /pol/ is inconsistent and chaotic

suit of a politician because its political incorrect

also a tinfoil fedora if you can
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>> No. 731
File 141317788395.jpg - (513.17KB , 1290x898 , 1410844923050.jpg )
>> No. 732
File 141317790487.png - (141.40KB , 482x461 , 1409963955274.png )
>> No. 733
File 141317791543.jpg - (193.60KB , 750x588 , 1409964322903.jpg )

File 141187167125.png - (41.77KB , 900x1200 , mod 1.png )
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earliest mod image is 2014-05-06
earliest janitor image is 2013-03-18
according to the tags on shimmie
>> No. 708
File 141283806091.png - (34.84KB , 628x484 , mod.png )

File 137063997619.gif - (428.21KB , 200x183 , tumblr_mmqqvn6qIc1rewgato1_250.gif )
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So most of the team its easy to map out character relations based on board relations. like why /m/ and /toy/ would get along, but what about, say /toy/ and /d/? its easy to explain how they get along as boards (doll joints, /d/ level toy pictures, ect), but for the two characters it seems a bit harder.
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>> No. 535
What if /wsg/ is /gif/'s son and he was a well-groomed, respected film director and /gif/ was an alcoholic porn director?
>> No. 696
/hm/ is the love child of /b/ and /soc/
>> No. 707
I think /jp/ is /v/'s daughter and hates him.
Might be wrong though.

File 140455896043.png - (51.09KB , 177x444 , 138983317942.png )
631 No. 631 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What's her name?
And why does she wear her cross on the top of her head? I can understand the countryballs on her and the ">white" thing with her skin, eyes and hair but not that cross.
And, that's easy, but I think /int/ and /pol/ are pretty much OP.
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>> No. 645
/int/ is just /pol/ 2.0 with some more "roleplaying/meta threads" also languages. Would be cool if she was like the French and refused to speak English to people because it's "un-civilized".
>> No. 651
u wot
/int/ is the communist version of /pol/...
>> No. 694
Excuse me? How so?

File 136373001256.png - (73.50KB , 249x479 , vr 1363710090952.png )
407 No. 407 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Time for a thread about the totally awesome extreme tubular retro gaming guy.

The /vr/ board-tan threads can be found:
(all images that aren't /vr/-tan has been removed).

Gender/Physical Description: Male, entirely made out of 80s and 90s cliches.
The size of his hair is indicative of his power lever.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Nothing made after 1999 a.d./C.E./whatever-date-system-you-go-by is of any interest to him. When he plays the multiplayer vidya, whoever he's playing with/against will be sitting next to him on a couch (or floor).
Owns a hover board because they are totally 80s.

Relationships: Long lost older brother of /v/, "brodatious" is a good one word description for him. He's a lot more chill than /v/ (or is at least portrayed as).

/v/ is beginning to feel like the Batman of boards with all these other /v/'s running around.
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>> No. 431
For some reason /vr/ tan reminds me of kamina

File 140883173928.jpg - (34.40KB , 326x532 , a374332d27fbb077ee16bb0eb85843c9c7bd46ae.jpg )
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Hey, so I was just curious as to what you are going to do about this whole Vivian\/v/'s daughter thing
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>> No. 684
File 141079252513.png - (147.23KB , 706x3007 , vivian comic 4.png )
Posting them as I find them.
>> No. 685
File 141079255654.png - (156.13KB , 706x2698 , vivian comic 5.png )
>> No. 691
File 141170533827.png - (290.15KB , 706x3011 , vivian comic 6.png )

File 140460530726.png - (260.57KB , 758x2313 , Jasper.png )
632 No. 632 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is J/asp/er. He obviously loves hanging out at the gym, making him a natural friend or natural enemy of /fit/.

As for the rest of his characterization? That's for you to decide.
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>> No. 639
File 140466641537.png - (90.86KB , 1407x1095 , sp family.png )
Back when /asp/ was new, this happened somewhere.

At first I thought one of the /sp/'s just became /asp/.

The only reason why /sp/ is often portrayed as twins is because of football being a different sport depending on which country you're in.
>> No. 686
File 141079763738.png - (452.29KB , 1374x2380 , asp 1410769364829.png )
Another image that won't upload to the shimmie...
>> No. 687
File 141084980691.png - (312.92KB , 1344x1618 , asp 1410823775222.png )
Why won't any of you upload to the shimmie?

File 140911085946.png - (11.38KB , 973x407 , moots bastards.png )
662 No. 662 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
/b/ got it into our heads to chart out the family trees of the boards based on their personalities/relations. Here's what we'd come up with at the time I posted this thread.
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>> No. 668
/jp/ is /v/'s daughter, /co/ and /mlp/ are brother and sister. That's all I know.
>> No. 679
Thats bullshit, MLP ground zero was /co/ I saw it, I WAS THERE.
>> No. 680
Also /toy/ and /m/ are dating, and /toy/ and tg are bros.
hell even toy and /d/ get along.

File 131081553541.jpg - (108.50KB , 510x500 , fig_busou_shinki_naked01.jpg )
133 No. 133 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
so wait, /toy/ is a small robot now? I really liked the girl with doll joints design. I was even going to suggest specifically basing her joint design on the MMS bodies, used for Busuo Shinkis, one of THE most popular toylines on /toy/ they come with customizable armor too. Basically, they're a nice bridge between the badass robot toys, and the cute little girl toys.
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>> No. 676
Where does the Frankentoy play into all this?
>> No. 677
He can be an existing entity in this world, but nothing specific. I vote a neighbor, as he already showed up in the comic where /m/ asked out /toy/ when he got the wrong house. Personally to me would be unabashedly happy, but then again the lego :) face might be giving me that impression.
>> No. 678
He's also most commonly called the Abomination, that seems to be the closest to his official name.

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