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File 129722942158.png - (4.89KB , 208x191 , 1297186718802.png )
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Gender/Physical Description: White male in his early thirties. He has a 'clean look'. /new/ usually dresses like an old fashioned newspaper reporter. Constantly upset and agitated, he has dark circles underneath his eyes to emphasize how well he sleeps at night. It's because of the Jews.

Sometimes he wears a tinfoil hat.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Antagonistic, anti-semitic, and racist. He is a sarcastically rude fellow who enjoys arguing and rationalizing any reason that comes to mind, but he becomes highly defensive when people doubt his conservative views. That's normally how he ends up arguing a shitstorm over liberal propaganda in politics. His hobbies include American politics, Nazis, incorrect political satirizing, and dirty talking.

Dirty talking actually seems to be his norm.

His remarks have a way of getting him in trouble with the law and m00t; his existence stands on thin ice. Then again, it's expected.

Relationships: /new/ is comfortable in his own hectic environment, so it's no wonder that he hangs out with other equally chaotic boards, even /b/ if it had to come down to it. He doesn't get along well with board-tans who hold opposing viewpoints. Not much to say about boards with unrelated interests. /new/ prefers not to be on good terms with anyone.

Job: Was previously a corrupted politician as /n/, then disappeared for a while. Returned as /new/, a corrupted news reporter.

Currently, as of January 17th, 2011 (MLK's Day, LOL), /new/ has disappeared again but he had been seen around the 4chan house. It's hinted that he lives in another address along with /r9k/.
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>> No. 1166
File 152240072159.png - (532.60KB , 940x1196 , 1522399638661.png )
now i just gotta design r9k cause he's a robot.
>> No. 1167
File 152416137859.jpg - (123.29KB , 800x1017 , 1524161083830-01.jpg )
I drew r9k and will start him hopefully this week.

Almost done with this.
>> No. 1168
File 152935950394.jpg - (120.46KB , 800x596 , am i ded yet.jpg )
joke's on me. I'm not even close to done.

File 139232035096.jpg - (78.92KB , 835x569 , s4s 1392147799854.jpg )
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Copied mostly from the [s4s] wiki, made mainly for posting [s4s]-tan pics that won't post to the shimmie.

Gender/Physical Description: A young girl. She is nearly always seen carrying a briefcase containing an endless supply of Topkek. [s4s]-tan has reddish-brown hair, tied in two pigtails (sometimes with hairbands). She wears a Top Lel or Top Kek cap with a little propeller on it, which she claims allows her to fly (although she never has been seen flying, but it's [s4s], they can do anything! :^D). Her outfits usually consist of long dresses down to her ankles, pretty much always emblazoned with memes like dubs, kek, le thin hair chin man or mustache grooming guides.eyes differ in colour. Sometimes they appear green or white.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Most of the time, [s4s]-tan lives in her room, looking for new memes to obsess about and paste on her walls. She cries when a pair of dubs goes unchecked and dies on page 10. It's worse than murder :'^(

Relationships: The other boards in the house are indifferent to [s4s]-tan. Often she goes around hugging the other boards and screaming 'GET' before running off. If successful, it makes the boards rage. However, her happy attitude is somehow friendly with other boards (although she annoyed a drunken /mlp/-tan to no end once).

Job: She does not attend any form of education but rather stays in the 4chan House.
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>> No. 650
We are fortunate that their is an archive for [s4s] that saves images.


It makes finding pics of [s4s]-tan that are not on the shimmie so much easier.
>> No. 1156
i would realy like that mii, can you give me the qr code for that?
oh wait, this thread is dead
>> No. 1157
File 149512679371.png - (125.98KB , 640x640 , 1459456192874.png )

File 131171721082.jpg - (68.61KB , 917x626 , 1311472668192.jpg )
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the way i imagine /k/ tan :P
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>> No. 705
File 141270772447.jpg - (911.34KB , 1725x2098 , an k 1412537293344.jpg )
Found this on /an/, It won't upload to the shimmie.

Things in this image are more /an/ related, but I didn't see an /an/ thread.
>> No. 718
/k/ here. That is a shotgun /k/ is shooting in that pic. It's an AA-12 automatic shotgun.
>> No. 1155
Google AA-12

File 13200277832.png - (156.25KB , 476x260 , d12d.png )
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I know this may be kind of off, but does the character of moot appear at all? Character image is already well defined. Shouldn't moot be the one that owns 4chan house?

And what about Yotsuba, mascot of 4chan? She could serve as the representative of the house, but is actually controlled by moot. There may be some copyright issues though.

And what about W T Snacks? Could be the one thats supposed to keep /b/ in check, but doesn't really. So after an incident in which /b/ goes on a rampage and she (yes, she) doesn't keep him in check, she's kicked out by moot. /b/ and Snacks are tsundere for each other. Explains why she returns. Character image already exists.

My 3 cents. Out.
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>> No. 913
Copyright issues.
>> No. 920

12 year old with typical green anon mask with the words federal bureau of investigation with a strikethrough, and a question mark over it instead. Carries a janitors bucket full of cleaning supplies containing cloroform for when the normal -tans inevitably breaks a part of their contract they agreed to so they could live there.

Will randomly appear from within shifting book cases and hidden trap doors (begind which is the rumored location of /j/), and boards will randomly wake up later in another section of the house with no other -tans realizing what has occurred. This signifies the board's interactions through speech to be that of a random post on 4chan at the time that gets deleted. May occasionally have brief interaction with other -tans at which point the question mark is replaced with the words 'Pretty cool guy'
>> No. 977
I have a solid interpretation of board tans vs iconic characters from 4chan. Some people want board tans to be included with meme characters like the popular /v/ tan in 3AB's comic. I tend to keep board tan stories within board history. Everyone else can steer board tans into something much different.

File 134421392434.gif - (483.59KB , 245x179 , wsg.gif )
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Was just checking out /wsg/ and noticed this:


It looks like we may have some stuff to work with for /wsg/. They call themselves the /wsg/uys (wiseguys) or the West Side Gangsters.

I would like to add that /wsg/ appears to be preoccupied with you-laugh-you-lose threads, or any funny/weird gifs. So maybe a person who laughs a lot? Or makes jokes that no one else but himself laughs at?
/wsg/ also appears to like anime, video game and movie gifs.
Another important thing is that /wsg/ appears to be very helpful in getting sauce or other requests on a gif, although it may take some time due to the slowness of the board. Sauce requests never seem to get misdirected or shut down.
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>> No. 346
This is the way that I saw it.

/wsg/ is the innocent daughter who just likes to laugh at funny things and cute cats, meanwhile /gif/ is the pervy father who has terabytes of porn stored on numerous external hard drives he hides from his daughter.
>> No. 851
Of all the boards, I think this is the only one that doesn't even have at least an attempt made for a proper -tan.
>> No. 935

I always thought of it as the other way around, with /gif/ being a horny (pre-)teen and /wsg/ being an older relative trying to take an interest in /gif/'s hobbies without realizing that /gif/ only cares about porn.

File 132304118290.jpg - (67.48KB , 600x399 , hydra.jpg )
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So we got a discussion about the board-tans going on /co/ today and someone had the idea for /pol/ to be a hydra whose heads are always bitching at each other. I think its a great idea. anyone want to draw it?
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>> No. 641
File 140656274133.png - (7.17KB , 360x167 , politically incorrect.png )
Stick around and learn new things, newfag.
>> No. 644

I'm surprised anyone even read the rules.

>civil discussion

Uncensored anonymous discussions on a primarily pornographic anime site is rarely civil unless there's noticeable mod interference.
>> No. 921
I dunno why /new/'s appearance is still used as /pol/ considering the removal of the /new/ redirect.

Human verse, /pol/'s name is Poe. His last name is Newman. I saw users in the past (and archives for board tan names) referring his name as Paul but it didn't stick with me tbh. Prolly because Paul Newman is the name of a famous actor lol.

Poe's name is based on the internet adage called Poe's Law.

> Without a clear indication of the author's intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism.

> If you submit a satiric item without this (smiley) symbol, no matter how obvious the satire is to you, do not be surprised if people take it seriously.

/new/ (moreso from /n/ his predecessor) loosely descended from another BBS. Despite being a 4chan board, the users always seem to be estranged with the admin.

Also this is tripcode !!HlATH3AzSy. I forgot my password.

File 144371958822.png - (67.58KB , 276x544 , aco 1443719102559.png )
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New trial board:

/aco/ - Adult Cartoon

Added today, only hours after someone managed to summon Hiro to /co/.

No official /aco/-tan yet, but they're already working on it.

This is the beginnings of /aco/-tan.
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>> No. 904
WHY is she a bandido?
>> No. 905
Cowgirl, not a bandito.

The J/aco/lyn design gets the mask from /co/nrad in much the same way /mlp/ got her hat, then cowgirl because "western" and sexy cowgirl because it's a porn board.
>> No. 919
Make colette /aco/. Problem solved.

File 132652282133.png - (34.38KB , 875x573 , Sci-tan.png )
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x-posted from the 1d4chan wiki. Didn't write this, but /sci/ needs a character discussion thread.

Gender/Physical Description: Male, mid-20s. Thin and somewhat tall, but doesn't look off. Has a longish neck, and shoulder-length grey-dyed hair, leading to a bishie look. Hair parts down the middle, but a strand tends to hang down, just enough to cover the top of one of his eyes. /sci/ wears jeans and a labcoat with a ringer shirt underneath, and carries pens in his labcoat.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Has a deep desire to be right constantly, which leads to long arguments. Verbose and contrarian. Knows math well, but constantly tries to disprove things. Obsessed with Carl Sagan. Likes to argue about religion.

Relationships: Something with /x/?

Job: Graduate student in university.
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>> No. 915
I want to draw him differently. As time went on I realized that I'd rather he be an older man.

But this is just my opinion. I want his job to be either at a minerals mining company, CERN, or NASA.
>> No. 916

Relationships: He has no relationship. His mind is too far away for anyone to reach, though he does enjoy talking to others about subjects relevant to his interests (not psychology). Discusses space elevators and science articles with /new/. They understandably argue with each other for the sake of arguing with each other.

He does hang around with others at 4chan but overall does not actively search for companionship.

([r9k] would be a board that can have good interaction with /sci/, though as oppose to /sci/ not being concerned about having a gf, [r9k] thinks about it constantly.)
>> No. 918
>Due to /int/'s insistence on locating /new/, he has partied up with /k/ and /lit/ on the search for the news board. r9k/ is reluctant.

/sci/ and /new/, despite being friends, were not relatively close since the main reason they hung out was to disagree with each other. However, after being pressured by /lit/'s pseudo intellectual philosophical reasoning skills (and not shutting up), /sci/ decided he might as well aid them on their journey.

File 128650721317.jpg - (802.93KB , 1778x2300 , Sexy Body Types.jpg )
92 No. 92 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Pic sorta of related just inspiration on how she will look.

/s/ Beautiful

Powers and Abilities- /s/ has the ability to make any man, woman or child fap to her at will just by looking at her. No one knows how she got these powers, no one can resist her powers not even gods or goddess or any type of higher being. She can also alter her body to be a sexy chubby or skinny woman depending on how she sees fit for he situation.

Personality- She is usually an easy going woman and is always looking for a chance to show off her beauty. She does not consider herself good or bad but a shade of gray type of woman.

Clothing- She wears anything that will show off her body, and almost never wears panties.

Relatives- She is the older sister of /e/ and younger sister of /d/. She loves her little sister /e/ and hates /d/.

Accessories- /s/ is sometimes accompanied by a body guard of mods or anonymous.
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>> No. 125
also noted, I'm seeing an orange pattern.
>> No. 889
File 144458066916.jpg - (176.21KB , 803x600 , 2000_CRUMB0346-200b_zoom.jpg )
Would a Robert Crumb Dream Girl be appropriate, or is that more for /aco/?
>> No. 891
I think there's a /s/-tan now, though she has no personality to speak of, there is a relatively often used design.

And the only reason this thread is on the first page is because a spambot keep posting in it.

File 143382565626.jpg - (61.00KB , 849x591 , oldguycertified.jpg )
863 No. 863 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Possible /qa/? /q & a/? Ah?
>> No. 864
File 143387585172.png - (101.93KB , 777x610 , 1422665772126.png )
There's already a /qa/-tan.
>> No. 867
File 144116719177.jpg - (17.74KB , 261x105 , tkss_ruth073lt-1.jpg )
So don't get why they didn't just bring /q/ back.

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