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File 144371958822.png - (67.58KB , 276x544 , aco 1443719102559.png )
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New trial board:

/aco/ - Adult Cartoon

Added today, only hours after someone managed to summon Hiro to /co/.

No official /aco/-tan yet, but they're already working on it.

This is the beginnings of /aco/-tan.
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>> No. 904
WHY is she a bandido?
>> No. 905
Cowgirl, not a bandito.

The J/aco/lyn design gets the mask from /co/nrad in much the same way /mlp/ got her hat, then cowgirl because "western" and sexy cowgirl because it's a porn board.
>> No. 919
Make colette /aco/. Problem solved.

File 132652282133.png - (34.38KB , 875x573 , Sci-tan.png )
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x-posted from the 1d4chan wiki. Didn't write this, but /sci/ needs a character discussion thread.

Gender/Physical Description: Male, mid-20s. Thin and somewhat tall, but doesn't look off. Has a longish neck, and shoulder-length grey-dyed hair, leading to a bishie look. Hair parts down the middle, but a strand tends to hang down, just enough to cover the top of one of his eyes. /sci/ wears jeans and a labcoat with a ringer shirt underneath, and carries pens in his labcoat.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Has a deep desire to be right constantly, which leads to long arguments. Verbose and contrarian. Knows math well, but constantly tries to disprove things. Obsessed with Carl Sagan. Likes to argue about religion.

Relationships: Something with /x/?

Job: Graduate student in university.
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>> No. 915
I want to draw him differently. As time went on I realized that I'd rather he be an older man.

But this is just my opinion. I want his job to be either at a minerals mining company, CERN, or NASA.
>> No. 916

Relationships: He has no relationship. His mind is too far away for anyone to reach, though he does enjoy talking to others about subjects relevant to his interests (not psychology). Discusses space elevators and science articles with /new/. They understandably argue with each other for the sake of arguing with each other.

He does hang around with others at 4chan but overall does not actively search for companionship.

([r9k] would be a board that can have good interaction with /sci/, though as oppose to /sci/ not being concerned about having a gf, [r9k] thinks about it constantly.)
>> No. 918
>Due to /int/'s insistence on locating /new/, he has partied up with /k/ and /lit/ on the search for the news board. r9k/ is reluctant.

/sci/ and /new/, despite being friends, were not relatively close since the main reason they hung out was to disagree with each other. However, after being pressured by /lit/'s pseudo intellectual philosophical reasoning skills (and not shutting up), /sci/ decided he might as well aid them on their journey.

File 128650721317.jpg - (802.93KB , 1778x2300 , Sexy Body Types.jpg )
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Pic sorta of related just inspiration on how she will look.

/s/ Beautiful

Powers and Abilities- /s/ has the ability to make any man, woman or child fap to her at will just by looking at her. No one knows how she got these powers, no one can resist her powers not even gods or goddess or any type of higher being. She can also alter her body to be a sexy chubby or skinny woman depending on how she sees fit for he situation.

Personality- She is usually an easy going woman and is always looking for a chance to show off her beauty. She does not consider herself good or bad but a shade of gray type of woman.

Clothing- She wears anything that will show off her body, and almost never wears panties.

Relatives- She is the older sister of /e/ and younger sister of /d/. She loves her little sister /e/ and hates /d/.

Accessories- /s/ is sometimes accompanied by a body guard of mods or anonymous.
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>> No. 125
also noted, I'm seeing an orange pattern.
>> No. 889
File 144458066916.jpg - (176.21KB , 803x600 , 2000_CRUMB0346-200b_zoom.jpg )
Would a Robert Crumb Dream Girl be appropriate, or is that more for /aco/?
>> No. 891
I think there's a /s/-tan now, though she has no personality to speak of, there is a relatively often used design.

And the only reason this thread is on the first page is because a spambot keep posting in it.

File 143382565626.jpg - (61.00KB , 849x591 , oldguycertified.jpg )
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Possible /qa/? /q & a/? Ah?
>> No. 864
File 143387585172.png - (101.93KB , 777x610 , 1422665772126.png )
There's already a /qa/-tan.
>> No. 867
File 144116719177.jpg - (17.74KB , 261x105 , tkss_ruth073lt-1.jpg )
So don't get why they didn't just bring /q/ back.

File 126396412872.jpg - (22.82KB , 508x557 , b.jpg )
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x-posted at the plus4chan thread

/b/'s design hasn't been finalized yet (as much as a boardtan can be at least), right? I think I've come up with an okay idea for his character.

/b/, while certainly never normal, once used to be pretty consistent. He was friends (if you can call it that) with /g/uro, due to their love of guro, and even just gore in general. However, when /g/uro (died/moved/however you'd use it in story, I'm going with died in this post), /b/ was devastated, as it was the only board that ever liked him in the least. All other boards hated him, were disgusted with him. This is where the /b/ of the present comes from.

Shortly after /g/uro's death, /b/ was diagnosed with DID. He had a ton of different personalities, and all of them knew of the others with the exception of his main personality, which nobody ever really sees anywhere. (Basically, all the different faces of /b/. Raid coordinators, pranksters, all-around jackasses, newfags, oldfags, trolls that pick on himself, and so on. None are nice, though the more clever personalities are quite good at acting. /b/ can have his moments though.)

This leads to the /b/ of the present. The most notable of /b/'s personalities is a raid coordinator, wanting to cause the greatest amount of chaos as possible. He is able to motivate/gather faceless hordes of people from anywhere to join him (or, as has been suggested before, is able to summon them).

Optional: His fondness of /g/uro could be used as a reason for the whole boxxy incident as one personality (or more) took a liking to boxxy while the others all hated her for taking /g/uro's place and thus they pulled a bunch of crazy junk to force boxxy to move far away from the 4chan House where /b/ would never see her again.

This even works out no matter what you make him look like. Heck, he could even look different depending what personality he's in, from being a rather normal average looking loner to spewing a bunch of memes and drawing them all over himself and his clothes like a loser.
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>> No. 862
I'd vouch for either Oppositional Defiant Disorder or combinational ADHD and Retard Personality Disorder. DID (Dissociative identity disorder) would however fit concurrently what with how they're doing it with a re-hash of 'all-anon,' so to speak, though it just doesn't feel right saying that about /b/ in my eyes. . . Call me a critic. :/

Also have you guys done anything about /qa/? What about /z/ or /j/?

Maybe /j/ could be a dust-pan and a broom tied together by a garrotte wire, with the whole thing blurred out? /z/ I feel is self-explanatory. I apologize for bumping this for the first time in what's probably over a week, guys. Love your site!!
>> No. 865
/j/ is represented differently from board to board.

/v/ has its mod-tan.
/jp/ has its maido (the most popular rendition).
/mlp/ has its Scruffy.
/sp/ has its John Morris.
>> No. 866
This is the best version of newfag /b/. Old /b/ however is long dead and in 404 now.

Makes sense that /b/-tan is like that now. Thats why its the best one.

File 131146295080.jpg - (149.68KB , 2400x1091 , pokemon-logo.jpg )
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Any talk of /vp/?
It seems obvious to start at ten year old kid.
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>> No. 212
>> No. 754
Apparently, age change so /tg/ won't feel like pedophiles.
>> No. 798
It was mostly we got tired of being left out of the romance and other adult portions of the ball, and getting stuck with "babysitters".

so new age is 10+Gen# making them 16 currently.

File 132961474248.jpg - (123.66KB , 640x360 , 46776 - computer glasses Hubble rarity.jpg )
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/mlp/ discussing about /mlp/-tan
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>> No. 554
MLPtan is a she nao
>> No. 629
File 140441654673.png - (1.26MB , 1140x1413 , 1404015724439.png )
I am happy with how /mlp/-tan turned out
>> No. 848
love x's public hair

File 134471492432.png - (344.91KB , 649x808 , q 1344666619311.png )
343 No. 343 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Gender/Physical Description: White female, possibly anywhere from mid 20s to early 40s.
Brown hair with a streak of gray sometimes visible caused by all the complaints of 4chan she has to put up with.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Highly bureaucratic, but prefers pencils over pens even though she thinks pens are more bureaucrat-like.
A long-suffering type who's barely tolerant with all the shit she has to put up with.

Relationships: Sometimes provides consultation for other boards (as a side part of her job collecting information on 4chan's status) such as /x/ for her issues and /v/ for anger management.
Effectiveness is currently debatable at best.

Job: Acts as moot's secretary in all matters 4chan related.
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>> No. 845
Looks like /q/ is back for a day in the form of /qa/.

A board made just for a Q&A with moot before he retires.
>> No. 846
File 142278313259.png - (8.31KB , 486x677 , qa tan.png )
No, this is /qa/
>> No. 847
He didn't show up until hours after I had made that post.

File 141320784298.png - (180.36KB , 576x646 , 1413156526660.png )
734 No. 734 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So appearently this is /pol/'s official mascot now
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>> No. 780

You are free to use whatever version of /pol/ is necessary.

Originally a /new/ user drew black suit because black suit represented a politician (they wear suits, in all honesty). This was before green suit was decided, so black suit was merely a placement until /pol/ adopted a culture of its own.

Black suit is reminiscent of the /new/sman. The /new/sman design was created a few days after /new/ was deleted, so it was never seen directly on /new/. It was, however, seen on 4chon's /new/.

Project Hate Machine was a volunteer beat-em-up? project that associated itself with many board users. Considering that the project's /pol/ pic gets posted a lot on the threads, it's likely the reason why black suit is suggested to be a creation of /v/ users.

board tan threads are not really often seen on /pol/. We had one before the winter ball and it was decided that /pol/ could be of any interpretation. That means any version is open to criticism.
>> No. 786
File 141402148452.jpg - (62.05KB , 531x731 , pol flag.jpg )

Just stop. Black Suit /pol/ is superior.
>> No. 836

I'm guessing it's just different posters. I've made only one thread and that was a while back. the 1d4chan site has it so that green suit is the new /pol/ but I'll continue drawing black suit as appropriated during 2010-2013. if board tans are meant to have interesting interactions, green suit is appealing and more in sync with /pol/ currently.

after I'm done with black suit's stories, I can move to green suit. i honestly don't know how to portray him (lol) so hopefully in 2015 you guys can see some new comics about them and more of the board tans.

>tfw job

File 141257170559.png - (268.43KB , 499x499 , 1410927587326.png )
698 No. 698 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The 4chan Winter Ball (AKA good excuse for drawing board-tans interacting) is being organized once again.
http://steamcommunity.com/groups/4chanball - Steam group

/fit/ and /fa/ are going
/mu/ and /lit/ are going
/m/ and /toy/ are going
/cgl/, /u/ and /c/ are going together
/x/ and /v/ are apparently going together but /tg/ might be with /x/ or something
[s4s] and /r9k/ are likely to be going, leaving /mlp/ with few options (/k/ was considered)
/jp/ and /vp/ are going together (I think)
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>> No. 813
File 14153121022.jpg - (104.11KB , 555x924 , 1414733782623.jpg )
Well the Ball was a success for mulp x dee
and teegee x veepee
>> No. 814
resounding success for both.
in fact here are the pastebin for stories and imgur for drawing of /tgvp/ for the 2014 Winter Ball.
>> No. 817

/mlp/ and /d/ collections

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